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Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. DPReview Digital Photography. The general public was notorious for their fear of fire-bearers being much stronger than the other three types. I don't know too many flamers that well, but I'll introduce you to the few that I do know. One more. Anyway, earthies, oceans, flamers, and breathers.

School legend is that the first ever class came up with them. I hate ours, but I think the other three are decent. Genevieve moved out of the way as the train stopped and several people got off. At least when your hair changes, it'll be to a color that's considered somewhat normal. I've never seen someone with hair that hangs halfway down their back.

Once it's all turned, we'll have to decide on an awesome hairstyle for you. Totally depends on what the professors think, but you won't start activities until second semester. First semester is all book stuff. This is us. People who are too lazy to walk? I just like to use them. They're fun. Genevieve shook her head as she got off at the end, looking around the concourse. Wentworth operates out of the very last gate. Genevieve laughed and they walked the rest of the way to the gate, finding a few other kids hanging out in front of it.

Boarding begins in two minutes.

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Why are you flying out of Denver? Shouldn't you be flying in from New York? Raven, this is Genevieve Mason. Genevieve, Raven Blackwood. Genevieve held out her hand tentatively and shook the one Raven offered, the sparking sensation she was becoming so familiar with spreading through her hands. Genevieve watched as the boy looked up from his phone. The sparking sensation was much stronger than it had been when she'd shaken Raven's hand, and she pulled her hand away quite quickly. I'm sure that some of your fellow first-years will take pity on poor, friendless you.

Mine too. It's all wrong. She glanced down at the paper in her hands, frowning when all she saw was the Wentworth logo and her name. Genevieve sat down next to him, offering up a thanks as she went. My dad's hometown. Never been there. We always go places where we can surf, or to Texas or Ireland. She's a Wentworth grad, a water-bearer like me, and my dad's an earth-bearer.

Let's Play - Aetherion - 10 - CONCLUSION AND OVERVIEW

Dad would never do that though. He fully believes that sapiens and elementalists can exist peacefully. He runs a whole student organization on campus about it. Sparrow held off answering as a tall woman with long, white-blonde hair walked onto the plane, stopping at the front of the aisle and looking out at everyone who was already seated. Call me Georgie. Do remember that, will you?

I hate having to correct everyone all the time. Georgie looked behind her as someone else stepped onto the plane, and Sparrow leaned over to whisper to Genevieve. She's an air-bearer, but she teaches everybody. She's supposedly the most popular teacher in school. And then, well, I'll see you all when you wake up. The water will ensure that. Your parents have been informed of this and given their consent for you to drink it, or else you wouldn't be here right now.

And if you had read the paperwork that was sent to you, you would have known that. Sparrow looked at Genevieve hesitantly as the woman stopped next to their row and handed them each as small glass full of water. I don't take them unless I have to. Mom and Dad are all into these homeopathic methods. Sparrow watched as Genevieve drank the water before doing the same with his own. If you say so. He's very involved in campus life and making sure that the sapien-elemental interactions are smooth and understanding.

They looked up when the woman stopped the cart next to them again. Find us there, alright? Then I'll introduce you to those flamers I was talking about. I'll get to spend the rest of my life trying to convince people that there's really nothing to be afraid of. When you open them again, we will be in Nevaline. She awoke to the feeling of someone gently shaking her shoulder, opening her eyes to see Sparrow looking over at her with sleepy ones.

Genevieve yawned and sat up, glancing around the plane and noticing that everyone on board was slowly gathering their things and standing up. Sparrow glanced at his watch as he yawned himself. I bet we've been sitting here on the plane for awhile. Nevaline isn't a nine hour flight away from Denver. After that, you'll all be let loose in the cafeteria. Now come on, we're waiting for you two. Genevieve and Sparrow followed Georgie off of the plane and into a tunnel that led them through into a building.

Georgie began to lead the group to the left as Genevieve looked around at her surroundings. The interior of the building looked like it had been carved out of one gigantic stone, and the result was utterly stunning. She stared open-mouthed until Sparrow gently put his hand on her elbow, bringing her along to catch up with everyone else. They start with gigantic stones, and they go from there. It's totally awesome what they can do, isn't it? Sometimes I go to my mom's building sites in Xendaine and just watch them work. She just finished designing the new transport station.

You'll totally have to come see it sometime. Be right back. Sparrow jogged up through the group, leaving Genevieve to walk by herself until a girl with long brown hair dropped back and started walking with her. They arrived at the campus after a short train ride, with Georgie pointing to a door and announcing all the first-years had to go through it.

Genevieve and Madelaine were walking towards it when Sparrow caught up with them, and the three of them walked through the door to a large classroom. There were small tables situated around the room, each at least partially facing the desk and gigantic chalkboard in the front. The tables sat two people and they made their way to the nearest empty ones, Sparrow with Genevieve and Madelaine by herself. Everyone in the room was looking around at the walls that looked entirely of books. The room fell silent as another door opened and in walked an elderly man.

