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Hopeless little one she's not like the other girls I know. Fehlerhaften Songtext melden.

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  • The “not like other girls” narrative is toxic as hell..

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Quiz Welches Lied kommt von Deichkind? Girls, Latinos, and Memes: I'm not like other girls.. Girls, Hungry, and Been: I'm not like other girls.. I've been thinking about it since lunch Hungry for lyf.

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Girls, Gym, and Link: I'm not like other girls.. Funny, Girls, and Memes: I'm not like other girls.. I've been thinking of it since we finished lunch.. Whose like this? I'm a cool girl tinderonians.

You're right. Funny, Girls, and Meme: I'm different" "I'm not like other girls" aranjevi. Girls, Reality, and Her: Her: "I'm not like other girls. Just like everybody else.

‘You’re Not Like Other Girls’ Is an Ingrained Sexist Stereotype

When girls say stuff like "I'm not like other girls" making a distinction between "the other" - it's basically a form of internalised misogyny. Even if we don't mean to, whenever this phrase is used we end up reinforcing the idea of what a "typical" woman or "basic" girl is like and how that is a bad thing or is somehow not desirable by men. When you try to portray girls who go out- party- are into dressing up and make up - care about their appearance a lot as "most girls" VS "the few" girls who don't do all this or like are into books- sports or stuff like that and differentiate yourself from them, it perpetuates the idea that there is something inherently wrong is these so called feminine traits.

It also creates an articificial dichotomy between these "two types" of girls which doesn't actually exist, and it reinforces the idea that certain types of girls are better than others. There is no list of qualities that most women possess.


Some women love to play and watch sports, some women don't. A couple of us were keen writers and wrote fanfiction together about the shows we loved. Fanfiction that has burned in the fires of time and will never be seen again. Oh boy. But as I learned more about feminism, the more I learned how much misogyny was behind what I thought I knew about being a woman.

Why ‘you’re not like other girls’ isn’t a compliment | Villainesse

One woman who shared some classes with me came into college with a full face of makeup every day and had ambitions of going into social care to help kids going through trauma. The women who went out partying over the weekend were just as academic as those of us who spent their weekends at home, surrounded by tea and cats. We all had dreams and ambitions, and we all applied ourselves to those regardless of how we presented our femininity.