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The brilliant gold-framed illustrations convey the exotic Indian background to the teachings and life story of Mahavira, the Hero of Nonviolence , a book to be enjoyed by children age 6 and up. Over the millennia, while Buddhism tended to spread far and wide, Jainism primarily remained centered in India. Some American communities today have substantial Jain communities, but because most Jain clergy remain in India, this is not a well-known faith in the U.

Martin Luther King Jr. So, I consider the publication of Mahavira a landmark in cross-cultural publishing.

This is, indeed, a rare opportunity for you and your family to celebrate religious diversity in your home and community. One page summarizes three main beliefs of Jainism in just a few sentences.

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I highly recommend this book for your family, school or community reading program. Mahavira wanted a peaceful world where fear and anger were lacking. Demi, a famous illustrator, brings his story to life for ages 6 and up, enhancing a story which requires either reading skills or parental read-aloud help, but which introduces the story of the Jain belief system to a younger age range than is usual. He taught three important lessons: that one should have love and compassion for all living things; that one should not be too prideful of one's own point of view because the truth has many sides; and that one should not be greedy and should avoid attachment to possessions.

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Mahavira's lessons on nonviolence and compassion still have a profound impact around the globe, and he is credited with influencing Mahatma Gandhi, who in turn inspired Martin Luther King, Jr. You can follow Wisdom Tales Press on:. Wisdom Tales Newsletter Our periodic e-newsletters keep you up to date with our new books, special offers, etc. Join Our Mailing List. Sharing the wisdom and beauty of cultures from around the world. About the World Wisdom website: World Wisdom has been selling books since , and online since Here are some facts about the World Wisdom website, www.

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Follow all the directions for completing your order on the World Wisdom site, and then in a few days, enjoy your books! This book can be bought on the site of our parent company, World Wisdom, and from all major retailers. View Sample Pages. Click on one of the pdf icons below to see sample pages in pdf format in a new tab or window. Mahavira: The Hero of Nonviolence. Juvenile Non-Fiction.

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Contact Us. Press Page. In the book, the sexuality of the main characters is never questioned or like in real world they are not asked to get treated. The characters in the book just meet and fall in love. The duo describes that they wanted to create something that they could have used growing up. As a kid how often have your parents discussed about heterosexual relationships leave alone homosexual?

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  5. The "happily ever after" phrase is the conventional, perfect, non-questionable ending for every fairy tale and parents usually dodge any 'uncomfortable' questions about sex or relationships. But Reynolds and Harris said, "Promised Land" makes it easy for parents to discuss different kinds of relationships with their kids. Since they have met their goal, they will be releasing the book on October 11th, which also happen to be the National Coming Out Day.

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