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The Untold Truth Of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Felicia Jackson needs a home makeover—well, a home—not simply because she fulfilled a dying wish and adopted 10 children, but because the welfare system has completely failed her and her family. Indeed, the producers and crew fully recognize that what draws in viewers is not the design tips or the heart-squeezing final reveal; rather, viewers watch the show in order to compare their lives to the showcased family.

People like these deserve great design. What are some of these extraordinary things that said family is accomplishing? In general, they are serving the goal of neoliberalism: providing obesity-reduction programs for teens in schools where funding was cut, feeding the homeless in a town with no shelter. These makeoverees, in short, deserve a home makeover because they have successfully privatized social services.

And one thing home-makeover shows have decidedly done is recalibrate what poverty looks like, shifting the scale so that what used to be considered poor is now the new middle class, left to fend for itself without governmental assistance like welfare. Instead of building solidarity around their common troubles, homeowners and viewers are socialized to see endemic economic issues as individual roadblocks, surmountable so long as a TV crew and a product-placement deal are in the picture.

Whether Extreme Makeover: Form Edition comes to pass seems unlikely.

Extreme Makeover - Home Eviction: Woman Forced Out of Home After It Was Transformed on TV

Join Today. Search form Search. Leave this field blank. Read this Next:. Montalvo May 26, Thanks to our Sponsors. Its quiet refreshing to see stories of hope, courage and brevity. It all starts with small things like the seed of a mustard tree. So lets step it up and start helping as little as we can. What a wonderful story.

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There was a lot of negative going on in his life, but his faith in God and himself made up climb and lift one behind him. What a wonderful man, that he has so much love and shows it so openly. May God continue to bless him and his family, and may is sons always no that their hero is within their home and not outside. Thank you for selecting a family that was so deserving of a makeover.

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How could one hold back on the tears while watching the family receive their gift of love from The Extreme Home Makeover team! What a humble and gentle man with a heart of gold! May God continue to bless Mr. McFarland, his boys, his Pack House Project, and his community.

4 Inspiring Stories From Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Thank You for putting yourself out there and reminding people that No matter how hard life may get as a single parent we can do the best that we can be. I just want one thing… Please tell me the quote about helping people up? What a blessing that you and your family would receive a much needed home makeover….

Keep up the good work. May God continue to bless you as you pass on the many blessings he has given you. You were so thankful for what was done for you and so very humble. Again thank you for caring and sharing with others! I hope and pray there are more people — dads and moms that will try to be better role models for our young people. With parenting comes responsibility. Just wondering.

May god bless you and yourfamily. McFarland is an outstanding man and person and he deserved all of the gifts he recieved. I just cryed with him and I was so happy for he and his family. I am a single parent as well and KNOW the struggles that single parents face daily. Our communities need more positive, uplifting, inspiring, role models for our young men.

I would like to contact Mr. McFarland to find out if there is anything I can do to assist him in his quest for encouraging knowledge. I could not contain my tears to see a young man to make his dream come true for his family, he seem to be a wonderful man and a great father and not to mentiona amazing role model for the kids. I respect and my warm wishes goes out to the McFarland family.

Extreme Makeover: Five Essential Paradigms for Sustainable Transformation

His story touch us all the way in Mississippi. I was so touched and inspired by Mr. He truly deserves this. He has been blessed and has the favor of God on his life.

How to Actually Experience the Hope You Have in Christ

I also hope that all the people in the community appreciate him for his hard work and dedication to the lives of the youth. He has inspired me to step up and be more involved in the lives of young people. He is a stepping stone for many around the world, including myself! He is awesome!! Bernard if you ever read this, just know that you are so derserving! What a man, who is making the difference, changing the lives of others…Your sons have a wonderful dad, I believe they to will be a leader, and make a difference!

And because of you, many other children will also become achieving individuals…I actaully cried tears of joy!! You are dealt a blessed opportunity, to mentor many, young and old.. I was so touched by Mr. McFarland, he is an awesome man and we need more men like him. He is a mentor, a father, a role model, and an activist.

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