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Yes No Not Sure. Disclaimer: South Carolina Haunted Houses does not endorse or support trespassing to visit real haunts. Countless Haunt Hunters have been arrested, ticketed, and reprimanded by the authorities for trespassing. To avoid this, be sure to get in touch with the property owners before visiting a haunt, and respect their hours of operation, local regulations, and rules for visiting at all times. Happy haunting! All information on this page was submitted to South Carolina Haunted Houses and was believed to be accurate at the time it was posted.

Please report any inaccuracies here. His material and clear conflict of interest was discussed at length on the Talk page and largely removed. Wikipedia is a public encyclopedia and it plays a valuable role on the net. Your citing his added material is a good argument for it being removed since people look to wikipedia for the first word on a subject. It may be true that the term Crybaby bridge was popularized via the Net and that people who looked upon a given local bridge as haunted adopted the term and maybe even some of the backstory of the bridges listed on Shadowlands.

That is not fakelore since no deception is intended. What Dr.

Crybaby Creek Bridge

As for your own Crybaby bridge — if you can document the stories, you should. Record them as told to you by others and date the recordings. If you can come across any old newspapers stories or even personal correspondence that discusses the events that too is helpful. Keep writing and consider contributing to wikipedia. Folklore topics could use some more input! I know the bridge and the story very well. We visited the bridge and river frequently when I was a teenager because I lived close by that bridge.

My advice to those writing a story of a place they have not been raised around, get local references. Yelling this was supposed to bring the woman and baby out of the woods. O how I wish I could go back in time and do it all over…fun times! Jesse Glass—not a person calling himself that, and I have nothing against any website.

The Carroll County Crybaby Bridge is an clear example of an internet hoax. The anonymous editor of the Wikipedia page redacted my points, true enough, but there was and is no conflict of interest. Welcome to the both of you. I actually like the viewpoint of the good Doctor in this particular article and thought it a valuable opinion on the subject. As I said in part of my article, our Crybaby Creek Bridge has existed here, in story and in fact, since before I was born.

Glass I hope you do not mind me using your viewpoint here on my site. I really enjoyed this part of the Wikipedia article. Could you tell me if they were your points or not? I will delete them if they are not. I would hate for anyone to be misquoted. However I do find that they are good points.

I have yet another e-mail from a woman who complained to me about the flood of Crybaby Bridge reports that year. Conflict of interest means that one is somehow trying to benefit from posting about a subject. My book Ghosts and Legends of Carroll County was simply cited because I literally wrote the book on the paranormal events of that area.

What I do find rather awful and personally distasteful about the Crybaby Bridge hoax is the made-up, openly racist story regarding deaths of slaves and African-American babies from that bridge when there is not a stick of evidence for any of it. I am Dr.

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Jesse Glass. You can look me up on the Wikipedia, if you like. Thanks so much! I live in the area and know the story well. I believe that Carroll County, Maryland should apologize for slavery.

Also, for those of you who want to check out the Westminster Crybaby Fake-lore itself, please check out my free, down-loadable book The Witness at the Ahadada Books website. Okay, my brother, three friends, and the youth leader from our church are going to that same crybaby bridge to test the urban legend. What exactly do you have to do? Anybody know? I was attending college before I heard someone refer to the bridge I knew all my life as Crybaby Bridge, and taking their girlfriends there at night to scare them. Eerie enough, it looks nearly identical to the above picture! All I do know is my account was a little different.

I was with 7 people, and we all saw and heard the same thing. We drove across the bridge and came back. Well the passenger rolled down her window and threw pennies into the creek to make the sounds of someone walking. Of course most of us was scared. The thing is she ran out of pennies, and we still heard the sound of someone walking in the water. All of a sudden we saw a man standing were the trees are wearing a cap. Note in the group with us were no men just all women.

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The driver tried to start the car and could not. Out of nowhere we heard a child start to cry, and when you looked back at the man he was walking toward us. Finally the car started, and we got out of there. On the way out we heard scratching on the side of the truck. Now thing of something that you would never let anything happen to; like a sister, brother, or an item you have.

This is how the person was about their truck. Always clean; went to the car was once everyday. When we got home and looked at the truck and believe it or not there were scratches on the side right close to the top where my two friends were sitting. Now if you do not believe me you can email me and I can give you the place it happened. I will say it was on the boarder of North Carolina and South Carolina. To this day I will not drive over the bridge.

I will go out of my way to skip the bridge. Hey Ashley! I live near the border of South Carolina and North Carolina. My dad once told me my grandparents lived near an old bridge where they moved away from quickly due to hearing a baby crying all night and a figure of a man walking along the bridge at night. My dad said his family had figured out a young couple had lived in the area by the bridge in the late s.

According to the history they were told the house had caught on fire and the woman had grabbed the baby running towards the river. The husband never found his wife or child but they claim he stays near the bridge even now. I am from Flat Creek, South Carolina. I grew up there. I grew up less than 2 miles from that bridge. This story has been around for as long as I can remember. I have gone there many times, we would walk there from my house. That is an accurate picture above of the bridge.

