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In Spyro: Season of Ice , Spyro is on holiday when he has to save Zoe and the other fairies from Grendor the rhynoc, who has accidentally given himself two heads using a spell and needs their power to undo it. In Spyro 2: Season of Flame , Spyro must rescue all the Dragon Kingdom's fireflies, without which he breathes ice instead of fire. In Spyro: Shadow Legacy , Spyro must learn an ancient martial art known as "dragon-kata" to save the Dragon Kingdom, Avalar, and the Forgotten Realms, which have been trapped in the mysterious Shadow Realm.

Spyro meets the four Dragon Guardians, who teach him to use the four elements, and finally defeats and frees Cynder from the Dark Master's influence, whereupon she joins his cause. Spyro travels to meet the Chronicler, who teaches him to use Dragon Time. Spyro confronts Gaul at the Mountain of Malefor to stop him and rescue Cynder, whom the Apes have kidnapped. As the mountain crumbles, Spyro uses Dragon Time to trap himself, Sparx, and Cynder in a giant crystal, protecting them. They meet Hunter, and learn that the Dark Master, Malefor, has returned.

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Malefor himself is a purple dragon like Spyro, but intends to cover the world in darkness and ultimately destroy it. Malefor nearly succeeds, but Spyro and Cynder confront and defeat him. Spyro seemingly sacrifices himself to repair Malefor's damage and Cynder chooses to die with him, telling him she loves him. Their fate is left ambiguous, but they are seen flying through the air together at the end of the game.

Spyro appears in the Skylanders franchise starting with its first installment, Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. Spyro acts as a guide for players within certain levels of Skylanders: Imaginators , alongside other popular Skylanders. He is set to make a playable guest appearance in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled as post-launch downloadable content. All three are in full body casts in the hospital with boomerangs in their bodies, apparently having been put there by Ty.

Spyro appears in novels and certain issues of the Skylanders comic book series by IDW Publishing , and is the main protagonist of the animated series Skylanders Academy. Spyro -themed figures were released in by First4Figures and Activision to promote Reignited Trilogy. Merchandise related to the Spyro franchise will be released by Numskulls alongside the game's launch. Game Revolution criticized Spyro's voice in Spyro the Dragon , comparing it negatively to the Taco Bell chihuahua , who was also voiced by Carlos Alazraqui.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Spyro as he appears in Reignited Trilogy. Archived from the original on Retrieved I am pleased to be voicing the purple dragon himself, Spyro!

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My Library. Affiliate System. Create Content for your Favorite Games. Privacy Policy. Our Latest Newsletter. Product Reviews. Newsletter RSS Feed. Can we respond to you about this? Start Over Advanced Search. Products found in this section He even discovered he had control over the influx of time. The more he discovered his gifts, the more he was then called monster, freak, and abomination. Everyone seemed to be either jealous of his abilities or afraid of him. He was always treated like a monster, though he was the son of the leader of the guardians.

Almost every day he got bullied by the other students, being the target of pranks and insults, and if he ever tried to defend himself, the others would say that he has started the fight, and this way he couldn't defend himself, leaving his assailants to do whatever they wanted. He could at least count on the relief of his parents. Well, at least his mother, since his father, as the head guardians, would not show much of his affection in public to not degrade his reputation. And he could rely on her: Marah, the most beautiful dragoness he ever laid his eyes on.

She was almost too beautiful to describe her. Not only that, she was the only dragon, besides his parents, that didn't see him as a monster, that treated him like an equal, that was always nice to him, and for all that she did for him, he came to have her as friend and, later, to love her.

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In this particular day, he was going to tell her what he really felt about her. He searched for her and eventually found her. But when he found her, she in a love embrace with another. He instantly thought of speaking, but after second guessing he simply left without them noticing he was ever there. And that was why he was walking away from the city, with his head down in sadness.

But he should have known that she would become this close to another. He was too different from other dragons, a freak. How could someone as beautiful and popular as her possibly become interested by someone like him?

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He walked to the interior of the forest. The adults always said to keep your distance from the forest because of its dangers, which included apes. But this young dragon had already been in the forest before, and already knew how to defend himself. He had nothing to worry about. Or so he thought.

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He walked through the forest 'til he reached a small clearing with a lake in the middle. He discovered this place a few years ago, and it made him feel better for some reason, so he came here when he felt sad or stressed. This place always calmed his nerves down. He walked to the lake and take a few gulps of the pure crystalline water, when he finished he looked to his reflection. He stared at this for a few moments them he hit the water with his paw.

He then lay down on his back, staring at the dark night sky. He stared to the sky for several minutes, looking in particular for a star that distinguished itself for being purple, just like him. His parents told him that this strange-looking star had appeared the day he was born, and that it was a sign that he was destined to great things, that he was something really great.

He stared at the star that was purple just like him and that was completelly surrounded by other, normal stars.