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Het loonvormingsmechanisme zou echter wel kunnen worden hervormd om het doel ervan bescherming van de koopkracht beter te laten aansluiten op de noodzaak om werkgelegenheid te beschermen en zelfs te doen groeien. Verbeteringen kunnen worden overwogen in de wijze waarop het loonvormingsmechanisme op veranderingen van de productiviteit reageert, subregionale en lokale verschillen in productiviteit en arbeidsmarktvoorwaarden weerspiegelt, en automatische correcties toepast wanneer de loonontwikkelingen het kostenconcurrentievermogen dreigen te ondermijnen.

Loonindexeringssystemen kunnen de ontwikkeling van het concurrentievermogen van een land schaden indien daardoor de ontwikkelingen van lonen niet in overeenstemming zijn met de ontwikkeling van de productiviteit. Tegelijkertijd dragen zij bij tot de bescherming van de koopkracht van de werknemers, die op haar beurt de economische activiteit en de werkgelegenheid tijdens ernstige neergang ondersteunt. Het is niet aan de Commissie om aanbevelingen te doen voor gedetailleerde maatregelen om loonvorming op een lijn te brengen met de ontwikkeling van de productiviteit.

Dergelijke maatregelen dienen te worden vastgesteld in overleg met de sociale partners en in overeenstemming met de nationale praktijk. The third recommendation related to the wage-setting mechanism. The Commission recommended reforming wage indexation in order to restore competitiveness. Does the Commission feel that wage indexation, as currently applied in Belgium, should be abolished or might reform be sufficient to boost competitiveness?

What other measures does the Commission feel are necessary to align wage setting with productivity trends? The issue is Belgium's long-term loss of competitiveness, which is due to several factors, including the wage-setting mechanism but also inefficient product markets and non-cost competitiveness issues. It should be clear that the Commission has never called for the abolition of the Belgian practice of automatic wage indexation. Nevertheless, the wage-setting mechanism could be reformed in order to better reconcile its goal of purchasing power protection more aptly with the vital need to safeguard and even enhance employment.

Improvements could be considered in the way the wage setting mechanism responds to productivity developments, reflects sub-regional and local differences in productivity and labour-market conditions, and applies automatic corrections when wage developments threaten to undermine cost-competitiveness. Wage-indexation systems may be detrimental to the development of a country's competitiveness if they result in wage developments that are not in line with developments in productivity.

At the same time they help to protect workers' purchasing power, which in turn supports economic activity and employment during severe downturns. It is not for the Commission to recommend a detailed set of measures necessary to bring wage-setting into line with productivity developments. Such measures should be identified in consultation with the social partners and in accordance with national practice. However, important information and documents on the websites of the Commission and other European institutions are not available in all these languages.

With the aim of increasing the level of awareness and knowledge about the rights and responsibilities associated with EU citizenship, was designated as the European Year of Citizens. Therefore, can the Commission tell me what measures it intends to take to ensure that the important information and documents found on the websites of the Commission and the other EU institutions, mainly in English, can be made available to European citizens in all 24 official languages of the European Union?

The Commission puts considerable effort into providing as much information as possible in all EU languages on its websites. However, in its translation policy, the Commission has a duty to respect a number of legal obligations. Once it has fulfilled its legal obligations, the Commission then continues to prioritise its translation activity so as to make best use of remaining resources.

In doing so, the Commission needs to reconcile competing demands, the translation of web-pages being one such demand. Therefore, for reasons of cost-effectiveness, Commission websites of general and direct interest to citizens are provided in as many official EU languages as possible, while more specialised websites, targeting a more specific public, are provided in a limited number of languages, that the readership of the pages can be expected to understand. The Commission is currently rationalising of its websites to make its presence more focused and relevant.

In this context, sustainable solutions are being sought to ensure a more coherent language coverage of websites, taking into account the user's needs. Furthermore, the sites of Commission Representations in Member States always offer information on EU matters in the national language s.

This is a targeted and cost-effective way to reach out to citizens in their own language on issues that may be of particular interest to them. The Commission has no power over the language policies that other EU institutions apply to their respective websites. By taking this action, the Commission was intending to assess the implementation and outcomes of the current policies on air quality and air pollution and to include legislative proposals for reviewing the National Emission Ceilings Directive and other air quality legislation, if appropriate, in order to provide increased protection against the impact of air pollution on human health and the natural environment, while also contributing to the Europe strategy.

Can the Commission tell me when it is going to present this review of the Thematic Strategy on Air Pollution and associated legislation? The Commission is in the process of finalising the review of the current EU policy on air and plans to come forward with proposals before the end of the year. Can the Commission tell me what stage this preparatory action has reached and what results have been achieved so far?

On the basis of the preparatory action referred to by the Honourable Member, four projects were launched by the Commission. This report is based on examples taken from more than 30 cities around the world, to show how to improve transport efficiency through better urban planning and to manage transport demand. The additional benefits of this include reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving quality of life.

The Commission is well aware of the potential of urban transport to improve energy efficiency and energy independence. Inter alia the site provides searchable and consise information about hundreds of useful case studies on urban mobility, as well as contact details for those who wish to find out more. Almost all the examples given contribute to improving the energy efficiency of urban transport systems. However to create the necessary frameworks and incentives to catalyse the takeup of the many best practices already available more effort is required, in particular by the Member States, to stimulate and support intergrated urban mobility at the local level.

Die Einhaltung der Norm ist jedoch nicht verpflichtend. More and more accidents in swimming pools are being reported. How much does the Commission know about accidents in swimming pools? What is its assessment of the inadequate implementation of the EN standard, which has been in force since ? What measures will the Commission take to ensure that public swimming pools and hotel pools are made safer and that suction systems no longer pose a threat? What measures will the Commission take to encourage European tour operators to guarantee that European safety standards apply to the swimming pools used in the holidays which they organise?

The Commission has no own statistics about accidents or injuries related to swimming pools. However, there is no obligation to comply with the standard. The safety of swimming pools including hotel pools remains a responsibility of constructors and operators which is to be enforced by national authorities.

The Commission is also, at present, gathering information from swimming pool safety experts. The Commission encourages action by stakeholders with the aim to prevent future accidents. Tour-operators are reminded that they must inform the competent national authorities of any safety issues so that they can be remedied. The River Nestos is one of the most important fresh waterways in the Balkans, bringing life to the areas which it crosses in both southern Bulgaria and northern Greece.

It is still being polluted to by landfills in Bulgaria, to the point at which the situation cannot be reversed. This issue has been addressed by numerous authorities, from local government through to the European Commission. The cross-border cooperation programme between Bulgaria and Greece also contains specific provisions for the River Nestos. The European Commission promised to ask for information from the Bulgarian authorities on the possible causes of pollution and on the application of the Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive, the Landfill Directive and the Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Directive, to verify its level of compliance in terms of legislative implementation of the Water Framework Directive and to take the necessary measures in the event of non-compliance.

In view of the above, and based on the relevant legislation, will the Commission say:. What conclusions have been drawn from the information received from the Bulgarian authorities on these issues? What stage in the transitional period for the application of the directives has Bulgaria reached? Given that the cross-border cooperation programme is drawing to a close, what stage has been reached in plans to protect the River Nestos?

What measures does the Commission intend to take to protect the river which, despite administrative action over recent years, is still being polluted by Bulgaria? The WFD requires the river Basin Management Plans to include measures to protect water resources from pollution as well as international collaboration, especially with other Member States. These issues will be discussed in the bilateral meeting with Bulgarian authorities and will be followed up by the Commission.

However, the purpose of the Written Question was to invite the Commission to clarify the effects of the standards on the market once they are in place, not to explain its approach to the standardisation process. It should be self-evident that the entities involved in the standard discussions in the World Wide Web Consortium W3C are undertakings within the meaning of competition law. The use case in question is highly likely to discourage other business models, and the standardisation process used to push it will almost certainly be adopted by all major browser vendors, thereby affecting virtually all European actors on the content distribution markets, upstream as well as downstream, including end-consumers.

The standardisation procedure could also have negative implications for those small browser vendors that are presently excluded from the W3C, thereby forcing those who wish to be interoperable or standard-compliant to implement features that restrict competition. The Commission is following the standardisation process with respect to HTML 5 so as to ensure that EU competition rules are fully complied with. Artikel 2 des Beschlusses des Rates vom Warum hat die Kommission innerhalb von drei Jahren keinen solchen Fortschrittbericht vorgelegt? The Commission is specifically requested to answer each of the following questions separately:.

Why has the Commission not presented such a report of progress within three years? Will the Commission submit a legal proposal on the establishment of a framework for the extraction of data on EU territory? The results of these consultations may also have an impact on the decision concerning an EU equivalent system. The Commission has therefore decided to present its conclusions in this regard only once this can be done in the light of the outcome of the consultation. Trifft es zu, dass alle nicht extrahierten Daten, die am Trifft es zu, dass die Daten, die zwischen dem Juli und dem Oktober beim US-Finanzministerium eingegangen sind, in Wirklichkeit nicht vor dem Is it correct that since the entry into force of the TFTP Agreement, the rectification of data in the strict sense has, in fact, not been technically feasible?

Is it correct that since the entry into force of the TFTP Agreement, none of the joint reviews has paid particular attention to the number of communications accessed which relate to financial payment? How will the Commission respond to these tensions — which concern the Serbian minority in Croatia — and guarantee that the rights of minorities are respected throughout the whole region? The Commission condemns any form of violence against minorities or against any other group. However, as explained e. In particular, the Commission has no competence over the definition and recognition of national minorities, their self-determination and autonomy or the use of regional or minority languages, which fall under the responsibility of the Member States.

The Commission is aware of the continued efforts of Croatia aimed at protecting the rights of and raising awareness for persons belonging to minorities in order to ensure the exercise of their rights. Within the scope of European Union law, the Commission ensures that Member States, when implementing this law, respect fundamental rights laid down in the Charter. How will the Commission ensure that pre-accession funds to each of the following countries for Transition Assistance and Institution Building are properly spent?

How will the Commission ensure that pre-accession funds to each of the following countries for Cross-Border Cooperation are properly spent? How will the Commission ensure that pre-accession funds to each of the following countries for Regional Development, Rural Development and Human Resource Development are properly spent?

However, because of time constraints, he did not adequately address four questions. Could the Commission respond to the following questions?

