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He's given five names and told to have his men question them. Well c'mon — even low-level reporters and bloggers can figure out that the MIBs went to some guy's house a day after the fire, let alone enemy agencies and actual supervillains! Everyone is going to know these are five fire-using heroes.

Certainly, that mid-level guy supervising the case is going to know, at the very least!

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The list remaining safe and sound in one man's brain is just mutually exclusive with normal, day-to-day investigations. Even if no one captures the list all at once in a mighty intelligence coup, the more anyone acts on the information, the more it's going to be evident to others.

You use Stark someone that is already out as a super hero, but is it really necessary to out daredevil and spidey they do plenty of good without dropping cities on people, were supposed to put their families at risk? I agree that the Hulk, who actually poses a danger to people need to be controlled, but spidey and the like actively go out of their way to keep civilians safe, leave them alone.

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Because people like Killgrave, and vulture aren't going to register but you can be sure they'll use the new found information to hurt our heros. I get they have good intentions, and we need to have some better 'Good Samaritan' laws. I mean, we all know that on any given day some goon dressed like a yellow beekeeper could have a super laser bazooka or some like the Mole Man could show up.

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The folks like Spidey, and Ben Grimm, have done good things. However, we still need to have accountability. I mean, doctors all mean well, but there is still malpractice. Its not intentional, its just we are people, and sometimes we make bad choices. That's what we need here. We don't need interdimensional prisons, just some simple system to safeguard all of us when they do make the unintentional, not criminal poor choice.

Maybe its as simple as a Not For Profit group that ensures these heroes, even without needing to know who they are. The Act actively protected those that abided by it, restricting the access so much that by the time Tony was ousted as Director of SHIELD he literally wiped his brain in order to remove the last hope the new Director had of ever accessing it.

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The list wasn't in some government office file cabinet, it was indeed highly classified. After the Skrull Invasion Tony erased his mind in order to destroy the list and hide it from the new director, Osborne. We live in a world with skrulls and you believe only Stark knew? The moment one Cape told Stark, some skrull disguised as the light switch probably knew. Some guy using Pym particles was probably a the size of a dust mite and knew. Not to mention that all those secret identities are not that secret anyway. Karen Page, that actress, was runnng around for years saying she knows who Daredevil is.

There is even the talk Dr Doom has a time machine - a time machine! Go pop up 50 years and all these identities are probably in wikipedia, then pop back. Believing in secrecy in our world is out of touch with the world we live in, with Hydra, Dr Strange and all those crazy mutants and all that. Well it is if the law doesn't take into account the inherent security vulnerabilities of the world they live in. They're asking a lot of people who have already given a tremendous amount already, it's exacerbated by the fact that everyone knows the information can't realistically be protected for any serious amount of time.

It shows the ultimate moral bankruptcy of the pro-reg side. The man who most values the list, who most believes that the list is more valuable than old friendships or even basic morality, becomes the only man who has the list. With an international, high-tech army of spies and military unity at his command. And what does he do after all the tragedy and turmoil?

Does he break through into some new world where the list brings us all into a safer, saner way to live? He does not. He destroys the list. It shows the emptiness and futility of putting faith in "the list" above all else. To my knowledge it would've been government only. Peter taking off his mask was pointless, though powerful, gesture.

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The issue was that they needed to be accountable, and the government could do that without releasing their personal information the public. Wanna sue Hulk for tossing your car? You probably can't, but you can sue whatever agency he'd be forced to run with if he wanted to keep being a hero. Peter doing that wasn't only unnecessary, it was completely counter-productive.

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To this day I don't understand why he didn't have that same press conference and go "I'm Spider-Man and that's all you need to know, because as long as I abide by the law it protects my anonymity as I protect you, and other heroes don't have to be afraid. No part of Peter revealing his identity was a good idea. It didn't fit the character.

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It didn't make sense in the story except in a shitty wrestling "Haha you didn't see this incongruous development coming we totally swerved you" kind of way. Then, to add insult to injury, rather than deal with the consequences of this decision in the pages of Spiderman thereby actually having something interesting and new to do in Spiderman , for even a single issue, as soon as the Civil War storyline is over they immediately retcon the whole thing in the most clumsy was I've ever seen for a while people remembered Spiderman revealed his identity, but not what it was.

I guess nobody had a DVR. It was a disaster. So bad that for a while the Spiderman in the Avengers comic and the Spiderman in Amazing Spiderman were functionally different characters with separate continuities. Civil War was good ideas with some bad execution that really kept it from being as epic as it should have been all in all. It did something right, because there's no superhero storyline that ever affected me as profoundly. I don't buy the Sue Storm that stays with Reed after all that.

I don't buy her as a character anymore. Dude, I get complicated feelings about Reed Richards. I don't think I've had a clear opinion of that man since I started reading Marvel. One book he's one thing, then another.. But if I just stick to Iron Man books where he's a whimsical side character that's a different kind of smart from Tony and the plot leaves it there..

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  • I like him best that way. I used to read FF enough to feel I had a pretty firm handle on his character, they just throw that all out the window in Civil War while simultaneously making me care about it. Iron Man I got over because Marvel spent the next two year having every fan favorite character pummel him into the dirt, then took away all his ill gotten gains and brought him to the brink of suicide albeit of the heroic sacrifice type. Tony suffered consequences, however inadequate, for the shit that he pulled. Reed just gets off scott free. So there's some big fight where he protects Sue so now all is forgiven?

    He'll probably get hotter as he ages tbh. His role as Human Torch was what made him known to me. Sunshine I watched because of him too and actually really enjoyed him in that role. Also Push and Losers! I love those movies LOL He was already in a lot of fun things before Avengers came, but I definitely see how a franchise like that really affords one more freedom to do what you want.

    He seems like a pretty decent guy, which is nice whenever you "fan" someone and they are not an other butthole.

    I watched Nanny diaries for him, I bought the first FF movie just to watch his scenes. I was obsessed with him as a teen and the thirst has been renewed. Yeah, I've been in this for the long haul. I don't even remember when it started. I watched both FF films and liked him a lot to see every film thereafter , but I think Scott Pilgrim was when it got intense. I'm legit obsessed. Without it they might go off the deep end. He did a good thing. Strange TV True Hollywood Story Series Uncensored: Banned by the Media Movie Street Fighter Game Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes Game Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds Game