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Sanders, had gone to El Paso High. He immediately started selling her on the city as the greatest possible place to settle down. They were married in He is usually described in press reports as a billionaire; Forbes reckons his fortune at closer to five hundred million. At the Cult of the Dead Cow, in the days of dial-up, did he learn to steal long-distance service? He did. As a teen-ager, did he produce, under the alias Psychedelic Warlord, jejune poems and stories, including one whose narrator enjoyed running down children with a car? He did, and he professes to be mortified by that work now.


In , he was arrested for drunk driving after a collision west of El Paso. His parents made bail and the charges were dismissed after he paid a fine and completed a diversion course. Someone with fewer resources would not have got off so lightly. He denies that he tried to leave the scene that night, though a witness quoted in the police report says he did. This, as they say in court, goes to character. Not really. Did he marry into a wealthy family? Did his father-in-law co-found a business organization called the Paso Del Norte Group that came up with a downtown redevelopment plan which threatened to displace eighteen hundred residents of poor neighborhoods?

Not at first. Eventually, reluctantly. But the plan comported with his ambitions to turn El Paso into a vibrant city, and he felt certain that barrio residents would end up in better housing and have more jobs. He went door to door and held town halls to try to persuade people, and then seemed stunned when he was accused of betraying them. For some of his poorest constituents, this consultation came too late. The downtown business district had been revitalized—Art Nouveau office buildings renovated, new restaurants and clubs and bars opened, chic hotels built. I talked to elderly residents of Duranguito about their battle to hang on to their homes.

Romelia Mendoza said that she had no intention of selling. If they wanted to build this arena, it would have to go around her casita. Antonia Morales, who is ninety-one, lamented the destruction of an outdoor market that had been across the street for as long as anyone could remember. There were construction fences everywhere. It was clearly a conflict zone—residents versus the city. David Dorado Romo, a historian, is a spokesman for the barrio holdouts, though not a resident himself. But he never speaks up for us.

In any case, he continued to throw himself into the community. The first time he ran for Congress, in , he knocked on sixteen thousand doors, by his count. But he was also seen as pro-business. He received significant financial support from El Paso businessmen, including Sanders, and some local Republicans crossed the line to vote for him in the Democratic primary, helping him nip Reyes in a five-way race.

Many of them looked like folks back home, which is to say, Latino. Standing beside me, jammed behind TV cameras, was a bullnecked fellow named Esteban Martinez. He told me that he had been minding his own business in Harlingen, Texas, in , when recruiters for I. Martinez bit, then fell in love with a girl in Denison, and was now working at the Smithfield Foods plant, with kids in high school. Denison, population eight thousand, is about half Latino. It even has a Spanish-language newspaper. And it was good to see another fronterizo here running for President.

He rocked through a regional version of his stump speech, sprinkled with Spanish, that drew laughs here, applause there, but mostly rapt silence. He speaks in long, long sentences, which he organizes with a repertoire of hand gestures—karate chops, a raised index finger, imploring open hands, table sweeps, a fist shaken at an unthreatening angle, a palm to his chest. His set speech can be short, leaving more time for questions, or it can build, hitting all the high points, piling up the cheers.

Take care around cows: warning for walkers

Children in cages are not who we are. Climate change—our greatest challenge, our Second World War. Scientists say we only have twelve years. End the war on drugs, private prisons, cash bail. Reverse this concentration of wealth. New Hampshire heads nod. Dead last nationally in voter turnout—till we improved that in He quotes an old rancher whose home town lacked electricity back in the thirties.

Critics note that he voted with Trump thirty per cent of the time.

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I just want to get to better things for this country. If he wanted legislation that he wrote to pass, he had to find Republican co-sponsors, which he did for some bread-and-butter bills—strengthening cross-border trade, improving ports of entry, increasing access to health care for veterans. Mostly, though, he focussed on constituent service. Sparks, the executive director of the local Veterans Business Association.

The V. Wait times to see therapists stretched into months. Got the wait times way down. Their flight to Washington was cancelled by bad weather, so they rented a car and drove. Not all his votes, to be sure, were courageous. He told me he believed then that the U. He also voted for a bill that would make it easier for cop killers to get the death penalty—legislation known as the Thin Blue Line Act, and widely seen as a police retort to Black Lives Matter. But this happened in When he arrived, Democratic leaders told him exactly how many hours of each day to spend in a boiler room dialling for dollars.

