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It does, however, make for a far more well-rounded experience both locally or online. The latest addition to Nintendo's long-running multiplayer series has arrived on Nintendo Switch, bringing with it a huge number of fun and silly mini-games and all the Joy-Con waving action you could possibly want. Whether playing through the classic Party mode where you explore a virtual board game and complete challenges or competing with a friend via the more open-ended but just as fun Party Rusher mode.

If your Switch has become the social hub of your home, this is the next game for you. What an inspired move this was! Diablo 3 is hardly a new game, with the original title launching in , however here with its Reaper of Souls add-on, super-fun Necromancer class, and a series of enhancements that make it look and run superbly on Nintendo's hot as hell handheld, it is simply a fabulously entertaining experience. The Diablo III: Eternal Collection is also co-op and multiplayer compatible, with online play with up to 4 friends possible, as well as offline via local co-op and single console co-op, too, with all Switch controllers supported.

Starlink's roster of playable ships were already fun, but add in an Arwing and now you've got a must-have Switch entry. Ubisoft is hoping to reginite the once mighty toys-to-life market with Starlink: Battle for Atlas, which combines a fully explorable galaxy, dogfighting combat and plenty of real-life toys to collect and customise.

The big selling point here is the way these toys can be personalised with new wings and weapons, which will appear on-screen once you strap them to the toy itself. You can combine these parts to enhance your ship's performance, and mix weapons to create unique effects, but you don't have to buy all the toys to get the most out of Starlink. You can also play in a digital mode that offers access to every ship, pilot and weapon in the game. Dark Souls remains one of the most lauded games of all-time, and with good reason too, offering one of the most challenging yet rewarding action-RPG experiences you'll ever play.

The EASIEST way to improve your tennis (that you're probably not doing)

It might be a seven-year-old game, but it's been updated in all the right places with all the performance issues and technical niggles removed to create its best iteration yet. You can use the motion controls of the Joy-Cons to make in-game gestures, and there's even a cool Solaire of Astora amiibo for some extra in-game goodies. If you want a proper challenge on your Nintendo Switch or you just want an alternative to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim or Octopath Traveler , then this is definitely the next game for you.

Now you'll be controlling a rogues gallery of.. From Black Adam to Scarecrow, each mini-fig has their own unique abilities such as Clayface's ability to mimic other characters and Reverse-Flash's Speed Force-based mega builds and they add some much-needed extra spice to the usual mixture of platforming and basic puzzle solving.

You can also build your own super-villain, and customise everything from your costume right down to the colour and style of your super-powers. You can even acquire new abilities and turn your unique avatar into a nefarious powerhouse. It runs buttery smooth on Nintendo Switch and is jam-packed with content.

Always thought tennis games were boring and dry? Mario Tennis Aces on Nintendo Switch will show you they can be fun, colourful and over-the-top! Thankfully, the latest entry - and the first to arrive on Switch - Mario Tennis Aces is able to recapture a fair bit of the fun and frolics that made those early entries so addictive.

For a start, a mini-game filled story mode returns, along with the introduction of motion controls where you can use your Joy-Cons like a Wii Remote. You can pull off everything from slices to lobs, and powerful trick shots as well as all the best defence moves. Experience the remake of all three of Crash Bandicoot's original PS1 adventures on your Nintendo Switch, any time, anywhere.

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy contains not one, not two, but three brilliantly remastered foxy PlayStation games, allowing you to re-live all your childhood gaming memories in HD on the move. We've been smashing crates, collecting Wumpa fruit and generally, having a great time with this game, which has thankfully taken the 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' approach to re-mastering.

There are more than levels to explore, all with new lighting, animations, textures, models and recreated cinematics. Despite some blurriness here and there, Wolfenstein II is a remarkable feat running on Nintendo Switch's hardware. Austin-based studio Panic Button has become the market leader in porting, bringing such titles as DOOM and Rocket League to Switch with only a handful of concessions to get them there.

With online shooter Warframe also being ported to the console, it fell to none other than the brutal alt-history action of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus to keep that trend going. And what a port it is. It promises to be one of the next big milestones in a genre crying out for a proper revival. Looking to enjoy the madness of Battle Royale for free on Nintendo Switch? Fortnite has you covered. Yes, the floss-dancing, cover-building phenomenon has already proved a huge success on Switch with cross-play support and all the emotes, skins and Battle Bass content you could ask for.

