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Our FB page garnered over likes, 29, hits in a short time, with people all over the world expressing support for Chief Spence. The Winter We Danced is a vivid collection of writing, poetry, lyrics, art and images from the many diverse voices that make up the past, present, and future of the Idle No More movement. Calling for pathways into healthy, just, equitable and sustainable communities while drawing on a wide-ranging body of narratives, journalism, editorials and creative pieces, this collection consolidates some of the most powerful, creative and insightful moments from the winter we danced and gestures towards next steps in an on-going movement for justice and Indigenous self-determination.

Chief Spence also wanted to discuss recent bills that were passed in the legislature without First Nations consultation, including the omnibus Bill C which included changes that removed all environmental protection from the vast majority of Canadian waterways, along with many other attacks on the environment. In addition to endangering the future of all Canadians, these changes violate Aboriginal and treaty rights by permitting the destruction of hunting and fishing economies. Lines with a breakpoint set are specially marked. Breakpoints only have an effect when running under the debugger.

The Shell window also has an output squeezing facility explained in the Python Shell window subsection below. Thereafter, use the File menu. There can be only one open editor window for a given file.

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The title bar contains the name of the file, the full path, and the version of Python and IDLE running the window. Line numbers start with 1; column numbers with 0. IDLE assumes that files with a known. Run Python code with the Run menu. Backspace deletes to the left; Del deletes to the right.

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C-Backspace delete word left; C-Del delete word to the right. C-b go backward one character without deleting usually you can also use the cursor key for this. C-f go forward one character without deleting usually you can also use the cursor key for this. C-p go up one line usually you can also use the cursor key for this. Standard keybindings like C-c to copy and C-v to paste may work.

After a block-opening statement, the next line is indented by 4 spaces in the Python Shell window by one tab. After certain keywords break, return etc. In leading indentation, Backspace deletes up to 4 spaces if they are there. Tab inserts spaces in the Python Shell window one tab , number depends on Indent width.

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Completions are supplied for functions, classes, and attributes of classes, both built-in and user-defined. Completions are also provided for filenames. If after one of those characters plus zero or more other characters a tab is typed the ACW will open immediately if a possible continuation is found. If there is only one possible completion for the characters entered, a Tab will supply that completion without opening the ACW.

In an empty string, this will contain the files in the current directory. On a blank line, it will contain the built-in and user-defined functions and classes in the current namespaces, plus any modules imported. If some characters have been entered, the ACW will attempt to be more specific. If a string of characters is typed, the ACW selection will jump to the entry most closely matching those characters.

Entering a tab will cause the longest non-ambiguous match to be entered in the Editor window or Shell. Two tab in a row will supply the current ACW selection, as will return or a double click. Completions are currently limited to those in the namespaces. Run the module once with your imports to correct this situation. Note that IDLE itself places quite a few modules in sys. A calltip is shown when one types after the name of an accessible function.

A name expression may include dots and subscripts. A calltip remains until it is clicked, the cursor is moved out of the argument area, or is typed. When the cursor is in the argument part of a definition, the menu or shortcut display a calltip.

To report this review as inappropriate, please complete this short form.

A calltip consists of the function signature and the first line of the docstring. For builtins without an accessible signature, the calltip consists of all lines up the fifth line or the first blank line. These details may change. The set of accessible functions depends on what modules have been imported into the user process, including those imported by Idle itself, and what definitions have been run, all since the last restart.

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For example, restart the Shell and enter itertools. A calltip appears because Idle imports itertools into the user process for its own use. This could change. Enter turtle. Idle does not import turtle. The menu or shortcut do nothing either. Enter import turtle and then turtle.

In an editor, import statements have no effect until one runs the file. One might want to run a file after writing the import statements at the top, or immediately run an existing file before editing. Within an editor window containing Python code, code context can be toggled in order to show or hide a pane at the top of the window. When shown, this pane freezes the opening lines for block code, such as those beginning with class , def , or if keywords, that would have otherwise scrolled out of view. The size of the pane will be expanded and contracted as needed to show the all current levels of context, up to the maximum number of lines defined in the Configure IDLE dialog which defaults to If there are no current context lines and the feature is toggled on, a single blank line will display.

Clicking on a line in the context pane will move that line to the top of the editor. The text and background colors for the context pane can be configured under the Highlights tab in the Configure IDLE dialog. Most consoles and terminals only work with a single physical line at a time. When one pastes code into Shell, it is not compiled and possibly executed until one hits Return. One may edit pasted code first. If one pastes more that one statement into Shell, the result will be a SyntaxError when multiple statements are compiled as if they were one.

The editing features described in previous subsections work when entering code interactively. Alt-p retrieves previous command matching what you have typed. On macOS use C-p. Alt-n retrieves next. On macOS use C-n. Return while on any previous command retrieves that command. Idle defaults to black on white text, but colors text with special meanings.

