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Dragon of the Island Boxed Set (Dragon of the Island) by Mary Gillgannon

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Best Editing. Kirk Baxter , Angus Wall. Best Composer. Chicago Film Critics Association Awards []. Best Original Score. Denver Film Critics Association Awards []. Directors Guild of America Awards []. Golden Globe Awards [].

Best Actress — Motion Picture Drama. MTV Movie Awards []. National Board of Review Awards []. Rooney Mara Tied with Felicity Jones. Oklahoma Film Critics Circle Awards []. Producers Guild of America Award []. Best Director. Best Actress. Blur Studio for the opening credits. Washington D. Area Film Critics Association Awards []. Best Score. Writers Guild Awards []. Frieza is about to finish Piccolo off, but Gohan jumps in front of his energy blast to save him. He then fires a blast of his own at Frieza, but Frieza is able to deflect it.

Frieza decides to transform into his final form to finish them off once and for all. Vegeta, however, comes up with a plan to stop him: he asks Krillin to severely injure him, but when Dende heals him, he will become much more powerful. Krillin reluctantly gives Vegeta a powerful blast, and the Saiyan falls to the ground.

He stumbles over to Dende, demanding that he be healed. Though Dende resists, Gohan and Krillin convince him to do it. Come Forth! Dete Koi! Frieza realizes that Dende has been healing his opponents, so he kills him. Now in his final form, Frieza seems unstoppable. Gohan and Krillin throw everything they've got at him, but Frieza easily defeats them.

Vegeta steps in, telling Frieza that he has now become a Super Saiyan. Unafraid, Frieza takes him on. Despite his dramatic increase in power, Vegeta is no match for Frieza. It seems that he is not a Super Saiyan after all. Gohan, Krillin and Piccolo helplessly look on in horror as Frieza tortures Vegeta.

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Luckily, Goku has finally recovered. He breaks out of the isolation chamber, and flies to the battlefield. Goku has entered the battlefield stronger than ever and prepares to fight Frieza alone. It seems that Goku might become a Super Saiyan, as he easily deflects Frieza's energy attacks. As Vegeta taunts Frieza, the tyrant easily finishes him off with a cruel bout of laughter. With his last breath, Vegeta tells Goku of what Frieza has done to the Saiyans.

Can Goku defeat Frieza, the one person no one else has beaten? I Am Going to Defeat You! With new understanding of the Saiyans, Goku vows to avenge them by defeating Frieza. Both of these warriors match each other's moves with great speed and strength. Then, Frieza fires at Namek, causing a volcanic eruption. Can Goku survive this? As the fight continues, Goku attacks from underwater upon realizing that Frieza can't sense power levels. As Goku seems to be in control, Frieza uses his mind to use rocks to attack Goku so he can trap him in an energy ball that will explode if it touches anything but Frieza, and it doesn't look good for Goku.

To prove that he's the strongest of all, Frieza uses his feet and not his hands to beat Goku. It may seem Frieza has the advantage, but Goku proves that the tyrant will have to use his hands. Meanwhile, Bulma finds a frog, unaware that it's Captain Ginyu as he prepares to switch bodies with her. Ginyu finds the other heroes in Bulma's body and prepares to have his revenge. Captain Ginyu prepares his revenge by switching with Piccolo, but Gohan is able to throw Bulma as a frog in the way to get her body back. Meanwhile, Goku is being beaten up by Frieza with his power increase and even the Kaio-ken attack doesn't work.

But as he is held by the monster's power, he has a vision showing what Frieza could do to Earth. Rocked and inspired by the vision, Goku powers up. Goku's 20x Kaio-ken attack with a Kamehameha cannot work against Frieza, as the tyrant tries to destroy him once and for all. Luckily, Goku has one more trick up his sleeve: the Spirit Bomb.