This insane fighting game pits kaleidoscope-coloured, springy-armed combatants against each other in up to 4-player battles. There are 15 fighters with dozens of interchangeable arms. Mix and match to suit your play-style and take three pairs into battle. Use standard controls, or for an immersive fighting experience, grip one Joy-Con in each hand with your thumbs on the triggers.

Tilt together to move, tilt in to block, and get punching. Want to play as some of Marvel's most well-known and hugely obscure heroes? Of course you do, so grab a copy of this blocky little gem. This game stands a full head and shoulders higher than its predecessor which is also awesome. The story is new. The level design is clever. Bash your way through hours of gameplay solo or with a friend. DOOM remains an incredible port that retains its gory single-player and intense multiplayer modes on Nintendo Switch.

The grand old first person shooter arrives confidently on Nintendo Switch, with the hyper violence, lightning fast combat, and awesome heavy metal soundtrack from the well-received PC, PS4 and Xbox One title firmly in tact.

The Inner Game of Tennis by Timothy Gallwey

Resolution and texture fidelity is slightly down in comparison, however, it makes literally no difference to the gameplay and superb art style, which combine to produce an exhilarating, monster-filled adrenaline rush like nothing else on the system. Plus, the fact that you can go portable with the Switch, slaying daemons while on the go, makes this edition of DOOM unique. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 balances tactics and real-time combat into one engrossing experience you have to own on Nintendo Switch.

This time out the player is put in the shoes of protagonist Rex, who along with his compatriots Tora and Mia, proceed on a mission to discover Elysium, a paradise for humanity. Numerous obstacles and enemies lie in their way though, with players needing to master a auto-attack, special attack 'Arts' combat system that leans on well-timed attacks and combos to prosper. One year on, Visual Concepts has brought the world of pro ballers back to Nintendo's hybrid hardware and it riffs and improves on its predecessor in almost all the right ways.

NBA2K19's MyCareer is the best narrative-driven experience it's been in years, the Neighborhood is even bigger and VC now flows at a slightly fairer rate. Of course, microtransactions still loom large, but this is still a fine port of a great modern sports sim. Experience Rayman at his absolute best with this 2D platformer that's practically bursting with content.

Enter platform paradise. Rayman Legends offers some of the best platform gaming available today. It gorgeous to look at. The controls are precise and responsive. Platform on the go and slide your Joy-Cons out to share the experience with a friend in local multiplayer. Splatoon 2 is one of Nintendo Switch's crown jewels, with its over-the-top multiplayer matches and unique single-player DLC.

Play as an Inkling, spraying flurries of coloured globs to take control of the battlefield and swim through ink as a squid to reload. Enter four-on-four competitive multiplayer matches with all new weapons, modes and kit and get splatting. This is a family friendly shooter is still, refreshingly, completely blood-free.

Skyrim may be now six years old, however the Switch edition looks like it could be the absolute best version to date, with all the game's myriad of DLC included including a few Nintendo-themed extras , motion control added in for the console's Joy-Con controllers, and true portable adventuring added thanks to the Switch's ability to be taken anywhere. This classic western RPG has won more than awards since its launch for a reason Super Mario Odyssey is Mario at his absolute best - big, bold and bursting with quintessential Nintendo magic.

This is what we said in our Super Mario Odyssey review : "There's a moment in Super Mario Odyssey where the game distils everything it is, and everything it stands for, into a blow-out celebration. All at once the past, present and future of this grand old video game series smashes together in a freewheeling, spectacular and experimental set piece that shows that Nintendo, after years of having the handbrake on, is now absolutely flying creatively. The fact that Super Mario Odyssey manages to be so experimental while also drawing in the best parts of every Mario game to date, becoming a incredibly playable and joyous love letter to gaming's most celebrated series in the process, is without doubt like a legendary Homeric odyssey - truly epic.

