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But despite the hard work of the tradespeople who followed the plans, the plans themselves were defective. The outcome of their poor design decisions is obvious to anyone looking at the line of 30 people. Forward motion happens when we see the best practices of our craft and exceed them. The simple but hard to follow rule is this: Only borrow money to buy things that go up in value. You can justify borrowing money to buy a car if the car enables you to make enough money to pay the debt back… But medallion cab owners in New York have recently learned that there are few sure things.

The deal with credit card debt, though is simply terrible. The Times got this completely wrong yesterday, pushing people deeper into a trap that they should run away from. And the Washington Post points out that the number of people getting a loan for their wedding is skyrocketing. This is a problem. The sad news is that the best you can do within an industrial system that makes it harder and harder to catch up through effort is to begin by avoiding debt.

It turns out that paying interest on interest is a long-term trap. The real win is to borrow money to embrace high-yield education, and then borrow money if you need it to build an asset, a business that creates value for you and the people you serve. Eyes that belong to humans, to critics, to people hoping for the best. Mostly, to people who expect you to keep your promises. What do you do when you face an alien looking vegetable? The economic cost is tiny.

How will I deal with my ignorance of what to do with it? The kohlrabi metaphor runs deep. The way we process words changes the way we act. The story we tell ourselves has an emotional foundation, but those emotions are triggered by the words we use. Hope to see you there. In fact, the head of marketing is often more of a consigliere, charged with making a case to the CEO. The rest of the time, the head of marketing is mostly following the lead of the boss. At brand-oriented companies like Unilever, the brand manager has far more influence than she might at a place like Facebook, Basecamp or Slack, where it seems like the degrees of freedom are much narrower.

If you want a marketing head, you need to give them the freedom to actually do marketing. The first day of summer is right around the corner or winter, if you live in the other hemisphere. The key words are now and I. The spread of TED talks means that more and more people are being put on stage and told to memorize their talk. Instead, you will see someone speaking from the heart.

More specifically, I have a Sky Sports subscription. De-marketing What is de-marketing? Normally, this happens in a retail environment. Need de-marketing examples? What about de-marketing resources? Defensive marketing What is defensive marketing? Perhaps a company has seen a new rival emerge. Need defensive marketing examples? For a long time, Sky TV had a monopoly on English football. This is defensive marketing at its best. What about defensive marketing resources? Differential marketing What is differential marketing? Need differential marketing examples? Some of the customers will want sports channels in their package; others will crave movies.

Digital marketing What is digital marketing? Need digital marketing examples? What about digital marketing resources? Direct marketing What is direct marketing? Need direct marketing examples? Direct mail marketing What is direct mail marketing? Direct mail marketing is communicating with audiences via flyers and letters through the post.

Companies will usually send marketing collateral to a particular demographic. Need direct mail marketing examples?

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Need disruptive marketing examples? What about disruptive marketing resources? Diversity marketing What is diversity marketing? Diversity marketing is more commonly known as ethnic marketing. Need diversity marketing examples? Door-to-door marketing What is door-to-door marketing? Need door-to-door marketing examples? Double-glazing is one of the commodities most commonly associated with door-to-door marketing.

What about door-to-door marketing resources? Drip marketing What is drip marketing? Need drip marketing examples? What about drip marketing resources? Ecommerce marketing What is ecommerce marketing? Ecommerce marketing can take place online and offline. Need ecommerce marketing examples?

What about ecommerce marketing resources? Email marketing What is email marketing? Email marketing is marketing your brand to a group of prospects. Need email marketing examples? Entrepreneurial marketing What is entrepreneurial marketing? Entrepreneurial marketing is about sole individuals executing mainstream marketing strategies. Instead, they must try to get the results they need with more innovative methods. Need entrepreneurial marketing examples? What about entrepreneurial resources? Ethnic marketing What is ethnic marketing? Need ethnic marketing examples?

What about ethnic marketing resources? Evangelism marketing What is evangelism marketing? Need evangelism marketing examples? Apple has a seemingly endless supply of brand evangelists. What about evangelism marketing resources? Event marketing What is event marketing? Need event marketing examples? What about event marketing resources? Expeditionary marketing What is expeditionary marketing? Expeditionary marketing describes the concept of marketing for growth.

Need expeditionary marketing examples? What about expeditionary marketing resources? Experiential marketing What is experiential marketing? Need experiential marketing examples? Red Bull is famous for pulling off amazing experiential marketing campaigns. What about experiential marketing resources? Facebook marketing What is Facebook marketing?