There is something definitely going on down there and you can feel it as you arrive there. Even in the daytime, it was a feeling that something would happen to you if you stayed there for too long.

Real Haunted House

I live in Tampa, Fl now, but cherish my time growing up in Flat Creek. I just wanted to add that this story is very real. We understand that it is on towards lancaster, we need street names. Hi Lisa. The cache has been disabled but the coordinates and directions are still valid. Aparently, a young mother ran off the bridge with her baby in the car. Both were killed and still haunt the spot. The cache is relatively easy to get to. This is a great spot for snakes and we do have rattlesnakes around these parts so be warned.

Also this is an old bridge so venture carefully! I have to agree that trespassing is not recommended. Hey, Kelly. No crying babies or ghosts though. For the guy who says this pic is Greenhand Bridge, I must disagree. It looks just like CBB to me. I seem to recall GHB is bigger. I would like to visit this… is there any way I could get directions?

There is also a scary Graveyard near there. Crybaby Bridge. Your first left, after you turn. Go there between Midnight and 3am and post your story.

Van Sant Crybaby Bridge

I reside in Tampa, Fl now. You can see my earlier post on June 21, I know a lot about this area. Hey Scott,.. I have to say NO do not go out there at night! This land is under DNR regulation and you will be trespassing and may get arrested. Yes I understand this. But I doubt seriously that you will get arrested. It is in a very remote area. He is a real horses you know what and I have no doubt that he would try to punish people to the fullest extent of the law. Is this Kelly Thompson?!?!? Kristen this bridge has had this story ever since I can remember and I am 43 years old now. This particular story existed long before the internet.

This is an easy case to solve. One, any accident this horrific would have been in the local papers. Secondly, if this accident happened, then the names could be verified through the S. Death index. Thirdly, HOW could we know what the woman heard if she died there with no one else but her already dead child? Stuff like this is the reason why they have to. SCott, this is NOT an internet hoax.

I grew up in Lancaster, SC and even visited this bridge. This was Halloween in I cannot vouch for the validity of an accident. I am from Lancaster SC and lived here all my life. And I just want to say that the picture that is posted above is not of Cry Baby Bridge. It was taken at Green Hand Bridge. I promise. I spent nights camping out there. I could get there with my eyes closed. It is nowhere near Crybaby Bridge.

Hey Chris I have to say that you need to stop drinking and getting stoned so much. I am the author of this blog and the photographer that took that pic. Chris, I have many pictures of the bridge myself, and it is, in fact, the bridge that is the topic of this particular discussion,… This is definitely NOT Green Hand Bridge…. As for going out at night, I totally agree with Scott Seegars,..

Trespassing is Trespassing, regardless of how you look at it, or how remote the area is.. If you plan on going to the area at night, I would strongly suggest that you first go through the proper channels and get permission to be on the property, and even ask a DNR officer if they would like to accompany you on your adventure… The area is patrolled by DNR officers, and there are signs posted,..

But visit safely,.. There are so many places that are local lore and legend, like the bridge, and the Gregory Graveyard, that have become targets of vandals and it really is sad that someone could have so little respect for these things, as well as themselves, since they have the audacity to do that,.. Not being judgmental,.. Oh, the cell phone,…?? If someone gets hurt, you have to have a way to call for help,… It would be quite a haul to have to lug someone out of there back to the main road, so keep a cell phone handy,… Be safe, and happy trails!

This is a correct and accurate description of the story by LisaToo, as we locals know it. Also, watch out for copperhead snakes if you go. Keep in mind this accident happened years and years ago. Cry Baby Bridge is totally there — Been there tons of times off U. It is old South as I am very aware and it is on the way to 40 Acre Rock another creepy and yet hauntingly good place.

My experiences with this bridge is rather bone chilling and as i went with several groups of people they can totally vouch for what happened. We made our way down to the bridge and though we heard no baby crying I was highly aware that it became extremely cold on the bridge area especially over the left side. I will say this I among two others of the 10 people we were with were very nervous and quite acute of the air and fog that descended upon us slowly.

Crybaby Bridge Video

Story that I had heard was that she went over the right side of the bridge. Made sense with the broken cement guardrail. However, when I walked to the right, the next thing i knew it was like i was being transported back in time and I saw everything that happened to that lady.

Crybaby Bridges

The last thing i remember was seeing the taillights of the car below in the water and a wispy face of the woman directly in front of me. I blacked out and would have fallen onto the bridge had my boyfriend at the time not caught me. Him and another man had to carry me back to the truck where it was a good 15 min after that, that i woke up and was freaking out. The next time I went back which was , I didnt even make it to the bridge before I was knocked out completely with no memory by cold air.

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  • Some of you probably wont believe me. But I know what I saw and I know what happened to me. That is correct. I remember how COLD it was there. There is a disctinct difference in the air.