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They encourage customers to mend and make-do with existing products, instead of buying more. One part of fighting the threat of climate change will inevitably mean addressing our consumer habits and Patagonia are one of the only brands to be having this conversation, which is all the more impressive, considering its potentially negative effect on their bottom line.

Dow Chemical will make sure drinking water is plentiful around the world

Not only do they manufacture and package their goods with recyclable and vegan materials but they donate a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair sold. By utilizing nanotechnology, their product delivers liquid nutrition to crops on a cellular level, meaning lower costs for growers and better, healthier produce grown faster, without damaging soil.

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It's not just about the environment. It's also about where the money and the jobs are.

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Read More. Bios Urns Though not the easiest subject to broach, the question of how we can make the process of death as environmentally friendly, while considering our ever-increasing shortage of space, is a difficult one. Bergey Wind Power The long-established leaders in the field of wind power, with a focus on personal and domestic applications.

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In some close races, Patagonia's support has made a real difference in the outcome of local elections. We've never seen anything like it.

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We felt like we needed to get involved. Though dabbling in politics can be risky for brands — take for example Pepsi and Kendall Jenner's painful attempt to tap into the mood of protest for an advertisement — for Marcario, it's been a no-brainer. For Patagonia, a brand that still relies most heavily on outdoors enthusiasts for business despite its newfound fashion cache, that means recognizing that fighting to keep wild lands wild isn't likely to alienate core customers.

While sustainability has become a buzzword in fashion relatively recently, Patagonia's been prioritizing the environment for years through its philanthropy and sustainable manufacturing.

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Lately, wildfires near the Patagonia headquarters in Ventura, California resulted in 75 percent of employees needing to be evacuated, a situation that only served to underscore why the brand places such a huge emphasis on environmental preservation. It's real. It's happening," Marcario said. We need to collaborate and we need more transparency. With that in mind, Patagonia announced its plan to donate 10 million dollars that it saved as a result of Trump's tax cuts to environmental grassroots organizations late last year, citing the fact that something like three percent or less of philanthropic giving goes to environmental causes.

Though it may not sound as sexy as suing the president, sustainable supply chain innovation is where Patagonia has focused a good deal of its resources as it looks to make the world greener.

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