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Will have you on the edge of your seat and flipping through the pages. Knight will take you on a roller coaster of emotions. I wasn't sure whether I supposed to love or hate Sebastian. I really enjoyed Helena's character. Even though she was in a vulnerable state. She showed so much strength. And stood up for herself. Things were just gett I read Taken by Natasha Knight.

Things were just getting good and then Yep you guessed it. There's a cliffhanger. But thankfully we don't have to wait that long for book 2. May 03, Romaine Heart rated it it was amazing. Secrets leads us on a dark and mysterious journey into a secret world that only a few are aware of. An underground type of world. Sterling is dangerous and dominant. He is the king in his world. When sparks are ignited between him and Kennedy you see a softer side to him. The few times he lets his guard down.

He will protect and claim what he wants. Kennedy is stubborn and strong willed. Her sassy mouth will not back down from Sterling. The man that sent her world spiraling in every direction. The mystery that surrounds her and her past that only Sterling has the keys to. The story had me hooked! Everytime Sterling spoken it was direct at me. So hot. The story does end in a wild cliffy! So worth the wait! Next Lies! Sure Penny had it bad. Mom who had boyfriends that brought needles for gifts.

Alone for days without food.

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This was nothing compared to what Damon went through in the hands of his father. One night a bond grew between baby genius and quarter. He would always try to protect her and keep her secret. His father cannot find out! Years later the two reunited under unusual circumstances. Their journey begins. Two lost and tortured souls. Evil lurks in the shadows looking for the perfect opportunity to strike out claiming his next victim. A victim that is close to his son's heart. I could feel the emotions of the characters. The story had me flipping through the pages craving more. There is a cliffy since this is part of a duet.

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Dark Mafia Prince absolutely blew me away!! I'm definitely hooked! Annika Martin has a unique style of writing that will grab you with unexpected twists and turns in every corner. I loved the scene when Mira was gunslinging, speaking Russian quotes from movies. If you think your family is dysfunctional, no way compared to the Willow and especially the Scafoni families. An ancient curse that binds these two families together by the Reaping of four years, but now three. The first born of the Willows every year is a quad of girls. The Scafoni a quad of boys. The first born of the boys takes the virgin girl for one year then passing her down to each of his brothers, if she survives.

A dark and twisted tale that will leave you on the edge of your seat as the unexpected events are woven into a web of mystery, suspense, lies, betrayal and bdsm with a touch of romance. Sebastian Scafoni is the first born. His choice is Helena Willow who is not a virgin unlike her sisters. Their journey will leave you breathless. The controlling dominant vs the strong sassy mouth woman. Ethan, well he's a little off and sadistic. Gregory is quiet and observant but you can sense the wickness in him.

This man needs his own story. Lucinda is definitely worse than the normal step mom villian! The cliffy blew me away! On to Torn! Cassandra was hired as a liaison, by Lucian's brother Damien, between Silver Industries and the stockholders. She irrates Lucian and he ruffles her feathers, but actually he would like a taste of the forbidden fruit. When Cassandra is kidnapped, the mercenaries of Silver Industries take action.

A good story but a lot of sex. Sorta ends in a cliffy. Nolan and Bridget were soulmates until a turn of events split them apart. Years later they were reunited under unusual circumstances that could cost them and Will their lives. Seamus is the leader of the Irish Mafia who helped bring down the old syndicate.

He is ruthless and dangerous. Christophe is establishing a new syndicate. He's trying to convince Nolan, Will and Bridget to help him bring down Seamus' organization. When things start spiraling downwards for Seamus he calls in his friends, the IRA. Action packed drama, mystery, suspense and a sprinkle of romance. The horrible things that Angelo did to his teenage son, Damian, ripped my heart out.

Damian knew why he allowed it. It was only a matter of time before Angelo would get what he deserved. Renata is a smart mouth teenage mafia princess. Her father is the leader of the Vitali syndicate that governs four other syndicates below him in order to keep peace.

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When she is sent to the De Luca syndicate for punishment, the last thing she needed was to let the walls of her heart down. When the secret is revealed as to why Renata was sent to De Luca, there is only one thing left to do. I can't wait for Damian's story!! Now their journey begins as Mikhail will do anything to protect her from the mafia.

Mikhail will make you swoon.

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Alicia is fiesty. Action packed drama, mystery, suspense and hot between the sheets! Both grew up with a bad childhoods. Years later the two were reunited.

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She still had her nightmares. He was still the bad boy. As the dead bodies pile up fingers are pointed only Chloe is on the list as well. Sebastian will do anything to protect her and Carter. A Kiss to Tell is an emotional story of two lost souls living in fear but their love is strong. Filled with mystery, suspense and love. On to Merciless. Carter's story. Apr 15, Book-Lovin-Momma rated it it was amazing.