Still, when he ran for the Senate, in , he out-raised Cruz two to one, relying entirely on small donors. The counter-argument came not just from Oprah and MoveOn. He rambled through five states, staying in motels, talking to seemingly everyone and blogging about it at Medium. It was a celebration of the people he met, and arguably a mite pretentious. The trip was also a reckoning with himself. What should he do next? As such, it annoyed a lot of readers, especially women.

Amy was home with the kids, again. He was off communing with himself—and America, of course. His social-media presence, previously an asset, began to have mixed results. On Instagram, he streamed video of himself getting his teeth cleaned, hoping to focus on the hygienist, the daughter of a Mexican immigrant; people focussed instead on his teeth. For everyone in America. For everything in America. This is a campaign that stands for everything. For anything. For all the things. For America.

The whole world right in one place. In the end, everybody wanted him to do it. Even the kids seemed to understand what was at stake. The planet. He semi-announced his candidacy in a cover story in Vanity Fair. But his official campaign launch was in friendly territory: El Paso, on a sunny morning, in the streets of an old commercial district. There were lots of campaign signs and American flags, lots of kids on shoulders. The real MAGA caps, and other protesters, including the Duranguito crew and anti-abortion activists, had been banished to a distant side street. Their mother gave a poised speech, with a huge grin.

A woman standing next to me gasped. It was not difficult to picture this family in the White House. In fact, at that moment, hundreds of people, detained migrants, were languishing in a jerry-built cage underneath the Paso del Norte International Bridge. This crowd hardly needed to be reminded of the abuses occurring around them. Trump took it upon himself to accuse her father of failing to give her enough water.

That was false. She had died from a bacterial infection, and her father had thanked the American first responders for their efforts to save his daughter. Lots of great games! Cons: Can be a bit noisy for friendly meals or boardgame, Near the train but difficult for parking. It's just a shame I can't give it 5 stars! Great atmosphere, great food and drinks, great games and super friendly staff. Love that it's vegan unless otherwise specified - I hope they open a restaurant! Very delicious vegan options! And such a fun environment! I had a late Sunday dinner today at Netherworld in the Valley this afternoon This place is amazing!

Everything was delicious. In short, this is an amazing place. If I could give it 8 starts, I would. Netherworld is a fun place to go to with friends - they have multiple games board games, arcade games, pinball machines, card games, video games! All food is automatically vegan unless you alter the ingredients. Their portions are big, they love to experiment with food, and they are delicious. I hope that in the future they release more food dishes especially since they removed their delicious BBQ pulled jackfruit from their loaded fries.

The food is amazing but the place is usually noisy which is to be expected but Netherworld is constantly crowded and I think they should get a bigger venue considering how full it always is. There have been times I haven't been able to fully enjoy my food because there is no place to sit. Amazing place regardless. Best place to have fun and eat vegan.

Take back your news.

All the menu is vegan alcohol included and every items is amazing! Staff is also very nice. I went with their popular Burgatory burger and wow, that was a real burger!!! And the setting itself is so cool, filled with old school arcade machines. Netherworld's menu is vegan by default and while they serve meat, it's not on the menu and you have to ask for it. This is vegan-world in reverse and I love it! The food is amazing! The burgatory is the best burger in Brisbane! The deep-fried mushrooms are delicious and the seasonal menu is full of surprises. Hot dogs, Tofu bites, mac and cheese, spicy chips All the beers are vegan too and what an amazing selection they have.

Finally, the board games, arcade and pinball machines make this place the number one venue in Brisbane for yummy vegan food and loads of fun. All ages are welcome, the staff are friendly and it's a home away from home for us. They also produce special pins for high scores on the games. We currently have a Galaga comp going at work and three out of four now have a pin. The best food, drinks and atmosphere await you and even if pubs aren't normally your scene, you'll love this place. Pros: Amazing, delish food with lots of options, Arcade games, e. Galaga, The best beers going around. Cons: Parking can be tricky catch the train , Super busy Friday and Saturday nights.