Jump into some 2D Street Fighter action and test your skills locally or online. Will you be the final challenger on Nintendo Switch? From its engorged character roster there are 19 combatants to its excellent selection of game modes including a slick multiplayer suite, and onto its plethora of neat extras including new and improved graphics and sound options you can switch between old and new , colour editor, replay system, beginner-friendly "Lite" control option and art-stuffed gallery mode, this classic versus fighter is better than ever on Nintendo Switch.

This is what we said in our The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild review: "From the most objective perspective we could muster here at T3 Towers - and trust us, when you've played titles such as The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past during your formative years, that is an incredibly hard thing to do - we feel it is quite evident that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is, by quite a distance, the best The Legend of Zelda game ever made.

And, what's more, for those people for who Breath of the Wild will be their first foray into the wonderful world of Hyrule, Zelda and Link, it is going to absolutely blow their minds. With some much-needed tweaks to its interrogation system, this updated version of LA Noire is a must-have port on Nintendo Switch. If you're a fan of detective stories then L. Noire is definitely worth your time, as the game tasks you with solving a number of crimes in the Homicide, Vice and Arson divisions of the LAPD.

How you tackle each case though is completely up to you, with various options and outcomes possible. Interrogating witnesses or potential suspects plays a major part in the game, and determining who is telling the truth and who is lying critical to getting the job done properly. Naturally, for a Rockstar game, there is also plenty of firefights. This enhanced Switch version of the game is not only full fat and truly portable, but comes stacked with all of the game's previously released DLC.

Need to warm up your dancing feet for an impending party or wedding? Well look no further than Just Dance , which moonwalks onto Switch with official licenses Disney anyone? The game isn't just for seasoned dancers either, with a top Kids Mode delivering children-friendly choreographies and a dance playground. Want a racing experience that leaves every other one for dust?

Mario Kart 8 began its life on Nintendo Wii U, however, the Deluxe edition on Switch is the ultimate version of the game, with all DLC included as well as enhanced multiplayer functionality. Mario and his chums handle just as well as ever, while the presentation and polish applied to the mixture of classic and new racing circuits is first rate. With a massive selection of racing tiers too, from 50cc up to cc, with mirror modes thrown in as well to boot, the game is super approachable no matter your age or skill.

Battle some of the most iconic Pokemon of all time in this special fighting game mashup on Nintendo Switch. Decidueye brings the total playable Pokemon to 21 and Litten and Popplio have been drafted in as support. Master the single player Ferrum League, get stuck in to ranked online battles, or grab a sofa and share your Joy-Cons for a local match with your mates. It shouldn't work, but it absolutely does and makes for one of Nintendo Switch's best games. Take a team of three through the Mushroom Kingdom and beat back the Rabbid invasion.

Balance weapons, tactics, special abilities and status effects. Earn coins and skill orbs to upgrade your kit and build an unbeatable team. While it might be a port of a Wii U exclusive, that doesn't detract from the fact Bayonetta 2 is one of the best games of the previous generation, and retooled for Nintendo Switch it's now getting a second shot at glory. The new version runs smoother than the Wii U original, rarely drops a frame in TV or handheld modes, and comes with all the Nintendo-themed costumes for ass-kicking witch heroine Bayonetta you could possibly hope for.

There really is nothing out there quite like Nintendo Labo. The Variety Kit includes five different creations which come with a set of flat pack-style cardboard sheets. By following the on-screen instructions on your Switch, you can build everything from a set of motorbike handlebars to a working piano. The games themselves are fun for a while, but the real fun comes with the Toy Con Garage, a built in design suite that enables you to build your own creations with an easy-to-understand take on programming. In this charming little indie, you play a character who has left the hustle and bustle of city life behind to take on the running of the titular family farm.

You can grow all manner of produce, sell it in the local village and get to know its inhabitants including the ability to date said fellow villagers. One of the most sedate yet engaging titles you can play, whether on your TV or in handheld mode. Celeste has enjoyed success on multiple platforms - including PC and consoles - but sometimes a game just fits a certain piece of hardware so perfectly you simply couldn't imagine playing it anywhere else. As you ascend the titular mountain, you'll take heroine Madeline on a transformative pixel art journey that's not to missed. A good 18 months into its life cycle and Nintendo Switch has another genre ticked off - the hero shooter.