Need Facebook marketing examples? Facebook marketing happens all day, every day. What about Facebook marketing resources? Field marketing What is field marketing? Need field marketing examples? What about field marketing resources? Flanking marketing What is flanking marketing? Need flanking marketing examples? What about flanking marketing resources?

Free sample marketing What is free sample marketing? Need free sample marketing examples? Freebie marketing What is freebie marketing? Need freebie marketing examples? What about freebie marketing resources? Geographic marketing [or geo-marketing] What is geographic marketing? Geo marketing involves incorporating geographical intelligence within a marketing campaign. Need geographic marketing examples? What about geographic marketing resources? Global marketing What is global marketing? Global marketing is simply marketing something internationally.

Need global marketing examples? Many products are advertised all over the world. Businesses use goods marketing to increase the sales of a physical product [not a service]. Need goods marketing examples? What about goods marketing resources? Green marketing What is green marketing? Green marketing is using an environmentally friendly angle to promote a brand or product. Need green marketing examples? Referring to their carbon footprint, Sky has been carbon-free for over 10 years now. What about green marketing resources? Guerrilla marketing What is guerrilla marketing?

A successful guerrilla marketing campaign will be interesting, surprising and memorable. Need guerrilla marketing examples? In , the film Carrie was re-released. Horizontal marketing What is horizontal marketing? Need horizontal marketing examples? Many web designers have trouble getting their clients to create content for their new sites.

Humanistic marketing What is humanistic marketing? Need humanistic marketing examples? What about humanistic marketing resources? Inbound marketing What is inbound marketing? Inbound marketing focuses on customers who find you, not the other way round. The main inbound marketing strategy is SEO. Any subsequent marketing is inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is the opposite of outbound marketing [number ]. Need inbound marketing examples? What about inbound marketing resources? Take in as much as possible from inbound. Influencer marketing What is influencer marketing? That person is normally a market leader, or someone with a particular influence over a market.

Need influencer marketing examples? What about influencer marketing resources? Informational marketing What is informational marketing? Informational marketing explains exactly what a product or service is. Need informational marketing examples? In-game marketing What is in-game marketing? In-game marketing is the tactic of advertising something inside a game. The trick is to marry up the right ad with the appropriate audience. Need in-game marketing examples? What about in-game marketing resources? Need industrial marketing examples? What about industrial marketing resources?

In-store marketing What is in-store marketing? In-store marketing is any marketing that takes place in a retail shop. Need in-store marketing examples? Integrated marketing What is integrated marketing? To that end, integrated marketing is more of a philosophy than a tactic. Need integrated marketing examples? Google is a company that offers a very integrated experience.

Interactive marketing What is interactive marketing? Need interactive marketing examples? Search engine optimization is the clearest example of interactive marketing in action. What about interactive marketing resources? International marketing What is international marketing?

Need international marketing examples? What about international marketing resources? Internet marketing What is internet marketing? Internet marketing is any marketing that takes place online. For clarity, internet marketing is the same thing as online marketing [number ]. Need internet marketing examples? What about internet marketing resources? Left-brain marketing What is left-brain marketing? Left-brain marketing is marketing that appeals to a practical audience.

Left-brain marketing values organization over creativity. Need left-brain marketing examples? What about left-brain marketing resources? Local marketing What is local marketing? Need local marketing examples? What about local marketing resources? Long tail marketing What is long tail marketing? Need long tail marketing examples? And you will have been recommended products. What about long tail marketing resources? Loyalty marketing What is loyalty marketing? Need loyalty marketing examples? What about loyalty marketing resources?

Mass marketing What is mass marketing? Another name for mass marketing is shotgun marketing [number ]. Need mass marketing examples? What about mass marketing resources? Mega marketing What is mega marketing? Need mega marketing examples? Heathrow has been asking for permission to build a third runway in the UK for years.

What about mega marketing resources? Mobile marketing What is mobile marketing? Potential customers have never been so accessible.

The Mega Online Marketing Guide for Entrepreneurs

Need mobile marketing examples? Multi-level marketing [MLM] What is multi-level marketing? Arbonne is one of the most ethical and established multi-level marketing companies around. What about multi-level marketing resources? Network marketing What is network marketing? Network marketing is another name for multi-level marketing [number 90]. Need network marketing examples? What about network marketing resources?