What a blast this place is!

Packed solid with pinball, arcade machines and a generous library of classic board games, this joint delivers a great night out. First off, while this place is technically 'vegan options', it doesn't FEEL like one, because everything on the menu is vegan by default. The end result is liberating; there's no hunting around on the menu for what you can have. Order what you like and tell any omni friends you bought to customise. At an extra charge; how novel for them to have to price up for once! I adore this model and think it's one to copy for vegan-options restaurants.

Drinks are also excellent. The cocktail menu is small but excellent; the drinks on tap and in the fridge are great choices. For the designated drivers like me there are also house sodas available. Try the grapefruit. The barcade aspect is also brilliant. This place is noisy, yes, but it's energetic and friendly as well. You did not listen. Because you were proud, you went up into the hills. They chased you like a large group of insects called bees.

There they defeated you. He would not listen or give any attention to you. They had to go back. They tried to win the battle by themselves. But they could not do anything unless God was with them. They had to learn that fact. To go into the country would be a reward for Moses. But he lost that reward, although he did enter heaven. They could not send the wicked spirit out of a boy. Spirits are alive but we cannot see them. The disciples tried to do this by themselves.

They had not prayed for God to help them. The power to send wicked spirits out of people came from Jesus only. See Mark We travelled round the hills in Seir Edom for a long time. Now turn to the north. They live in Seir. They will be afraid of you, but be careful. I will not give to you enough land on which to put a foot. It is their possession. You have had everything that you needed. The people in Edom did not allow them to go through Seir.

God had given that country to the family of Esau. Moses reminded the people that God had provided for them during their long journey. They should not desire areas of country that they did not need. In Philippians , Paul reminds Christians that God will supply all their needs. He will do that by means of the resources that Jesus provides. They are our relatives, who live in Seir. We travelled along the route to the towns called Elath and Ezion-Geber.

Do not start a war against them. I will not give any of their land to you as your possession. I have given the city called Ar to the family of Lot. By then, all the men who were old enough to fight had died. At last, none of them remained alive in the camp. It will be at the place called Ar. I will not give any of their land to you to possess. I have given it to the family of Lot. And the people from Edom still live there today. God had given that territory to the families of Esau and Lot. This statement taught them that there was only one God. He had given to each nation its own country.

No false god had given it to them. During that time, all the people who had left Egypt over 20 years old had died. The writer of the Book of Hebrews tells us the reason for that. The writer encourages Christians to trust God. Then they will receive the good things that God promises. Begin to possess his territory and to attack him. They will hear reports about you. They will tremble and they will be very afraid of you. They took this message to Sihon, king of Heshbon.

We will stay on the main road and we will not leave it. We just want to walk through your country. He refused and he would not change his decision. Now it has happened. We killed him and his sons and we killed all his army. We killed everyone. We killed the men, the women and the children.

Nobody remained alive. Aroer is on the edge of the valley called Arnon. You did not go near to the land by the River Jabbok. And you did not go near to the towns in the hills. The first king was Sihon, king of Heshbon. Moses offered to go through his territory in peace and to pay for food and drink. Because of that decision, God made Sihon refuse to change his mind. When a person refuses, it is very hard for that person ever to change. Those people gave honour to false gods.

The objects were things to which they gave honour. Read the notes on chapter 7 verses for more explanation about that. Og, king of Bashan, came out with his whole army to fight us. He wanted to fight us at the town called Edrei. I will give him, his whole army and his country to you. Sihon ruled in Heshbon. We killed all of them. We left none of them alive.

Cow-Calf Corner (04/27/19)

We took the whole region called Argob. There were also many villages without walls. His bed was iron.

a crowd cattle Ebook

It was more than 13 foot long and 6 foot wide 4 metres long and 2 metres wide. Bashan was a region that grew good crops. It had high hills also. It was to the north and north east of the region called Galilee. There were more than 60 towns with high walls and gates to protect them.

They called that region Argob. They did not kill the animals. Because Og was a king, the bed or the box for his body was very large. People may have made a box from a rock that contained iron rather than all of iron. Jesus told people to free themselves from anything like that. He does not mean that people should damage their bodies. That included half of the hills in the region called Gilead together with its towns.