Overwatch continues to be one of the biggest shooters on the planet, and Paladins: Champions of the Realm has proven itself a worthy rival. Pick a a Champion, customise their loadout and compete in a team to defend objectives in a full team shooter experience. You can play for free, invest in the Starter Pack or buy the Season Pass to earn exclusive rewards and skins while you play.

A must-play FPS on Switch. Grab the best way to charge Joy-Con controllers for next to nothing thanks to this stellar Nintendo Switch deal. Yes, of course it can. Instead you use the instruction to guide your discovery of the optimal degree of tightness of your wrist. This of course can be done by paying attention to the feel of your wrist during your stroke and does not necessarily have to be put into language. If you asked a group of teaching professionals to write down all the important elements of hitting a forehand, most would find it easy to distinguish at least fifty, and they might have several categories for each element.

Imagine the difficulty for the tennis player dealing with this complexity. No wonder self-doubt is so easy to come by! On the other hand, understanding the swing, and remembering its feel, is like remembering a single picture. Tips are a dime a dozen, and there are good ones and bad ones. But what is more difficult to come by is a workable way to apply tips, to replace one pattern of behavior with a new one. It is in the process of changing habits that most players experience the greatest difficulty.

When one learns how to change a habit, it is a relatively simple matter to learn which ones to change. Once you learn how to learn, you have only to discover what is worth learning. Why is it so easy for a child to pick up a foreign language? The Inner Game way of learning is a return toward this childlike way.

It is much more difficult to break a habit when there is no adequate replacement for it. This difficulty often exists when we become moralistic about our tennis game. Often, in fact, the harder we try to break a habit, the harder it becomes to do. But there is a natural and more childlike method. If you think you are controlled by a bad habit, then you will feel you have to try to break it. He simply leaves it as he finds walking an easier way to get around. Here is a simple summary of the traditional way we have been taught to learn, contrasted with the Inner Game of learning. Experiment with this method and you will discover a workable way to make any desired change in your game.

Where do you want to start? What part of your game needs attention? It is not always the stroke that you judge as worst which is the most ready for change. It is good to pick the stroke you most want to change. Let the stroke tell you if it wants to change. After you have watched and felt your serve for five minutes or so, you may have a strong idea about the particular element of the stroke that needs attention.

Ask your serve how it would like to be different. Maybe it wants a more fluid rhythm; maybe it wants more power, or a greater amount of spin. In any case, let yourself feel the change most desired, then observe a few more serves. The next step is to picture your serve with more power. One way to do this might be to watch the motion of someone who gets a lot of power in his serve. Begin serving again, but with no conscious effort to control your stroke.

In particular, resist any temptation to try to hit the ball harder. Simply let your serve begin to serve itself. Having asked for more power, just let it happen. But no matter what the results, keep Self 1 out of it. As you are letting your serve serve itself, your job is simply to observe.

Watch the process without exercising control over it. The more you can bring yourself to put trust in the natural process that is at work, the less you will tend to fall into the usual interfering patterns of trying too hard, judging and thinking—and the frustration that inevitably follows. When you try hard to hit the ball correctly, and it goes well, you get a certain kind of ego satisfaction. You feel that you are in control, that you are master of the situation. You tend to feel good about the ability of your body, and possibly even amazed by the results, but the credit and sense of personal accomplishment are replaced by another kind of satisfaction.

Fighting the mind does not work. What works best is learning to focus it. Learning to focus is the subject of this chapter and to whatever extent we learn this primary art, it can benefit us in most anything we do. Then one day my roommate, another professional, challenged me to a match. The focused mind only picks up on those aspects of a situation that are needed to accomplish the task at hand. It is not distracted by other thoughts or external events, it is totally engrossed in whatever is relevant in the here and now.

So the question arises as to how to maintain focus for extended periods of time. The best way is to allow yourself to get interested in the ball. How do you do this? By not thinking you already know all about it, no matter how many thousands of balls you have seen in your life. Not assuming you already know is a powerful principle of focus. The results were the same as with any effective focus. The exercise would give the player better feedback from the ball and, at the same time, help clear his mind of distractions. Natural focus occurs when the mind is interested.

When this occurs, the mind is drawn irresistibly toward the object or subject of interest. It rarely occurs to a player to listen to the ball, but I have found great value in this focus. I have found that the practice of listening to the ball is best used during practice. If you become sensitive to sound in practice, you will find that you will then use sound automatically during a match to encourage the repetition of solid shots.