This is a fantastic collection of romances ranging from dark and twisted to explosive and gritty! I've read a number of these and truly enjoyed them: Taken - The Dark Legacy Duet kicks off, giving us a twisted society where the daughters of the Willow family are essentially put up for auction to be chosen by the men of the Scafoni family for their pleasure. Sebastian chooses Helena over her sisters, and so begins their strangely kinky relationship of sorts. Helena is now Sebastian's to do with as This is a fantastic collection of romances ranging from dark and twisted to explosive and gritty!

Helena is now Sebastian's to do with as he will, and it's a real battle of wills between them. She's left feeling hopeless, but Sebastian has shown a different side to him. She just can't be sure whether he's the good guy in all this, and the rest of his family isn't much better at times. I was completely enthralled with this book, which was fraught with secrets, hidden agendas and lies, and this first book left me completely hanging and dying for book 2!

A Kiss to Tell - Sebastian and Chloe had a special connection even as younger kids. This book gave us a lot of Sebastian's story, though told in dual POV. It wasn't as deeply engaging, but we do get much of his inner thoughts and turmoil, especially with everyone around them working to keep these two apart. Lots of emotion and angst are involved, which I should know to expect! Captive of the Hitman - I love a ruthless hitman with a heart! Once Mikhail decided to save Alicia, he set in motion a chain of events that kept the action pumping and the heat burning between Mikhail and his kotika.

The King - This is the first part of a duet, and even though it doesn't end here, I knew I still wanted to get Damon and Penny's story. Both of them had a difficult childhood, forcing them to grow up too fast in a world filled with questionable people. I felt their fear and their struggles along with them. All of the main characters in this series have had huge challenges to overcome, and their stories may not be the easiest to take, but they're no less captivating.

I loved this story in this continuing saga, and I just can't wait for The Queen to come! Apr 14, Lisa Roberts rated it it was amazing. SECRETS by Aleatha RomigThis grips you from the very first page, Sterling Sparrow is a name everyone knows and fears pure Alpha with huge secrets and hes claiming what is his the fierce sassy strong willed Araneae who I absolutely love, as she holds her own and stands up for herself and nothing is made easy as they go head to head to unravel so many secrets and twists at every turn.

There is danger everywhere and the chemistry between these two is intense and earthshaking and I cant get enough t SECRETS by Aleatha RomigThis grips you from the very first page, Sterling Sparrow is a name everyone knows and fears pure Alpha with huge secrets and hes claiming what is his the fierce sassy strong willed Araneae who I absolutely love, as she holds her own and stands up for herself and nothing is made easy as they go head to head to unravel so many secrets and twists at every turn.

There is danger everywhere and the chemistry between these two is intense and earthshaking and I cant get enough this is addicting and unforgettable and I cannot wait for more of this exciting thrilling story. This book, it delivers everything you want in an enemies to lovers and dark read, Sebastian Scafoni carries on with the tradition of picking a Willow girl and his sights are on Helena the chosen one, just one look and he knows she will be his challenge.


Helena is sassy and feisty and does not back down and she tells herself she will survive but who does she trust and listen to, this is one sadistic crazy family and I already despise the mother, the brothers Im not sure yet. There are secrets and drama down right meanness with punishments that are expected for Helena, but when Sebastian brings out his good side the hotness and scenes are smoldering hot and it is intense and that cliffhanger just Whoa!!! Mafia daddy by Renee Rose Jenna has been finally found by her fathers solider Alex who she has lusted after since the age of 15 and its like a dream but forbidden, but oh boy the attraction and want from these to are seriously off the charts hot.

I loved both characters and their attitudes and all the sassy moments that come out of Jennas mouth and the delicious spanking she gets and Alex is determined to deliver. Apr 16, Lisa Menor rated it it was amazing. I'm excited to read all the stories in this box set. Alicia works for a congressman. Trying to advance in her career, she accepts an invitation for drinks and dinner with him and his associates. Thinking it to be a harmless invitation, but by accepting, it is assumed she is open to much more.

Mikhail is a hitman out on a job, only this job has a glitch. A woman who was definitely not supposed to be there. Oh well, collateral damage Maybe in this case it is. Mikhail realizes by keeping Alicia alive, he seems to have bitten off more than he can chew. So unlike him. Normally he is in complete and total control in all situations he deals with. Alicia is one situation he never bargained for. As things heat up, Mikhail needs to keep Alicia safe, and that means keeping her far way from him. Women have no place in his life.

