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We can use system constellations as a formidable tool for representing the structures of System 1 so that System 2 can detect the bias and deliberately take to some degree control of our decisions and behaviours. By positioning the representatives on the scene we unveil some of the images that System 1 has memorised and associated with the issue we want to investigate. By moving the elements on the scene, we can develop alternative images and hopefully store the new version in our memory. System constellations can thus enhance our awareness of the way System 1 determines our behaviour and they can help us reframe and re-link the images stored in our memory.

However, the business consultant who wants to use the instrument of a system constellation faces a number of challenging questions. An organisation is a very complex system. Unlike a family system, whose boundaries are clearly defined, a business organisation involves an enormous number of stakeholders like owners, employees, customers, banks and many more. Whereas in a family system we focus on the relationship between individual persons, in an organization what counts are the interactions between functions and roles, while the individual person can be easily replaced.

Therefore it is not so much love, belonging and balance between give and take that determines the dynamics, but such agents as vision, strategy, values, structures, objectives etc. While the general objective of a family constellation and a classical organization constellation as well can be described as supporting the well-being of the client, which can be immediately perceived, it is not so easy to define the goal of a management constellation performed with a business team.

However, what precisely would the managers perceive as success and at what point in time would they expect to measure it? In front of this overwhelming complexity, the consultant has to select the adequate cues for choosing the best possible field for investigation. I am deeply convinced that finding the relevant question is the first and most important key to a successful constellation.

1. Introduction

An organisation offers an almost unlimited field of issues that can be addressed, but its resources are limited and it is crucial to deploy them to solve precisely those issues that have the greatest impact on performance. The consultant has a big responsibility in helping the client to focus his attention on the question that is most relevant in a specific situation and not to distract him with aspects that are dear to himself but irrelevant for the organisation.

Among these logical levels [1] , we have to identify the one that gives the greatest leverage to our intervention. For instance, focusing on the optimisation of the production process makes little sense if the needs and preferences of the customers have changed. On the other hand, it might not be effective to focus on redefining the values if the main issue is a lack of clear priorities.

Once we have identified — together with the client — the relevant question, we need to find an adequate management model that permits us to define the elements for the constellation. Decades of management studies have brought about a large number of quite valid models, each of them focusing on specific aspects of business reality and identifying the causal links between them. Furthermore, they are essential for translating the insights gained from the constellation process to decisions and action plans. Of course, alternative sets can be developed for specific contexts.

Organization Constellations have been developed adapting the basic concepts and techniques of Family Constellations to issues that clients face in their business life. The Right Use of Power method engages compassion, and teaches us to stay related through conflict and to repair relationships. How might we both individually and collectively work to carry out these orders? In each direction we will engage one aspect of the RUP model: being informed East , being compassionate South , saying connected West , and being skillful North with the use of power.

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Through this process, individuals will move toward identifying and liberating their inner spiritual warrior, acquiring the courage and strength that comes from acknowledging and owning their place in the global as well as personal family field. The sound of a gong? The smell of a flower? Trying to describe a heart-shifting experience is often a challenge — so it becomes a demanding task to define, demonstrate and communicate the facts of Family and Systemic Constellations in ways that are engaging, safe and easy to understand.

In this experiential workshop, Karen Carnabucci, LCSW, TEP, offers a variety of activities — including warm ups, sculpture, psychodramatic techniques and sociometric play — based on her knowledge as a psychodrama master trainer and facilitator and trainer of constellations. In addition, participants will; be invited to share their ways of introducing this method. In this session, we explore the ways in which our bodies are continue to serve wealth and power creation, both as oppressers and oppressed.

Of course we have seen this in Family constellations that families can be affected by past traumas that effectively create their world view. Through a constellation we will explore belonging to a culture, Family, traditions, language, information, race, and thought process, which then influences our worldview. The value and intention of this would be to broaden our awareness of these conditions so that we may have choices that are free from polarity, and entanglement. The Constellation will use Dr.