The habit will increase the number of balls hit solidly. Again, you can program the best results by remembering as precisely as possible the feel in your hand, wrist and arm after a good solid hit. Remember: it is almost impossible to feel or see anything well if you are thinking about how you should be moving. Though focus of attention helps your tennis, it is equally true that playing tennis can help your focus of attention. Learning focus of attention is a master skill that has unlimited application. For those interested, let me elaborate briefly on some theoretical aspects of concentration.

Probably you were not aware of how your tongue feels in your mouth—but in all likelihood after reading the foregoing words, you now are. While you were reading or listening to the sights and sounds around you, you were not aware of the feeling of your tongue, but with the slightest suggestion, the mind directs the focus of attention from one thing to another. When attention is allowed to focus, it comes to know that place. Attention is focused consciousness, and consciousness is that power of knowing. Since the mind seems to have a will of its own, how can one learn to keep it in the present?

By practice. There is no other way. Every time your mind starts to leak away, simply bring it gently back. When they were responding quickly enough to hit the top-speed balls and believed they were at the peak of their concentration, I moved the machine to midcourt, fifteen feet closer than before.

At this point students would often lose some concentration as a degree of fear intruded. Sheet of paper step-through game icebreaker, teambuilding, problem-solving, togetherness, kids' scissor-skills. Truth and lies introductions game ice-breaker, johari mutual awareness, interaction, amusement and fun. Egg balance game concentration, positive thinking, discovery, breaking down barriers, wonderment and fascination. Fancy dress exercise ice-breaker, self-expression, mutual awareness. Drawing game teamworking, change, communications, creativity, ice-breakers. Group connections activity icebreaker, mutual awareness, introductions, networking, team-building.

Paper bowls game icebreaker, competition, energizer, teamwork, tactics. Life highlights game ice-breaker, introductions, life priorities, self-awareness, johari awareness, motivation and personality. Coin logo ice-breaker ice-breaker, creativity, self-expression, johari awareness. Coded team communications game non-verbal communications, communications systems, body language, team understanding, creativity. Tubes strings balls game teamwork, planning, creativity, icebreaker. The one question ice-breaker exercise questioning skills, empathy, self-awareness, needs analysis, cooperation and partnerships.

Classification game - ice-breaker, introductions, discrimination, mutual perspectives. Face game body language, non-verbal communications, ice-breakers. The takeaway game planning, analysis, number skills, ice-breaker, energiser for the brain. The obvious team building game for snowy weather teambuilding, exercise, fun. Project team exercise graduate recruitment assessment and selection, internal promotion assessment centres, business development and project teams.

Stress exercise stress demonstration, ice-breaker, teambuilding. Learning and thinking styles exercise learning styles, brain type preferences, self-awareness, johari awareness. Alternative christmas and new year exercise new year ice-breaker, creative thinking, social values and true life priorities. Seasonal suggestions bundle christmas activities and ideas for teams and office year-end fun and learning.

Passion to profit exercise life change, self-employment, business start-up and development, outplacement and redundancy support, career change, self-determination and independence. Tree swing games awareness and cooperation between teams, departments, divisions, corporations, nations, planets, etc. The 'what did you learn yesterday' exercise icebreaker, self-development, life attitude, self-awareness, discussions about what learning and development means. Tactical team shove ha'penny icebreakers, teamworking, tactics, strategy, problem-solving, assessing and countering competitor threats.

Ageing society exercise icebreaker, creative analytical thinking, trends, forecasting, ageism, demographics. Political qualification game job skills, training, competence - and many other issues relating to competence and suitability. Helium stick games team building, assumptions, organising tasks, problem-solving. David davis resignation speech. Secrets of success exercises ice-breakers, demonstration and discussion of what enables business success. Change exercises illustrating and experiencing dealing with change. Charades icebreaker session warm-ups, icebreakers, creativity, alternative sources of ideas and inspiration.

Seasonal icebreaker session warm-up, icebreaker, discussion-starter for virtually any work-related subject. Dice exercise sales planning, marketing, sales strategy, selling effectiveness, time management, maximising your productivity. Shoe-wear and foot wear icebreaker exercise, discussion about self-awareness, different people-types, johari-type development. How many 'f's? Animal perceptions exercise self-awareness, team discussions and mutual awareness, johari-type development.

