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What's On at The Old Town Hall

Greene, late of East Greenwich. Thus, on 15 August , the land had been secured for the Town to build its new Town Hall. The general condition says that the contractor is to furnish all transportation, labor, materials, apparatus, scaffolding and utensils needed for performing the work. All materials must be the best. The carpentry work specifications state that all materials to be of the best description.

Bernie Sanders Raps "Old Town Hall" ("Old Town Road" Parody)

The works are to be executed in the best, most substantial and thorough workmanlike manner. All molded or cut work is to be made from the solid, all curved or circular work is to be either sprung on or sawed from the solid. No sawing in will be allowed. All moldings etc.

Clear the building and sweep it out and at the completion of the works remove all rubbish and other materials from off the premises, scrub the floors, wash the windows and leave the building fit and ready for occupation.

The Old Town Hall Stroud

The carpenter to do all necessary wood work cutting etc. Briggs states the Town Hall comes next in size and importance to the Court House. It is a handsome two-story building, built of wood, in the Queen Anne style of architecture, standing on the east side of Main Street. The entrance is over granite steps beneath a 10 foot arch. The walls of the interior are covered with hard finish and wainscotting of white ash.

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The Town Clerk's Office is divided into two rooms in one of which is placed the large, fire-proof vault where the records are kept. At the right of the entrance from the sidewalk is the winding staircase which leads to the spacious public hall on the second floor, where elections and town meetings are held.

The building is 46 ft.

The Rossetti Room

In the tower is the Sherman Memorial Clock, the gift of Mrs. William N.

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  4. Brackets support panelled pilasters terminating in capitals on which rests the architrave with the inscription "Praga caput regni" Prague, the capital of the kingdom. The window is surmounted by a semicircular tympanum with the armorial bearings of the Old Town of Prague.

    Generally speaking the lateral windows are kept in the same style as the original Renaissance main window, but the canopies above the pilaster, in the Gothic style, are an exception. The Renaissance style is also apparent in another window situated just above the Gothic portal of the Volflin house from the 16th century.


    The extensive reconstruction of the Old Town Hall at the turn of the 15th and 16th century included the erection of the east wing adjoining the north wall of the tower. A monumental building was constructed during the Late Gothic period. There was a council chamber with a net vault that gave the room an atmosphere of spaciousness. The original structure was badly damaged by modifications at the end of the 18th century, and finally disappeared completely, when during the s a new wing was built in a Neo-Gothic style.

    The original Gothic appearance of the east wing has only been preserved in old engravings. The reconstruction also affected the historical core of the entire Town Hall complex. Two Neo-Gothic gables and oriel were added to the facade and the architect Gruber adjusted the entrance by adding two semi-circular arches. Further renovations in gave the facade a Neo-Renaissance appearance and two high windows were added on the second floor, one of them bearing the inscription "Dignitatis memores—ad optima intenti" Bearing in mind your dignity—do your best on the architrave.

    The east wing and the addition of a further north wing was carried out during the reconstruction in the 19th century. Both these wings were destroyed by fire during the Prague uprising in May and only the surviving torso adjoining the tower gives an indication of how this part of the Old Town hall looked.

    In the south wing was further extended by the addition of a fourth house, "the Cock house", bought by the Town Council that year. In this very old building the Romanesque hall from the beginning of the 13th century has been preserved, and on the first and second floor are Late-Gothic halls with Renaissance ceilings. The facade was renovated in the first half of the 19th century in Empire style. At the end of the 19th century other buildings were added to the Town Hall block, including the "Minute" house, an originally Gothic house dating from the beginning of the 15th century, and decorated at the beginning of the 17th century by a series of sgraffito designs representing classical and biblical themes.

    Most of the later modifications affected only the interior of the house, and respected the historical exterior of the south wing. The spacious entrance hall was established during reconstruction at the end of the 15th century. The Late Gothic vault adds to the impression of spaciousness of the entrance hall.

    Old Town Hall (Prague) - Wikipedia

    On the opposite wall is an allegory entitled "Slavdom's Homage to Prague". The ornaments of the vault contain coats-of-arms and symbolic depictions of great events from the nation's history. Modern renovations of the second entrance hall have modified the old architecture. Here the rooms have been adapted to host wedding ceremonies.

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    The interior is in the Late-Gothic style from the first half of the 16th century. The facade is dominated by a wide Renaissance window. The vaults are decorated with paintings by Cyril Bouda, a Czech painter and illustrator. The Renaissance portal on the third floor with an intersia door is from It is framed by red polished marble from the end of the 16th century.

    Two smooth columns with shaft-rings support an entablature with a gabled cornice containing a relief bust of the king and a cartouche with the inscription "Senatus". The portal is crowned by the armorial bearings of the Old Town flanked by allegorical figures representing Truth and Justice. The counterpart to the old portal is formed by a white marble entrance from bearing the inscription "Presidium".

    Daily schedule of tours Wed Practical information The entrance fee includes also the entry to the Old Town Hall's tower, historical underground and the Chapel of the Virgin Mary. Historical halls have no barrier-free access. Old Town Hall Tower. Underground of the Old Town Hall. Chapel of the Old Town Hall. Group reservation Book a guided tour of the Old Town Hall for a group of people.