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A line of cocaine is probably not. Those are my tips. It will be a hilarious way to learn a language! Very glad you liked the edit any website tool ….. I personally use it all the time! As for the chocolate method, your concern is so valid. Very dangerous combined with sitting for long periods of time haha!

Being reminded of method 8 is super helpful. Here I am procrastinating my ass off. Better get back to work! It is funny to think of how much more work it was for our parents to immigrate here than it was for us to easily grow up here. Whatever the weather, getting outside creates a break and a stimulating change from the environment. Number 8 made me smile. No joke. Go get out the country, huh? I love a good mind map. Ya stand back and look… they become a thing of beauty!

Then I remember how good I have it compared to the past, and even compared to other people in the country…. Mind Mapping seems to be a super common theme here, might have to draw it and list it here. Thanks Drew! Basically, I do all my structuring, outlining, research and note taking left brain stuff before I start writing. I use Gingko App for most of my writing, and it works perfectly with my method, especially for research-heavy writing.

Kind of hard to explain, makes sense when you see it. The main benefit is that you can keep everything within one browser window, eliminating the need to toggle between tabs which always throws me off and slows me down which could lead to writer block.

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Thanks for sharing Niklas! I love 2. I also like 4 but I like it better to go out with my lappy or even better with a notebook and pen, sit in a park or library and type there. I had published a post about 21 ways to get post ideas for your blog. Writing down an outline before you write seriously helps kill writers block. It might just be a list of ideas, but if you spend 5 minutes on working the outline, the piece will almost write itself. This one is simple. When your stuck, just sit there and doodle. Write about why your procrastinating. Write about that girl your thinking of. Just fucking write.

Get into the act, and then the ideas for your article will come and you can start writing on that. He would spend his mornings in bed, reading and then dictating his work to his secretaries. This would happen until noon, when he would get dressed and receive visitors. A book I highly highly recommend to anyone engaging in any kind of creative work and have to deal with the daily battle of procrastination.

Awesome suggestions David! I think the outline is the best thing, and has been mentioned a ton of times in the comments. Possibly NevBox-worthy post David!

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  • Here are some example constraints:!

I find that PLAY is one of my powerful block-busters. That can mean finding a park with swings somewhere nearby, or taking my pup out to throw a ball around. It can mean grabbing finger paints or Play-Doh and going nuts. It can even sometimes be a silly iPhone game. Changing up your physical environment is a fantastic way to get the creativeness flowing :. Rather than trying to think of the best most amazing description to write, you just start typing.

This has helped me a TON in trying to get ad copy written or content done for presentations and landing pages. I just start writing short, curt sentences and then work on improving it later. I think starting is the hardest part for some people, so that suggestion is great. Not every single time, but more often than not. Especially if you call a friend and tell them your deadline so you now have social pressure also.

And yes, for some reason showering is great for ideas. I have one of those waterproof Shower Notepads on my shower wall, it works great!!! Drink some coffee then immediately take a 20 minute power nap. Just write bad crap. That really is the best way to start writing….. I go for a walk except right now when the wind and snow are heavy. Walking always gets my mind flowing. Yup yup! Its just a symptom of laziness during the research phase. Copy and paste every thing relevant you can find into one big ass document. Get yourself a big ass dry erase board and create mind maps on the surface topics you came up with the data dump in step 1.

Break down the idea into sub ideas and keep branching. Be sure to keep each branch focused on just one core idea. BAM writers block has been destroyed. I also think it might be a function of not knowing enough about a subject. Mind Mapping is one of the items I need to put in this article.

Great Post Nev, Thanks! Then I grab some material research and browse it on my rest times for 30 seconds and do another 5 minute workout. All good ideas and even more in the comments. What works for one person may not work for another especially my method. Whenever I get stuck I fire up a cigar, crank up the volume of some classic rock to where I am sure neighbors two doors away can hear it none complained yet.

For some reason the ideas start coming and before I know it words magically appear. Crazy but works for me. Maybe a variation for others might be listening to mood music on low volume while a purring cat sits nearby. Even my iPad has a ton of apps installed that play music. Thanks for sharing Bob!! Just write without predjudice. Best — write a series of headlines then sub-headlines, then a sentence about each, jumping back and forth as inspiration strikes. What works is to get up and do the laundry, the dishes or vacuuming.

