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I am addressing the passionate, mysterious, connecting, often transcendent, deeply human… yes arousing experiences of daily life, which involve the senses; those experiences which take you out of your head, into your body. I want to share my investigation of EROS with some stories that name and define a relationship to Eros, which many us habitually ignore.

Two things began this inquiry: the first one is the theme of Sacred Body which we are exploring in the Painting Circles and the other is the book How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci. Sensazione, or sensuality in the English dictionary gives the first four definitions as negative: licentious and lustful, while the last one is of the senses. Living in Paris in my twenties, was a training ground for arousing the harmonious union of not only the body senses, but the knowledge through pleasure. It probably helped to be conversing in sensuous language of French, the common language of the foreign art students that I spent my time with.

We spent most of the day reflecting and responding to the stimulating foot traffic: an interesting outfit, a captivating walk, bits of a conversation between a child and parent, a look between lovers, a pair of shoes. Everything we witnessed was registered in the body and was fair game for a new investigation.

Worry Goes West, no. 2

Many of you may have lived something similar in your youth, but you do not need to be in Paris or Athens. Now, how do you cultivate the erotic part of life in a culture that dampens down our arousal unless it can. An intensity of focus with an availability of response is required for the experience, as well as an element of peril, even if it is existential. The danger element can be as subtle as the possibility or walking off with a stranger. Do you remember, an experience in the last few weeks in which you were engaged, connected and transported in a way that took your breath away?

When I asked my mother, who is an artist and writer, and also eighty-eighty years old she responded with this story: Just this last week I saw a very realistic painting of a tiger that brought back an experience, which I will never forget. In the original experience I was in a zoo and somehow caught the eye of a Bengal Tiger. Our eyes locked and his gaze went right through me like electricity, my stomach went up into my mouths.

It was like he created the pathway for the experiences like that with other animals. It was filled with mystery, otherness but blatant sameness, tenderness and at the same time threatening. This relates to deep inner connection, sensuality and openness of curiosity. This last story is an example of the Plato system of union of knowledge and pleasure.

I had recently arrived in Japan, speaking little Japanese language and because little English was spoken in this pottery village of Shigaraki, I had no idea what was going on and what. While the sons of the potter were having a tea ceremony lesson, the hum of the cicadas and distant temple bells made it feel like I was in a samurai movie, complete with shafts of light coming through the high woven bamboo window onto the tatami mats.

The tea instructor folded the traditional red silk cloth in her hands to wipe the tea implements. Sitting there mesmerized I was transported to a deeply peaceful state of wellbeing, followed by a state of ecstasy stimulated by sips of powered green tea. The interesting thing was that I made a connection that the many Catholic masses which I sat through as a child were designed as ritual transformation, although it was not my experience.

Later I found out that the tea ceremony had some oblique connections to Christianity. The principle that comes up here for me is in Italian, Corporalita, which I translate as embodiment, as well as, Connessione, inner connectedness, or system thinking.

So I invite you to consider this well-spring of life that feeds your creativity, empathy, connection and passion with nature, others and even things, Try paying more attention to what I am calling the eros of life, because there is a transport through arousal which returns you to yourself.

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I am continuing to hear extraordinary stories of daily experiences which brings new insights and connections to life in a body. Majio can be reached at: You are welcome to share your stories; majio anavami. At Headwaters Outdoor School we teach skills that all Earth People have used throughout time to survive in kinship with the Earth. We believe that these skills will give you a deeper understanding, love and respect for the Earth and all life upon her. I grew up eating it almost every day.

This chemical should not be in our food! BHT is not proven safe! The approval of BHT as a food additive has been called one of the worst failures of our regulatory system by the respected Environmental Working Group and is included in their list of dirty dozen food additives 3. We deserve the same safer ingredients other countries get. This is because there are studies that show it can cause cancer in lab animals, and its research is controversial.

It is also thought to be an endocrine disrupter. This same chemical is widely used as a preservative in your cereals in the U. I urge you to remove BHT from all of your cereals here in North America, and provide us with the same safer cereals that you sell overseas. Educational institutions are resiliency hubs for the community. Build your team and learn about the fundamentals of designing a sustainable school - from facilities to curriculum - and the community organizing skills needed to facilitate the process. Our flagship training empowers educators to weave ecological literacy into your living learnscapes, whether you are just starting to plan your school garden or are years into the process.

Earn two additional entries for every Facebook friend who enters from a link you share. All lectures and panels included with a full weekend pass.