Neuromarketing What is neuromarketing? Need neuromarketing examples? But in reality, should we be that shocked? What about neuromarketing resources? New media marketing What is new media marketing? New media marketing is marketing through the latest mediums. Need new media marketing examples? Many businesses are using innovative things like virtual reality to increase brand awareness. What about new media marketing resources? Newsletter marketing What is newsletter marketing?

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Newsletter marketing is promoting your company through emails. Whether you call it newsletter marketing or email marketing [number 54] is just semantics. Need newsletter marketing examples? What about newsletter marketing resources? Next-best-action marketing What is next-best-action marketing? No, probably not. Need next-best-action marketing examples? But suppose they offered a cheap tune-up service? What about next-best-action marketing resources? Niche marketing What is niche marketing? A good product in a niche market can often make more money than an average one in a mass market.

Need niche marketing examples? Non-traditional marketing What is non-traditional marketing? Non-traditional marketing is about being daring to be different with your marketing strategies. This approach is risky, but can pay off. Need non-traditional marketing examples? What about non-traditional marketing resources?

Offensive marketing What is offensive marketing? Need offensive marketing examples? What about offensive marketing resources? Offline marketing What is offline marketing? Need offline marketing examples? One-to-one marketing What is one-to-one marketing? One-to-one marketing is marketing that interacts directly and independently with a customer. Need one-to-one marketing examples?

Those of us who have a supermarket loyalty card will get offers and vouchers through the post. What about one-to-one marketing resources? Online marketing What is online marketing? Online marketing is the same thing as internet marketing [number 82]. Need online marketing examples? Basically, just open up any web browser and you're sure to see some sort of ad! What about online marketing resources? Organization marketing What is organization marketing?

Need organization marketing examples? The Salvation Army in South Africa was behind some brilliant organization marketing. What about organization marketing resources? Outbound marketing What is outbound marketing? Outbound marketing is the opposite of inbound marketing [number 73]. Need outbound marketing examples? A billboard is a good example of outbound marketing. What about outbound marketing resources? Outdoor marketing What is outdoor marketing? Outdoor marketing is marketing that takes place outside. Need outdoor marketing examples?

Out-of-home marketing What is out-of-home marketing? Need out-of-home marketing examples? What about out-of-home marketing resources? Partnership marketing What is partnership marketing? Need partnership marketing examples? A while ago, Apple hooked up with Starbucks. Apple gives Starbucks customers free access to iTunes music.

What about partnership marketing resources? Performance marketing What is performance marketing? Need performance marketing examples? PPC advertising is the very personification of performance marketing. Businesses place adverts on the internet. The most clicks the ad gets, the more they pay. What about performance marketing resources? Need permission marketing examples? What about permission marketing resources?

Govt to keep an eye direct selling companies, issued guidelines for direct selling

Person marketing What is person marketing? The goal of person marketing is to create, maintain or change a public opinion of someone. Need some person marketing examples? What about person marketing resources? Personalised marketing What is personalised marketing? Need personalised marketing examples? Facebook uses personalised marketing. I'm sure you've noticed the same thing. Pretty powerful, eh? W hat about personalized marketing resources? Persuasion marketing What is persuasion marketing? Need persuasion marketing examples? What about persuasion marketing resources?

Place marketing What is place marketing? Place marketing to create, maintain or change a public opinion of a place. Need place marketing examples? What about place marketing resources? Point-of-sale marketing What is point-of-sale marketing? Need point-of-sale marketing examples? Wh at about point-of-sale marketing resources?

Post-click marketing What is post-click marketing? Need post-click marketing examples? What about post-click marketing resources? PPC marketing is the strategy of paying for website traffic. The price of the click will depend on how competitive the subject matter is. PPC marketing is a type of internet marketing [number 82]. Need PPC marketing examples? Facebook and search engine ads are the most popular forms of PPC marketing. PR marketing What is PR marketing? PR marketing is working with the media in order to increase brand or product awareness. Need PR marketing examples? Product marketing What is product marketing?

Product marketing is a type of marketing that tries to drive demand and usage of a product. For some people, it means marketing product features effectively. Need product marketing examples? What about product marketing resources? Promotional marketing What is promotional marketing? Need promotional marketing examples?

Black Friday is a global example of promotional marketing. What about promotional marketing strategies? Proximity marketing What is proximity marketing?