How does the Commission provide representation to customs union countries during its trade negotiations with other countries? It has been brought to my attention by a London constituent that the Pakistani Government has decided to downsize the Federal Ministry of Human Rights and merge it with the Ministry of Law and Justice.

It is premature to assess the impact of the merger. Issues of minorities including those of Christians and Ahmadis are addressed by the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Inter-faith Harmony. The recent attack on a church in Peshawar has reinvigorated debate in Pakistan on the failures of government to protect minorities adequately. The Council of Islamic Ideology debated the need to prevent abuse of the blasphemy laws. In that case, the Human Rights department would be uniquely placed to influence the process.

The EU regularly raises concerns about the situation of minorities and abuse of the blasphemy laws in its political dialogue with Pakistan. The support will address all aspects of discrimination in Pakistan, with a focus on women, children and religious minorities. This will help inform dialogue with the Government of Pakistan on the promotion and protection of human rights. Kann die Kommission in diesem Zusammenhang folgende Fragen beantworten:. Sieht bzw. Falls ja, welche Fragen waren dies? What stage has the procedure reached and when does the Commission expect its examination to have reached a conclusion?

Does or did the Commission see the need for any additional clarification and has it put questions to the State Government in this regard? If so, what were these questions? Nevertheless, Member States have the possibility to enter into contact with the Commission services and ask for guidance about compliance with these conditions. However, due to the confidentiality of these contacts, the Commission cannot further develop on the nature and detail thereof. Kann die Kommission weitere Informationen zu folgenden Fragen liefern.

In accordance with Art. In conformity with the principle of subsidiarity, the Member States' competent authorities are responsible for examining alternative solutions. All aspects relevant to the conservation and maintenance of integrity of the site and of its ecological functions should be assessed. According to the notification provided pursuant to Art. According to the Art. Oggetto: Possibili finanziamenti per la risoluzione di danni causati all'agricoltura dalla fauna selvatica o inselvatichita.

La salvaguardia e la tutela della fauna selvatica e inselvatichita deve conciliarsi con la difesa e la salvaguardia degli allevatori e delle imprese operanti in queste terre spesso piccole aziende a conduzione familiare , che fanno della conservazione e valorizzazione del territorio in cui vivono e lavorano un'eccellenza riconosciuta a livello europeo e nazionale.

Inoltre, i cani selvatici, spesso responsabili di danni al bestiame, non sono coperti dalla normativa UE per la protezione della natura e la loro gestione rientra pienamente nell'ambito della legislazione nazionale. This is causing significant direct and indirect economic damage as well as damage in terms of animal husbandry, resulting in many farms in the sector going out of business, as well as posing serious risks to the safety of farmers and their families.

The safeguarding and protection of wild and feral animals has to be reconciled with the protection and safeguarding of farmers and businesses in these areas often small, family-run farms , whose conservation and promotion of the land on which they live and work is recognised in Italy and across Europe as second to none. Is the Commission aware of the situation in the Province of Siena and has it been ascertained whether wolves are actually present in that province, in what numbers and in which areas? Has the Commission considered the possibility of extending monitoring to the entire region of Tuscany?

What steps have been taken in other EU countries to prevent such attacks, with reference to Spain, France, Germany and countries in northern Europe?

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What applicable legislation can protect people and businesses affected by these attacks? What steps and measures can be taken with regard to good land management that can reconcile the requirements of environmental protection with those relating to running a business, including forms of support for direct and indirect damage such as compensation for the destruction of carcasses, the restoration of flock sizes, the reduced production of milk after the attacks, and other related damage?

What support is available for farms that intend to develop systems to prevent damage caused by wild animals? It is possible, under the current and future rules governing the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development EAFRD , to offer support for investments in equipment to protect livestock against attacks by wild animals. However, compensation for damage suffered is not covered by current EAFRD rules and there are no plans to cover it during the next programming period.

In the context of the revision of the Community Guidelines for agriculture and forestry , the possibility is being considered to include specific provisions on state aid for damages caused by predatory animals. But no decision has yet been made. Moreover, feral dogs, often responsible for damage to livestock, are not covered by EU nature protection legislation and their management falls entirely under national legislation. Mimica je v imenu Komisije 8. V preiskavi Ministrstva za gospodarski razvoj in tehnologijo MGRT je bilo ugotovljeno, da se je gostiteljska organizacija za leto prijavila na razpis Agencije brez predhodne nominacije in preglednega postopka s strani MGRT, kar je Agencija glede na predhodno pisno komunikacijo med MGRT in Agencijo vedela.

Evropskemu uradu za boj proti goljufijam sta ponudili polno sodelovanje pri preiskavi, ki je v teku. The documentation submitted in response to the call for tender by The Executive Agency for Health and Consumers the Agency shows that the tenderer was required to enclose with the tender a document proving nomination by the home country. Is it customary for the Agency to re-select and fund a host organisation whose legal representative has been suspected of corruption and fraud before a final decision on this possible corruption or fraudulent activity has been made?

Has the Commission decided what further action to take on the basis of the findings so far? The Commission pays utmost attention to sound financial management and strict compliance with the relevant rules. Together with the Executive Agency for Health and Consumers, the Commission is currently analysing in detail the case raised by the Honourable Member.

This analysis also covers the calls for proposals for the ECC in Slovenia for the years Both the Commission and the Agency are extremely sensitive to detect any case of corruption and fraud, and to inquire on any allegations of such practices, with a view to rapidly establishing whether they are founded. They have offered full cooperation to OLAF for the ongoing investigation. In light of the ongoing investigation by OLAF and its in-depth analysis of the case together with the Agency, the Commission will take all necessary measures in order to ensure full compliance with the relevant financial rules.

Asunto: Acuerdo por el trabajo digno de Inditex. No obstante, el citado acuerdo fue firmado en y los hechos de esclavismo denunciados en mi anterior pregunta datan de However, this multimillion-euro agreement has not made the slightest difference to the slave labour systems used by subcontractors working with the Spanish multinational. The cases reported in the past and those that came to light in Argentina and Brazil in , four years after the project was launched, are enough to show that this agreement is barely effective, if at all.

What does the Commission think of this contract in the light of the abovementioned slave labour practices? Does the Commission believe that this is convincing proof that this kind of agreement is largely ineffective and does it therefore plan to set about drafting binding legislation for multinationals? The Commission has set up an online searchable database containing all transnational company agreements and texts it has identified.

The objective is to provide information on the existence and substance of transnational company agreements and thus to support discussion under way on the opportunities and challenges arising from such agreements. The Commission does not comment on or in any way endorse the substance or implementation of the agreements in the database. The collection of global agreements is currently being updated in cooperation with the International Labour Organisation.

Neither the agreement nor the agreement should be deleted from the database as they contribute information for the debate on transnational company agreements. The Commission follows generally a non-prescriptive approach in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility and aims at encouraging enterprises to adhere to international guidelines.

Still, the Commission proposed legislation in a related area non-financial information disclosure. In addition, the new public procurement Directives approved recently provide for the public authorities to take certain social considerations into account when making purchases from the private sector. Review websites are one of the most important marketing tools for the modern tourism industry. Despite the fact that review websites are an important channel for promoting and establishing hotels, they also raise a number of questions for businesses in the sector, especially small and medium-sized enterprises SMEs , such as: fraud bogus positive or negative reviews of businesses , unfair commercial practices coercion, unilateral contracts , new and enhanced demands in terms of business marketing strategies, which are especially onerous for SMEs, and so on.

Does it have statistics on the penetration and impact of review websites on the European tourism market and on cases of unfair practices by such websites or tourist businesses? This problem, which essentially pertains to information from consumers to other consumers, will not be addressed, for the time being, within the ICT and Tourism Business Initiative. Furthermore, an EU-wide awareness raising campaign is currently being prepared in order to increase the overall knowledge of both consumer rights and enforcement options in various areas.

The abovementioned regulations were agreed by Member States in the Council. A sound management of public finances is necessary for ensuring the sustainability of the European social model, to the benefit of the people of Europe. As Israel participates in the framework Programmes for Research and Technological Development, can the Commission clarify whether these guidelines will apply to the Horizon Programme?

Has the Commission taken any steps to encourage individual Member States to apply the principles enshrined in the guidelines to any bilateral agreements with Israel or with Israeli organisations? The guidelines are applicable to financial support from the Union budget and do not apply to funding opportunities under the national budgets of Member States. Member States such as the United Kingdom have legislation the Companies Directors Disqualifications Act that sets out under what circumstances company directors can be disqualified for certain types of misconduct.

For instance, unfitness to be a company director can be established before a court where the directors have failed to prepare or approve the annual accounts. What rules exist to determine the fitness of company directors across the European Union? There are currently no other specific harmonised rules at EU level as regards disqualification of directors. They shall act with honesty, integrity and independence of mind. There are currently no plans to propose EU-wide legislation for the non-financial sector on this issue.

The Gibraltar authorities are concerned with protecting the reputation and integrity of Gibraltar as a financial centre, and are cognizant of the importance of adopting and applying international regulatory standards and best supervisory practices. Gibraltar has a good reputation internationally for cooperation and information sharing. Can the Commission state whether it has ever received a well-founded complaint regarding an alleged failure by the Government of Gibraltar to provide or exchange information or failure to collaborate generally on tax, financial services or money laundering matters?

To date the Commission has not received complaints meeting the description given by the Honourable Member. Confirm that there are no directives on financial services outstanding for transposition in Gibraltar? Confirm that there are no directives on the exchange of information or mutual assistance on tax matters outstanding for transposition in Gibraltar?

Say what directives to combat money laundering have been transposed in Gibraltar and whether any remain outstanding? Confirm, based on more general legislation, that all EU directives, the transposition deadline of which has passed, have been transposed in Gibraltar? Currently there are no infringement proceedings pending against the United Kingdom concerning the non-transposition of Directives on financial services in Gibraltar. As regards all Directives, the Commission points out that, pursuant to the Treaties, it initiates infringement proceedings only against Member States.

The report also highlights the fact that with mercury disappearing from use in other industries dentistry will soon become the largest mercury user in Europe. Has it decided to move forward with any recommendations from the study, and if so, how is this progressing? The Commission is awaiting the outcome of this process, as well as a corresponding opinion by the Scientific Committee for Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks SCENIHR focusing on effects of dental amalgam on human health before concluding on the appropriateness of any next steps.