Workshops, intensives, tours, special luncheons and meal plans are sold separately. Last day to enter is Friday, April 3, Jose is an exceptionally eloquent teacher from Cusco. This program is deeply transformative and fun. I met Patrick while he was giving Munay Ki rites to our community. Patrick is a kind, powerful healer and energy medicine practitioner. Dyana Basist, Santa Cruz. I recently received a very powerful remote treatment from Patrick and am continuing to experience profound benefits from that session.

Jack D. She does a brilliant job of weaving together poetic words to describe the current trends and issues of our times in a very entertaining way. What an evening to enjoy and even cherish! See you there! Paul R. For the record, anyone who has never seen or experience Caroline Casey is encouraged strongly! You can hear. That she and her Food Babe army have had such success in getting top food corporations to take harmful ingredients out of their products is just amazing.

No wonder Time Magazine just named her one of the 30 most influential people on the Internet. Also, thanks to your coverage, I went to meet her at her recent book signing at Costco in Santa Cruz, and found her to be a truly lovely person, inside and out. Thanks again for all the great articles!! Theodora Kerry, Santa Cruz. A party in a store?! You walk in and it is so fun and colorful; so many options and beautiful gift ideas as well as household items for yourself. Maryanna G. Want a new idea for an afternoon?

I saw the Ad in our favorite paper, Connection Magazine. We have since returned 3 more times and we will be back!! Delicious, healthy and very attractively presented food! Friendly and efficient Wait Staff. Your restaurant is bringing us over to Santa Cruz County now a lot more frequently. Now, that is something! Welcome to the 14th Annual New Living Expo! Our yearly New Living Expo event focuses on the tools necessary to enjoy healthy, spiritually fulfilling, environmentally sustainable and socially just lives.

They are exemplary people. General admission plus Special Event tickets required to attend this event pm - Friday, April 24th - Room 6. General admission plus Special Event tickets required to attend this event 11am-1 pm - Saturday, April 25th - Room 6. General admission plus Special Event tickets required to attend this event pm - Saturday, Saturda April 25th - Room 6. General admission plus Special Event tickets required to attend this event pm - Saturday, April 25th - Room 6. General admission plus Special Event tickets required to attend this event pm - Saturday, April 25th - Room 6h.

General admission plus Special Event tickets required to attend this event pm - Sunday, April 26th - Room 6. General admission plus Special Event tickets required to attend this event pm - Sunday, April 26th - Room 6h. Pure Aussie is the most nutrient dense, liquid Trace Mineral Supplement available in the market. Naturally packed full of Magnesium and other essential minerals. There is an amazing mg of ionic minerals in every serving. This amazing Trace Mineral Supplement was developed to address the mineral deficit that is common in the modern diet.

This low sodium, full spectrum concentrate is derived from pure ocean water rich in naturally occurring minerals and nutrients. No prior yoga, kirtan or meditation experience is necessary. Lets say you relish a friendly game of billiards and re you passionate about your colleagues invite you for something? Is there anyan evening at the local pool hall. Have stay up all night drinking strong you had passions and allowed coffee to accomplish your task. Perhaps you have been overboard billiards superseded your rational thought to take about a passion to the point of obsession?

Coaster Parody: X2 at Six Flags Magic Mountain

Passion care of your physical health and give your best can be a wonderful thing, a crazy thing, a power wakeful hours to the project at hand. Passionate people can be inspiring. They for inspiration or a train bound for destruction. Sometimes of reference. Webster adbeing with passionate dresses passion like this: people is like riding a 1 a strong feeling of entrain, as there is only one thusiasm or excitement track.

We may have confor something. Some say centered and balanced. Purpose and service are known ingredients gifts that pleasures bring. In my own life I must in long lasting happiness. In contrast, people who report that upon returning from the land of the have not embraced their passions, have never broken-hearted I have found a greater capacity taken the time to know them or have pushed to give and receive love. Now I have a reference them off to the side in order to follow some other point for what is love, what is real and what is a agenda, are often not happy with their work, their charade; spoken or acted from misguided desire relationships or their lives.

Paul Hudson, in an article he posted in the or manipulation for personal gain. Just like with all good things, too much of something I am more motivated to engage the ac- it can be damaging. However, passionate people, tivity. In work or occupation, psychology reports overall, do live happier and better lives than the tell us that individuals that have some degree of average individual. Passions give us purpose, but passion for the work they do are happier people, more than that, they make us feel that we have are more productive and maintain a healthier purpose in our lives.

What of passion to the point of obsession or what makes passions so important; they make us fanaticism? People who become same family. Rather than denying passion for consumed by their pursuits can be in jeopardy of some false sense of safety and living a less than loosing touch with their humanity and the social meaningful existence, we must learn how to live graces of interpersonal relationships.