That was where Og ruled. That region went to the border of Geshur and Maacath. He named the region after himself. Their boundary was the middle of the river. And their boundary was the River Jabbok. That was all the land from Galilee to the Dead Sea. Moses describes how he divided the land to the east of the River Jordan. So Moses let them live there. They could not rest until they had done that.

Cattle Valley Series by Carol Lynne

They are your relatives. I know that you have many animals. They can stay in the towns that I have given to you. Their country is across the River Jordan from your country. Then you can return to the country that I have given to you as your possession. The nation had to act as a group, with God as their leader. Perhaps the men who were too young or too old to fight would look after them. The men who crossed the River Jordan could return to their own country.

Moses ordered Joshua to lead the battle. Moses told him not to be afraid. Moses reminded Joshua about what God had done to the two kings, Sihon and Og. God would help Joshua to defeat other kings in the same way. We should remember how God has helped us in the past.

That will help us to trust him in the future. You have begun to show me the great and powerful things that you can do. No false god in the sky or on the earth can do the great things that you do. I want to see the pleasant hills and Lebanon. He would not listen to me. Do not speak to me about this again. Look to the north, south, east and west. You can look at the country, but you will not go across the River Jordan.

Encourage him and give him strength. And they will possess the country that you will see. Moses believed that there was only one real God. God did not allow him to do that. Our notes about chapter 1 verses also refer to this event. In Numbers chapter 20, we read how Moses brought water out of the rock.

He did not speak to the rock. He hit the rock. He did not obey God. God told Moses that he would be able to see the country. God told Moses that he should encourage Joshua to do that. In the garden of Gethsemane, Jesus asked God to take away his trouble. But he also prayed to do what God wanted. We need to pray in the same way. God may not give to us what we desire. But he can make us content without it. So that gives a result that is as good or better. Obey them so that you can live. Then you will go into the country and you will possess it. Do not take anything away from them.

Now you should obey them in the country that you will enter to possess. That will show the people in other nations how wise you are. When they hear about all these rules, they will say this. No other nation is that great. No other nation is so great. Because of that, they should obey God. Therefore I am appealing to you. The result would be that they would live for a long time. Also, they would enjoy the country that God was giving to them. Jesus said that too.

See Revelation The same basic rules remain, although different circumstances may require some changes. After Jesus came, his people did not need the laws about ceremonies. The ceremonies were ways to describe what would happen in the future. Moses reminded them about that event. The story is in Numbers chapter As a result, many people died with a disease.

And the priests killed other people. Then they would remain alive in their new country. Do not forget the things that you have seen. Remember them as long as you live. Teach them to your children and to your grandchildren. He said this to me. They must listen to what I will say. Then, they will learn to respect me as long as they live on the earth.

Also they will teach their children. It burned with flames that reached up to the sky. There were black clouds and great darkness. You heard him speak. But you saw no shape.

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You only heard a voice. He wrote them on two blocks of stone and he told you to obey them. And you must obey them in the country. God spoke to them but they did not see God. Therefore, they must not make an image of him. They must be careful not to forget God. They should tell their children and their grandchildren about him. Christians must remember what God has done. They should tell their children about him. The flames, clouds and darkness show that God is magnificent.

Moses warned the people. They had to obey what God had told them to do. In Hebrews , the writer tells his readers this. He died so that God can forgive us. And Jesus makes people free from wrong things. Then God will forgive us. James tells us about that. In Matthew , Jesus says this. My Father is in heaven. And only the people who obey him will enter there. But they are evidence that we are obeying God. Be very careful v16 that you do not act in a wicked manner.

Do not give honour to the sun, the moon, the stars or to anything that you see in the sky. Egypt was like a very hot fire that melts metal. That is what you are today. He made a serious statement. He said that I would not go across the River Jordan. I will not go across the River Jordan. You will go across and you will possess that good country. He is a jealous God. They must not make an image of God. Other nations made their false gods in many shapes. Moses made a list of the images that those nations used.