Also, what action will the European Aviation Safety Agency take following its recent emergency directive calling for accelerated inspections to detect potential corrosion on AS and ECC models? The Commission agrees that the highest level of safety in travel to and from offshore installations is an issue of key importance as referred to by the Honourable Member. In this context EASA issued an Emergency AD EAD E to account for the effect of salt laden atmosphere for offshore operating helicopters and to address an error in a modification installation procedure. Current Commission proposals on biofuels with regard to their adverse effects on food security in developing countries have been the subject of much controversy recently.

Also many voluntary schemes recognised by the European Commission for demonstrating compliance with the EU sustainability criteria do require respect of additional environmental and social requirements from their members. Biofuels consumed in the EU must be compliant with these criteria to be eligible for final support and to measure compliance towards targets and obligations specified under the Renewable Energy and Fuel Quality Directives. Voluntary schemes are free to choose their scope and geographical coverage. Technologies with relevance to GHG emission savings in transport may additionally be covered by various sectoral and horizontal measures in the EU, as well as by bilateral and international cooperation instruments of the EU and its Member States with third countries and international institutions.

All these elements apply to biofuels that have been developed in the UK. The Commission is currently analysing the sustainability issues associated with increased use of solid and gaseous biomass for electricity, heating and cooling in the EU in order to determine whether additional action is needed and if so, under which form it would be appropriate. Some Member States, being energy islands, are still totally isolated from the European gas and electricity networks and continue to pay higher prices for energy resources, which affect their competitiveness.

Does the Commission believe that, without substantial infrastructure investment, those Member States will not be able to achieve the commitment reiterated by the Council by ? Should not the Commission, at the request of those Member States, take part in negotiations with non-EU energy suppliers on the subject of energy prices, for instance where the purchase of gas is concerned?

The Commission believes that in order to meet the objectives set by the European Council, i.

The Commission, upon request of a Member State, may assist in its negotiations with gas suppliers. The Commission's assistance should focus on issues falling within its competence, such as the compliance with internal market and competition legislation. In addition, the Council can adopt Decisions authorising the European Commission to conduct negotiations related to Inter-Governmental Agreements IGAs for energy infrastructure projects of strategic importance on behalf of the European Union.

Achieving tangible solidarity between Member States in the field of energy is one of the main underlying themes of EU energy policy. It is pursued through provisions in many pieces of EU legislation e. The main prerequisite for solidarity to work well in the area of energy is the existence of a well-functioning internal energy market, the completion of which is a key priority of the Commission. An open and transparent internal market, where all EU and third-country companies respect the acquis communautaire in the field of energy, can help strengthen the negotiating position of EU energy suppliers with regard to external competitors, which is particularly important for the potential of further coordinating external energy purchasing at EU level.

Does the Commission agree that the establishment of a joint gas purchase agency, and the mechanisms needed for this, in order to counterbalance the monopolistic position of dominant external suppliers would be beneficial? The Commission does not agree with the Honourable Member's proposal. Joint purchasing is no solution to ensure that all market operators respect the rules of the internal market or that consumer prices remain under control. Furthermore, the trend in global gas supply is into more diversity and away from a monopolistic supply.

The Commission agrees that negotiation directives granted by the Council to the European Commission in order to conduct negotiations related to Inter-Governmental Agreements IGAs for energy infrastructure projects of strategic importance can strengthen Member States' negotiating position and ensure full compliance of the IGAs with EU acquis. The Member States must transpose and implement fully all relevant EU legislation, in particular the third energy package, as a matter of urgency. What action will the Commission take against those Member States in which implementation has been unduly delayed?

The Commission has already opened formal proceedings to investigate breaches of EU rules. What is the status of those proceedings? Therefore, it is taking action to ensure the Package's effective and timely implementation. This was followed in and by an assessment of all incoming notifications. A number of these proceedings were closed when the MS complied with their obligations.

There are also three ongoing cases at the stage of reasoned opinion. Notifications of transposition measures continue to arrive from the MS against which cases are ongoing. These are being assessed by the Commission and will be taken into account in the proceedings. For a number of countries, the initial investigative stages of infringement proceedings have meanwhile been launched.

Oettinger au nom de la Commission. Parliament notes that all blackouts so far have been the result of operational failures, not capacity shortages. With regard to the internal electricity market, when will the Commission provide a thorough analysis of the system adequacy and flexibility of national generation capacities in the short and long term, fully taking into account the potential contribution of all flexible measures, such as demand response, energy storage and interconnection?

Will it report on the impact of the applied national measures relating to capacity assessment and development planning on the internal energy market and competition rules, taking into account the consequences in terms of both security of supply and the cross-border aspects of this complementary market design policy?

Parliament calls, in this regard, for further efforts to be made with regard to the future uptake of energy storage technologies and demand-side responsiveness, all of which are additional sources of flexibility. Do the Commission and the European Network of Transmission System Operators intend to develop a coherent and aligned methodology for ensuring generation adequacy in Europe, including the positive contribution of renewable energy sources and, in particular, variable renewables?

When public intervention is considered necessary to ensure generation adequacy, Member States should choose the intervention which least distorts cross border trade and the effective functioning of the internal electricity market. The communication will also address public support for renewables and the contribution of demand response to meeting Union energy policy goals.

This work considers interconnector use, correlations in demand and weather patterns, and flexibility of resources. Depending on the conclusions of this work, the Commission could propose new legislation. The Commission will consider the topic of capacity mechanisms and state aid in detail as it develops, in consultation with Member States, Guidelines on state aid in energy and environment. Objet: Coordination des projets d'infrastructure. How will the Commission coordinate infrastructure projects more effectively and plan network development so as to ensure full, EU-wide system connectivity and cost-effectiveness by taking advantage of cross-border synergies and a more efficient energy infrastructure network?

Does it think it should promote an integrated approach, which includes the distribution operators, and ensure, to that end, the rapid assessment, selection, authorisation and implementation of projects of common European interest, especially with regard to electricity and gas trans-border interconnectors, including reverse flow mechanisms, liquefied natural gas, energy storage infrastructures and smart transmission and distribution networks, which are vital for a well-integrated and well-functioning energy market?

The Commission coordinates infrastructure development through the instruments deriving from the Third Package e. In particular, the Connecting Europe Facility CEF will play a key role in leveraging the necessary private and public funding. Through the promotion of closer cooperation and increased communication between TSOs and DSOs in a smart grid environment, the TEN-E Guidelines aim at ensuring a better integration in the system for large scale volatile renewable and distributed generation, since they have an important impact on system stability, as well as guaranteeing better responsiveness of their production to system needs.

According to the TEN-E Guidelines, all potential PCIs are subject to a thorough cost-benefit-analysis to ensure that only those projects are chosen that provide the highest European added value. The endorsement of the Union list by the Commission via a delegated act is the finalisation of a long identification and evaluation process. This guidelines regulation sets out the eligibility criteria for the various forms of the Union financial assistance under the CEF. In the first two annual work programmes, priority consideration will be given to projects of common interest specifically aiming at ending energy isolation, eliminating energy bottlenecks and facilitating the completion of the internal energy market.

In line with the CEF regulation, the selection and award criteria for grants under the CEF will be determined in the work programmes. PCIs have been identified after thorough analysis by the regional working groups, consisting of Member States, project promoters and regulatory authorities. How does the Commission intend to put in place an efficient congestion management system to foster the efficient use of existing gas and electricity transmission capacity while reducing the cost of expanding network capabilities, and facilitate the growing connection of renewable generation sources to the electricity network?

Day-ahead coupling is already in place in several regions but there is a disconnection between regions. The rules to promote further market coupling development are developed in the context of the network codes following the third energy market package from The Commission is closely following the implementation of this measure to ensure its effectiveness. Any company in the gas and electricity sectors has to abide with the same EU competition rules as companies in other sectors.

I think any father of daughters can tell you that, and to my mind, a lot of times this "phase" hits girls harder than boys. And I don't think we know what was going on in the minds of the young women in question here. Is that all they were? I quite clearly recall reports about some of the Caliphate's female police force, comprised of foreigners, torturing prisoners.

I even seem to recall pictures of female fighters, clad in black from head to toe with only their eyes peeking out. Do I suffer from false memories? Fake news? After an evil regime loses a conflict, everybody on the losing side somehow tries to portrait their involvement as minimal. They claim to have been just a housewife, an accountant, or IT administrator. A phenomenon Germans in particular are well familiar with. From my time traversing that age range that is not at all what I recall from either female classmates or females in the groups I associated with outside of school.

I only remember a few isolated cases male and female in roughly equal proportion who had thoroughly lost touch with reality in one way or the other. For some, yes. For others, no. Obviously the punishment that people receive should depend on the crimes they committed. Some of the girls and women committed crimes and actively served ISIS. Almost everyone would agree that they should be punished. If male citizens are allowed to return to the US and be prosecuted for their crimes, so should female citizens.

Some girls and women may have been "just" wives and mothers, but being married to a soldier, mobster, criminal or terrorist doesn't necessarily make you one. They should be allowed to return and be provided counseling and support to deradicalize. There are lots of Americans with beliefs that I find offensive and wrong, but as long as they don't commit crimes, they are entitled to the same freedom of religion, speech and association as I am.

I am not aware of an American policy that says otherwise, i. If someone knows of such a policy, please point at a reliable source. An armed combatant encountered on the battlefield such as Mr. Lindh in Afghanistan is naturally going to present a different scenario than a person holding a civilian role such as IT administrator with ISIS, for example. As far as creating propaganda on behalf of enemies of the United States goes, that may not be covered by the First Amendment, but I do not know what charges and penalties currently apply.

I think Tokyo Rose was incarcerated for about two decades after WW2 based on a charge of treason. Tokyo Rose ceased to be merely a symbol in September when Iva Toguri D'Aquino, an American-born Japanese disc jockey for a propagandist radio program, attempted to return to the United States. Toguri was accused of being the 'real' Tokyo Rose, arrested, tried, and became the seventh person in U. Toguri was eventually paroled from prison in , but it was more than 20 years before she received an official presidential pardon for her role in the war.

Aus der heutigen FAZ und sehr informativ. Was hat er damit zu tun? Es ist ein echter Vertrag zwischen den beiden Parteien. Wir werden das gleiche Dokument haben; es wird ein Handelsabkommen genannt werden. Eine Stellungnahme, bei der gleich mehrere im Raum lachen mussten. Einer dieser beiden Herren hat offensichtlich keine Ahnung, wovon er redet.