The danger with passion and remain centered. Take some time is that heir cause, project or endeavor can become this week to tune in with your heart and ask yourthe only thing they are interested in, possibly to self what your passions are and to what degree the point of isolation. Is this what we fear?

That you are living them? Support yourself to know if we give ourselves to our deepest desire that we your passions and to feed and nurture them. With will become out of balance, untethered to reality practice we can be truly happy by living a healthy, and doomed to live a fractioned, tunnel vision life? This, I have had moments in my life when passion in itself, is a great service to humanity. The person who becomes DevotionalLiving. It can be as simple as we could have done. We appreciate his lovely as someone forsaking an important responsibil- Column and hope that you do, too! Thank you, ity to engage in a social activity that he or she is Pattie Mills.

She has been in private practice in Santa Cruz for 25 years, integrating life coaching with hypnotherapy, NLP and a good dose of intuition. Box , Aptos, CA , for further information on counseling sessions by phone or in person, their books, recordings or their schedule of talks and workshops. Visit their web site at SharedHeart. She had lived in their house for seven years until she was evicted for removing all of the windows. The landlord replaced the windows, painted the walls and put in new carpet just before my clients moved in.

Good as new, right? Marsha would regularly drive by the house to see if Annie and Mike were away. Once she dug up two plants from the yard; two months later she took a tall bush. I also suggested Feng Shui adjustments to correct the energy flow of the house. We were amazed to see how the space clearing and the Feng Shui adjustments affected their lives. Right after the space clearing Mike felt so good in the house he began to spend time at home relaxing and he. The next day, roofers unexpectedly came to put on a new roof. This was a miracle because the landlord had been promising a new roof ever since they moved in.

This delay had been frustrating to my clients because the landlord would not paint the house until the roof was done and the house had big patches of different color paint all over it. The roofers brought a dumpster for the old roof and Annie got permission from the landlord to put in it all the junk that Marsha had left on the property.

The landlord was shockingly helpful after his unreliable history. A week after our Feng Shui appointment, the painters arrived to paint the house and the landlord even consulted Annie on the colors. The best change of all was that Marsha stopped harassing them, she moved on with her life leaving Annie and Mike to move on with theirs.

Contact Megan at or megan windandwaterblessings. Sound like a story? This has happened all throughout history. Hence the saying, history repeats itself I've made nearly a full recovery that would not have been possible without Suzie. Her gifts and heart fullness literally saved my life. Utterly phenomenal. Anyone with Suzie in their life is truly fortunate.

Marana, AZ. With this information, you are more likely to improve your communications skills and enhance relationships with everyone in your life and those to come. By understanding all of these aspects of your blueprint, you will be more empowered to make positive life decisions and set goals that can change and improve your life. Thank You!!! Few of us really know the extent to which mathematics influence every aspect of our lives. Mathematical calculations take the mystery and guesswork out of the equation and are as precise as the computer technology we depend on today in our daily lives.

The purpose of your blueprint is to provide you with a powerful. Night and Day, Mars and Venus, humans and all our relations! Come on in power and illumine and animate this story! Oft in fairy tales we emerge, set forth, then follow an iron ball, a Mars symbol, as it rolls to the center of all things, the fairy realm. We come into dynamic equinoctial balance. Since everything revolves around the center of gravity, the fairy realm contains the secrets of planetary orbits, the ordered dance of the spheres. Thus desire brings us into sync with the rhythm of the cosmos and makes us its heroic agents.

Available for animation now! If the world is being destroyed by hyperyang uninitiated Mars death frenzy, then the antidote is at hand. Tis Venus that initiates Mars, as an agent of Green Fire, to protect life, animate kinship, cultivate beauty. We can now see the courtship of Venus and Mars in the Western sky after sunset. Venus and Mars have a daughter, Harmonia, to whom they bestow the baton of cultural leadership. All the players are quickening within us all.

Pluto provides a cauldron into which we can toss—oh, so many destructive delusions. When you intellectually understand signed to you at birth. You will also discover whether you BabyName4U. Magic is simply a willingness to cooperate with everything. We have always had the power of the dedicated heart. It behooves us to animate the desirable opportunities being so generously proffered to us,lest we leave them by default to the dementors of doom Trickster says inward dedication magnetizes outward opportunity. May we all be spiraled into cahooting accord, where we can do the most good, while having the most creative High Jinx fun.

Santa Cruz Contacts: Hina Pendle, , hina uspartners. Mars and Venus birth a daughter, Harmonia, awaiting our animation, to bound onto the world stage Cultivating the Trickster Arts of Magnetizing Metaphor into Matter, irresistible eloquence, irony, satire, repost, rejoinder, repartee, metaphoric agility, mythological literacy, power of perspicacious precision language magic, cultivating our customized Trickster Redeemer,who guides us to move our emotional default setting to "woof-woof-wanna-play?! Suite A, Monterey, CA www.

