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The team that gets all it's cards order first wins. Play a Concentration Game - Make two sets of cards and lay them on a table face down.

Sunday School Crafts

Have your children take turns picking up two cards they think might match. If they cards match, they get to keep the cards and tell you what part of the story they represent. Keep playing until all the cards are gone. They player with the most cards wins. Make an Egg-shaped Book - Print out a set of cards for each child and cut them out.

Have your children place the card in order and then punch a hole in the tops of the eggs. Time them together with a pretty ribbon. Story Review - Place the egg story cards on a table in front of the children. Tell your children that as you review the events of the story to raise their hands if they think they know what card might represent that event. Once you have talked about one event ask a child to point to the egg that he thinks might represent that part of the story.

If he is correct have him pick up the egg and place it in a row in the order of the events. We would love to hear how you use the Easter Story Eggs. Send us your ideas and we will publish them here for others to use. I used a large stained glass window featuring the cross for the central section and used the Easter story eggs - 5 on each side to complete the picture. It looks most effective and I am sure the children will enjoy it as much as the adults who have already had a chance to see it. A smaller display board emphasizes the Last Supper and Communion - also using the egg shape theme.

It will be a reminder of their Sunday School lessons during the time it is up as they always enjoy discussing each new display. Egg Mobile - I have also printed out another set of the Easter story eggs for a friend to laminate.

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These will become a mobile which can be easily stored and used again each year. Get your Free Hosanna Egg Pattern. Have your children draw patterns on the eggs with crayons and then paint over the crayon. The water paint will not stick to the crayon.

10+ Easy Christian Easter Crafts for Sunday School and Home

Print out the poem pattern and cut it out, or print the following poem on a piece of paper. Five or six, or just a few, Pop them in your mouth and chew, Yellow, purple, orange, and blue, Just remember it is true, Jesus died for me and you. Print out the jelly beans patterns.

Both a black and white and colored jelly bean patterns are available to Member's, above.

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Print out the black and white pattern onto different colors of paper to save on expensive printer ink. Note - It is illegal to publish this poem on any other web site without permission, even if you include the author's name. Children of all ages love Memory Cross cards. They are fun to create and hard to put down.

Christian Easter Lessons & Ideas for Family & Church

They are kind of like the song that never ends -- once you start opening them, you just can't stop. That's what makes them such a great memory device. Memory Cross offers many different types: preprinted, coloring cards, and blank ones that you can use to create your own cards. Go to Memory Cross to order yours today! Before class, print out pictures of Jesus onto card stock and cut them apart.

Cut star shapes from card stock.

Punch holes in the middle bottom of the foam cups. Cut blue paper to fit around the cups and tape or glue it on. Free Black and White Pattern. In class have your children glue cotton balls on the cups to look like clouds and color the picture of Jesus. When they are done coloring, tape a star to one end of a string and push it through the hole at the bottom of the cup.

Tape the picture of Jesus to the other end of the string as shown in the picture. When your children pull on the string Jesus will ascend to heaven! This was an incredibly effective craft! My 2 to 5 year olds practically danced around the room, retelling the story, and every child could successfully retell his or her parent the lesson! Turn your paper so that it is in the landscape view or longways.

Draw an Easter picture on a piece of card stock or use the pattern. How do you celebrate Easter with your family?

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What are some of your favorite Easter memories? Please share with me below! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. By Sunny Apr 09, You may also like. Gather props from around the house and assign characters to tell the story from their perspective. Possible characters: the disciples, a donkey, Pilate, Mary, the angel, Roman soliders, and of course, Jesus.

The website Sunday-School-Center. Read the Biblical account of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. Mark You can highlight a few verses each night during Holy Week, or read it all at once with your kids. Find ways to serve each other on Maundry Thursday, or Holy Thursday, like Jesus did for the disciples before the Passover meal.

Find ways to serve each other in your home anytime this week, but especially on Thursday, and look for opportunities to serve in your community. Read the Passover story in Exodus Passover is one of the most important Jewish holidays, and there are many reasons Christian children should know and understand the significance of this event in the last days of Jesus. You can describe the significance of Christ as the Lamb of God, and how our Passover Lamb bought us our freedom. For further ideas, author Ann Voskamp has a lovely blog post explaining how to celebrate a Christian Passover meal with your children.