Guide Reading, Writing and Arithmetic: Mastering the Three Rs of an Old-Fashioned Education

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Students who write and read well also reap the rewards of living richly knowledgeable, imaginative, and creative lives. Is that not our greatest hope for our kids—that they will live richly knowledgeable, imaginative, and creative lives?

What a gift to show them how to do that well through the basics. Even though my son is twelve, almost thirteen, we still read together aloud at night. I was not sure if he was enjoying it, or even comprehending the story line until recently.

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Depressing, but fascinating. Great writing does that to you—it creates a shorthand language, a kind of little secret speak, a means of connection only found through stories and books.

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My hope is to give my son lots of stories, thoughts, and dreams through excellent books. I want to bathe him in fascinating experiences through reading—blazing a big trail of ideas to draw from in life.

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I do this because I know my own ideas are not enough. Instead they must experience vicariously the joys of lifetimes so that they can approach the world with empathy. Within the Challenge program, part of our daily work is to discuss big ideas where I ask my son lots of questions and he thinks his responses out loud.

Out of this come big ideas about creation, evolution, faith, science, moral dilemmas, worldviews, and more. We have had amazing discussions.

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  • Reading, Writing and Arithmetic: Mastering the Three Rs of an Old-Fashioned Education!

Our literature discussions have allowed us to see issues from all sides, from the smallest to the biggest thoughts, from what God would think to what a child would think. It has been an awesome practice in thinking big. What a gift—the time and space to think vastly, to consider new perspectives, to debate them within safe walls where the stakes are low and the reward is high. My guess is that we will continue to love and uphold the three Rs as important despite what technology or politics may bring.

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We have learned many things through homeschooling, without question. Actions really do speak louder than words! An essential book for the kitchen bookshelf, each chapter addresses the stains, cleaning and household problems that ma y come about in each room of the house: the kitchen, laundry, bathroom, bedroom, children's room and even outdoors on a deck or patio. Filled with easy, do-it-yourself cleaning solutions, handy hints and examples Spotless is a domestic bible that will be referred to again and again.

Discover how Galileo worked out his scientific theor ies of motion and inertia, why Copernicus' ideas were contentious and what the discovery of DNA meant.

All the big scientific ideas and discoveries are brought to life with quirky graphics, pithy quotes and step-by-step 'mind maps', plus every area of science is covered, including astronomy, biology, chemistry, geology, maths and physics. You'll be brought up-to-date on scientific ideas from black holes to genetic engineering with eye-catching artworks showing how the ideas of key scientists have impacted our understanding of the world. Whether you are a science student or just have an interest in scientific ideas, The Science Book is a perfect way to explore this fascinating subject.

The book features an easy-to-use format with an alphabetical indicator on each page; a clear, open layout that makes it easy to find information; thousands of synonyms and antonyms b ased on Bank of English evidence; short definitions for all main entry words that guide users to the right sense; examples for all synonyms to show how they are used and help students choose the right one for their context; and a Word Power feature designed to help extend students' vocabulary at the next level.

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And this new edition has one other great feature: extraordinary topics, guara nteed to have you or your students writing before you know it. John Marsden is not just one of Australia's most successful writers of all time; he's also one of our best teachers of writing. Everything I Know About Writing is the most painless way into writing - ever. Anesthesia and antisepsis were introduced.


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