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That said, part of what makes me suited to research is that I quite enjoy having time to myself in the library, reading, writing, or thinking. I get to go to lots of seminars and reading groups, where people discuss their research and share it with others.

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Occasionally there are lectures and workshops that I can go to. This time is valuable for other things — seeing my friends, cooking, going shopping for things I need, doing laundry, reading books for fun, watching telly… Some of this stuff is more relaxing than others, but I try and make time for the other things which are important to me. Generally, with research, I am doing one of two things: reading, or writing. But what is the day-to-day life of a PhD student actually like?

Porridge or toast is normally what I try and go for. It helps me to manage some of the stress that comes with trying to stick to deadlines.

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