Doch das vermeintliche Belegvideo zeigt bereits angeordnete Reparaturarbeiten an einem Grenzzaun, die nun abgeschlossen wurden. Das trifft den generellen Wahrheitsgehalt, mit dem Trump bei dem Thema agiert, ganz gut. Dahinter: wir Journalisten. Sie haben wahrscheinlich schon Aufnahmen davon gesehen.

Suchen Sie sich etwas aus. Zugleich haben die meisten Vorstellungen und die Impulse, die darin zutage treten, so ernste und potentiell weitreichende Folgen. Nicht lustig. Doch manchmal passiert es eben. Solange Herr Bolton Sicherheitsberater des Orangenen ist, werden wohl eher fliegende Schweine gesichtet werden. Mit dem Iran gibt es meines Wissens keine Vermittler als Pendant.

Es gibt eher das Gegenteil - "Scharmacher" - wie Norbert schon angedeutet hat. Sicher, aber meines Wissens findet das Reden und Ausloten normalerweise statt, bevor so ein Gipfel auch nur erwogen wird. Ich meine, dass die beiden Treffen wenig Schaden angerichtet haben und dass sogar einige positive Entwicklungen eingeleitet wurden.

Vom Leben des Durchschnittsamerikaners bekomme ich in der Regel nicht viel mit. Edith sieht gerade erst, dass der Bericht ein Jahr alt ist. Der "es nicht mitbekommen hat", bin wohl ich Schielen ist gut - wie letztens bekannt wurde, hat Japans Abe ihn auf Trumps Bitte vorgeschlagen. Einem Bericht zufolge hat er Japans Regierungschef selbst darum gebeten.

Traurig finde ich, wie schlecht manche Reporter ich mag sie nicht Journalisten nennen recherchieren. In der Morgenpost wird etwas von "zum vierten Mal nominiert" geschrieben. Februar - 2. Ich gebe dir Recht, das ist leider noch lange nicht vorbei. Wie meinen? Ist 'Reporter' neuerdings abwertend? Ich verstehe nicht ganz, was euch daran irritiert. Oder ist mir irgendwas entgangen? Gar nichts. Ulinne, ich glaube sowas. Ich nehme an, dass sich die Frage auf ff bezieht. Nun gut, Du schreibst nichts von Geheimdiensten und stellst ganz allgemein Nachrichten in Frage, die von Amerikanern stammen, in Frage.

Teaching young people how not to be offended is to equip them to embrace people as complex individuals, and not just as mascots of this or that tribe. Ich spreche jetzt ganz allgemein von Geheimdiensten, keinen speziellen. Manji does not recommend that we should never take offense. See the video at , where she says we need to stand up to intolerance and hate, not keep silent. She says we should not take offense easily , as this stands in the way of engaging with people of very different view points, something that is necessary if we want to keep our democratic society moving forward and avoid dividing ourselves more and more into irreconcilable tribes.

One practical technique she recommends and that I use myself is to start ask questions when faced with viewpoints we disagree with. In my experience, this approach takes practice and discipline, and I am not always successful in keeping my cool. Vielleicht auch eine Mischung aus beidem. Trump's supporters are not going to go away any time soon and they will still be here when Trump is no longer in the White House. Therefore I claim it is better to engage: on occasion and judiciously, not all the time and at every opportunity who likes to be a glutton for punishment?

Wenn meine Frage schon anklagend klingt, werde ich selten eine sachliche Antwort erhalten. I have certainly noticed that people take offense, jump to conclusions, and become outraged at the drop of a hat these days, including topics that have little to do with Trump, his cronies, or his policies. I don't think that is healthy, and it did not use to be that way. I believe "social" media share a hefty portion of the blame for this development, by providing effective mechanisms for fanning the flames. More outrage, more usage, more ads served, more profit.

Frankly, I consider Facebook, Twitter, etc to be a cancer on society. Das scheint mir aktuell ohnehin ein Problem der Diplomatie zu sein, dass scheinbar eindeutige Begriffe wie Menschenrechte, Terrorist und viele andere in der Praxis sehr verschieden ausgelegt werden.

Bedarf es einer Mehrheit der Staaten also 26? Die bisher teilnehmenden Bundesstaaten haben ca. Davor allerdings meines Wissens nicht. I'm not sure what is talking about. The electoral college does not vote on constitutional amendments or any initiatives, for that matter. It was established for the sole purpose of electing the president and vice president of the United States every four years.

I am talking about the "National Popular Vote Compact" in which states pledge their electoral college votes to the winner of the popular vote. This compact intends to get around the needed constitutional amendment by designating the electoral votes of the participating states according to the result of the popular vote. And there is some expectation that upon becoming effective the Compact might be challenged on constitutional grounds.

Yes, I've heard that as well. What's interesting, though, is that there is no national, constitutional requirement as I understand it that dictates how the members of each state's electoral college vote. The default has been that they cast their votes for the person that won their state. However, there are a couple of states that allow for their votes to be split up. Maine and Nebraska, in what is called the "Congressional District Method. Given that, I would suspect that those who challenge this new method might have a difficult time. I have no idea what the basis of such a challenge could possibly be.

The United States Constitution specifies emphasis mine :. To get back to 's question: electing a president directly would require dismantling the electoral college. And that's a constitutional amendment issue. As far as the electoral college members voting against their states' interests: that's happened before and probably will happen again. Allerdings emfinde ich es als irgendwie ungerecht, dass das von Staat zu Staat unterschiedlich sein kann. Yes, of course. The "winner-gets-all" concept is ludicrous, imo, because it means that even if one candidate has one single vote more to use an extreme example than the other, he gets all the electoral votes.

Multiply that by several states, and you get someone like Trump. As I understand the argument, the challenge will not be about the right of the states to choose how the electoral college votes are assigned, but the legislation of the Compact which effectively forces a change of how the president is elected without going through the process of ratifying a constitutional amendment. I'm neither hbberlin nor Norbert, but to my mind, that would be very difficult to pull off. Lots of electors would have to directly vote against their home states.

In such a case: why have the electoral college in the first place? Re But as I understand it, from the limited point of view of the US Constitution the way the president is elected would not actually change. The states making changes to the selection of their electors would simply exploit the wiggle room afforded to them by the constitution. That said, I don't see any significant impetus to changing the method of selecting electors in this state. Wenn man als Einwanderer mit dem System nicht hinreichend zufrieden ist, muss man ja nicht Amerikaner werden.

Maybe, but especially in California during presidential elections, there's really no difference if you are or aren't a US citizen. Even if percent of all California voters had voted blue in the last election, it would't have mattered. Of course it's different for local elections. Also, California used to be all red just a few decades ago. Our governator was the last republican, and the state has been getting bluer ever since. And with Trump in office, even Orange County, one of the last hardcore republican counties in the state, has turned blue. This is exactly what prompted me to apply for American citizenship.

In the councilman for my district ran for mayor of San Jose, and I would have liked to support him with my vote, but alas, I was not a citizen. I managed to get naturalized in time for the presidential elections. It would potentially force the electors for one state to vote against the preference of their state if the popular vote decided for the opposing party. This undermines the intention of the electoral college. The intent of the Compact is to get as result the president elected by popular vote while circumventing the need for a constitutional amendment. A scheme that has electors from a state voting against the will of the majority of the voters in that state might be an impossible sell in state legislatures, so a constitutional challenge seems hypothetical.

Proposals to apportion electors proportionally to each party's share of the vote in a state might have a better chance of being passed into state law. Under such a scheme, California would send 34 Democratic and 11 Republican electors, for example, instead of 55 Democratic ones. I've always thought the electoral college was useless, more so now than ever.

I understand about the fear of smaller states getting lost in the shuffle and their votes not counting, but as we've seen twice in 16 years now, it can also negate the most populous states' votes entirely, with the last election seeing a huge discrepancy of almost 3 million votes that basically were flushed down the toilet. I've never seen an election like the last one, for a number of reasons, but most importantly because it literally let a minority of voters dictate to the majority, and this time with imo awful consequences.

The election was bad enough when Al Gore basically lost to a very flawed system and his election was stolen by one state, Florida, and its state courts. I think if we have one more election with similar results in the near future, there will be a constitutional amendment because I don't think people will stand for having the majority silenced like this again. At least I hope they won't. As far as the Compact goes, I don't think it's possible to circumvent a constitutional amendment in the long run.

The Compact makes little sense to me. Someone somewhere above said that the war in Afghanistan is or is about to become the longest war in US history. That is not quite true. The US never signed a peace treaty with North Korea after the Korean war and has therefore been at war with that small impoverished country ever since--and not just technically.

They've never forgiven the Koreans for handing the US colossus its first military defeat. The electoral college was written into the US constitution specifically and deliberately to avoid direct popular democratic election. The idea was the only the educated, wealthy, and propertied classes were qualified to decide who should be president, not the uneducated, boisterous, trouble-making farmers and artisans who made up the majority of the population. That and similar objections to direct popular vote are heard in the debate today.


The two poles in the debate reflect the reality of conflicting interests of social classes. The idea was the sic only the educated, wealthy, and propertied classes were qualified to decide who should be president The role of the electoral college, and the practical impact on candidates' campaigns that arise from it, are and were well known. Parties can chose their candidates and mobilize prospective voters accordingly. From that perspective I am not sympathetic to complaints about the current system because the outcome of the most recent presidential elections was different than what some people hoped for.

I am counting on Mueller's report to tell use what irregularities there might have been. I am likewise not in favor of partisan fiddling with long-standing procedural rules in Washington simply to achieve desired politically outcomes Most recently I heard of Democratic ideas to "pack the court" SCOTUS and my hair stood on end.


I am in favor of serious discussions about the inherent merits of our current election system versus any proposed alternatives, and personally wouldn't be sad if the electoral college were to disappear in due course. That was me, and I already awarded one hundred rubber points in my mind to dude for pointing out that technically, the Korean War is still going on.

What alternative phrase would you prefer: the longest active war? For anyone who might want to read it, here's a fairly interesting article about the "faithless electors":. In a nutshell, small numbers of electors have been "faithless" since the beginning of the electoral college, but so far, they have never been able to actually change an election outcome. That doesn't mean, however, it couldn't happen in the future.

