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There's just the kind of freedom that only comes with siblings. I've seen every cheesy '90s movie, and when a fad from 10 years ago comes back in, I already have the hookup. We all have those friends who tend to sugarcoat everything. Yeah, sisters don't do that. She's the first person to tell me when I'm making a terrible decision and that I really shouldn't triple text that boy again.

She keeps it real with me and deals with my attitude, and that's why she's the best.

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Sometimes you just need to get away from life and binge watch Netflix, and sometimes you need all of that plus your sister. She always has her door open when you're two seconds away from losing your mind, and she also has good takeout and a dog. My sister knows exactly who I am and what I can do. She knows when I'm not doing my best, and when I need to be set straight.

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She's always there to remind me who I am and what I'm capable of accomplishing. She's always been my biggest fan. For some reason, my sister always knows just what to say. Even if I don't see it at the time, she's usually right don't tell her I said that. Big sisters are like wizards, somehow they always magically make you feel like life's gonna turn out alright in the end.

If she wasn't already awesome at everything else, I'd suggest she be a therapist. No matter the situation, she will always be by your side. There is nothing you could say or do to make a big sister leave, and that's why they're the best. Whether it's a speeding ticket, a mean girl or you just need to laugh, big sisters are always going to be there to lift your spirits and set you straight.

I couldn't make it without ya sis, I'm sorry for ratting you out on Thanksgiving that one time, and for running away at the zoo. Thanks for taking me to see Aaron Carter even though he's way too old to still be singing "I want Candy," and thank you always for being the best role model, sister and friend I could ask for.

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We all know breakups can be tough, but when that breakup happens to be between you and your best friend, things reach a new level of heartbreak. I met my best friend junior year of high school after our Spanish teacher randomly assigned us to be partners; we struggled so much in that class but in the end, we truly became inseparable. When senior year rolled around we were still close as ever; people would often joke that we were sisters because we looked and acted so much alike.

We would go on little dates together, go to parties together, and were always the first person we called when something "major happened. When my best friend's boyfriend of four years cheated on her while we were spring breaking in Europe, it became my duty to make her feel better; I would randomly drop off flowers and little notes to her house, spend countless hours just listening to her cry and vent, and even stopped talking to people associated with her boyfriend so as to show my "support.

Things soon took a sharp turn when we entered not only the same college but the same sorority. While I was struggling with the social aspect of FSU, my best friend soon found new best friends. Our little dates and goofy inside jokes disappeared and reappeared between her and her new friends, and my comfortableness around her soon turned into insecurity. Coming to terms with the fact that the girl I knew everything about is now basically a stranger was a hard one to overcome; I didn't want to accept the fact that my best friend decided it was time to find new ones.

It's heartbreaking knowing that the special things you shared with a person are now being shared with others, and it's hard to accept the fact that you aren't wanted or needed by the one person you thought would be by your side forever. Since school has ended I think I have accepted the fact that we're no longer what we used to be.

Of course, it still stings when I see social media posts with her new, college friends, but I just have to remind myself that this is part of life and I just have to move on. I will forever cherish the memories I made with her, but it's time to acknowledge that they were made with someone in my past, not with someone in my present.

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Welcome new, meaningful ideas to your inbox. Sign up for our weekly newsletter. Thank you for signing up! Check your inbox for the latest from Odyssey. As much as I hate to admit it, my big sister might be sort-of, slightly, cooler than I am. For example, my friends with children record their kiddos sending me messages, and I've lost minutes smiling at their adorable faces as they wave "hello" to me. Take a video of your new apartment or send proof of the ridiculous stunt your cat just pulled—anything that will make your friend feel like she's a part of your life, even if she can't see these things in person.

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Skype is great for this too! Surprise them. Drop a card in the mail—and tuck stickers inside if she has young children. Send her a Google invite for a movie date across the miles, and mail her popcorn she can pop as you watch together.

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Just like your romantic relationship benefits from kind and thoughtful gestures, so will your long-distance friendship. It's always nice to know you're loved! Make her feel needed.

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When you can't gather together to gab through a Netflix marathon or get ready for a girls' night out , you can start to feel like you're no longer needed by your friend. Nip that feeling in the bud by expressing just how much she means to you—still call her first when you meet a new guy , debate whether you should ask for that raise at work, and turn to her when you need a good cry, even if it is sans shoulder. Consider email. Fact: Some people are just not phone people. So if, for example, you've got a lot to say but can't bring yourself to break away from the TV after a long day at work, hunker down with your laptop and type out a message during the commercials.

One friend and I had this routine for years—she would shoot me an email before she left for work, describing the events of the day before, and I would reply throughout the day on breaks or blast her back when I got home. We might have been closer then than we are now that we once again live in the same town! Do you have a long-distance friend? How do you make it work? What other tips might you have about maintaining a long-distance friendship?