Congratulations, Christine! I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you. Do you constantly feel exhausted? Do your joints ache? More and more studies show that it could be your thyroid. Could you be one of them? Do you suffer from chronic headaches, mood swings and irritability? Join us to learn about the latest research on thyroid, autoimmune, and inflammatory disease. What do chronic symptoms like weight loss resistance or weight gain, IBS, infertility, headaches and fatigue have in common?

Join Trina Hammack, functional medicine.

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She will help you navigate the seas of misinformation, uncover the reasons why you are not well, and show you exactly how you can reclaim your health and vitality. As a functional Nutrition Consultant, quantum vitality coach, and Biofeedback Specialist, Trina is committed to uncovering the root cause of ailments.

As a credentialed educator, she feels the quest for knowledge is essential. Learn how to reverse the downward spiral of poor health, unlock the hidden stressors that are driving your health condition, and leave feeling empowered to take back your life. You are worth it!!! Trina Hammack D. She specializes in individual and group wellness programs aimed at educating and empowering optimal health. Call today or visit www. To see our upcoming Seminar Schedule, please go to www.

When we inhale air into our lungs, we oxygenate the blood and release toxins. You can experience this for yourself as you read these words. Try it: Relax your belly, take a long, slow, full breath, inhaling deeply into your belly and high into your chest, hold it for a moment, then exhale while you relax your shoulders, heart and abdomen.

Feeling the rhythm of the breath cycle brings you home to yourself. Andrew Weil. This breathing technique is a simple way to counteract stress, and you can use technology to help. For example, use your cell phone timer to help you remember to pause every hour and take three deep breaths. Shallow breathing creates spiritual bankruptcy, stress, and imbalances in the body. A deeper breath allows you to feel connected to life rather than separate. All you really need to do is take a deeper breath in.

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The exhale will take care of itself, a natural letting go. Our environment provides many opportunities to reprogram our subconscious minds to remember to relax. For example, give yourself the suggestion to take three deep breaths every time you stop at a red light, stand in line, or see something beautiful.

As you become more conscious of the rhythm of your breath, you will notice it weaving in and through the fabric of your day and into your dreamtime. The Buddha reportedly said that only three things really matter in life: How much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you. When our days are turbulent and challenging, returning to the breath is a saving grace. When the winds of life toss us around we can take refuge in the breath which can bring us back home to ourselves.

She welcomes you to call for a complimentary minute consultation to explore whether Hypnotherapy, NLP, or Breathwork can help you remove blockages and move towards your goals. Call or visit www. If you are open to health education and want to experience alkalized water, please check out this new technology. Basically, the water gets changed with electricity and becomes anti-oxidant, antiaging, super hydrating smaller molecule alkaline water. I would like to invite you this weekend to an alkalized water health demo at the Art Bar Cafe inside the Tannery this Sunday 4pm, River St.

I have included my youtube testimonial, Dr. Michael who explains the water and a video on why to be alkaline. After the demo, we can get you set up for a trial of. Bring containers. I distribute these machines and teach this education that can help bring people to better health and wellness. Benjamin Cogan can be reached at: calls and texts welcomed.

And, let me know that you read this and saw my Ad in this magazine. Thank you! Have you ever been harmed physically or had a medical procedure that left you worse off than before? Has anyone ever harmed one of your children? Has anyone not believed you when you were telling the truth? Has anyone you loved walked away from the relationship and refused to try to work out the differences? Everyone has been hurt by someone else. How do we get rid of the hurt and move on with our lives?

How can we forgive? Thirty years ago, we were close friends with a couple perhaps ten years younger than we were.

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Linda could not afford the rent on her apartment and, because we were going away for the summer, we offered to let her house-sit. We returned six weeks later to discover that Linda had robbed us of everything valuable. Because we were going camping and river rafting, I had left my valuable engagement ring in a very safe and hidden place. It was gone along with the only thing that I had from my grandmother, a beautiful and valuable diamond pin.

Both were irreplaceable. Linda had searched through every box and drawer in our home, even dumping out our Christmas decorations and breaking most of the antique ones from my great grandparents. Then Barry called the bank and discovered that Linda had stolen thousands of dollars from our banking account. She was gone with no way to discover her new location. Her former husband had no idea where she had gone. How does one deal with something like that? We loved Linda and trusted her implicitly. It was the betrayal more than the stolen items that hurt the most.