Just for the record: the US war against Korea has taken the form of endless war games, naval maneuvers, US troops stationed in the south, threats of nuclear annihilation, and other bellicose acts by both major parties and under all administrations. So not exactly a peaceful history. It is to be welcomed that the US government has ended its war games and is entering into negotiations and holding out the willingness, finally, to sign a peace accord.

That will be hailed in both the north and the south of that country, so long forcefully divided against the will of the people by the US government. Last try to satisfy the quibblers: The War in Afghanistan is the longest "active shooting war" in the history of this country. So you are saying if it weren't for the US, Korea would be unified.

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If so, under what government? As someone whose father fled the East German dictatorship, I can tell you that I was happy that the US made sure there wasn't going to be any German reunification before the fall of communism in East Germany. It seems pretty obvious that it was the US that divided Korea and maintained the division, just as it divided Vietnam and just as the allies divided Germany and divvied up Berlin and staked out and divided up the Middle East.

I seem to recall there was quite a bit of debate in Germany on both sides of the dividing line over whether reunification and the US and Allied occupation were good things or not. Aber bei den letzten sieben Wahlen, seit , hat bekanntlich nur einmal ein Republikaner den popular vote gewonnen: Bush bei seiner Wiederwahl Dort ist ein solches Ergebnis wegen mitunter krass unterschiedlicher Stimmgewichte so wahrscheinlich, dass es nicht anders als politisch gewollt sein kann. Ob das schon reicht?

Den Vergleich mit Deutschland verstehe ich nicht; vielleicht funktioniert er auch einfach nicht. Diese Frage stellt sich im Electoral College genauso wie im Bundesrat. Wieviele stimmberechtigte Einwohner brauche ich in Wyoming bzw. In Wyoming kommen nicht mal Genauso: wieviele Einwohner brauche ich, um an einen Bundesratssitz zu kommen? In Bremen kommen auf einen Bundesratssitz ca. RE I understand what you're trying to say, but each of the members of the electoral college has an equal vote. The problem is that an elector from Wyoming etc.

The main problem as I see it is the "winner-takes-all" system that almost all states adhere to. California, for instance, has plenty of republican areas, mainly inland and away from the coast. So it's not like CA is an all-blue state, but because of the current system, the red votes don't count in the presidential election. The same and the reverse are true for all other states: they're all mixed bags. If those votes, red or blue, were represented realistically by the electoral college, I think the picture wold look a lot different.

I haven't researched the statistics, but I think if if each congressional district were represented by an individual elector according to the district's majority vote, the results would reflect the popular vote more closely. And it would avoid the seemingly unsurmountable barrier of a constitutional amendment. Zum Vergleich: Die Verfassung Kaliforniens wurde bereits mal oder so modifiziert. Ich hatte den entsprechenden Passus aus der amerikanischen Verfassung weiter oben zitiert This is not a new development.

Back in the early? There were a lot of Christian radio stations broadcasting in the area and my sister told me the same thing: Israel and the need to support the Jewish state were favorite subjects for talk shows. It was often expressed that the Second Coming couldn't be far off as long as the Jews were in Israel. My sister and I marveled over this because throughout history Jews were considered poorly by many Christians, as a people who had "gone astray" or worse.

Not to mention the centuries of persecution. But to the Bible Belters, Israel and the Jews were their bosom buddies. Go figure. Netanyahu has embraced evangelical support for his right-wing policies, and sees evangelicals as more reliable American allies of Israel than liberal American Jews. Maybe that seems like a good idea to people who don't live in a gerrmandered state. In Trump won by a whisker. At the state level the gerrymandering is even more pronounced.

In , when Democrats won more votes by. That's a good point. I wrote "or" because which model works best or might be most acceptable to voters may differ by state. Even in a gerrymandered state using the correspondence approach would result in a number of electors that is closer to the votes cast than the current winner-takes-all approach. I take good over perfect any day when achieving a perfect solution seems unrealistic.

A little birdie told me that I should mention that the gerrmandered state to which I refer is Michigan. The gerrymandering of Michigan's state legislative and congressional maps is currently a court case. Self-correction: In , they Democrats won more votes by. Ist doch irgendwie beruhigend, dass es solche Universalexperten gibt.

Ein Zitat aus dem Artikel gab mir aber doch zu denken: "But again, what the hell do I know? Also ein Fortschritt? Oh, and Trump was fortunate that his legal team kept him out of giving a deposition, because Muller had a huge collection of loose ends he wanted to clarify by talking to the man himself which likely would have gotten T rex into trouble.

Dabei geht es aber nicht um Trump selbst. Was den Vorwurf der Justizbehinderung betrifft, gab es mehrfach die Aussage, dass Trump seine Mitarbeiter aufgefordert hat, Muller abzusetzen, aber die Mitarbeiter haben diese "Anweisung" nicht befolgt und Trump damit vermutlich gerettet. Was die machen, muss also richtig sein Ist das so? Kann das ein Grund sein, warum die Regierung gerade jetzt an einer Zunahme der Spannungen interessiert ist?

Das Trumpl wird sich doch nicht die Gelegenheit entgehen lassen mit seiner Armee rumzuspielen wie andere Leute mit einer Modelleisenbahn. Noch dazu, da ihm niemand aus den Houses in den Arm fallen kann wegen der dortigen Mehrheit der Treu-Doofen. So richtig mutmachend klingt das, was Du schreibst, allerdings nicht. But you think ordinary Americans may have noticed that Bolton and Pompeo might be playing with fire by courting armed conflict in the Persian Gulf?

You think Iran might mean more to the average Trump voter, or non-voting American, than Libya? I like the idea to look forward and look for solutions to avoid a similar crazy situation again later. Let's be honest: if a country in Asia or south America had this Kind of Situation, everybody would say that this is no Democracy.

But because it is America, it is OK. Not, it is not! This situation arised because one had to choose between Clinton, who represented the disliked polical continuum and an alternative - ANY alternative would do. Of course, neither the republicans nor the democrats have any interest in opening the door to new alternatives, but it is a necessity in my opinion.

That, plus the fact that the animosity between democrats and republicans is really shocking. I very often see hate, just because people don't share the same ideas!! PS: one word about electoral college vs. Das ist in den USA der Fall. Das wurde erst in den letzten Jahrzehnten aufgeweicht. Auch in Australien sprach man lange von einem faktischen Zweiparteiensystem. Wenn man weiter sucht, findet man sicherlich weitere Beispiele. Ich gehe aber nicht so weit, dass ich einem Land mit Zweiparteiensystem abspreche, eine Demokratie zu sein.

Wenn ein Partei die Ideen der Mehrheit nicht vertritt, dann muss man das Problem mit Koalitionen umgehen und das finde ich gut. Voraussetzung: ein Machtwechsel ist nicht verhindert. Wenn das Volk keine weiteren Parteien will, warum soll es dann welche geben? Ist das aus Sicht der Iraner nicht sogar irgendwie nachvollziehbar? Was ich aber mitgenommen habe, ist folgendes: Es gab vor gar nicht so langer Zeit einen Aufbruch in der iranischen Gesellschaft, es gab deutliche Fortschritte bei der individuellen Freiheit der Menschen und es herrschte Optimismus.

Muss man wirklich soviel Angst vor den Amerikanern haben? That seemed like a clever point -- except that, as deplorable and pigheaded as Bolton and Netanyahu both are, both of them at least seem barely rational enough not to gratuitously start a war. Knock wood. Die einzigen, die hier in meinen Augen einen Krieg wollen, sind die Amerikaner ev. Einfach zusehen, wie ein ganzes Volk wieder zusammengebombt werden soll. You can thank the Bush for the mess they created. Similarly, the constant struggles and restrictions at the israeli border fuels the hate of arabs and the growth of extremism.

Aber vermutlich bin ich einfach nur naiv ;-. Man sieht meist Haare und geschminkt sind sie auch. Hast Du neuere Informationen, jo-SR? Wenn nicht, dann gehe ich davon aus, dass nach aktuellem Recht ein Mindestalter von 13 Jahren gilt. Das ist auch der Eindruck, den man bekommt, wenn man iranische Filme anschaut.

Da ist der Kulturschock bei Filmen z. Hier geht es rein um Ressourcen. Wie immer. Das sind zwei unterschiedliche Paar Schuhe, die man wenigstens versuchen sollte, nicht zu verwechseln! Freilich wohnt jeder Religion ein Totalitarismus inne, gibt sie doch vor, die Wahrheit zu kennen. Das hat bei den Evangelikalen Tradition. Beide haben eine absolute Hardlineauslegung des Islam einmal Sunna und einmal Shia , die ggf.

Saudi Arabien, Bahrain und v. Kurzes P. Fanatische Sikhs machten ihr ein Ende. Oder Golda Meir in Israel. Re , Das hat aber weniger mit der Region, als vielmehr mit der Religion zu tun. Das Judentum und der Hinduismus halt deutlich weniger. Irgendwie kommen wir zwar gerade etwas vom Hauptthema ab, aber so ist LEO halt. Deshalb erlaube ich mir noch einen Kommentar zum Iran und zu Das mit den iranischen Frauen in den Wissenschaften wurde nach meiner Erinnerung schon mal hier bei LEO thematisiert, aber ich kann es gerade nicht finden.

Das beschreibt auch dieser Artikel aud dem Jahr aus der Zeit:. Die letzte Frau die gegen das Trumpl antrat hatte ca. Stimmen mehr. Ein Wahlrecht aus den Rokoko hat sie um den Sieg gebracht. Danke, traveller! Ich denke mal, dagegen ist niemand gefeit. Eine Mrs. Was sagen die Amerikaner hier im Forum, sehen sie das auch so? Und wenn, warum nicht? Warum denke ich, das eine Frau gewinnen kann? Ich zum Beispiel. BTW "einmal die Woche Vanillepudding" ist ja sowas von rassistisch, wo bleibt denn da der Schokopudding ;-.

Alles Schnee von vorgestern. Das hat auch niemand gesagt. Das sehe ich, zumindest von hier aus, in den USA nicht. Es stimmt schon, Hillary Clinton war offensichtlich keine gute Kandidatin. Das macht es Blendern einfacher, denke ich. Andererseits ist in amerikanischen Wahlen schon mehr Fokus auf die Kandidaten als z. Das ist so neudeutsch: wer am tollsten reden kann, bekommt den Job. Er scheint weder ein Mann der Tat noch einer des Worts zu sein Unbedingte Zustimmung, was das Ernstnehmen der Warner betrifft.

