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I love him but need to survive. It has been taken to the Orphans CT. My brother and my exboyfriend have been negotiating behind my back. My exboyfriend fears being arrested for breach of fiduciary duty. He is an extreme narcissist who came to console me and we briefly appointed him as a pr.

13 Signs You're Being Selfish In A Romantic Relationship, According To Experts

He convinced my brother to steal them out of my room. He did. After a year of trying, I finally had him removed. Sorry for the long comment. It is very evident that people should be brave, fight the stigma of mental illness and seek help from a doctor. The illnesses can ruin lives and cause irreparable damages. Thank you for your site.

Why it's Good to be Selfish - Ayn Rand's Counterintuitive Philosophy: Objectivism

Thank you for sharing your painful story. It must be really hard to deal with. I hope you are able to get what you need. I wanted to thank you for sharing your story. You originally commented in so I hope that you have been able to figure some things out or get better.


All the best and good luck. I think you should be more selfish. To stop being good supply, you need to go no-contact and stop giving.

Narcissists do not hoover over people who give them no supply. I think putting yourself first will not only be healing for you, but will make a clear point that you are not a victim, and will eliminate their conviction that you are easy to control, and convenient narcissistic supply.

How we overcome selfishness

Blessings, and future happiness to you. Based on the contents of this site, my source of selfishness could have stemmed from years of feeling depressed and lost within my own problems. Suicidal thoughts and actions are getting stronger either against myself or others. I miss my happiness. If you understand what I mean. I just wanted you to know someone has read your words and cares about you even without ever meeting.

Please know when I say that I truly mean it. It is not a cliche or something nice to say. I care about you. You are so important! This world needs you.

Four Ways to Transcend Selfishness - The Meaningful Life Center

We need you in lots of different ways! I am not going to pretend that I know why you, specifically, are in this world at this exact time. We need you! I needed your words today to distract me from my own selfishness or resentment of my loved ones selfishness and point me toward self-reflection. But bottom line, every. And every single day this world is a better place because YOU are in it!! Thank you for helping me today by letting me read your words! By commenting you acknowledge acceptance of GoodTherapy. Leave this field empty. Get Listed Login.

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Get Help Learn About. We may be selfish in some areas, yet completely selfless in other areas. Perhaps, but what if it doesn't mean that at all?

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Picture a young mother reading on the beach by herself. Imagine that it is the first hour she has had to herself all day. To her, alone isn't lonely at all, but in fact, peaceful. It works the same way with selfishness. He or she begins each day with a clear-cut list of what has to be done and how it could be accomplished. In a society that deems selflessness as the ultimate form of kindness, we often allow our personal well-being to suffer in order to put others needs before our own, but what we need to realize is that it's necessary to be selfish and take care of ourselves first.

How else will we be able to be selfless?

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  5. We could also describe a selfish person as someone who disregards the feelings of others. We can be so self-absorbed with our own life and our own plans that we forget to look around and realize how many other people are suffering and could use a little help. We comment hateful things to strangers on social media accounts. We flip off people for driving to slow for our own liking, we get angry at the waiter because we asked for water and he forgot to bring it. We completely forget that we are human and can be selfish in those ways too. It works the same way with selflessness.

    Being selfless opens the world to a person. The more giving one becomes, the more one understands people who are different from one's self. The heart and mind become more open, rather than the tunnel vision selfishness can bring. If you embrace and care for others, you understand and appreciate yourself. It's a beautiful selfish and selfless cycle of everlasting love. Think about the pleasant feeling you get from giving a well-received compliment, food to a hungry stomach, or your time to community service.

    We feel more than just good.