Starting with denial, then defense, minimization, acceptance, adaptation and integration. Which represent different levels of consciousness. We will honor the reason why one might identify with Father and Mother belonging. As we look to the generations behind us to heal and support, we also look towards the future generations as possibility, one in which we have great impact.

Giving children and teenagers a solid understanding and experience of Family Constellation theory and practice when they are young, not only benefits the individual throughout their life, but in turn their entire family system, and ultimately, the collective as a whole. In the young, working through current issues by way of constellations offers tools, perspective, and the ability to act pro-actively.

Joy Manne - Conceptual Constellations - Constellating Story and Arche…

Many of us grow with feelings we do not understand, and it takes many years in adulthood to reconcile what we felt with what we know. Providing skills to children in a responsible and thoughtful way can widen the scope of their abilities and how they navigate their world. Teaching these concepts early, the individual gains unique tools, thus in turn, tending seeds of possibility and change. With practice a facilitator learns to hold and track the numerous elements in constellations. Holding this much information requires an expanded and relaxed consciousness.

The African polyrhythmic drumming in which I have been immersed for 25 years is the simultaneous expression of many different and related rhythms played by numerous musicians. The expression of multiple simultaneous rhythms can open a doorway to the transcendence of focused frontal-lobe consciousness to include awareness of the emotional, ego and soul levels, and can aid in developing facilitation skills. I propose to illuminate connections between polyrhythm and facilitation through lecture, experiential group rhythm exercises, and a teaching constellation. Constellation Strategies For Healing Trauma at a Soul Level Kenn Day We will open with an explanation of the shamanic perspective on soul-level trauma — how it occurs, what it affects and how it can be addressed.

Constellations will be set up, based on the needs of the volunteer clients, to demonstrate the four strategies. This will offer opportunities to demonstrate some of the tactics that seem to naturally arise for this work. The demonstrations will be offered in the mode of teaching exercises, so the choices, intentions, perceptions and movements will be transparently explained to those attending.

After the demonstrations, there will be an opportunity for discussion and direct practice as time allows. To me, it is not as confrontational and revealing as traditional constellation work. SPT also embraces mental processing, feedback and questions. I have been trained in organizational constellation work and have been using it for more than ten years and still find it arduous to get people in a work environment into their bodies. I have to watch boundaries of hierarchies, appropriate levels of interaction and subject matter, create holding spaces for inappropriately personal issues, etc.

There are quite a few elements to be aware of and to watch for. Many of these aspects seem much lighter using SPT. The work can be done with intact teams, which is not easy with constellation work and using strangers. My personal expectations are more relaxed and tempered. This is another reasons I am drawn to SPT personally. It is still a new journey for me and I am excited about its possibilities. This method can be used on its own, or as a great segue to move into constellations or combinations of both.

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  8. View Elmar's interview about his conference session. Like generational fragmentation, internal ones are often hidden behind outdated loyalties, covert pain and symptoms. Therefore, they may be more comfortably constellated in the privacy and simplicity of an individual session. Constellating with paper cups and three-dimensional space invites fragments i. Learn three basic somatic treatment tools. About Karin Dremel. Some guidance on being open to receiving a story, perhaps meeting a story teller in your lineage, hearing what language it arises in, listening for its cadence, learning what it shows of the resilience of our lineage.

    An invitation to focus on a time when your family left the homeland, whether for immigration by choice, forced by natural disasters, national events or war, slavery, forced migration, or individual personal reasons. Anita Harrell will then share a story from her family descended from Native American, African and other lineages.

    Chuck Cogliandro will share a family story using the drum to explore rhythm and the telling if story. We will then proceed to share our stories within the context of specific guidelines. If someone is interested, they could use the drum or any other resource for the telling. The story could be sung.

    It could be told in any language. It could be mimed in silence. The size of the group would dictate if everyone would have the possibility to speak their stories to the whole group, If necessary, we could break into small groups to do the storytelling to allow everyone a chance. Practical Resources for Increasing Resilience in Daily Life Richard Griffin and Reva Hamilton Richard Griffin is a former scientist, engineer, and entrepreneur with a long and successful career in the defense industry. In , Richard decided to focus on finding ways to bring the power of Systemic Constellations to his clients and others.