Christmas quizzes. Listening games listening, interpretation, understanding, speaking, creativity. Money exercise ice-breaker, talking point, focus on observation, taking things for granted, noticing things right in front of us. Conkers and acorns activities various themes for discussions and exploration. Competitor-partner exercise competitor intelligence, competitor research, different perspectives, seeking and finding positives and opportunities instead of difficulties and threats - choice over instinct - collaboration rather than conflict.

People and team relationships grid. Questioning games to demonstrate, teach and practise the difference between open and closed questions. Diversity quiz game for diverse groups, mutual understanding, empathy, diversity training. Causes and solutions exercises discussion or illustration of problem-solving, dispute resolution, crisis management and avoidance, solutions-focused thinking. Quiz public survey game research, communications skills, appreciating the knowledge other people possess, human engagement, fun. Bin toss game warm-up, tea-break activity, competitive exercise, exploring competitiveness and motivation.

Bricks in the wall exercise aims, goals, objectives, steps - for new years, new beginnings, changes and planning, making dreams into reality. The ampersand game ice-breakers, warm-ups, demonstrations of learning, thinking, and brain-types, knowledge versus skill. More exercises [edit]. Seasonal team games exercises and activities linked to christmas and other celebrations. Christmas quiz. Cartoon and celebrity role-plays case-studies, character profiles and scenarios for role-playing appraisals, interviews, counselling, disciplinary meetings, and coaching reviews, etc.

Obituaries personal goals, visualising personal aims and potential, identifying personal potential, life values, purpose and meaning. Telephone chatting activities team-building for home-based staff, telephone skills exercises, remote teams relationships. Businessballs quickies ice-breakers, thought-provokers, ideas you can develop into all sorts of activities. Visualisation exercises identifying unique personal potential, careers and direction, lifting limits. Team skipping teamwork, team-building, warm-ups, outdoor activities. Isolation and intuition team exercises relationships, bullying and harassment, diversity, intuitive demonstrations.

Age diversity exercises for teams age discrimination training, ageism awareness, diversity development. Shot at dawn discussion organisational morality, leadership styles and integrity, decision-making, humanity versus efficiency. Corporate globalization debate exercise ideas exploring: corporate globalization issues, corporate response to the debate, and the internet as a powerful force for awareness, challenge and change.

Inspirational speech exercises public speaking, presentation skills, motivation, inspirational leadership. Corporation life-cycle exercise understanding organisational dynamics, corporate maturity and development; market development, organisational systems. Newsdesk broadcast exercise team building, global team building, inter-departmental development, cultural diversity and understanding, video conferencing.

Baking foil modelling games team-building, warm-ups, mutual understanding, expression of ideas, johari window development, and fun for kids activities. Triple bottom line game understanding TBL - profit people planet - implications, developing ethical teams and organisations. Values-led team-driven change activities team-building, goal-setting, values, philosophy, planning and change management. Obstacles exercise team-building, communications, giving or writing clear instructions, teamworking strategies. Portmanteau words games creativity, ideas and concepts, a vehicle for developing and highlighting issues and initiatives.

Kitchen top drawer game introductions and ice-breakers, and for children's activities too. Employee relations and communications exercise team briefing role-plays, speaking to groups, handling difficult communications and questions, written communications. People picture interpretations relationships, communications, attitudes, body language.

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Rotating line introductions icebreaker warm-ups, icebreakers, communications, communicating styles. Playing card bingo warm-up, icebreaker, exercises to demonstrate competitive effects, team-building, team-working and cooperation - also a great way to teach numbers to small children. See also [edit]. Here are techniques, theory and ideas for designing and using your own team building games, exercises and activities, and tips for using the many free team and group activites and ideas on this website.

Team building games, exercises and activities help build teams, develop employee motivation, improve communications and are fun - for corporate organizations, groups, children's development and even kids parties. These free team building games ideas and rules will help you design and use games and exercises for training sessions, meetings, workshops, seminars or conferences, for adults, young people and children, in work, education or for clubs and social activities.

