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Don't be put-off by the fact that this name has the word "bald" in it. While the name looks like it would be given to someone with a receding hairline, it's actually pronounced as "BAL-door. In mythology, Balder was beloved by the gods. The son of Odin, the ruler of the Aesir gods, and his wife, Frigg , Balder was renowned for his beauty. When he was young, he had prophetic dreams of his death, so his mother extracted promises from every thing in the world that they would do him no harm. As a result of Frigg's quest, Balder was immune from harm from most objects, but was eventually slain by mistletoe thrown at him by the trickster god Loki.

This unique name hasn't seen too much worldwide popularity, but it is beloved in Iceland where it consistently ranks in the top 50 baby name for boys. Naming your baby boy after the trickster god isn't for everyone, but true fans of the Marvel character or just of Tom Hiddleston , the actor who plays him will have trouble resisting this twist on the name Loki.

If you're a Marvel fan, you're already familiar with the fact that Loki is a mischievous trickster, but he's even sneakier in mythology. Able to change both shape and sex, the shapeshifter used his powers both for harm and for good. In addition to being a shapeshifter and a trickster, Loki was also a god of fire. She was the wife of Bragi , the god of poetry. Idonea was a popular name in medieval England, and it also means "suitable" in Latin. If this old-fashioned but charming incarnation of the name doesn't suit your tastes, you could also consider Idony , another medieval take on the name that is pretty enough to deserve a modern revival.

While worship of the Norse gods was concentrated primarily in northern Europe, the mythological name Nilda migrated further south.

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Nilda is the Spanish and Portuguese shortening of the name Brunilda , which is also used in Italy. The mythological Brunhild was a stunningly beautiful princess. A fierce and passionate woman, she vowed to only marry a man of upstanding virtue who could also surpass her physical strength. A man named Siegfried won her hand, but upon discovering that he had been acting on someone else's behalf and that he intended to give her to another man in marriage, she was furious.

Viking names for girls and boys

Brunhild exacted vengeance, and this led to Siegfried's death. According to some sources, she was also a powerful Valkyrie. It is thought that the mythological Brunhild was influenced by the legend of the historical Brunhild , a sixth century Frankish queen who is remembered as an influential figure in the Merovingian age.

If you're having trouble picking just one name from Norse mythology, choosing the name of the source material could be a good alternative. Some names are popular across the borders though, as highlighted in the tag cloud below.

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Highly recommend to check it out! We named our daughter Elida Lexi. Hi Astrid. I sort of know the feeling, being named Bianca whilst all my friends would be Kari, Kristine, Ida, Nora and so on. I think most children would just like to fit in. Perhaps giving a unusual name to your child is not such a bad thing?

Your first born is Sullivan.

Old Norse Names: Meanings and Customs

And you are expecting a boy? Erik is nice! The r and the k is softer when pronounced in Scandinavian. I belive its a Nordic form from Alexander. I wish you all the best in finding the right name for your baby. Whether you choose to spell it the Scandinavian way or personalize it.

Top 10 Danish boys baby names

Sonja — This name has been widely used outside of its home region. This Swedish name is full of strength and character.

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This name has enjoyed generations of popularity in its various forms. It is cute enough for a little girl but also grown up enough for an adult. Soren — A popular name throughout its region of origin.

Old Norse Girl Names – Alphabetical List and Meanings

Full of potential in the way of personalised spelling Zorren, Sorin, etc. Tora is a strong but sweet name for any little girl that would also mature well as she grows up. Unusual but simple to say and spell. A strong name for any brave little lady. It could also be spelled in a number of ways.

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