His skin appeared wrinkled and his eyes looked old, and to Genevieve, slightly sad. He walked with a cane in his left hand, so his steps were slow and wobbly. The pale blue leisure suit he wore was straight out of the seventies, but it went well with the shimmering silver of his hair, which hung to just past his shoulders. Genevieve nodded as the man reached his desk, watching as he came to a stop behind the chair that was there. He stared at the students for a moment, and then suddenly a loud clap of thunder echoed through the room and it began to rain.

Several of the others gasped and ducked underneath the tables they were sitting at, but Genevieve looked up, seeing the clouds that now covered the ceiling. She started to laugh when she realized she wasn't getting wet, smiling at Sparrow as he realized the same. Sparrow turned his gaze back to the front, and he nudged Genevieve to do the same.

The man was still standing behind the desk, but unlike the students, the rain was pouring down upon him. I am Professor Augustus Miller, the school's president, and I will also be teaching your History of Elementalism classes. I hope that you all liked my little demonstration of my abilities, because that will be the last demonstration of anyone's abilities within my class. There are plenty of others in which you will get to use your emerging abilities, but in here, we learn strictly about the history of our people. Professor Miller walked around to the front of the desk and leaned against it, surveying the group of students with his eyes.

Fear not if that is the case, because the length and speed of the physical transformation can vary from person to person. The physical transformations are purely that — physical. Your personalities will remain very much the same, but you will be gaining abilities that can be overwhelming and overpowering, and that is where you will need the support of your fellow classmates.

I encourage you all to become friends, to learn about elements other than your own, and to understand that you are not going to be the only one who feels this way. Now, tell me, how many of you are having trouble touching other people? Genevieve tentatively raised her hand, and she looked around as Sparrow and almost every other student eventually did the same.

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Professor Miller did little more than nod. When the hands stayed up again, Professor Miller let out a smile. One more question. Is everyone hungry? I'll see you all for your first class on Monday. Genevieve watched as Professor Miller walked out of the room before turning to Sparrow.

Genevieve stood up and they followed Madelaine, who was conversing heavily with the girl who had shared her table with her, and the rest of the group out of the room. Sparrow smiled as a woman with long silver hair came into view, directing everyone towards the cafeteria. Sparrow walked over to her, and was immediately wrapped up in a hug. I feel like I'm an alien but at least I have the prettiest girl in school by my side.

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Aunt Billie, Genevieve Mason. I'll send you an email with where our house is on the map. She's an ocean like me, so I'll have her for classes. I can't decide if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Raven loves to embarrass me. Genevieve walked around Sparrow and started to make herself a sandwich from the sandwich bar. Sparrow started to say something but he was cut off by arms wrapping around his shoulders.

You need to know the cool places to go, and where freshers are not welcome. Finish making your sandwiches and come sit with us, and we'll explain it all! And that means I won't have to ask Aunt Billie every time I want to know something. Genevieve finished making her sandwich and looked over at Sparrow. As for you not being an elementalist, well, you obviously haven't been paying attention. Genevieve frowned, confused, when Sparrow snagged a piece of her hair and brought it into her view.

It was the typical black all the way down, but her face broke out into a grin when her gaze reached the tips. I am writing to tell you that there is nothing to worry about here at home. Just as I thought, it was the neighbor's cat again. Enjoy your first night at Wentworth and feel free to email me whenever you want. Genevieve sighed and closed the email, going through the rest of her inbox until an email from Dashiell caught her eye. Mama wants keep this a secret from you, but I think you deserve to know so I'm telling you the truth.

It wasn't the neighbor's cat, it was a fire at our house. But it was a strange fire, because it didn't burn the whole house down, or even more than one room. It was just Mama's office, and even then, all there was was a message in French burnt into the wall. J'ai pris soin d'elle. Personne ne le saura. I don't know what that's supposed to mean but Mama was very upset about it. Remember how I told you something was up? Well, I'm telling you again.

Something's up, and it involves elementalists, and I'm worried about you, so be careful. Genevieve read through Dashiell's email again, the French words running through her head until she thought of the translation. No one will know. Madelaine smiled at her from where she was making the bed next to Genevieve's. How awesome is it that we ended up roommates though? I was totally afraid of having to meet someone new again. I mean, I know we're still waiting on the other two girls, but you know what I mean. Surrounded by a bunch of really frustrated elementalists who didn't have the cash to move to Nevaline or Aceltaine.

It was kind of my parents' dream to be able to come back to Nevaline.