Team building games, exercises and activities can also enhance business projects, giving specific business outputs and organizational benefits. We cannot accept responsibility for any liability which arises from the use of any of these free team building ideas or games - please see the disclaimer notice below. Always ensure that you have proper insurance in place for all team building games activities, and take extra care when working with younger people, children and organising kids party games.

Empowering people is more about attitude and behaviour towards staff than processes and tools. Teamwork is fostered by respecting, encouraging, enthusing, caring for people, not exploiting or dictating to them. People working for each other in teams is powerful force, more than skills, processes, policies. More than annual appraisals, management-by-objectives, the 'suits' from head office; more than anything. Something inspires them maybe, but ultimately the team decides.

It's a team thing. It has to be. The team says: 'Okay. We can bloody well make a difference. We will be the best at what we do. We'll look out for each other and succeed - for us - for the team. And we'll make sure we enjoy ourselves while we're doing it'. And then the team starts to move mountains. People are best motivated if you can involve them in designing and deciding the activities - ask them.

Secondly you will gain most organisational benefit if the activities are geared towards developing people's own potential - find out what they will enjoy doing and learning. Games can be trite or patronising for many people - they want activities that will help them learn and develop in areas that interest them for life, beyond work stuff - again ask them.

When you ask people commonly you'll have several suggestions which can be put together as a collection of experiences that people attend or participate in on a rotating basis during the day or the team-building event. Perhaps you have people among your employees who themselves have special expertise or interests which they'd enjoy sharing with others; great team activities can be built around many hobbies and special interests. If you are planning a whole day of team-building activities bear in mind that a whole day of 'games' is a waste of having everyone together for a whole day.

Team-exercises and discussions help bring clarity and context to idealistic concepts like ethics and social responsibility far more effectively than reading the theory, or trying to assimilate some airy-fairy new mission statement dreamed up by someone at head office and handed down as an edict. Ensure that team-building activities and all corporate events comply with equality and discrimination policy and law in respect of gender, race, disability, age, etc. Age discrimination is a potential risk given certain groups and activities, and particularly so because Age Discrimination is quite a recent area of legislation.

While this is UK and European legislation, the principles are applicable to planning and running team-building exercises anywhere in the world, being consistent with the ethical concepts. Also consider the effects of team building and corporate events in terms of effects on employees' families and people's broader life needs. It is easy to become very narrowly focused on the organization and the community within it, without thinking of the families and social needs outside. Alcohol is another increasing area of risk for organizers of team building and conference events.

An employer's duty of care and potential liability at corporate events traditionally was fulfilled by ensuring no-one tripped over the electrical cable for the overhead projector. Nowadays organizations have a deeper wider responsibility, which is progressively reflected in law. Alcohol and discrimination are big issues obviously, but arguably a bigger responsibility for employers is to the families and social well-being of employees, which impacts directly onto society as a whole.

Today's well-led and ethically-managed corporations understand that divisive treatment of employees' partners and families undermines loyalty and motivation of employees, and creates additional unnecessary stresses for workers in close loving caring relationships, especially for young families, which have evolved a strong sensitivity to such pressures. Thwarting or obstructing people's instincts - evolved over millennia - to be with and take care of their partners and young families is extremely destructive.

Employers who have a blatant antipathy for these crucial life needs of their people are therefore socially irresponsible. Inevitably strong work commitments put pressure on employees' families and partners. This is particularly so in big modern corporations where travel and lengthy absence from home is unavoidable in key roles.

Modern ethical socially responsible organizations should be doing whatever they can to minimize these effects, not make them worse. Where possible employers should reward partners and families for their support and loyalty, rather than alienate them by creating selfish staff-only events. Laws are not yet clearly defined about the employer's liabilities arising from such situations, however there are clear principles e.

Moreover, fostering a healthy work and home life balance tends to make organizations run smoother and less problematically, notably in areas of grievance and counseling, stress and conflict, disputes and litigation, recruitment and staff retention, succession planning, company reputation and image. I was prompted to add this item because I received a question about the implications of running a staff-only dinner dance at a conference event. If you are considering a staff-only social event - especially at night, involving alcohol, dancing, overnight accommodation - or you are wondering generally where to draw the line between working relationships and intimacy, or between fun and irresponsible risk, these observations might help you decide.

