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And now, a couple of years back, I swung the other way. So, yes I think it is a way of me dealing with the question of who I really am. I find that I thought I was comfortable with it but I think I am still working it out. If it is not too personal to ask this, did it work out?

But I met a lot of great people. I was working in a place as an administrative assistant. She took me to look for a place to live. That is when I wanted to be mainstream, very mainstream. Was that because the cultural pressures were so strong that it is just the way it had to be, that that was the only way to get married? I had one friend who was in love, who wanted to marry the boyfriend. She faced so many obstacles.

The Palm Leaf Fan and Other Stories

She was forced not to see him for many years. Yes, arranged marriages were the norm. With most of my siblings, marriages were arranged. Only one brother actually met, I mean, chose, his future wife. The first meeting between my brother and his prospective wife, I was there. My sister was there. We were chaperoning the couple. Arranged marriage was a norm, you go with it.

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And the other thing is, what choice did you have? You could not leave home. It was very patriarchal. I came to Canada, in under the circumstances that I mentioned. But, two years later, I met my husband here, in So, actually, I did mainstream rather fast. We feel that practices such as wearing the prayer beads is superstition whereas on a bus I see people, Catholics, with their rosaries, saying Hail Marys and that is not superstition.

After all, you are talking about a society as it was forty or fifty years ago. Because I kind of vaguely remember her. He started to justify it. So, I think the embarrassment is still there, a lot of it. Oh yeah, but that is done everywhere.

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I know there were these episodes that you referred to, but generally, did you get along well with each other? It was a very strict caste system. So, we associated with Anglo-Indians, those were the Indians for whom one of the forefathers was English, probably a soldier. They were Anglo-Indians and they did not subscribe to the caste system. But the girl, the main character, prays to Ram, to the Hindu god Kwai-yun Li Yes, it was to Kali, mainly, because it was after life. Calcutta is named after the goddess Kali, so therefore Kali is very strong there. But you pray to one of the gods.

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The Chinese are very practical. We cover our bases. Douglas Chin get his copy autographed. The Muslims were the leather workers. In Calcutta, there was a huge district, just warehousing. The rawhides, they were being salted, literally with salt. When they threw it out salt flies everywhere.

So, when you see them coming, when they are just about to put them down on the truck, you run, otherwise you will be salty. I really enjoyed them because I have visited Calcutta and I lived a year in India, but do you feel that people who are not from these backgrounds can still enjoy these stories? But, I do find that it seems to have appeal. What about other stories? It was about what happened to my mother. So we make moonshine. You can set the alcohol on fire. That was a very interesting episode. In the story, my friend and I watch to see if the police are coming. But sometimes they do, even though you give them chai money, tea money.

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She is married. And then I the narrator find out that the father wants her to cook for the son, wash clothes for the son, actually wait on the son, do everything for him, and also do housework. Otherwise, according to her, he throws things around, throws furniture around. And I suspect that he beats her up too. I found the conflict was very interesting, so I wrote about that.

I am thinking of submitting it somewhere. I wrote quite a few about how cultures clash. Author with husband Robert Boylan GuidingStar. I am beginning to notice a lot of culturally interesting things that are happening, and how the interaction goes on between the cultures. And they are nice stories. I enjoy writing and I get to meet some really great people, like here now. You just never know what you will come across.

And, writing a book, you do run into people with, not necessarily similar interests, but when you talk to them you gain something, something that tells you about society, about what you are looking for. And now I think I am looking for insights into how to be more thick skinned. My day job is just part-time accounting.

I go to different clients, do the accounting, do their books, in the sense of recording their transactions, mainly for very small companies. I enjoy it a lot.

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For example, the other day, I went to a BMO shareholders meeting. I was hoping it was going to be fun. It was. And the way the directors tried to cover up!. It was very entertaining. The next day, it happens that Royal Bank was having their annual general meeting. They were the best performers among the big five banks. I was told I might have to wait all day and there was no guarantee they would find my leaf. One hour later, I was surprised when the same man came out and ushered me upstairs into another small room with a noisy fan.

He had a stack of rectangular dried palmleaves and he said he found my particular leaf. I felt a sudden powerful feeling of fear, excitement and a sense that something profound was going to happen. You were born on September 23, Everything was completely accurate.

My mind went into high gear. Not possible, even if such a computer existed, it would cost so much and there was information he told me that no computer would know. He offered to tell me about my last past life which I accepted and he offered to tell me about my future and my last life.


I was curious about my past life but I passed on knowing about my future. I left the room in a daze.