Of all of the things that were stolen, it was my engagement ring that hurt the most. Barry had worked for a whole summer as a waiter to earn the money to buy that ring. He gave it to me in a most romantic way when we were both twenty one years old. I dearly loved it! Nothing could replace the deep sentiment I felt for the ring given to me by Barry in the innocence of our youth. Over the years, whenever I would tell the story about why I do not have an engagement ring, I would get tense and sometimes my body would start to shake.

Often I could not sleep at night after telling the story. I just could not get it out of my head and heart that someone we trusted so much could betray us and then disappear. Fifteen years after the robbery, I picked up the phone and it was Linda. She was crying and told me how terrible she still felt about what she had done. She told me about her many sleep-. Have you given up hope of getting well? Many people have expressed shocked appreciation that they have been able to get better with my care after suffering for so long and giving up hope.

Endonasal Cranial Correction is part of this new work and is literally like a breath of fresh air as the nasal passages are opened. Thank you for this new lease on life. Everyone needs to know about this! She was crying so deeply that my heart opened to her. I felt a strong presence of love come through my voice as I told her that Barry and I still loved her very much and that she must have been very desperate to do such a thing to us.

I told her that we forgave her. Since she was living in New England and we were traveling there to do a workshop the next week, we arranged a time to meet. I told her it would be so good to get together and share our feelings and that she could begin to pay us back for the many thousands of dollars that were stolen. She agreed to meet with us and to begin paying us back. I ended the call with a lot of love and forgiveness. She never met us, never started paying us back, and never contacted us again. For years I felt as if I had been too loving with her and criticized myself.

Just last year, I was reading the prayer of St. In reading those words, I felt that Linda had given me the gift of being able to fully forgive someone in this life for a deliberate transgression.

[email protected] the Speed of Fear

The power of love asks that we forgive completely. I needed to let go of the story behind why I do not have an engagement ring. I will always miss my ring for I dearly loved it. But I do not have to cling to the story behind why it is gone. I can let go of the story and be free. I am grateful that I was given the opportunity to truly forgive someone. I looked down at my simple gold wedding band, which we purchased for forty dollars forty-six years ago.

I have worn it every single day. Silly Putty Dimethylpolysiloxane is commonly used in vinegary-smelling silicone caulks, adhesives, and aquarium sealants, a component in silicone grease and other silicone based lubricants, as well as in defoaming agents, mold release agents, damping fluids, heat transfer fluids, polishes, cosmetics, hair conditioners AND IN OUR FOOD! There have been no major studies conducted on the safety of dimethylpolysiloxane in food by the FDA or the Food Industry since it was approved in , but the food industry is allowed to use it in anything they want except milk.

Formaldehyde is one of the most highly toxic substances on earth. It is linked to allergies, brain damage, cancer, and auto-immune disorders. Dimethylpolysiloxane is commonly used as a filler fluid in breast implants, however this substance has started to be phased out due to safety concerns. Europeans do not use dimethylpolysiloxane. The french fries in the U. Do the brits like extra foam? Thank god those days are over. During my research, I found out that fountain drinks have a totally different formula than their bottled counterparts found on store shelves.

Dimethylpolysiloxane is found in Diet Coke, Dr. Pepper, Sprite, Fanta and other countless fountain drinks. Coca-Cola was sued for being misleading to consumers and not disclosing that Diet Coke has two different artificial sweeteners in the fountain version vs. I wonder if there will be another lawsuit regarding this ingredient!? How many people do you think actually know that silly putty is in their Sprite?

Many of the fast food restaurants are required to post their ingredients online. Please spread this information and share this video… no one should be eating silly putty! Till next time… Food Babe P. I promise on all the organic food in pantry, my personal emails to you will be worth it! The best of modern and traditional winemaking! SCRAM urges the entire community to attend and voice their individual concerns.

As witnessed at the most recent council sessions, the community has rallied around these goals and SCRAM has successfully worked to return these issues to the Council Agenda for a full, transparent public hearing. Additionally, the process by which SCPD and the City Council approved and accepted the grant was a world-class example of what not to do. First, seven months passed before Council was informed that the grant application had been approved. This information could have been disclosed at any time during this period.

Secondly, Council was told that there was no time for debate because the funds would be lost if the purchase was not approved immediately. Third, Council attempted to slip this extremely controversial item past the public by putting it on the Consent Agenda and then provided only selective and unsubstantiated bits of information.

We have found a pattern of nondisclosure and misrepresentation about these kinds of grants all over the country. SCRAM agrees that keeping first responders and potential victims safe is vitally important. Santa Cruz is not Baghdad or Kabul. SCRAM is a coalition of more than twenty social justice and political action groups. The time is most likely 7pm however, call the below to make sure of the time. More info can be found at , scram gmail. Food Not Bombs volunteers ask the people of Santa Cruz this essential question. When a billion people go hungry each day, how can we spend another dollar on war?

