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So you have two high penalties to work around in order to get this armor set online properly - in particular you need to know how to handle the Bone Witch ugh , but the bonus is worth it. It's 1 extra armor on all locations, plus the benefit of Sword Specialization and Sword Mastery for just the survivor wearing the armor set. That's a quick route to having a master in your settlement without actually getting the innovation. I don't rate sword mastery that highly, but when you can get it like this it is amazing.

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Now let's look at one of the first builds I aim for with the set. Please note that the Cloth Leggings is actually the Leather Skirt. I took the wrong picture and I don't have time to switch it over. Unfortunately the issue with Vagabond Armor is how hard it is to get enough affinities online to activate the Scrap Sword. Generally the Scrap Sword and the Luck Charm do not play well together. So it's absolutely worth it. The final slot can be a head accessory or even monster grease or another shield if you want.

It all depends what you feel you need for the build. Again, please forgive me, the Cloth Leggings should be the Leather Skirt same affinity and position.

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This is probably the best version of the scrap sword build because of the White Lion Mask. You'll notice that there's synergy between the Mask and the Tabard in particular. This set is decent for tanking with in the mid game also. For the remaining three builds I'm going to show you some of the more sophisticated and crazy things I've done in the past. Required DLC. See all collections some may be hidden. You need DLC to use this item. Subscribe to download Vagabond Swordsman.

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Some games will require you to relaunch them before the item will be downloaded. Table of content: 1.

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What this mod gives? The Story 3. Thanks and other great mods 4. Change log Important! This mod allow the player to forge a complete set of Vagabonds Swordsman Armor male and female version is avialable , and his two-handed sword the Sav. No perks are needed. You can wear hood with circlet! All armor pieces are light. Cuirass, boots, gloves and hood are craftable in a forge under Leather.

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Sword is craftable under Daedric. Story Old experienced warriors sometimes tell a story about the unusual fencer which travelled across Tamriel.

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Few remembers his real name. They were saying that he was a Wayfarer, the Wanderer seeking the Battle. So, if a release comes late in the month 22nd or so , the bookstore won't get it, or put it on the shelves, until at least the first week of the next month. So, if speed is of the essence, Amazon it up. Seriously, Amazon is the light. Do not fight it. Walter said:. That being said, I think I've bought at least half of Vagbond at Border's just out of convenience. But those versions won't get up to the current volumes I don't think.

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Do they plan to span the whole series? I don't know that they'll do the whole series if it's just supposed to be a cheap jump start to the rest Saw something else interesting last night, they had a hardcover Dragon Ball volume 1, I think dubbed the "collector's edition. Funny thing, it still had the ratty quality brown paper and ink on the inside, so what's the point?

And are they really going to do the whole series like that? What's the point of "collecting" it otherwise? Just weird all around, but it made me wish there was a hardcover edition of Vagabond and Berserk instead. Solarmaker I am completly ready for a Zombie attack!

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In my area Barns and Nobels doesn't even carry Berserk and Borders hasn't restocked for a long time either. But while i was in Dallas, they had a used book sale and were selling seven volumes for 6dollars each in prime condition so I snatched them. I have holes in my collection tho and next to no one has them. I don't want to buy online because shipping costs are such a pain. Does anyone know of any stores that ARE reagularly selling them?

Solarmaker said:. See but they always get you that way, "don't want to pay for shipping? Do you guys happen to have a thread to just chat and where i can ask questions about berserk and the like?

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