Trump muss sie ja auch nicht bauen, sondern nur gelegentlich ein bisschen Wirbel darum veranstalten, um als harter Bursche und Migrantenschreck dazustehen. Trumpl, Brexit, etc. Da sind die Reporter auch in den Rustbelt und mittleren Westen gefahren und haben 'kleine Leute' interviewt. Die Frau verdiente im Jahr weniger als Ist schon witzig. Diese wurde aber laut Medienberichten aus Sicherheitsbedenken gestrichen. Am Dienstag werden bis zu CNN gibt. See But, as the Guardian reported at the time, 21st Century Fox took it off air in the UK in because it was no longer commercially viable.

Subsequently Ofcom, the media regulator, ruled that some of its programmes did not comply with UK impartiality rules". According to the official royal website, Buckingham Palace has rooms, including 52 " Royal and guest bedrooms. Ich sehe, Jenna hat es vor Stunden schon eingestellt, aber dieser ganz trauriger Oooooh Moment verdient ein zweites OOoooooooh.

Stattdessen kommen sie im Winfield House unter, einem schmucken, doch viel kleineren Palast, der dem US-Botschafter als Residenz dient. Wobei ich mich schon frage, wie man es schafft, 52 Zimmer gleichzeitig zu renovieren Zwischenzeitlich sollte ich das wahrscheinlich gewohnt sein, aber DT's Umgang mit der Wahrheit ist immer wieder erstaunlich.

The big crowds, which the Corrupt Media hates to show, were those that gathered in support of the USA and me. You can search the forum without needing to register. You need to be logged in to use the vocabulary trainer. Registration and use of the trainer are free of charge. Transliteration aktiv Tastaturlayout Phonetisch. Seite auf Deutsch. Dear user, We put a lot of love and effort into our project.

Your contribution supports us in maintaining and developing our services. Donate via PayPal. Teile dieser Seite funktionieren nur mit aktiviertem JavaScript. Comment Thanks you, Masu. Comment Thanks for the new thread, Masu. It seems pretty obvious that there's likely to be scope for prosecution, or at least fines.

On the other hand, in the more relative world of realpolitik, it could also be good for the Democrats if Trump could clearly receive the comforting impression that they were potentially willing to cut him some slack on issues of personal ethics, in return for more negotiating flexibility on issues of national policy. I have wondered if something like that -- along with his sinking poll numbers, of course -- could be behind his decision not to fight over the State of the Union.

A win-win would actually be for him to get his big moment on camera after a negotiated compromise. And it seems pretty clear that he had originally been perfectly willing to take the negotiated compromise in December, until he was singed by the feedback from the ultra-right-wing media firebrands. If Democrats, of all people, could offer him a little shelter from the storm, why shouldn't he accept an olive twiglet? He is the only one who could simply speak straight out to his base and say: I'm sorry, we should have been able to pass legislation to build the wall when we had control of both houses of Congress.

But we missed the opportunity because we spent our time on tax cuts for the rich and tariffs against China that hurt American farmers. Not that he would put it in exactly those words. We'll try again next time; but in the meantime, let's take the money the Democrats are offering for increasing staffing and technology on the border, since that's what will make the greatest dent in drug smuggling. It would help even more if the hitherto spineless Texas senators Cruz and Cornyn could simply acknowledge that there is absolutely no majority in support of wall building, even in our right-wing-dominated state, which is partly why the wall bills didn't pass even under total Republican control.

Our border is the river, so anywhere you build a wall, you have issues of eminent domain and federal seizure of private property, often miles away from the actual border. That doesn't go over well with conservatives, who would formerly have fought tooth and nail to defend property rights, farms that have been in families for generations. And can I just mention the butterflies? Since you mention Clinton: yes, it could be considered rational to agree to overlook misbehavior, even illegality, that was relatively minor in the larger scheme of things -- that is, that did not itself directly threaten the constitutionality of the federal government.

Nacionalismo y antisemitismo. EI antisemitismo, e! Siguiendo los factores que estructuran e! The splendour of works of art contributes to the worldly reality since they are traditionally destined to last in a public place. Full Text Available One of the possible interpretations for the esteem Arendt had for the res publica makes us think of a form of government which is potentially capable of stimulate citizens to the exercise of public liberty.

The point in this essay is to analyse the not so well known principal of organisation of these areas of liberty, which are born from the experience of the political action per se. This paper presents a theoretical essay which aims to situate a framework able to address organizations that, established in a social way as collective political subjects, present themselves as alternatives. One is based upon Hannah Arendt 's thought, according to whom politics is the action which seeks agreements, joint actions, a reflection of the plural condition of man, and an end in itself.

Thus, taking this perspective as a foundation, one tried to demonstrate that, in the same way how the capitalist system crystallizes political forgetfulness in modern times, the hegemonic organizing model and the traditional theoretical approach of. Arendt og Kafka. Franz Kafka experienced a legal and political vacuum opening up in the middle of civilized Europe, Hannah Arendt saw it as culminating in the death camps.

In this sinister historical situation both authors were not so much interested in the question of specific rights as in the more fundamental This essay explores the intricate relationship between Kafka's and Arendt 's analyses of the "calamity of the rightless". On the one hand, Kafka's literary diagnosis of rightlessness will be reconstructed through a reading of his story The contention is that Arendt 's notion of the right to have rights and, hence, her reading The political philosopher Hannah Arendt develops several arguments regarding why truthfulness cannot be counted among the political virtues.

This article shows that similar arguments apply to lying in business. Based on Hannah Arendt 's theory, we distinguish five reasons why lying is a structural. Full Text Available Abstract It is self-evident that events of the past are bound to places and acting people, they are playing a decisive role for memory and history. Meaning and importance of places and actions in the past depend on their contexts and each change inevitably also changes the meaning of the events itself.

But before doing this, I would like to emphasize the importance which places and acting people play for memory and history with some perhaps unusual remarks. They refer to the official European history and politics which seem to be marked by the absence of places and acting people. A critique of the pedagogies of autonomy in the light of Hannah Arendt 's thinking. The link between the objectives of the educational process and the ideals of freedom and autonomy seems to be a common and recurrent element throughout the various pedagogical discourses that left their mark on the 20th century.

At first sight, this apparent consensus could indicate a rare agreement within a field characterized by theoretical and practical disputes, usually grounded on diverging assumptions, and that tend to point to conflicting ideals and alternative procedures. In this article, we try to argue that such apparent unanimity tends to vanish as we unveil the different meanings. Full Text Available Se sostiene que los juicios reflexivos suponen un sujeto actuante que se determina por sus funciones discursivas.

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Para demostrar que hay un sujeto discursivo o narrativo en Arendt es preciso referir a las siguientes cuestiones. En este sentido, el sujeto no es cualquier sujeto. What Would Sartre Say? And, Arendt 's Reply? Only governments can ensure, through laws and policies, the provision of universal public goods, such as a safe supply of water, affordable health care and housing.

They can regulate commerce and the private sector. In this paper we claim educational leadership as an autonomous discipline whose goals and strategies should not mirror those typical of business and political leadership. In order to define the aims proper to educational leadership we question three common assumptions of what it is supposed to carry out. First, we turn to Hannah Arendt and her…. In this essay, Duck-Joo Kwak draws on Hannah Arendt 's concept of judgment in exploring what it means to teach the humanities as a form of values education in a postmetaphysical age.

Arendt 's concept of judgment is closely related to Ciceronian humanism, which is concerned with the wisdom to choose one's company while appreciating this pursuit…. In this paper, I explore the educational significance of the work of Hannah Arendt through reflections on four papers that constitute this special issue.

I focus on the challenge of reconciling ourselves to reality, that is, of being at home in the world. Although Arendt 's idea of being at home in the world is connected to her explorations of…. The famous political philosopher Hannah Arendt develops several arguments why truthfulness cannot be counted among the political virtues. It introduces concepts such as the banality of evil, which continue raising excited comments in different latitudes.

Here, we want to focus on another controversy aroused by the book and based on Eichmann's trial in Jerusalem. We propose here to examine what thinking is for Freud and Lacan, and thus to question whether Eichmann thought or did not. Invisible streams : Process-thinking in Arendt. For Hannah Arendt , some of the most distinctive features of the modern age derived from the adoption of a process-imaginary in science, history, and administration. This interpretation, it is argu Full Text Available The article argues a lecture of H. Imperialism would thus be the logical consequence of forgetting the principle that commands men transforming the earth as a habitable place, inserting in it a system of legal mediations.

Finally, I will deal with the criticism of Arendt on human rights —near to the criticism that she leveled at the nationalism concealed by every national state, whose content she drastically reduces to the requirement of belonging effectively to a political community. Arendt on Hobbes as the true philosopher of the bourgeoisie. Full Text Available In The Origins of Totalitarianism, when examine the elements and origins of total domination, Hannah Arendt devotes special attention to the political emancipation of the bourgeoisie. For Arendt imperialism is the truth of the bourgeois understanding of politics, according to which politics should not be more than a well-organized police force.

The truth of bourgeois politics is the reduction of politics to mere force. Our purpose is to reconstruct this movement from the vantage point of arendtian appropriation of Hobbes, "the true philosopher of the bourgeoisie. Arendt , Eichmann y la banalidad del mal. Both premises will permit me to point out what, in my understanding, the banalization of humanity implies, not only in the context of the Jewish Holocaust, but in each of the societies in which the elimination of spontaneity is a reality. Understanding and action are central themes in Hannah Arendt 's thought and an idea that runs throughout her work is that whenever human beings act, they start processes.

It is in this light that she saw education as a process whose aim is to make human beings feel at home in the world. Given the centrality of process in understanding action, early…. On September 4, , a crisis occurred at Little Rock Central High School in which a mob of white citizens followed, taunted, and harassed a black student, Elizabeth Eckford, who was attempting to register for classes at the newly desegregated school.

An art history of means: Arendt -Benjamin. Full Text Available Transmissibility is an essential concept for any discourse on historiography and aesthetics. In fact, this concept traverses the contemporary impasse of art historical critical practice. It allows them to conceive a space of history from within the aesthetic, the world of artifice.