    He has created a unique synthesis of coaching, Systemic Constellations, and working with horses as an exciting doorway for people into the world of systemic constellations. He partners with Reva Hamilton to offer to the public constellation workshops that focus on supporting individuals in discovering and strengthening their resilience skills. Being a teacher and a student most of her life, Reva focused her training and passions on Shamanic studies, Polarity Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, educational kinesiology, Brain Gym, Energy Medicine, spiritual belly dance, poetry, photography, yoga, meditation and Systemic and Family Constellations.

    Reva weaves threads from each of her studies and experiences creating a tapestry of life. Reva is focusing her energy on the importance of the role of resilience in our lives. The workshop addresses the key to appreciating chaos that can surround us. From Differences to Oneness George E. James and Susan Ulfelder George E. James is a world-renowned meditation teacher and healer in a private holistic counseling and healing practice in Oakton, Va. For the next nine years he worked in the corporate world, which he left in In addition, he has taught Politics of the Heart Flames Meditation Technique, a technique that uses activated colors for self-improvement and healing, and taught stress management workshops to law enforcement personnel and professional dispute resolution personnel, and he taught spiritual Anatomy, Physiology, and Psychology to physicians and medical students.

    Susan Ulfelder is the director of the Hellinger Institute of DC, where she facilitates workshops, individual constellations and leads a facilitator training program. Conference in Portland, Ore. Conference in Asheville, N. She was one of the U. She has brought this multi-dimensional healing to clients around the world, and to international communities for awakening including CoreLight, and The School of Knowing in Tokyo, Japan. Krista served as Dr.

    When the parent re-approaches, the child may turn away feeling rejected and hurt, which may persist throughout their childhood. When the child attempts to reach out to another person later in life into adulthood, their deep memories of hurt emerge unconsciously and interrupt their movement, and they react with the same feelings as before.

    Resolution comes only when the movement reaches its goal and is completed. View Barry's interview about his conference session. Organizations become fertile ground for individual issues and even collective pains to play out, which can lead to organizational dysfunction untouched by the very best of trainings and consulting interventions. Organizational Systemic Constellation Work OSCW is a powerful tool to reveal patterns and key leverage points that support individual and collective transformation and ultimately high performance for the organization. We will explore how confusion between biologically made systems families and socially constructed systems organizations creates havoc in the workplace and especially in family owned businesses.

    Case studies will be shared exemplifying the impact of FOO factors on organizations as well as structural problems impacting performance, both of which can be impacted via constellation work. OSCW matters to all constellation facilitators because many practitioners are self-employed and can apply OSCW towards their own business; and organizational issues often present themselves in family constellations and vise-versa.

    We will conduct one organizational constellation brought forth by a participant relating to his or her business or client.. Among them, The traumas of human chattel slavery in the United States.

    Sneak Peak of Constellation Field in Sugar Land, TX

    These traumas continue to affect the descendants of enslaved Africans and those who actively engaged in or witnessed their violent abduction, sale, ownership, abuse, rape, torture, and, in some cases, murder. The Medicine Wheel, also known as the Sacred Hoop, has been used by various Native American tribes for generations, for health, healing and spiritual alignment.

    It is a sacred living object and teaching tool. The Wheel itself represents the forces of the Universe and symbolizes the interconnection of all life, the various cycles of nature, dimensions of health and cycles of life. It is a perfect tool for Constellation work!

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    Drawing on the ancient knowledge of the medicine wheel, we invite you to bring an issue into the wheel and stand in the intensity of the field created. One of the responsibilities of a constellation facilitator is to create a container for the circle — a sacred space for the work to happen safely and effectively. It is doubly important to do this when working with a sacred tool like the Medicine Wheel, in which we engage Spirit directly for guidance.

    Then we will set up and work with the Medicine Wheel. Finally, we close the circle and sacred space by bringing all participants back to a grounded and clear place. Although traditional constellations offer movements as resolutions, Medicine Wheel constellations offer images and perspectives.

    They can be intense and