Feelings have no place in his life. Can Alicia change all that? Would she even want to? This was a great story. I loved the characters. It was great to visit with them again. Mikhail and Alicia were two characters that knew they were both missing something in their lives, but didn't realize it until they were without each other. The tricky part was trying to figure out how to be together, and if that was possible. Apr 27, Kathy Heare Watts rated it it was amazing Shelves: anthology , spanking , mafia.

But now Don Giuseppe, her father, has sent his soldier, Alex to bring her back home. Jenna has secretly fantasized about Alex, but she knew nothing could happen with this farce of a marriage contract. When Alex finds Jenna, she has been drinking in a club and dancing. In her drunken state, she gets a bit amorous with him. When she calls him Daddy and acquiesces to his demands and desires, he is a goner. But what happens when Don G calls and insist they get home and that Alex had better not touch his daughter or else?

Alex truly listens to Jeanna, her hopes and dreams, and what she wants to do with her fashion and marketing education. She has a solid plan and one he believes in. But now that they are returning to Chicago, what will become of her dream and of them? The only person in the world who really knows me.

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Who I can be myself with. It contains graphic sex including spanking. Apr 28, Rhonda Hicks rated it it was amazing. I've based my review on two authors in this anthology. Damon is the son of a criminal king and has paid a hefty price for that title. He's grown now but does he have any humanity left? I truly am in love with these characters and sub characters in this series.

Skye Warren has taken her readers on such a journey throu I've based my review on two authors in this anthology. Skye Warren has taken her readers on such a journey through a maze of trials and emotions that have brought each to life beautifully. Overbearing Mafia Don, the famiglia princess with a marriage contract to another mafia family, and the Don's first soldier sent to bring her home. All the sexy Dom attitude and spankings you could ask for in this novella will bring unexpected results. A great addition to a terrific series. If using these two works as a representation of what to expect from the other authors, there is literally hours of enjoyment waiting to be explored.

Since this is offered for a limited time, don't miss it. You'll surely be disappointed Apr 14, Heidi rated it it was amazing. I love mafia romances and this has a lot of good authors. Here is my review for one of the stories in here. This is Chloe and Sebastian's story. Two people who have known each other since childhood. Separately they are lost,, but together they are found. They are the salve to each other's pain and they are unstoppable as long as they are together. This story has darkness, lots of angst, heart wrenching pain, secr I love mafia romances and this has a lot of good authors.

This story has darkness, lots of angst, heart wrenching pain, secrets and questioning if there are really coincidences. These two mesh so perfectly and they won't let the other fall. The chemistry they have has been simmering for years and it finally explodes. You will get to see Carter during a crucial time in his life and how much Sebastian looks out for those he cares for.

This book had me hooked from the beginning and I could not out it down. Willow has a way of writing the stories that pull you in and make you feel like you are right there. But pen said you've been hanging out here a lot and I don't think you've ever brought her here" Kirana stated, which made Leo narrowed his eyes and pursed his lips together.. What happened why did you guys break up?

It was two weeks ago on Saturday actually she just didn't want me anymore, she told me I wasn't good enough for her and till today I didn't know what I did wrong, I gave her all the love and care in this world" Leo said with this sad eyes and for the first time I felt sympathy for him..

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I'm getting over the loneliness I feel without her.. Thunder suddenly grumbled as I realise it was Leo and I at the table alone. The dude who came here and made you cry the other day is your ex Fiancee but he bailed off your wedding, on the wedding day, that's the same day my harmony broke up with me" Leo explained and sighed. I didn't know Maxwell was a blabber mouth.. We both remained quiet and I just looked at my phone while enjoying the sound of the heavy rain, we heard a hard object which hit the window forcefully and I flinched.. This rain is pretty stormy and dangerous, my mom told me, a tornado rain storm took place when I was born" Leo said and bit my lips, worrying that I'll yell out of anger and boredom..

Why is he telling me things about him that I don't want to know, we're not that kind of "friends" we're just two people who happens to know each other, weirdly..

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Gritting my teeth. Kirana suddenly walked up to us looking all red, puffy and happy. Well let's just forget about that. Something fishy, I know my best friend to well and I know something happened "okay what happened? She squeaked and looked back and forth between Leo and I.. You can't say it front of me?

Which made Kirana rolled her eyes.. The three of us talked a lot, well I didn't talk like that Kirana and Leo did a lot of talking, it's nice to see that she has other friends aside from Mason and I. Cause I don't, I've only got her,and Mason and maybe.. As they both talked, laughed and played , I looked at them and envied them a little bit, they're so happy and look at Leo, he doesn't look like someone who got heart broken, I guess girls are really the week ones.

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