God rescued them from the very difficult situation in Egypt. He made them his special people. Peter tells Christians that they are special too. In 1 Peter he says this. God wanted you to declare the wonderful things that he has done. He called you out of darkness into his wonderful light. That was because he had done the wrong thing. That is the only right way. But do not behave in a wicked manner. If you do such an evil thing, it will make God very angry.

You will soon disappear from the country that you will go across the River Jordan to possess. You will not live there for a long time. Those false gods cannot see or hear. They cannot eat or smell. That will happen if you really look for him with your entire mind and with your entire strength. If they did that, God would be angry with them. An enemy would force them to live in foreign countries. That happened after an enemy defeated Samaria. See 2 Kings And it happened when an enemy defeated Jerusalem.

Even then, if they returned to God, he would forgive them. In 1 John , the writer says this to Christians. Ask about the period before you were born. Look from one end of the sky to the other end. Nothing like this has ever happened before. Nobody has ever heard about anything as great as this.

But you have, and you are still alive. God did that for you in Egypt. You saw him use his great power and strength. He made terrible things happen. He has proved that he is the only God. There is no other God. In that way, he taught you. On earth, he let you see his great fire. You heard his words from out of the fire. He came with you himself. He brought you into their country and he gave it to you to possess. It belongs to you today. No other nation had received direct knowledge from a false god in this way. He rescued them from Egypt and he gave a country to them.

He did that by his great power and by the use of events. God loved them and he chose them as his special people. God did great things for his people. That was proof that God existed. No other power could do that. Paul shows how this is the same for Christians in Romans They are the people whom God chose because of his plan. But he did not kill that person because he hated him. Then the man could run away. And he could go to one of those towns. Nobody would kill him there. It was in the region called Gilead. It was in the region called Bashan. These cities were in the south, in the centre and in the north of this area.

If a person had killed someone by accident, he could go to one of those cities. In chapter 19, you can read more about those cities and the laws about them. It was on the east of the River Jordan. That was when they came out from Egypt. Also they possessed the land that belonged to Og, king of Bashan. Aroer was on the edge of the River Arnon. Verse 44 starts a new section. It tells us where and when Moses gave his speech. He made it with all of us who are alive today.

I told you what he said. You were afraid because of the fire. So you did not go up on the mountain. I am your only God. Do not make it in the shape of anything that is in the water or under the earth. I will punish the people who hate me. And I show constant love to the people who obey me. During that day, you must do no work. The foreigners who live in your country must not work. If you do, you will live for a long time. Do not desire anything else that he owns. God spoke to the people directly. But Moses had to tell them what God said.

They were too afraid to go close to God. In the same way, Jesus stands between God and us. Jesus is the Word of God. Hebrews also describes this ceremony. When they were slaves, they were not free. However, they had their own possessions and homes. God had rescued them. He told them not to give honour to any false god. It was right for God to be jealous.

Jesus demanded the same thing from the people who followed him. He must take his cross and he must carry it. But when people obey him, the results can last for a long time. They must not do that in order to get their selfish desires. It reminded the people that God had created the world. It is a special day because Jesus became alive again on that day.

He died and then he became alive again. God promised that. In Ephesians , Paul says that Christians should respect their parents also. They must not kill someone on purpose. To do a wrong thing is not just an action. The thought or intention is also wrong. He spoke them in a loud voice. He spoke them from out of the fire, the cloud and the great darkness.

He did not add anything else to them. Then he wrote them on two blocks of stone and he gave them to me. The whole mountain was on fire. We have heard his voice out of the fire. Today we have seen this. A person can live, even if God speaks to him. The fire will burn us completely. It came from the fire. We will listen and we will obey. Everything that they said was good. I wish that they would always give honour to me.

Then good things would happen to them and their children for always. They must obey them in the country that I am giving to them to possess. Then you will live and good things will happen to you. You will live for a long time in the country that you will possess. Nobody had taught them that God would forgive them. They wanted somebody who would go between them and God.

So the people asked Moses to act instead of them. God spoke his message and he wrote it down. The people promised to obey. God showed that he loved them. This is what He said. If they always obeyed him, their life would be good. Moses encouraged the people to obey God. If they did, then they would live for a long time in their country. Obey them in the country that you will cross the River Jordan to possess. Then, you will have long life.

Then your life will be good. And you will grow and you will become a nation with many people.