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Mythic Fantasy. Dragons are mythological creatures. Dragons are also often part of the mythos of a fantasy world. By Christopher Paolini. A YA tetralogy that focus on the adventures of a young man and his dragon. By Anne McCaffrey. This series explores the relationship between dragons and their riders in detail. By Robin Hobb. The first in the The Rain Wild Chronicles, a party of deformed dragons and their handlers are on a journey to a safe haven for the dragons.

By Naomi Novik. An alternate history story set during the Napolenic Wars where dragons are part of aerial warfare. The first book in the One of Age of Fire series told from a dragon's point of view, a dragon who just might be the last of his kind. Smaug is the classic dragon figure lying under the mountain—a scary creature who keeps the dwarves from their home and who must be defeated. By James Stevens. The first book in the YA series The Dragons of Laton, this novel about a young man who accidently links with a dragon. By George R.

Dragons are an important part of this series thematically, and they are important to the history of the world and become very important later in the series. By Tracy Hickman.

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Shared universe series of novels and games with the core trilogy Chronicles. An extensive series named for a mystical weapon designed to kill evil dragons. By Terry Pratchett. The eighth novel of the Discworld series.

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A noble dragon, some magic, and a bit of mayhem make for an adventurous and humorous ride. Dragon Fantasy Comments crowdlist. The flight sequences are some of the most stunning moments in cinematic history. You see clouds furl and unfurl as dragon wings beat through them, and the water resembles the same ebb and flow you could see out of the window during a flight. The dragons move like they have real weight to them. The humans stumble like actual warriors with every swing of their armament. It is a visual spectacle in every sense of the word. It is worth the price of entry alone.

Furthermore, the music and sound mixing is incredible. It is exactly what you want from such a dynamic viewing experience as their cues to pick up on every rewatch. What few gripes I have with the movie are minor and rooted deep within spoiler territory. They are heavily outweighed by the sheer joy I got from watching the movie. The How to Train Your Dragon world has been incredibly colorful and realized. We have a sense of how Berkian culture has evolved, the ecosystems of dragons, and the larger scope of battling civilizations.

I would have loved to see even more.

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Comments Finally, finally, my editor has sent back his comments on The Order of the Scales. If you like my dragons, you should thank him. Every time, and this is no exception, he comes back demanding more, more shock and awe. I thought you guys deserved to know at least part of what was going on over on that side of the plot, but that was before we had a deal for a pile more books. I like prologues, though.

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Always have. Comes from a fondness for the old pre-credits sequence that Bond movies used to have which, I realise, rarely had anything to do with the subsequent plot. Comments 0. Gemmel awards last reminder: You vote for the Morning Star award here , the Legend award here and the Ravenheart cover art award here. And then make each of them make ten more people vote.

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Build your own block-voting pyramid scheme! Apathy would be bad. This round of voting is just for the shortlists, after all. A month from now, I shall be bothering you all about this again. On Order of the Scales, I spent the last few days rearranging the chapters in the first third until my eyes bled, trying to get the pacing right.

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Oh, and at the Gollancz quiz night last night, I think I got at least one question right, and we all left hot with the buzz about the latest offering from Adam Roberts, who largely stole the show with his plug for Yellow Blue Tibia III, Yellowest, bluest, most-tibia-like-thing. Or something like that. I may also finally be living my childhood dreams. Or I may not. But over the weekend, someone dropped me this comment:.

What is Dragon Fantasy?

Until now that is. I bought and finished The Adamantine Palace today and absolutely loved it. Thanks for giving me what I thought was lost Stephen! Also, he is apparently not alone. Been a while since a new review for The Adamantine Palace came out…. Now being asked questions like that makes me feel all unnaturally important, as if my words and methods might carry some weight and I was all set to write a lengthy post on how to set about writing a story.

Fortunately some sense prevailed; the fact is that everyone seems to write in different ways and I think everyone probably has to find what fits the way their head works. Otherwise how do you know where to begin? Which has worked extremely well on some occasions and less well on others. The Order of the Scales in particular has rolled a fumble er, I mean has a lot wrong with it.

The first one started this week, along with the stress headaches.

Dragon Fantasy

Comments 4. Like sorting out the plotline that started off in King of the Crags and tripped over its own cleverness halfway through. I can hear my editor telling me to get rid of it already. But still, I get to dance my little victory jig and have a week off and slap myself on the back and stuff like that. Comments 1.