Santa Cruz is one of over 1, cities around the world that has an active Food Not Bombs group. Local activists share food each Saturday and Sunday at pm outside the downtown Post Office. Food Not Bombs has no formal leaders and strives to include everyone in their meetings using the.

Food Not Bombs is also dedicated to nonviolent social change. The group welcomes new volunteers interested in helping prepare and share meals with the community. Contact the group by calling or visit santacruzfoodnotbombs. Join us! Can men be part of Code Pink? The next issue will feature local events for Code Pink. How to Help Mitigate Radiation. The balance comes from radiation many other qualities that make it particularly attracin the earth, radon gas and radiation from space.

Christofidou-Solomidou How do you protect yourself from radiation? It can be packaged A study from the Perelman School of and manufactured in large quantities. The researchers believe cidental or terrorist-caused radiological disasters. In fact, it is known to increase tioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, works cardiovascular health In several separate experiments, the re- were planning further pilot studies on the potential searchers fed one group of mice a diet supplemented of flaxseed for mitigation of lung damage in patients with 10 percent flaxseed, either three weeks before a awaiting lung transplants and those undergoing dose of X-ray radiation to the thorax or two, four, or radiation therapy, as well as astronauts exposed to six weeks after radiation exposure.

A control group radiation in outerspace. Look who is pulling the strings, robbing the U. Depopulation of the world to a more manageable population of million by the year is one of their goals. They are implementing this depopulation plan by several means. Do you remember in when they tried to outlaw vitamins?

Another is putting toxic chemicals in our public water supply like Fluoride and Chloramine which are known carcinogens that cannot be removed with carbon water filters. How about aerial spraying of toxic chemicals. One part of their agenda is to take our rights away and return to the days of feudal bondage to a ruling elite who have the world as their playground.

They will keep enough of us around million as technicians and slaves to provide enough food and toys for them to play with. The ultimate outcome of the NWO is to join all the world governments into a one world system of control with selected unelected officials accountable to no one except the ruling elite: international bankers, royalty, billionaires, etc. Our only defense and their only weakness is to educate our fellow citizens in what is left of our Democratic Republic to the reality we are faced with and the need to stand up and resist the NWO in every possible way.

We also need to create and fight for alternative models of a peaceful, sustainable, economically and socially just society. Those that know him, know this is an understatement about him. Thank you, Drew! Support the Businesses that are Green and tell them you saw them in Connection Magazine! Call to Advertise. Effective April 10th, we will no longer provide single use plastic OR paper bags. Please remember to bring your reusable bag.

We are staffed exclusively by volunteers and need your help for a successful second summer season. Meanwhile, most of the kids outside are working to provide food and care for the cafeteria. They are in the sun everyday working very hard, but give all the produce to the cafeteria.

These kids outside are given just enough food to stay alive -. Here is a slightly more humane suggestion considering the estimated 7 trillion dollars of cash being hoarded worldwide. There are five hundred kids outside, fifty working inside the kitchen, fifty working as servers, and a hundred kids inside eating at the tables. There are three tables in the middle of the cafeteria with the shot callers, the popular kids. These popular kids control who gets food in this cafeteria. You see they have a great support system of other kids in the surrounding tables that help them to maintain legitimacy and control.

These other tables hold an assortment of really clever, smart, and strong kids.

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Some write a daily newsletter, some distribute and teach it, while the big bully kids make sure everyone stays in line. Everyone is made to read the stories in the newsletter everyday. The newest younger kids have to spend all day learning the order of things, and how the cafeteria runs to provide food for everyone. As they get older and prove they can participate perfectly, they may graduate into a position inside the cafeteria.

Some actually make it into the dining room to eat. This is rare, but when it does happen, it is met with great fanfare. The newsletter reports these stories as possible for any of the kids. The popular kids and their friends are highly respected and celebrated. The kids who have finally made it into the cafeteria to eat, do not dare. There are many kids that die of starvation every day. The kids outside are in such distress from the situation, that there is constant fighting and there is much brutality going on.

Kids are disfigured and maimed every day under these harsh circumstances. The kids inside the cafeteria look outside at this terrible situation outside and feel good that they are not like that. Some feel bad and write about it in little notes to pass around. Mostly the notes end up on the floor and get swept away, but some are stories made into plays or included in the Newsletter. The stories always have the same premise - that kids are complicated creatures and this is just how they are. They have been much worst in the past, but are getting better.

