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I packed my day bag with my togs, towel and sunscreen I also packed my kite.

My Dad and Mum packed us some sandwiches , fruit and cold drinks for our day out. I saw alot of other children playing and swimming together. In the distance i could see some big ships cruising along the water, I also saw people fishing of the rocks , everyone was having a good time as it was such a beautiful day to be out at the beach.

Memorial Day isn’t just a day at the beach

I heard Mum calling out " Jayden Lunch Time " i ran up to where Dad and Mum had set up a rug on the grass , where we sat down and had the sandwiches , fruit and a cold drink , when i looked up i was amazed to see some rainbow lorikeets chirping away in the tree , they were so pretty to look at , i threw some left over bread on the grass for them to eat. After lunch i wanted to go back and play , there was a playground at the beach too , Dad and Mum walked with me to the playground , the first thing i wanted to play on was the swing , Dad Pushed me higher and higher on the swing , it was so much fun , i could feel funny waves in my stomach as i was going higher and higher.

I use a topical antioxidant under my water-resistant sunscreen—at least an SPF 40 is what I always recommend. Now, I have a wide-brimmed hat, large sunglasses, an umbrella, and copious sunscreens.

I use the spray to reapply as well. On my lips, I use the Hydropeptide Lip Shield.

Essential Beach Gear for a Day at the Beach - Coastal Wandering

When not chasing around my two year old, I stay under the umbrella. As far as what I wear: I have a bathing suit and cover-up addiction, so I am always looking for chances to support my habit. And this is the difference between sunscreen and sunblock. Four things a facialist would never, ever do before a skin-care treatment.

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