Hey Arnaud, I agree with you. I really liked this post, Neville. A lot is riding on this so here is what I am doing to be proactive: 1. I read or watch something that makes me want to be a better writer and inspires creativity. Sometimes it is a great short story or a video of say, Jaco Pastorius or a good dance company performance.

Thats what works for me. What works to inspire your creativity? I sit down to work before doing anything but eating breakfast. Give myself two hours. I think you might wanna try jotting down a bunch of random notes and ideas, then elaborating on them LATER. I have a giant file of ideas for articles that I keep, and am constantly adding them.

From this list most of the ideas either suck or are repetitive, but out of ideas, about 10 of them will be pretty good. This might be a good technique for you to use, so you can only put the best-of-the-best ideas in your upcoming book! A good hack for me is to do this writing longhand—sometimes staring into the blank screen really messes with my head.

10 Ways to CRUSH Writer's Block - For Good!

The majority of the time I can work on what I want to work on after this minutes, but worst case—if it was very painful—I just stop and take a break. I love putting those on myself to make me finish up the article quickly. Sounds really meta :. No matter how bad the block, if I start thinking about something that annoys me I can go on a tear. Wake me up at 4am with a baseball bat to the jaw and I could still do a 10 minute rant on flavored coffee. The concentration of forming the letters seems to dispell all other thoughts.

Great post thanks Neville. I like the Hemingway idea! Now THAT is a super-unique method! What shall we call it? I stop writing mid-sentence, or I just jot down things I need to write about. Then I go do something with my hands: cook, wash the dishes, etc. Then I get back and see if that helped usually does. Similar to physically altering your state of mind. Very much like dictating into a phone. Instead of starting from the beginning, I try to write from the middle, or the end, or some other pivotal point in the copy. More often than not, it takes care of the problem.

And yeah, alcohol helps a lot — I sip good Scotch when I do creative writing, which I still find ridiculously hard. Thanks again Oleg!! The most effective way for me to work through what it is I actually want to say in my writing is to try explaining it to someone else in conversation. I find teaching to be the best way of learning because it becomes obvious to you very quickly whether you really have a good grasp of the concept you want to explain. If you explain it well, you can normally write it well, too. I also love using the pomodoro method hence agree with you time constraint suggestion.

I heard about it years ago but only starting using it recently and it has been life-changing! Talk about addictive. This Pomodoro Technique has been getting a lot of attention recently, I hear about it all the time now! Me running to the bed. Me dozing off. Yeah I literally sleep. My golden period is early morning.

So I wake in the morning around am and get the laptop out. Number 2, they are real conversations, it is like a person talking to you — so the tone and voice are spot on. Oh btw Nev — I listen to your landing page critiques on Youtube the same way. And did I say I love em? Thanks Tavleen, and glad you like those YouTube critiques, I may have to do more soon. Possibly a NevBox-worthy suggestion! Hello Neville, How do you come up with your animated images.

Some of the most effective ways I kill writers block is to go to the bestsellers on Amazon.

Overcome Creative Blockages, Writers Block, Find Solutions in Study Energy brain waves

Ohhhhhhh good idea, the swipe file! I always talk about the importance I guess so does every other copywriter on the planet , and totally forgot to include that one! Boil your writing down to the length of a tweet requires you to know exactly what you want to say. Open up gmail and pretend you are writing to a friend about the topic you have writers block on. Thank you Gerard! Great article, Neville. Then, to take it a step further…clearing up the whole ROOM can work miracles. Even now when I was browsing 9gag and occasionally refreshing my inbox, your mail knocked me out!

Meditating seems to be a good one to start because I have been feeling overwhelmed with all the information overload recently. Haha you rocked with the last one! Will try it out! Have a great week ahead! These tactics are essentially just tactics to be more productive. I personally use that to disable all the distracting websites on my computer for a certain period of time. Your article is hilarious, as always :. I mean hilarious in a GOOD way ;. I basically suck at writing so my method is very simple.

I think most people including me are like you in that they wait till the last minute. Damn good stuff, Neville! But rather than just changing up the environment, the key element for me has been to do something repetitive. Something that literally requires no thinking and can be done completely on auto pilot. See what others are doing, run a search in BuzzSumo, maybe a keyword research tool — then step away entirely and do something else. Then my subconscious starts working out ideas.

