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When one piece of paper is full, the next is added and these line-filled units are linked until there are 24 frames. The lines proliferate as if propelled by centrifugal force, and the completed work looks like part of a larger picture that continues to expand infinitely. The individual lines that make up the proliferating units are controlled, however, and not subject to impulse or inertia.

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They emerge from the artist's confrontation with the world. They do not depend on individual experience or memory but are laid down on the white paper as self-disciplined entitities.

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The total accumulation of these lines, however, creates an overall image of chaotic, turbulent, swirling forms of energy, making quite a different impression than the parts seen in isolation. It arouses a myriad of associations in the mind of the viewer.


Mizutani has been making pictures like this with short overlapping lines with pencil and charcoal on white paper for the last few years. Track Orders.

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Combo, Tosi Health, SuperBites, 2. QAR Tosi Superbites, Cashew, 12 Count, 2. Tosi SuperBites Blueberry Almond, 2. Tosi SuperBites Blueberry Cashew 2. In its vernacular preface, as opposed to the one in Chinese written by another author, he made the first statement about the poetics of verse in Japanese.

ISBN 13: 9780804836951

His diary was the first written in vernacular Japanese by a man in the persona of a woman, a literary landmark because the custom of the time was for men to keep diaries in Chinese. Tsurayuki was greatly esteemed as a poet and calligrapher in his own time and has been venerated ever since. Tosa Diary.