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Art Exhibitions , New York N. Galleries and museums.

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True Stories. Photography Exhibitions. Peter Allen Reviews. But of the twenty-nine feature films he directed between and , Tourneur often cited this as his favourite. A gentle, non-assertive man by all accounts uncommon traits in a film director! Pay me the minimum.

Why was this project so important to Tourneur?

  • A jewel in the city’s cultural crown.
  • Prince Charming.

And we enjoyed it. Though elegant enough both mentally and appearance wise, he appears to be quite a swashbuckler, as shown when he challenges his father, the King , in friendly sword fights, and when he is seen racing on a horse to save Cinderella in A Twist in Time. He's also shown to have a rebellious side, in both the original film and A Twist in Time , having disobeyed his father's wishes or orders on several occasions, mostly as a result of his love for Cinderella.

Additionally, in the original film, he was shown unamused by his father's attempt at matchmaking when he threw a ball in hopes of having one of the invited, young women catch his son's eye, romantically. As such, he was seen yawning sarcastically, rolling his eyes, and glaring at his frustrated father at the start of the iconic evening.

Stars In My Crown 1950 - Young & soon to be famous actor

Interestingly, despite his position in power and royal status, he is far from shallow and is shown to be rather accepting of those around him, no matter their position or background, and seems to judge people more on their personalities and overall character. As seen in the original film, none of the women gushing over him caught his eyes.

It wasn't until he spotted Cinderella, a maiden wandering aimlessly about the palace, paying no attention to the high profile prince, did he become romantically invested in the evening at hand. As seen in Dreams Come True , he supported Cinderella's wishes to abolish peasant discrimination by inviting the village townsfolk to the king's royal banquet, finding her nontraditional way of doing things perfectly.

Donald Duck

Prince Charming has a structural and muscular body with broad shoulders. He has fair skin, dark brown hair, and brown eyes. His outfit consists of a cream royal jacket, red pants with a gold stripe, golden belt, black boots, and opera gloves. In Cinderella II: Dream Come True , Prince Charming retains wearing his main outfit but in a minor color change; his royal jacket is dark blue and his pants are white.

When celebrating their first anniversary with his wife Cinderella while riding a horse before changing to his original outfit cast upon by the Fairy Godmother, he wears a brown formal vest with a white long sleeved button shirt with a matching white tie on front, olive pants and brown boots. After he was convinced by Jaq and Gus to find Cinderella who is about to depart the ship and later proposes to her after they reunite together, he wears a white long sleeved collared shirt, red pants with a gold stripe, golden belt, and black dress shoes.

He is not seen wearing his opera gloves while wearing this outfit. He also carries a dagger on the left side of his waist which he uses this to slash the ship's sailing cloth to make a successful landing on the ship in order to reunite with Cinderella. During his remarriage with Cinderella and protecting both her and Anastasia from the wand's spell casts by Lady Tremaine, Prince Charming maintains his royal outfit as his pants is white to match his royal jacket and has a brown sword sheath at the right side of his belt where he keeps his royal cutlass and a matching white boots.

Like his normal outfit, he is not seen wearing his opera gloves. In the first film, Prince Charming is returning to his home kingdom after a long absence. Meanwhile, his father, the King , is frustrated with his son as he has yet to find a wife. The King misses the sounds of children running around the castle and wishes to see his grandchildren offsprings of the Prince and his wife, if he ever finds himself one before he passes away. He then comes up with the idea to throw a welcome ball.

The King orders the Grand Duke to invite every eligible maiden in the kingdom, hoping that his son will fall in love with one. The ball takes place in the King's castle that very night, where the Prince makes his first appearance. One by one, the maidens in attendance present themselves to the Prince, who is unimpressed by both the maidens and his father's attempts to match him up. Eventually, he spots a young girl wandering about the ballroom and is enticed by her sparkling appearance.

He walks over to her, courts her to the center of the ballroom, and the two begin to waltz.

He and the girl then share private time together courtesy of the Grand Duke during which they fall in love and are about to kiss, but when the clock begins to strike midnight, she suddenly runs off. The Prince desperately tries to stop her, wanting to know her name and where to find her, but other maidens attending the ball surround him and question him about her.

However, the Prince learns that the girl whom he has spent the night with has left behind a glass slipper as she disappeared, so he decides to marry the girl who can wear the slipper, and the Grand Duke delivers the news to the King. The King is excited with the idea of his son being in love and, after a brief struggle with the Duke, orders him to go on a non-stop search.

After hours, the Duke finds the girl, Cinderella, and sees that her foot fits the slipper. He quickly takes Cinderella to the castle, where she and the Prince are reunited. Prince Charming is last seen at the film's finale, walking down the stairs with Cinderella as his bride. The King and the Grand Duke happily celebrate their marriage as the newlyweds ride off in a carriage to go out on their honeymoon.

As the carriage pulls away, Cinderella and the Prince share another kiss with the final words in the book, below the illustration of the couple kissing, reading "and they lived happily ever after". Prince Charming reappeared in the film's sequel. In the first story "Aim to Please" he and Cinderella have just returned from their honeymoon only to find out that he and his father must leave on a trip. While they are gone, Cinderella must learn how to be a princess and set up a ball in honor of their return. When they do, the Prince and his father love the new way Cinderella planned the party.

She invited guests from the village instead of just aristocrats as well as brightening up the castle. In the next segment, the Prince and Cinderella attend a carnival festival. He is shown at the ball with her after she helps Anastasia fall in love with the baker in "An Uncommon Romance". In the end, he is briefly seen reading when Jaq and Gus rush by him with a scrapbook that they plan to show Cinderella.

In A Twist in Time , the Prince had a larger role and was the deuteragonist for the first time. In this film, he and Cinderella are celebrating a year's worth of magic with their love stronger than ever. However, in the midst of the festivities, her Fairy Godmother misplaces her magic wand , and it falls into the hands of Lady Tremaine. She and Drizella quickly disregard its power when Anastasia accidentally turns Lucifer into a goose-cat hybrid. In a scuffle with the Fairy Godmother, Anastasia accidentally turns her into stone, and now the wand lies in the hands of Lady Tremaine, who turns back time to when the Grand Duke brought the glass slipper to their house.

Using the wand's magic, Lady Tremaine altered the glass slipper's size to fit Anastasia.

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The Grand Duke escorts the Tremaines to the palace to meet Prince Charming, with Cinderella secretly tagging along to show the Prince that she's the one he danced with. While practicing their sword skills, the Prince and his father discuss the matter of him finding the mystery girl, with the King revealing his thoughts stating it's not a suitable reason to marry through a glass slipper. The Prince, however, reveals it's not about the slipper, but the girl in it and reveals his thoughts on how she is the one for him.