This essay reads Benjamin and Arendt alongside and against one other in order to rethink art and history without resorting to eschatology or the histrionics of political theology. In creating this virtual historiography— Arendt -Benjamin—it conceives transmissibility as an aesthetic-historiographic concept that renders an openness between past and future, poiesis and aisthesis. Writing the history of art becomes the creation of a passage between what-has-been and artifice; it becomes the opening of history into life, an event of recollection.

This paper proposes a turnover to the theories which have fostered the 20th Century discourse upon the public sphere. By depicting the way in which the structural transformations suffered by the public sphere within the framework of modernity have been theorized by the pre-Habermasian discourse upon the public sphere, the present work aims at revealing the similarities as well as the differences between John Dewey's approach of the public sphere and Hannah Arendt 's theory of the political rea Full Text Available In reflecting on the two major cuts in the human history in midth century, whose codes are Auschwitz and Kolima, and the simultaneous crisis of political thought, not only did Hannah Arendt radically challenge the traditional relationship between philosophy and politics, but she also thoroughly redefined the established concepts of political thought.

Not only did she criticise the absent-minded attitude of traditional philosophy towards politics, but, at the same time, she requested the conditions necessary for the possibility of participation for those who were, not willingly, excluded from the life of the political community: entitlement to rights. How, then, can philosophy and politics be put together? Here we wish to present how H. Full Text Available SUMMARY In reflecting on the two major cuts in the human history in midth century, whose codes are Auschwitz and Kolima, and the simultaneous crisis of political thought, not only did Hannah Arendt radically challenge the traditional relationship between philosophy and politics, but she also thoroughly redefined the established concepts of political thought.

Vormundschaftsrecht als Grundlage politischer Herrschaft. Puppels Untersuchung ist in zwei Hauptteile gegliedert. However, as I will show in this paper, such a definition is problematic, particularly because of the relation that Arendt establishes between power and authority, her decision to separate the social and the political, and her understanding of ideology, philosophy, and common sense in politics. Hannah Montana som nissemor. Winnicott and Arendt : bridging potential and political spaces. In this article, the author seeks to bridge analytic theory, which is used as an interpretive framework to understand patients' psychic lives, and political philosophy, which accounts for individuals living a life in common as citizens.

Specifically, I address how we can understand the relation between the psychosocial space of a parent s and child interaction, which becomes part of the child's psychic life, and the political space between and within citizens. The underlying claim is that there is a correlation between political space and the space between parent and child.

I use an emended version of Donald Winnicott's concept of potential space and political philosopher Hannah Arendt 's notion of the space of appearances to suggest connections between the consulting room and political space. The ideal of State and Justice in Schmitt and Arendt. Full Text Available This paper presents two views of the contemporary political theory relating to the theme of justice and the State, Absolute Estatalismo Karl Schmitt and his theory Orthodox referring to the conflict. In Hannah Arendt came to be addressing the political consensus from the community and politics as public action.

The political dilemma of justice in our times is ro- oted in the classical tradition policy ancient and modern but is exacerbated because of the rail- ways ideological conviction of the use of power, the handling of their political instrumentalization. The justice in the State has the features provided by the policy and level of social consensus or understanding that it troubled present. This article is a theoretical essay that reflects on the phenomenon of violence in the contemporary world, grounded on the perspective furnished by Hannah Arendt 's political philosophy.

Starting from her interpretation of Kant, we have connected Arendt 's original theory on violence with its philosophical basis, Humanism. To the more philosophical and social understanding provided by Arendt , we have tried to add, through an interdisciplinary approach, the contributions given by Jung's depth psychology, discussing and underlining the relevance of his concepts of singular individual and unconscious and his critique of culture.

The common origin of both theories leads to different yet complementary interpretations of the phenomenon of violence, and eventually to asserting the importance of recovering Humanism as a central idea in the way we understand violence and the contemporary world. Politische Bildung und das Web 2. In der vorliegenden Studie wird der Frage nachgegangen, inwieweit das Internet und speziell das Web 2. Schliesslich wird auf der Grundlage einer Nutzerbefragung an knapp Teilnehmern virtueller politischer Bildungsangebote einer politischen Stiftung der Frage nachgegangen, wie Web Arendt y el nuevo imperialismo.

Arendt argues here that imperialism at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th centuries was the consequence of two conflicting logics: that of the geographically bounded nation-state, and that of the unlimited expansion of the capitalist economy. Secondly, I show how this idea of two conflicting logics has been recently taken over by different social analysts to investigate the world geopolitical and economic situation during the presidential mandate of George Bush Jr.

Arendt was haunted by the past and the memories of how the democratic structures of the Weimar Republic had been undermined, manipulated, and finally transformed into a totalitarian terror regime. The issues of freedom, equality, and the shortcomings of democratic societies form a transcultural nexus in her oeuvre. This reading of Arendt will reveal how her efforts to deal with a transatlantic traumatic past shaped the felt need to voice democratic dissent in the United States.

Arendt is usually rooted firmly in a European philosophical context. She has been canonized as one of the foremost philosophical thinkers from Germany on the emergence of totalitarian systems and the Holocaust. This transatlantic force field looms large over the second half of the twentieth century in the realm of culture and politics. She decided not to return to the new democratic Germany with its Grundgesetz fashioned along the lines of the American Constitution.

Instead, she insisted on becoming naturalized and used her transnational background as a basis to address democratic gaps from the vantage point of an American citizen. First, Mehring shows in which ways Arendt identified herself as an American and wished to become recognized as an American citizen. Revolution, Event and Theory of the Act.

Adjudication and the public realm. An analysis based on the work of Hannah Arendt. In this article, the possible tension between adjudication, understood as a public service, on the one hand, and the inevitable tendencies in a modern democracy towards the rationalization and personalization of this service, on the other, will be analysed. It will be shown that these tendencies in.

A major problem with this view is that it relies on the idea that the guarantee for democracy lies in the existence of a…. In this article, the author contends that there is by now a devastating catalogue of evidence revealing the depth and breadth of corporate-sponsored, government-sanctioned acts of violence against the environment across the globe. British Petroleum's BP oil spill, for instance, is a testament to large-scale catastrophic ecological damages….

The "Civic-Minded" Professional? Recent reform initiatives calling for "civic" "public-good" or "democratic" professionalism can be seen as a response to the widely reported decline in public trust in the professions and an attempt to partially remedy this problem through a more publically engaged professionalism. The author draws on the political…. The following paper is a key note address presented by Kathleen B. Kathleen B. Conceptualising difference is a key task for inclusive pedagogy, and vital to the politics of inclusion.

My purpose in this paper is to consider the place that imagination has in helping us to conceptualise difference, and to argue that imagination has a key part to play in inclusive pedagogy. To do this I draw closely on the work of Maxine Greene…. Per quanto il suo testo sia solo una fase di un work in progress che ancora lascia molte questioni aperte, riteniamo The shortcomings of the concept of empathy — learning from Hannah Arendt.

In this presentation, we address the existential question of how, in a world of upheaval and discontinuity, we are to live together and work together with the other who is a stranger, in a way that does not dissolve plurality but also does not slide into moral relativism.

In such conditions Morally, this knowledge is then assumed to be used to act in ways that take the other into account. In educational research Gerechtigkeit denken. John Rawls' politische Philosophie aus sozialethischer Perspektive. John Rawls' "Eine Theorie der Gerechtigkeit" wird grundlegend dargestellt.

Politik ergibt sich nach Herbart aus einem Konflikt hinsichtlich der Frage, wie das Zusammenleben von Menschen geregelt sein sollte. Welche Bedeutung kommt dem Internet in der Politikvermittlung zu? Der vorliegende Aufsatz nimmt die Diskussion um das politische Internet auf und illustriert die damit verbundenen Fragestellungen im Rahmen einer empirischen Untersuchung zu politischen Gruppen aus der Schweiz, die sich auf Facebook gebildet haben. The route we suggest presumes that Arendt , while intending to fight the oblivion and substitutions suffered by the political sphere, denouncing its poietic foundation, wants to formulate not only a new idea of politics but also a new idea of history.

Exploring the critiques of the social model of disability: the transformative possibility of Arendt 's notion of power. The social model of disability has demonstrated political success for disabled people in society. At the same time, it has been labelled an outdated ideology in need of further development. While the social model of disability has been used successfully for political activism, it has simultaneously created conflict and tensions in disability studies, sociology and the sociology of the body. This article sheds light on the confusion surrounding the social model of disability by discussing the historical emergence of its different forms.

It then proceeds to analyse and evaluate key criticisms of the social model of disability. The article then goes on to explore the relevance of different forms of power to the current discourse on disability before proceeding to explore in depth what might be gained from the approach of one particular theorist on power; Hannah Arendt. It suggests that there may be merit in drawing on Arendt and illustrates some of the benefits of a more nuanced idea of a pluralistic body and experiences.

The study uses qualitative content analysis e. In this study I discuss how, for instance, Arendtian concepts could be explained in relation to crafts, craft-making and education. Arendt categorises craft, defined as things made by hand, as part of the concept of work. In this study, I consider whether crafts and craft-making could be part of other Arendtian terms as well and how these terms fit various educational situations.

These three orientations of craft frame student. It has been presented in its many political approaches. To redeem what could be redeemed. Herconcept of natality, derived from Augustinian thought, opposes to being-towards--death. This movement makes a different conception of subjectivity possible: Heideggerianegocentrism can be substituted by a plurality. Vitalism as proposed by AgataBielik-Robson is noticeable in the interpretational efforts of Arendt and defendsa particular subjectivity against dissolution of any kind into Wholeness.

Simultaneously,a vision of a community is formed — the community of equals constructedthanks to the recognition of contingency in conditio humana. In other words, herargument overcomes claims to absolute freedom. It corresponds with a complicated attitude towards modernity farfrom simple resolutions: a sense of historicity builds a strategic position as a conditionof successful emancipation.

No Space. Her work is read as an early reminder that the internationally promoted human rights regime may be merely a rhetorical reference, without the will or international authority for political action. He agrees with Arendt that legal authority must rest upon power Macht and not domination Herrschaft, but he insists that the undercurrent of common power is the moral capability of an agent. I also examine the philosophical sources of Arendt 's theory of judgment, namely, Kant's theory of aesthetic judgment and its criteria of validity.

Agonistic recognition in education has three interlinked modes of aesthetic experience and self-presentation where one is related to actions in the public realm; one is related to plurality in the way in which it comes into existence in confrontation with others; and one is related to the subject-self, disclosed by "thinking.