As King Kai and the others watch the battle on Namek, the Ginyu Force arrives to take over the planet, but Yamcha, Tien and Chiaotzu are ready for a fight. Suddenly, Piccolo steps in to give Goku more time. Who Will Survive?! Ikinokotta no wa Dare da!? The battle on King Kai's planet begins with the Z-Fighters against the Ginyu Force and it seems that our heroes' training is paying off.

Piccolo does his best for Goku to complete the Spirit Bomb, but it seems that Frieza might win this battle. At the last moment, the Spirit Bomb is completed, and Goku hurls it at Frieza, who can't control the force of the blast. Frieza is seemingly destroyed. It looks like the battle is over, as Frieza seems to be defeated and the Ginyu Force has been beaten off King Kai's planet to Hell by the remaining Z-Fighters.

As everyone celebrates, Frieza reappears and spares no time attacking; first he fires a blast at Goku, but Piccolo hurls himself in front of it and takes the blast, knocking him out. Then Frieza fires another blast and uses it to blow up Krillin, killing him.

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Fueled by rage at the loss of his best friend, Goku's power increases exponentially, and he ascends to become a Super Saiyan. Goku's hair has turned gold and his eyes green, as he is surrounded by a gold aura; the fuel of this power being his anger towards Frieza. As Gohan takes Piccolo to Goku's ship, our hero starts to pound on Frieza as the tyrant fires back, but none of his attacks are working against Goku now that he is a Super Saiyan.

It looks like Frieza will finally be defeated. Not willing to be beaten, Frieza fires an attack to destroy Namek so Goku will be killed, as the Super Saiyan can't do anything to stop the attack. However, he holds back too much power, and the planet isn't destroyed, but is left unstable and ready to collapse and blow up. Namek is about to explode in 5 minutes, as Gohan finds Bulma and gets back to the ship.

Instead of stopping him, Goku has let Frieza go full power, on the idea that if he beats Frieza at his full power, Frieza will never fight him again. As they continue their fight, it seems that Frieza has regained the upper hand now that he has powered up to his maximum, but Goku claims that the battle is far from over. As the battle on Namek continues, Kami and Mr. Popo have found all of the restored Dragon Balls, giving King Kai an idea that might save everyone on Namek,bring back all of the fallen Nameks back to life, including Guru.

Everyone that has been killed by Frieza and his henchmen on Namek are resurrected, but so far, Guru isn't back yet and it looks like Goku has been beaten by Frieza's attack. To avenge his father, Gohan returns to the battle to make sure that the cold tyrant dies along with the planet, but is no match for Frieza. Before Frieza lands the killing blow, however, Guru returns to life, and Goku reappears, and orders Gohan to leave Namek.

With Guru back to life, the Namekian Dragon Balls have been restored as well, with Porunga ready to grant the third wish. As Dende prepares to complete the final phase of King Kai's plan, Frieza flies towards Porunga to have his wish granted as well. Can Goku stop him in time? It seems that everyone on Namek has been transported to Earth, but Goku is still on Namek, insisting that he finish the fight. Everyone is upset with Goku's decision, as it seems that there is no escape from the explosion.

Furue Dashitara Tomaranai!! As Namek gets closer to an explosion, it looks like Goku can beat Frieza with ease, as Frieza is getting weaker. Finally, Goku decides to leave, stating that, Frieza has lost to a fighter superior to him, but the tyrant won't give up that easily. As Freeza Destroys Himself Frieza fires a pair of Krillin's Destructo Disks that will follow Goku until it hits him or anything else. Even so, Goku has the situation under control as the battle draws to a close end. As Guru enjoys seeing his people alive on Earth, the time has come for him to go, but gave his powers to Moori, as the next Eldest Namek.

Back on Namek, Frieza has been cut in half by his own energy disk from behind, but Goku, being the kind person he is, gives Frieza some of his power to escape. However, Frieza will not accept defeat, as he uses the given power to finish Goku off, but Goku finishes off Frieza with a final blast attack. Goku's End? With Frieza gone, Goku flies to Frieza's spaceship to escape from Namek, but to no avail.