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They both went to Wentworth, so that meant that I had to go here too. It's costing them a fortune so one of the first things I'm doing is going to the city and finding a job. I need to help pay for my expenses. And my brother's about to start university this year, so Mama's got that to pay for too.

At least he's getting in-state tuition rates. Madelaine looked over at her for a moment then sighed. Tall apartment buildings that are old and rundown and always in need of repair. We live on the eighteenth floor, and it's just this tiny little hallway with hardly any light, and wallpaper straight out of the seventies. And there's just tons of these buildings concentrated in a little area around the center of the colony, and then around them are all the little businesses we get. There's a grocery store, and a clothes store, and the hardware store that my dad works at. aetherion rising by adelia chamberlain paperback

There's a really good Italian restaurant, or at least I think it's a really good Italian restaurant, but I've never been to another one to be able to compare. They taught us basic math and science, and how to read, basically an approved curriculum from the state of sapien things that we would need to know before elemental school. And as you get close to sixteen, they let representatives from Wentworth and from Bedell in Aceltaine in to talk about your elemental schooling options.

Most kids end up going to Bedell because it's cheaper, but like I said, my parents wanted me to go here. That's why I knew no one earlier today. All the friends I've ever had are at Bedell. There's a huge, electrified chainlink fence with barbed wire on top that goes around the whole place. You can get out through the gate, obviously, but you have to have a good reason for leaving, and state when you're returning, and if you're not back by then, they alert the Cincy police that there's elementalists on the loose. It's all about fear-mongering and trying to shame us into thinking that we're so dangerous to the world, but my mom always said I wasn't allowed to think like that.

But I don't know. I kind of can't blame them for being scared. When I was in kindergarten, the parents of the other kids tried to get me kicked out of school because they were afraid my powers would manifest early and I'd kill all their kids during naptime. Didn't work, because my mother came in and put them all in their place about how harmless a five-year-old elementalist was, but I never had many friends after that. They were too scared to let their kids go anywhere near me.

God only knows where he's going.

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Hopefully he shows back up tonight or Dad's going to have the whole police force looking for him. Madelaine coughed and the two girls looked over at them as though they hadn't even realized they were there. Are you two our roommates? The girl who had been talking about her parents strode over. God, you have no idea how much I've been looking forward to moving into the dorms. I'm Sloane Howard, second-year earth-bearer. What type of bearer are you? The other girl walked over and shook Madelaine's hand. Nice to meet you. And then get ready to stay up all night gossiping, because that's what Evanthia and I will be doing.

We haven't even gotten to her summer in Aceltaine yet. Madelaine and Genevieve walked out the front door of the school and took a good look at their surroundings. It was the first time Genevieve had seen the school in sunlight, and if she'd been in awe of the little bit she'd seen the night before, she didn't know how to describe the way she felt now. The collection of buildings rose high into the sky, and if she remembered correctly from one of Dashiell's lectures on architecture, she thought the style was Baroque.

Whatever it was, it looked both ancient and new, buildings completely made of stone. The area in front of the school was rather small, just a short yard before the parking lot began, but Genevieve knew from the website that there were acres of land behind it that was used for various training purposes. It was like nothing either of them had ever seen before, and they stood there in wonder until an arm slung across both of their shoulders.

That is the most obvious freshers thing that you can do. Genevieve reached up and ran a hand through the long strands which now all had red tips and streaks of red scattered throughout it. I notice some red in your hair as well, Madelaine. I love flamers. So, where are you going? My favorite place in all of Nevaline.

Well, besides the cathedral. Want me to show you the way? It's where I'm headed anyway. Don't get me wrong, Billie and Rafael are nice people, but it's not really my thing to hang with teachers outside of class, if you know what I mean. Those two are two of the school's gossip queens. Don't tell them anything you don't want everyone else to find out. Evanthia's a little weird, but she's from Aceltaine so that's to be expected.

Aceltaine thinks it's much better than Nevaline in every area except the school, and they are crazy jealous about the school. So if she's a bit snobby around you, just ignore it. She doesn't know how to be any other way. Sloane, on the other hand, is cool. Her dad, Stanton, is the Nevaline police chief and her mom, Sabra, is the lead anchor on the evening newscast. Her younger brother Slade is a prick though.

He's also Raven's boyfriend, and they can be completely gross when they're around one another. So, early warning. He's a second-year like me, and he already knows that I've met some flamers who he needs to be friends with. Expect both of them to be totally cool with you. They arrived at the ice cream parlor after a couple of minutes, and Genevieve was quick to spot the Help Wanted sign in the window. I want to make a good first impression. The interior of the building was decked out like it was straight out of the fifties, from the jukebox in the corner playing oldies to the paper hats on the heads of the people behind the counter.

Records decorated the walls along with pictures of old film stars and musicians, and the menu was written on chalkboards that lined the wall behind the counter. Genevieve thought it was awesome.