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Fees can be paid by check, money order, credit card or trust account. These amounts can change so contact the Secretary of State for the most current fees. Limited liability company operating agreement. Although this is not required in Nevada, it is highly advisable to have an LLC operating agreement among members. This should be kept on file by the resident agent. LLCs in Nevada are treated as corporations, limited liability partnerships or single-member LLCs and are subject to federal income tax classifications.

Depending on the type of taxation you opt to have for your LLC, the tax responsibilities are as follows:. These LLCs are required to file Form first and must opt to be taxed as a corporation. Next, they must file Form , U. These LLCs are required to file Form S accompanied by a report from each owner expressing the equal distribution of profits, losses and credit with the IRS. Interested in forming an LLC in Nevada? LegalZoom provides online LLC formation and filing services , including providing a registered agent in Nevada.

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Along the way they gave me pointers that helped me correct earlier errors. I am most pleased. Overview LLCs are the most popular business structure because they are inexpensive to form, provide flexibility to the owners, and are easy to run. File online immediately.

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File the articles of organization to create your limited liability company. Professional LLCs have separate formation requirements. Print your EIN before closing your session. Register for state tax id s and accounts. File Form S-Corp Election. C-Corps suffer from double taxation: the corporation pays taxes on profits then members pay taxes on their distributions. File Form C-Corp Election.

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