Some of my most inspired content ideas have been thought up while making a sandwich or eating a yoghurt.

How To Overcome Writer's Block: 52 Ways To Access Creativity

I knew that one would cause a bit of cringing in some people, but the point WAS to be very blunt about it. Interesting, I never thought about doing something repetitive. Been following to some of mentioned methods for a while. I believe that these methods could be ranked similar to Maslows hierarchy levels, bcs for me, when copywriting, the physical part atmosphere, earplugs, quick exercise, power nap etc.

Dope list. Still trying to find out the best method for myself. Would love to hear recommendations from others. I was almost positive someone was gonna mention meditation! Perhaps I should add that one in there :. At this point, I write in bear bones outline form — like the quickest thing possible as if my life depended on it being done. I take a breath and stand up. Drafts and Revisions. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Quick Jump to any method: — Dictate into your phone — — Write in a distraction free zone — — Follow a formula — — Physically alter your state of mind — — Chemically alter your state of mind — — Follow a prompt — — Use a constraint — — Stop being a little bitch — — Make an outline — — Take a shower — — Copy someone else — — Download This Post —.

Do a handstand to get the blood flowing. Do some pushups to get the blood flowing. This is a super-solid way to snap out of a funk. Give your brain a punch and chemically change it up! Heres some of my favorite ways: Drink Caffeine. Within minutes your brain will be buzzing with ideas. Drink a beer whilst working. Slowly sipping on a beer on a Friday afternoon and writing….. Take a shot of liquor. I would recommend not over-doing this, otherwise productivity and creativity will rapidly tank. THEN can you get the job done? A constraint can be anything: Finishing an article in a limited amount of time.

Finishing an article that has to be written in the 1st person. Finishing an article only using pen and paper…. Here are some example constraints: In 4 minutes I need to tell a personal story about product. Have it. If you wanted to know something: You better hope one of your friends knows. Life completely sucked compared to what we have now!! In my own shower I keep a little Shower Notepad like this: Believe it or not, many of the methods listed in this very post were jotted down whilst I was in the shower!

Literally the best way to jog your memory is to see what other people are doing. See what people are asking a lot on Quora. By seeing what else is out there, you can see what YOU can contribute to it. Thanks, Neville. Pingback: What Is Creativity? Mad props for the shower image alone.

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However, they are also very good tips! Pingback: Full Screen Distraction-Free! Pingback: Death to Content Vomit! How to Avoid Just Spewing Content. What a wonderful topic of discussion because this surely is something most bloggers go through — writers block : I liked the ways you shared here, and while I do follow most of them when I get blank sometimes, I really believe that if you enjoy blogging and it becomes your passion with time, you have less of these blocks.

Thanks for sharing these ways with us. Good Hunting All P. Whale poop. Pingback: Putting our hardship or challenges into context It's About Learning. Oh man, that sounds relaxing. Hahaha…washing the dishes! Now THAT is definitely an unconventional method : I know what you mean though, repetitive tasks like that or a shower for some reason definitely open up creativity.

Thanks for sharing Jacob! Hi Guys For me personally, I would bring the topic that I am writing up in a chat room. Cheers, Ryu. The 5 minute mindset. Go for a run, play a game of tennis, or even do a little Wii Fit. You might be surprised to find that it comes to you a little easier now. Drink coffee. Caffeine increases energy, alertness and the ability to concentrate. Sometimes the hardest part of writing is just getting started, but with coffee fueling your imagination and cognitive processes, flashing out a few keystrokes can seem like a breeze. Watch a video on your topic. Like diagrams and images, watching a video can help you think about your topic in a visual manner.

Videos are generally short and to the point, so watching them may prompt new questions about your topic and give you ideas for content. Take a break. Go run that errand that needs doing, make yourself a cup of coffee, take a power nap, work on a different task — do anything that takes your mind off writing for a short while.

Change your environment. A good way to get the creative juices flowing is to change your setting. A simple change of scenery can work wonders by allowing new influences to reach you. Eliminate distractions. Turn off the phone and unplug from the Internet. Carve out some time in your schedule just for writing — at least 3 to 4 hours. Giving yourself time and space to be in solitude is important to staying focused.

The point is to break the block by forcing your brain to forge ahead.