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There are 35 county fairs in western Pennsylvania this summer. What to Do with an Old Bank?

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Klein is eating seasonal salads, sushi and sandwiches. Mike Prisuta's Sports Section A weekly look at the games people are playing and the people who are playing them.

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They also maintain a new atmosphere and culture have been established. And if chewing ice really is just something you do to pass the time, perhaps you should consider another fidgety hobby that's quieter and better for your teeth.

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A violent drug dealer gives her a drop of the. We can always count on Lizzo to deliver hit songs, body-positive manifestos, twerking tutorials, and bold, bright looks on the red carpet. But as fans. In the video above, Olympic track star Brigetta.

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A new Netflix series, called Trinkets, drops today and follows a group of teenage friends who bond over an unlikely shared interest: shoplifting. Finding a therapist who you actually trust and whose services you can afford often feels like a daunting task. Navigating the healthcare system can be.

Buying plants is a specific type of retail therapy.

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This is especially true for millennials who didn't invent the concept of houseplants, but, like we do. It was July of , when Marie F. It happened on the drive to the airport for yet another destination. In the '80s, Carrie Davis and Hadley Davis Rierson lost their paternal grandmother to glioblastoma, a rare type of brain tumor that grows in the glial.

Calling your grade school teacher "mom. What to eat instead: Spaghetti squash. Simply poke holes in the squash with a fork and microwave it. It tastes and feels like the real deal, but has less than half the calories—40 calories per cup versus !

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Comfort food: Mashed potatoes. Or you can completely replace the potatoes with cauliflower. A cup of plain potatoes carries about calories, compared to a mere 25 in a cup of cauliflower. Plus, no one notices the difference! Or opt for a baked potato instead to get all of the nutrients potatoes provide like potassium and vitamin C , without the extra fat from milk and butter.

Top it with low fat yogurt, Greek yogurt, steamed veggies, or salsa to keep calories to a minimum. Use a sugar-free, fat-free chocolate mix.