Arendt"s conception…. Politischer Klientelismus. In connection with the crisis in Greece, politics and mass media have often referred to clientelism in recent years. Detailed descriptions of the phenomenon are however rare, as are in-depth discussions about the extent to which it actually poses a problem and is not just a part of normal Nevertheless, paradoxically, Caribbean women are able to succeed and prosper in the business world. Perhaps a long tradition of resourcefulness for the survival of her offspring and of herself , in other words for the oikonomia, constitutes the basis for such an economic competence.

Full Text Available Biofuels have recently emerged as a major issue in energy policy, agricultural development and natural resource management. The growing demand for biofuels is being driven by high oil prices, energy security concerns and global climate change. In Tanzania there is growing interest on the part of foreign private investors in establishing biofuel projects, although globally there are concerns related to biofuel investments.

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Tanzania has approved a number of such projects, but the biofuel subsector faces several policy challenges that could clearly hamper its development. These include the lack of a holistic and comprehensive energy policy that addresses the broad spectrum of energy options and issues, and weak or absent institutional and legal frameworks. This article highlights some key policy issues critical to the development of biofuels and argues that if these challenges are not addressed at the national policy level, biofuel development may not result in the expected benefits to Tanzania and the majority of its local communities.

Foucault's and Arendt 's "insider view" of biopolitics: a critique of Agamben. This article revisits Arendt 's and Foucault's converging accounts of modern bio politics and the entry of biological life into politics. Through attention to the genealogy of Arendt 's and Foucault's own ideas we will see that the major point of convergence in their thinking is their insistence upon understanding biological thinking from the inside, in terms of its positivity. Agamben's assessment of modern politics is closer to Arendt 's than it is to Foucault's and this marks a fascinating point of disagreement between Arendt and Foucault.

Whereas Arendt sees the normalizing force of modern society as being in total opposition to individuality, Foucault posits totalization and individuation as processes of normation, which casts a light upon the relative import they place upon politics and ethics. Interview: interview with P Jeffrey Conn. Interview by Hannah Coaker. He served as a professor of Pharmacology at Emory University from to , before moving to Merck and Co. Dr Conn moved to Vanderbilt University in where he is the founding director of the VCNDD, with a primary mission of facilitating translation of recent advances in basic science to novel therapeutics.

The VCNDD consists of approximately full-time scientists and has advanced novel molecules from four major programs as development candidates for clinical testing with industry partners. Dr Conn has served in editorial positions with multiple international journals and has served the scientific advisory boards of multiple foundations and companies. He has received numerous awards based on the impact of his basic and translational research. Dr Conn's current research is focused on development of novel treatment strategies for schizophrenia, Parkinson's disease and other serious brain disorders.

Banalitet og egensind. Terrorism: A Selected Bibliography. Terrorism, Outraged World Seeks an Answer. News and World Report, September 18, , p. Arendt , Hannah. Crisis of the Republic. Brace Jovanovich, Arendt , Hannah , On Violence. Harcourt, Brace and World, On Revolutions. It belongs to descriptive qualitative method.

The research object was expressive speech act. The data source was utterances which contain expressive speech acts in the film Hannah Montana Session 1. The researcher used observation method and noting technique in collecting the data. In analyzing the data, descriptive qualitative method was used. The research findings show that there are ten kinds of expressive speech act found in Hannah Montana Session 1, namely expressing apology, expressing thanks, expressing sympathy, expressing attitudes, expressing greeting, expressing wishes, expressing joy, expressing pain, expressing likes, and expressing dislikes.

The forms of expressive speech act are direct literal expressive speech act, direct non-literal expressive speech act, indirect literal expressive speech act, and indirect non-literal expressive speech act. Interview with James Bradner. Interviewed by Hannah Coaker. The present research focus of the Bradner laboratory concerns the discovery and optimization of prototype drugs targeting cancer gene regulation.

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The clinical objective of the Bradner group is to deliver novel therapeutics for human clinical investigation in hematologic diseases. This article proposes a novel theorisation of higher education classroom spaces by bringing Arendt 's concept of the space of appearance into relation with Guillemin and Gillam's notion of ethically important moments.

The main arguments are first, that a focus on ethically important moments within the higher education space of appearance enables a…. This case is exemplary for a form of political rule of women that was possible, and not even seldom, during the early modern period, a fact which has not been adequately contended with till now. Full Text Available This paper takes a critical look at the view that the Internet can serve as a laboratory of political experimentation for reconfiguring the repertories of political actions. The overall discourses on information and communications technology ICT are too often focused on technology and infrastructure, when the question of its use should be central.

In order to comprehend how ICT can serve as a democratic enhancer, this paper critically examines the African anthropology of the state and of the public sphere. It captures the African endogenous productions of political modernity and the subsequent way ICT is appropriated and indigenized by African local instances. African states and civil societies do not fit into prescriptive Western paradigms. Hemostatic interference of Indian king cobra Ophiophagus hannah Venom. Comparison with three other snake venoms of the subcontinent.

Being the biggest poisonous snake, O. Lack of therapeutic antivenom to O. This study was initiated to compare O. These activities are similar to that shown by E. Venoms of O. Although N. Venom of E. Venom of O. All these three venoms showed complete inhibition of epinephrine-induced aggregation at varied doses. However, O. In setting the play in Edinburgh and placing emphasis on its women characters, Cownie underscores the universal and timeless relevance of Cowley's play as well as its performance versatility.

In the summer of , Hannah Russell was tried for petty treason, viz.


Their lodger, Daniel Leney, was indicted as her accomplice. The exact circumstances surrounding the death were unclear but Hannah was known to have purchased white arsenic arsenious oxide. A local surgeon, Thomas Evans, supported at the post-mortem examination by two further surgeons, not only reported severe corrosion of the gastrointestinal tract, but also the recovery of nearly an eighth of an ounce of arsenic from the victim's stomach.

Both accused were convicted and sentenced to death. Leney was executed, but Hannah Russell was respited because the trial judge, Sir Robert Graham, had doubts as to a direction he had given to the jury. The surgeon and paleontologist Gideon Mantell took up her case, stressing that death from arsenic could not have taken place as quickly as was alleged and maintaining that the chemical evidence of arsenic poisoning was inconclusive.

He gained the support of some eminent chemists and physicians. Subsequently, forensic toxicologists [Sir] Robert Christison and Alfred Swaine Taylor pointed out that Mantell's arguments as to the possible time to death in arsenic poisoning were quite wrong. Moreover, Evans gave details of the analyses he and his colleagues had undertaken to Christison, who pronounced the findings sound, as indeed did Mantell after Evans and his colleagues published details of their investigations in the Sussex Advertiser.

Papers in The National Archives show that Hannah was pardoned for the offence for which she was indicted, leaving it open to prefer a lesser charge. That this was never done may have been due to Mantell's campaign, at least in part, but the pardon she did receive was due to the concern of the trial judge as to the implications of the evidence presented at trial. Das politische Bild. Situation Room: ein Foto — vier Analysen. Hanna Arendt and the distinction between knowing and thinking: reflections for science teaching. Full Text Available Theoretical contributions are proposed for the formation of science teachers from the distinction between knowledge and thought presented by Hanna Arendt.

For the author, the action of knowing, accomplished by science, seeks truths, while the thought, as a action of spirit, seeks meanings. The concept of creative potential is used, suggested by the plastic artist Fayga Ostrower, as a motivational factor of thinking for production of meanings. It can be concluded that science teaching must aim at the development of the ability of not only knowing, but also thinking, promoting the expansion of the creative potential of students and teachers. Dunn, Dena M. This article presents the importance of multidisciplinary, family-centered care, and a developmental bio-psycho-social approach to treating feeding difficulties in a child with a complex medical history.

Hannah spent the first 9 months of her life in the hospital and was discharged dependent on nasogastric tube feeding. Her journey to recovery…. She distinguishes three causes for the crisis: the assumption of an autonomous child's world, the predominance of pedagogy over knowledge, and the teaching of skill rather than of knowledge.

Every education system must bear responsibility for the development of the child as a person, at the same time ensuring the continuity of the world. The phenomenon of refusing responsibility for the world is a symptom of estrangement. In her view, education is where it is up to us to decide whether we love the world and our children enough to prepare them for the task of renewing a common world.

Venom-gland transcriptome and venom proteome of the Malaysian king cobra Ophiophagus hannah. The king cobra Ophiophagus hannah is widely distributed throughout many parts of Asia. This study aims to investigate the complexity of Malaysian Ophiophagus hannah MOh venom for a better understanding of king cobra venom variation and its envenoming pathophysiology. Transcriptomic results reveal high redundancy of toxin transcripts Among the 23 toxin families identified, three-finger toxins 3FTxs and snake-venom metalloproteases SVMPs have the most diverse isoforms.

Seventeen toxin families exhibited low mRNA expression, including hyaluronidase, DPP-IV and 5'-nucleotidase that were not previously reported in the venom-gland transcriptome of a Balinese O. Within this toxin family, there are 6 long-chain, 5 short-chain and 2 non-conventional 3FTx. Neurotoxins comprise the major 3FTxs in the MOh venom, consistent with rapid neuromuscular paralysis reported in systemic envenoming. Dissimilarities in the subtypes and sequences between the neurotoxins of MOh and Naja kaouthia monocled cobra are in agreement with the poor cross-neutralization activity of N.

Besides, the presence of cobra venom factor, nerve growth factors. Interiores y Hannah y sus hermanas: artistas y creadores en el cine de Woody Allen. Full Text Available Las reflexiones acerca del arte y las que tienen a los artistas que producen las obras como protagonistas son ejes fundamen- tales en la obra del cineasta neoyorquino Woody Allen. Comments on "cyclical swings" by Professor Hannah Decker: The underappreciated "solid center" of psychiatry.

The history of psychiatry is characterized by some deep ideological and conceptual divisions, as adumbrated in Professor Hannah Decker's essay. However, the schism between "biological" and "psychosocial" models of mental illness and its treatment represents extreme positions among some psychiatrists-not the model propounded by academic psychiatry or its affiliated professional organizations. George L. Engel has been, and remains, the foundational model for academic psychiatry, notwithstanding malign market forces that have undermined the BPSM's use in clinical practice. This "Alexandrian-Jaspersian-Engelian" tradition is explored in relation to Professor Decker's "cyclical swing" model of psychiatry's history.

Theories of Hannah Arendt and John Rex.