There are always a couple of tables near the kitchen with kids that wear pink ties. They are in a perpetual planning stage working towards making things better, and consistently blame each other for the lack of improvement for the kids dying outside. The pink tie kids are always playing musical chairs, and are replaced every couple of weeks. The smart clever kids lucky enough to be inside, are designing ways to improve upon the cafeteria, while others build cool electronic toys.

Others are singing and planning theatrical productions for the stage at the end of the cafeteria. Most are just taking selfies with their smart phones. The smartest and most influential kids are near the center tables. They actively plan on ways to get more production of food from the kids outside, and ways to give less to the kids working the cafeteria. They have been so successful that the kids at the center table have backpacks full of food and snacks all the time. So much so, that they daily throw away most of it because it rots. Hundreds of pounds are dried and preserved in barrels.

Nearly all the barrels belong to the popular kids at the center tables. This system has been working great, but the current school will be barren soon since no effort has been made to preserve the garden soil, and the water supply is now very polluted. The kids in control are working hard at designing a balloon so they can float off to another school to start over in the near future. There will only be enough room in the balloon for the center tables though. There comes a time when the unrest and fighting outside are mounting faster than the mountain of food barrels in storage.

A great many barrels are owned by the most popular boy who wears an apple printed on his t-shirt. He decides to end the nonsense. He rolls his barrells outside to share, and thus saves all the children from chaos, starvation and ruin. The other kids witness this act of compassion and feel the affects. They are moved to follow suit since the good that follows is undeniable. See how we are taking action today by visiting future at futureofthefree. Squash, Beans and Corn 3 of 3-Part Series. Over three-hundred people came to support the preservation of heirloom seeds and to swap and obtain Santa Cruz Heirloom Seeds.

SantaCruzHeirloomSeed outlook. She was kind enough to share her seeds with Allen Morgan of Santa Cruz Heirloom Seed so others could enjoy the features of this variety. In Part Three of Your Health and the Three Sisters, we will talk about corn, the different types of corn, and we will recommend a few varieties of corn that we feel will do very well in your trilogy planting. Enjoy planning your spring garden.

It is a hearty variety that can be used for tamales and tortillas, and can be purchased at Seed Savers Exchange, www. Traditionally grown with squash and beans, which climb up the stalks. Plant time is 75 - days. A real fun corn to grow is Dakota Black Popcorn and it can be. Its dark reddish-black ears of corn are great for popping corn - just make sure it is dried well before removing the kernels. This is an attractive corn that is used in fall decorations. Dakota Black Popcorn is easy to grow and does well in almost all growing climates.

This is a great project for children, from the growing process to popping their own popcorn. One word of caution: If you grow more than one variety at a time, corn will cross and pick up characteristics of each variety. It is best to stick to one type when growing, and make sure that corn is not being grown proximate to your garden location. There are two primary types of dent corn; one is yellow dent and is used for animal feed and cooking oil, the other is white dent and is used to make grits, masa and tortilla chips.

Masa is dough made from corn flour and used to make tortillas, tamales, etc. Flint Corn: Kernels of flint corn have a very hard outer layer-hence the name flint. Flint corn can be used as decoration and is commonly used to make hominy and grits. Flour Corn: Flour corn is primarily composed of soft starch and it is used to grind into corn flour.

It was used extensively by the Native American cultures and is used today to make masa. Popcorn: Popcorn is used for popping popcorn kernels when they are completely dry. After allowing the ears to ripen on the stalk, the cobs can be harvested and dried inside for months or even a year. Sweet Corn: Sweet corn varieties have a high sugar content. This type of corn originated in Peru. Sweet corn is eaten fresh, boiled or grilled and is used in salsas, cornbread and salads.

GMOs cannot be considered safe until there are valid, nonproprietary, long-term studies of their effects on humans and the environment! Practicing in Santa Cruz since Randy S. Baker M. During a debate on the use of geo-engineering to combat climate change Dear Sen. This does not include those not reported or whose severe injuries did not kill them. The massive emerging propaganda to create the impression that an uninformed majority of the population have the right to force their neighbors and friends to take toxic and medically questionable substances directly into their bloodstreams because of what amount to nebulous, manipulated fears, is a crime in itself.

In my opinion, your political decision to ride on the coat-tails of this propaganda onslaught, at the very time that people are withdrawing their consent to participate in state-mandated vaccinations, is at best venal, and possibly a criminal attack on our supposedly republican form of government under which we all have innate, natural, unalienable rights. I hope that you can find the wisdom to see the folly of your present course of action and relent from it before you cross the Rubicon of supporting the institution of actual Fascism in the United States of America.