30+ Small Business Ideas That’ll Make You Money in 12222

Need proximity marketing examples? What about proximity marketing resources? Pull marketing What is pull marketing? Pull marketing is any form of marketing that generates leads in a non-intrusive way. Need pull marketing examples? What about pull marketing resources?

It’s All About Awareness

Need push marketing examples? Real-time marketing What is real-time marketing? Real-time marketing is any marketing strategy that uses up-to-date information. Need real-time marketing examples? An exit intent pop-up on a website is a good example. Businesses then use that information to market stuff. What about real-time marketing resources? Referral marketing What is referral marketing? Referral marketing is using an existing customer to bring in new customers. Need referral marketing examples? Firstly, the reward for the person doing the referring is both relevant and valuable. What about referral marketing resources?

Relationship marketing What is relationship marketing? Need relationship marketing examples? Do you get vouchers from your local supermarket?

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Or emails from a company on your birthday? What about relationship marketing resources? Remarketing What is remarketing? Remarketing helps businesses communicate with people who have previously visited a website. Need remarketing examples? What about remarketing resources? Reply marketing What is reply marketing? Need reply marketing examples? What about reply marketing resources? Retail marketing What is retail marketing?

Retail marketing is the promotion of goods and services in a retail environment. Need retail marketing examples? What about retail marketing resources? Need reverse marketing examples? What about reverse marketing resources? Need scarcity marketing examples? Scientific marketing What is scientific marketing? Need scientific marketing examples? Market research is a form of scientific marketing. Suppose I was launching a new drink. What about scientific marketing resources?

The first step in developing an email marketing strategy is to decide what you want to achieve. Do you want to generate more sales, increase website visitors or get users to answer a survey? By researching your market you can decide what the best time would be to send the newsletter and also how often you should email them.

Unsubscribes should be avoided at all costs. Another important point is to get your readers to want to open your email and this is done with a superb headline so give this loads of thought and ensure that the content in your newsletter delivers on it. Devin - WD Cape Town. Enlisting the help of a professional is advised but if you have the time then there are plenty of resources to learn from on the Internet. Thanks, Devin. You must be logged in to post a comment Login.

You must be logged in to post a comment. In , Twitter finally launched Twitter Analytics, which allows the more serious user to track their tweets from a marketing perspective. Using this tool, you can see which tweets reached the most users, how many impressions it received, and the overall reception for specific marketing campaigns. Here is a simple guide to using Twitter Analytics. Using this tool means that you can gauge tangibly and transparently the reach of each marketing campaign you launch.

The launch might have been long overdue, but since then Twitter has been updating their analytics tool little by little and improving the user experience. They have since launched a Twitter Analytics standalone app called Engage. They also launched Twitter Moments, which allows users to edit multiple tweets and stitch them together into a single slideshow or video. This is another excellent tool for concluding or summarising a marketing campaign from beginning to end for prosperity and marketing purposes — for example, Rocket Ellie, the flying elephant billboard in Cape Town, South Africa.

Just a glance shows that you can view impressions and engagements, but unless you know how to use this tool to its full potential, it might as well be useless. This tool can be found in the drop down menu underneath your name on the homepage. With this tool, you can see your Twitter engagement rate.

This is where you can view how many people saw your tweet, how many new profiles have followed your account, and how many likes, impressions and retweets each tweet has gained. It also includes replies and how many clicks your links or hashtags received. This is very helpful to see if your content is getting the desired reaction, and maybe you should take your hashtag back to the drawing board. This tool is an excellent way to evaluate how your target audience has received your content.

Your audience will tell you if they like your content, but it might not be as blatant as you would prefer. Therefore, using this to drive your content and marketing strategies provides a massive benefit when launching future campaigns, if you want them to be successful. Use it to better connect with your audience, and at the end of the day, more prospective buyers will become real, paying customers who are interested in your business, and who will help further your brand. The point of this algorithm is to help people engage with others who are like-minded, which means that if five like-minded people enjoy your content, the chances are high that some of their followers will enjoy it too.

Therefore, how do you know how many people you are reaching with your content? When your content appears on the timelines of people who do not follow your account, as stated before, that is your reach. So how do your tweets perform on this platform? The tweet activity tool allows you to see, in a chart, if your tweets are achieving their goals. For many users, a question they ask themselves frequently is how their tweet took off so suddenly, in comparison to others?

