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Spanish does not use a "middle name" per se, but rather the second first name "segundo nombre" is considered the middle name when filling out paperwork. Now it's a pejorative term referring to a spoiled, rich kid. Spanish titles are very similar to English with one exception. Don is used as sign of respect for an important or wealthy man.

This loosely translates to "Sir" in English.

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Sir Lady Dr. Just as in English, many Spanish speakers receive nicknames whether they want them or not. Some people are given nicknames or "apodos" based on ancestry e. In Sandra Cisneros' book, Caramelo , a character is nicknamed "Reloj" because one arm is longer than the other. Note: "Tito" is a popular nickname for names ending in "-erto" e. Alberto, Humberto, Norberto, Roberto, etc.

If English speaking parents want to name their son after his father it's necessary to include a suffix like "junior," "the second," or "II". This isn't actually necessary for Spanish speaking parents. Since the mother's maiden name becomes part of the child's last name, it's not possible for a father and son to share the exact same full name. See also Spanish Diminutives, Augmentatives, and More. However, to avoid confusion Hispanics may use the diminutive to refer to the child e.

Hispanics may also add "segundo" to the name e. Hispanic Names Tweet by Steve Fortna If it seems that Hispanic people have longer names than their English speaking counterparts, it's because they usually do. I got an A on all my exams. Juan played an improvisation in A minor. Can you sing an A, please? A road n Britain carretera f nacional. A side n [of record] cara f A.

I have a wife and six children tengo mujer y seis hijos; have you got a passport? Patrick, a lecturer at Glasgow University, says that Patrick, profesor de la Universidad de Glasgow, dice que Glasgow, a Scottish city. When "a" comes before the masculine article "el," the contraction "al" is used. This word may be capitalized in sense 10 and must be capitalized in sense Go to your room. To your left you can see the park. We will leave at dawn. This refers to an idiomatic word or phrase for which there is no word-for-word translation.


He was hardly able to breathe. Don't forget to write to your grandparents. Go do the dishes! Off to bed!

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Title Length 1. It is also the first original Loona song single release. Composition The song is a mixture of a ballad and an uptempo song with a summervibe feeling. Between Refrain and Verses, Flamenco guitars can be heard. Loona sings about positive adjustments, the good things in life and if life gets worse, you have to keep your head up high and try and fight. Commercial performance The song became a moderate success peaking at 26 and 40 at th. Brightman performs her hit "There for Me" with singer Josh Groban. Special features included are the music video for "A Whiter Shade of Pale", a multipart documentary covering the making of the La Luna album and tour, a behind-the-scenes tour documentary, an interview, and an interactive tour map.

The discography of Loona, a Dutch recording artist, consists of 7 studio albums, three compilation albums, two extended plays, 37 singles, including 12 as featured artist, 8 promotional singles, and 42 music videos, including 12 as featured artist. Loona was first featured on numerous singles by DJ Sammy under the artist name Carisma.


The first release as Loona was the debut studio album Lunita in , preceded by the massive chart hits "Bailando", a Paradisio cover version, and the Mecano classic "Hijo de la Luna", both released in Through an analysis of the s, the musical portrays the condition of these boys trying to survive in Madrid, under the shadow of drugs and AIDS.

Background In the s Mecano became a very successful and influential band in Spain and many other Spanish-speaking countries. Although the band split in September , their songs continued to be very popular. Biography Blanco started as a theater actor, most notably under the direction of Norma Aleandro in Cyrano de Bergerac as well as having roles in Shakespeare plays like A Midsummer Night's Dream and Macbeth.

Blanco went on to collaborate a fifth time with Campanella in the TV series, Vientos de agua Filmography Ta. She soon adopted the stage name "Carisma" and performed as a freatured artist on DJ Sammy's music. In , with the release of their third single "Prince of Love", they scored a Top 30 hit in Germany, followed by the singles "Golden Child" and "Magic Moment". Brightman was Britain's top touring artist in the United States during the North American leg of the tour.

Wide success was experimented in Europe and Latin America as well. Brightman's La Luna concert tour topped anything she had previously done, with more than shows playing to live audiences totaling audiences of over , and garnering rave reviews. Juliana — Narcos — La Suegra Natalia Ferrer Antonelli — Rosario Tijeras Leticia De Bedut — El penultimo beso Clara de Luna Izquierdo Preciado — Victoria Mariana Mendoza — Pura sangre Irene Lagos Joven — Pocholo Sara Larrea — Amores de mercado Danae "La Mutante" References Teleprograma.

Hispanic Names

Moonrise is the seventh studio album by Dutch singer Loona. Before being a part of La Voz, he was the lead singer of melodic heavy metal band Matavys[2] — and Toledo-based power metal-band Nocturnia[3] — This time via Maldito Records. The name is Spanish for "the Son of Cien Caras. He also wrestled under the names Frankenstein and Suplex, named after the monster and the wrestling move. He was the brother of Adolfo Tapia, who wrestles as L. Park as well as the nephew of Super Parka , the cousin of Volador, Jr.

She was the lead singer of the pop trio Mecano, considered one of the most popular pop bands from Spain during the s and s. Mecano split in and she embarked on a solo career. In , Mecano was formed. After seven Mecano albums and huge success in Europe and Latin America, the continuous touring began taking its toll on the band.

Ana was especially affected and started developing vocal problems. In , the band announced a temporary split. She eventually settled in New York and. Family Pasquel was born into a show business family: her father, Rafael Banquells, was a famous Cuban-born actor and director.


She chose the professional surname of "Pasquel" as a combination of her father's and mother's last names. Viridiana died as a consequence of a car accident. In an interview, Pasquel said that because of t.

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  • Harry Geithner born March 8, , is a Colombian television actor. She played the title role in the television film Cleopatra, and vampire princess Nyssa Damaskinos in the film Blade II. Her mother was of French, Hungarian, and Syrian descent.

    Ariola Records singles

    Career Varela's first acting job was in , playing Anette in Pony Trek, a children's film. Filming was in Iceland and Leonor was riding horses for three months. Then, referred to a French filmmaker b. An earlier version of Classics was released Worldwide, except for Europe, in The cover art for both albums are the same with the exception of the full title , but the track listings are different.

    Track listing No. Andrea Bocelli She began her acting career at the age of 13 by landing a role as the co-protagonist in the RCTV telenovela La mujer sin rostro. In , the actress announced via Twitter that she was expecting a second child. Background and writing This song is on their seventh album, released in , Descanso dominical track 3. Grosz accurately translated their song "Mujer contra mujer" to produce the French single "Une femme avec une femme".

    Chart performance The single entered the French Top 50 Singles Chart at number thirty-four 34 in the September 9, chart edition. It climbed quickly and peaked at 1 for seven weeks, from October 11 to December 22, After having been 2 for three weeks, the single kept on dropping in the chart and left it. It was released in the U. The only completely new song on the album is Corazones Hearts , a duet written and performed by both; the rest are hits from each of their respective careers.

    In the case of Torroja the songs include solo hits as well as from her years with Mecano.