To do that would be an act of treason. Printed with permission. In Pacifika Rondo , the world renowned composer and local icon Lou Harrison looks west to Asia and south to Latin America, weaving these cultural styles into a truly Californian work. For more info and tickets go to: www. Some music scene highlights: The Pocket: Sat. Check out the new website www. The calendar already has dates filled all the way to June so you can plan ahead. We rate them, subjectively, on a scale from 1 worthless to 5 awesome in terms of their entertainment and message. We leave the plot details and storytelling to the filmmakers and instead attempt to characterize, highlight strengths, and hint at purpose.

Reach us at movies innerevolution. While disjointed, even confusing at times, this innovative use of the big screen is pure genius. All about ego and an attempt at redemption, writ large, in front of a live audience. Kinda like real life? In this life-extending drink from an exotic well, the novelty has worn off, but there is much that is clever and surprising to carry it through. The brilliant ensemble cast remains largely the same add in Richard Gere for some American spice , and the colors and sensual pleasures of India arrive in waves.

Not much of plot, really, but quite a sharp script nonetheless, as is often the case with romantic comedies: they meander like the stream of life and relationships often do. The Catalyst: Sat. Kweli has collaborated with Mos Def and Kanye West among others. And Immortal Technique, Peru born rapper moved to Harlem, most of his lyrics focus on controversial issues in global politics. Remember this is only my opinion. This full-scale biographic musical review in piano and song is a non-stop marathon of witty anecdotes and scintillating piano arrangements originally written by Brent Hazelton and premiered at the Milwaukee Repertory Theater.

At the Catalyst: Suicide Silence was anything but silent. They play deathcore metal with varied speed changes, complex time signatures and bountiful double bass drumming. While their fairly new singer, Eddie Hermida, fluctuates his voice and talks in between some songs sometimes telling stories. Also they have a lively stage show including unison hair spinning and head banging.

I need my metal sophisticated not just repetitive. Are you a local band that would like your CD reviewed in this publication? Call or email janetfaplanet gmail. While the story is simple at core, it provides a perfect backdrop for superb acting. Hard to watch at times, J. Miles Teller as his gifted and obsessed student drummer, committed to be one of the best, delivers a worthy counterpart.

No special effects needed for this powerful piece—may be frightening or inappropriate for young people 1 hr 46 min. Entertainment Venues, businesses and events, that you read about them in The Connection Magazine. We appreciate your much needed support in return. Thank you very much! Sun feat. Let us count the ways in which.

Unless noted advance tickets at kuumbwajazz. Dinner served 1-hr before Kuumbwa presented concerts. All ages. The characteristics of the Divine Feminine are part of each and every one of us. The workshops and immersion experiences offered are quite unique and exciting as they incorporate each practitioners experiences and techniques with hands on training and ritual. As each of us tune in through processes taught by Orion, we will touch the inner oneness of the sea, the subtle and physical beings that live there and consecrate special objects brought together and created by Susan Diamond, seaside sorceress.

These objects will be tuned to the holiness of the ocean and be consecrated to be able to retrieve this communion anytime, anywhere. This is a not-to-be-missed experience! We advise folks register soon online at www. In the outer world, to spend a lot of time success is having the image, in bed. My TV was a looking the part and having welcome distraction and the stuff. In our inner lives, I found myself fascinated we know better. In quiet by reality competition moments, we ask ourselves, shows. All these shows have the common elements of contestants, a prize and a weekly creative challenge.

There is always a time crunch and lots of pressure. Whether it is, sewing, cooking, dancing or creating special effects, each contestant ends up, sooner or later, standing before a panel of judges. Why are we entertained by watching people being judged? It strikes me that this is a modern version of the biblical idea of a judgment day. But Have I made an impact? Will I leave what if Saint Peter metaphorically the world a bit better than I found it? What speaking looks at our list of deeds and. Expect scoundrels and old ranch families, tourist towns, money, prophecy, death, and friendship.

All these and more push Matt to the breaking point. Share an intriguing tale of self-discovery. Included are 29 original photos by the author. Trust Me, the second book of the Worry Goes West tale is good enough to be better than the first book. Trust Me has the same type of independent-spirited people, but it's a whole new scene with different players. Matt has gone from being a green traveler seeking directions toward becoming his own man while enjoying a romp through the West. Everybody tries to enlist Matt's support for their own crazy schemes and wants him to join them.

Matt struggles to hear his own sense of direction in the middle of it all. He finds out how tricky it is to trust yourself while genuinely enjoying the lunitics all around you. Similarly, it's not easy to spin a fun string of stories together while making a claim for the essential value of chaos in your life.