Even regular accounts who use Twitter for the social aspect of it, can spend time constructing the perfect joke only for another to perform better. There are tools available that can analyse your followers or recommend what time of day, or day of the week, is best to post your best content. However, the easiest way to answer the question of performance, and how to get to know your audience, lies within your own account data. There are two ways to do this: you can either post tweets in groups within a particular time frame or analyse the activity on specific tweets individually.

The latter is simple — when you select one of your own tweets, along the bottom bar, next to the attach images, GIF and emoji tabs — picking the bar graph icon shows the number of impressions, likes, clicks and retweets that single tweet received. It can be time-consuming; however, it provides valuable information according to what your audience likes. For example, your tweets with images or video content attached may receive more impressions than tweets without, meaning that you should post more content like that, more often.

In Twitter Analytics, under the tweets tab, you can customise your tracking to show only a certain period — for example, the weekend where most people receive their salary, or over the Christmas holidays — to see how your tweets performed during that time. Using Twitter Analytics, you can do so much more than what has been mentioned.

You can track your followers, and more specifically, the types of people who follow you. If you notice that a large portion of your followers is stay-at-home mothers between the ages of 28 — 35, you can customise your content according to the interests of that demographic. This is something that businesses need to look at doing too. The world is continually changing and developing, and if businesses want to survive and thrive, then they need to grow and develop too.

As with everything else, marketing is also continuing to change over time, so it is important for businesses to be on top of the newest trends. Make the necessary adjustments to ensure that is just as successful. Maintain an advantage over your competitors by preparing yourself and adjusting your marketing strategy before they do. Whether your current marketing strategy is working for you or not, this article will help you by identifying the top ten marketing trends that businesses should look out for in The first few trends look at technology that you have likely already heard of, but with constant advancements in technology, it is still worth taking a look at.

Although this is not a new technology, chatbots and live chat is becoming very popular with businesses all over the world. People are interacting with more and more chatbots on a daily basis. This technology has become so popular because of the benefits it offers businesses in terms of customer interaction and better customer service. In a very conversational way, chatbots message back and forth with customers for a number of tasks, such as suggesting products to customers and ordering the items.

Chatbots enable businesses to provide a hour service to customers by providing customers with an instant response to questions, providing an easy form of communication, resolving complaints quickly and providing a good customer experience. It is a lot easier for customers to communicate with chatbots online than it is for the customer to phone or send an email to a company representative.

According to research, live chat makes it three times more likely that customers will complete the purchase process. With so many benefits to businesses, it is very likely that the use of chatbots and live chat will continue to grow in and beyond. If you want to experience chatbots, feel free to visit this link and click on the chat button that appears on the screen. This technology has already stared becoming the way of the future. Personalising the customer experience is a trend that most businesses are already starting to implement, whether it is recommending movies or series when watching Netflix or recommending other products that the customer might be interested in based on previous buying behaviour, this technology can help businesses enhance the customer experience by giving the customers more of what they want.

This artificial intelligence algorithm is constantly being bettered and is making more accurate recommendations as time goes on. This is a trend that should not be ignored in the coming year. The trends around paid social media ads are constantly changing. With these changes it is becoming obvious that businesses prefer to focus their attention on Facebook and Instagram ads over other social media platforms.

Social Media Examiner published the following data to show how ads on social media sites like Snapchat and Pinterest are becoming less popular with businesses, while Facebook and Instagram are growing in popularity. As we know, Instagram is owned by Facebook, so it is not a surprise to see these two social media sites growing in popularity together.

Businesses are able to manage ads on both these social sites in the same place. The format of these sites make it much easier for businesses to create ads that target the right audience, based on its needs.

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Although it is a good idea to advertise on as many social media sites as possible to ensure that you are reaching the largest audience possible, it would be wise to focus most of your attention on these two top trending sites. If you are only looking at making use of paid social media ads in the coming year, then these two sites are the ones to start with. Voice recognition software has been around for a while, but the technology is evolving at a steady pace. Voice search makes it easier and faster to search apps, to conduct web searches and even conduct image searches. Very soon, voice searches may represent the majority of total searches.

With voice search technology, people are searching for information, making purchases and even interacting with websites using only their voice. In time businesses will need to rethink how information is presented to audiences and may even be forced to come up with entirely new structures to keep up with this change. In was reported that as of January , voice searches were conducted 1 billion times a month, and in this figure is expected to grow.

As a business, this should be flagged as technology of interest.