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Students all over the world face both oppression and imprisonment for their efforts in making education accessible to all. This is a fight we must not forget, and continue to work for. Education is a human right, and must be available for everyone. For students who still struggle, and for future students, the prize is highly relevant. In the time since the Student Peace Prizehas shed light upon many situations around the world where students are in danger and under unworthy circumstances. It continues to be an important tool to generate attention around these problems, and to engage students to work together across borders and help each other.

We hope the whole city of Trondheim will join us in this Jubilee! A clear implication of this teaching is that all obligations, including debt obligations, would be forgiven in the process. The jubilee year is a moral and religious issue concept, not an economic one, and was not practised in actual fact.

However, it has been an inspiration to the modern debt jubilee movement , which drops the religious context but makes political and economic and to a degree moral arguments for extinguishing all or at least some of the debts the world is currently drowning in. The main economic justification for a modern debt jubilee is simple. With debts forgiven, governments, households and individuals could spend the money currently devoted to interest and principal repayments on consumption which would, in turn, increase economic demand and encourage economic growth, and eventually take the world economy out of constant crisis.

This would also be an ethical policy, which lifts debts incurred through financial manipulation such as unscrupulous mortgage bankers and undue political influence such as taxpayer bailouts of banks that caused the crisis in the first place.

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It would be fairer than the current arrangement, in which current debt largely burdens poor people with repayments falling to rich and culpable individuals and institutions. There is some precedent for debt relief as a solution to economic crisis. Perhaps the most famous example was the campaign launched by U2 rock star Bono to provide debt relief to developing countries. The idea has similar foundations to the current debt jubilee movement, except it is much more narrow in focus.

Private markets also deal regularly with situations where a debtor can no longer repay debt, technically referred to as a default.

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In those cases, a debt workout may be instituted which may include a stretching out of payments, forgiveness of parts or all of the debt by lenders, or even an outside infusion of capital to the indebted party to help them keep current with payments the major way in which the European Union EU is dealing with public debt crises in Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Spain.

So private lenders often forgive debt but, unlike a jubilee, this is not out of goodwill.

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