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For the shell, these are shell output, shell error, user output, and user error. For Python code, at the shell prompt or in an editor, these are keywords, builtin class and function names, names following class and def , strings, and comments. For any text window, these are the cursor when present , found text when possible , and selected text.

Text coloring is done in the background, so uncolorized text is occasionally visible. The marking of debugger breakpoint lines in the editor and text in popups and dialogs is not user-configurable. Files referenced by these environment variables are convenient places to store functions that are used frequently from the IDLE shell, or for executing import statements to import common modules. In addition, Tk also loads a startup file if it is present. Note that the Tk file is loaded unconditionally.

This additional file is. If - , -c , or r is used, all arguments are placed in sys. No editor window is opened, even if that is the default set in the Options dialog. Otherwise, arguments are files opened for editing and sys. A connection must be established whenever the Shell starts or restarts. It then exits. A common cause of failure is a user-written file with the same name as a standard library module, such as random. When such a file is located in the same directory as a file that is about to be run, IDLE cannot import the stdlib file.

The current fix is to rename the user file. Though less common than in the past, an antivirus or firewall program may stop the connection. If the program cannot be taught to allow the connection, then it must be turned off for IDLE to work. It is safe to allow this internal connection because no data is visible on external ports.

A similar problem is a network mis-configuration that blocks connections. Python installation issues occasionally stop IDLE: multiple versions can clash, or a single installation might need admin access. If one undo the clash, or cannot or does not want to run as admin, it might be easiest to completely remove Python and start over. A zombie pythonw. On Windows, use Task Manager to detect and stop one. Sometimes a restart initiated by a program crash or Keyboard Interrupt control-C may fail to connect.

Dismissing the error box or Restart Shell on the Shell menu may fix a temporary problem. If there is a problem, an error message should be displayed. Leaving aside random disk glitches, this can be prevented by never editing the files by hand, using the configuration dialog, under Options, instead Options. Once it happens, the solution may be to delete one or more of the configuration files.

If IDLE quits with no message, and it was not started from a console, try starting from a console python -m idlelib and see if a message appears. With rare exceptions, the result of executing Python code with IDLE is intended to be the same as executing the same code by the default method, directly with Python in a text-mode system console or terminal window.

However, the different interface and operation occasionally affect visible results. For instance, sys. By default, IDLE runs user code in a separate OS process rather than in the user interface process that runs the shell and editor. In the execution process, it replaces sys. The original values stored in sys. When Shell has the focus, it controls the keyboard and screen. This is normally transparent, but functions that directly access the keyboard and screen will not work. These include system-specific functions that determine whether a key has been pressed and if so, which.

If such subprocess use input from sys. The secondary subprocess will then be attached to that window for input and output. If sys is reset by user code, such as with importlib. When user code raises SystemExit either directly or by calling sys. When a program outputs text, the result is determined by the corresponding output device.

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When IDLE executes user code, sys. Some of its features are inherited from the underlying Tk Text widget. Others are programmed additions. Where it matters, Shell is designed for development rather than production runs. For instance, Shell never throws away output. A program that sends unlimited output to Shell will eventually fill memory, resulting in a memory error.

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  6. In contrast, some system text windows only keep the last n lines of output. A Windows console, for instance, keeps a user-settable 1 to lines, with the default. Which characters are displayed with a proper glyph and which with a replacement box depends on the operating system and installed fonts. Tab characters cause the following text to begin after the next tab stop. Newline characters cause following text to appear on a new line. Other control characters are ignored or displayed as a space, box, or something else, depending on the operating system and font.

    Moving the text cursor through such output with arrow keys may exhibit some surprising spacing behavior. The repr function is used for interactive echo of expression values. It returns an altered version of the input string in which control codes, some BMP codepoints, and all non-BMP codepoints are replaced with escape codes. As demonstrated above, it allows one to identify the characters in a string, regardless of how they are displayed. Normal and error output are generally kept separate on separate lines from code input and each other. They each get different highlight colors. When code run from a file causes other exceptions, one may right click on a traceback line to jump to the corresponding line in an IDLE editor.

    The file will be opened if necessary. N can be changed in the PyShell section of the General page of the Settings dialog. Output with fewer lines can be squeezed by right clicking on the output. This can be useful lines long enough to slow down scrolling. Squeezed output is expanded in place by double-clicking the label. It can also be sent to the clipboard or a separate view window by right-clicking the label.

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    IDLE is intentionally different from standard Python in order to facilitate development of tkinter programs. Tk in standard Python and nothing appears. Enter the same in IDLE and a tk window appears. In standard Python, one must also enter root. IDLE does the equivalent in the background, about 20 times a second, which is about every 50 milliseconds. Again, nothing visibly changes in standard Python until one enters root.

    Most tkinter programs run root. When running a tkinter program from an IDLE editor, one can comment out the mainloop call. One then gets a shell prompt immediately and can interact with the live application. One just has to remember to re-enable the mainloop call when running in standard Python. By default, IDLE executes user code in a separate subprocess via a socket, which uses the internal loopback interface.