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The risks of running a socially irresponsible corporate event are emphasised if you consider a scenario containing the following elements. Do not run an event containing these elements. This is a negative example for the purposes of illustrating risk and responsibility:.

You do not need to be a professor of social anthropology to guess that the above circumstances are unlikely to be a useful corporate defence against any of the following problems which could arise, directly, indirectly, or ironically if actually nothing whatever to do with the event itself - try telling that to the offended party afterwards You could probably add to this list. There is no limit to human ingenuity when behaving irresponsibly under the influence of drink and any other stimulants of emotion or substance.

A socially responsible employer should be able to demonstrate they have been duly careful and diligent in minimizing such risks when organizing any work events. Executives, managers and employees of successful organizations hopefully love their work. They live and breathe it, which is great - but what about the partners and families?

Do they love the organization? Sometimes not. Overly demanding work is a threat to family life - and thereby to society. And just because a few staff members and crusty old directors can't wait to get away from their spouses a feeling no doubt reciprocated by the spouses , doesn't mean that all employees feel the same way. The vast majority do not. A modern ethical employer's duty of care and social responsibility extsnds to the families of its employees.

Divorce, separation and family conflicts and breakdowns are directly linked with many social ills. Socially responsible ethical employers should be doing all they can to reduce these causal factors - not to make them worse. Consider the stresses and difficulties caused to employees' partners excluded from such occasions, and the effects which inevitably rebound on the employees, and cascade to children.

These are truly basic needs and an organization which jeopardises these factors is irresponsible in the extreme. Materials and ideas for teambuilding. Here are some examples of different resources which can be used in creating teambuilding events and activities. Easy way to start to the team building process. Younger inexperienced teams will need more guidance and perhaps a list of possibilities to choose from.

Involving the team in deciding what activities to use is empowering and participative, and will help to lighten your management load. It's the team leader's, or manager's, or facilitator's responsibility to structure and help teams to ensure that all team members have the opportunity and incentive to contribute and participate in team activities, and ultimately the team's success. It is helpful to use and refer to these models when using, planning, designing, and evaluating team building activities or games:.

Kirkpatrick's learning evaluation model. Bloom's Taxonomy of learning domains. Introducing team members to Kirkpatrick's and Bloom's concepts can also help them to develop a clearer understanding of their own needs, and their preferred methods of training and development - individually and for the team. Team building games and activity tips. Tips for quick games and exercises for warm-ups and team building. First of all - use your imagination - you can simplify, adapt, shorten and lengthen most games and exercises.

To turn a long complex game into a quick activity or warm-up, scale down the materials, shorten the time allowed, and make the exercise easier. Most of the games on the free games page can also be used for children's education and development, and for kids party games - adapt them to suit. The number of members per team affects activity time and complexity - teams of four or more need a leader and tend to take longer than a pair or team of three.

Increasing or reducing team size, and introducing or removing the team-leader requirement, are simple ideas for increasing or reducing game complexity and exercise duration. Whatever you choose, as the facilitator, practice it yourself first so you anticipate all the possible confusions, and so that you have a good idea of how best to do it you'll generally be asked by the delegates after the exercise.

Think carefully about team sizes - pairs or teams of three are best for short 'construction' exercises, unless you want a leadership element in the game. Without a leader, too many team members causes non-participation and chaos, so avoid this unless the purpose of the exercise is to demonstrate why teams need leadership.

Remember your tape measure, and practice the activity yourself to try to come up with an ideal solution for when they ask at the review. Larger teams are fine for quizzes because teamworking is less crucial. Giving a tight deadline will encourage the teams to share out the puzzles, which emphasises leadership, communication and use of skills and resources. Tips for working with syndicate groups for team building or training. Team building games and training exercises work better using syndicate groups, or teams.

This is particularly so if you want a competitive element, which is very effective in building teams and team spirit. Working with syndicates also encourages and enables more participation, activity and ideas, and managed well, it makes the trainer's or facilitator's job easier.

Using syndicates in team building needs thought and planning - here are some pointers:. Train the team building trainer ideas. These ideas concern training people or learning for yourself to become a great team building facilitator. The job of training managers and trainers how to run team building sessions is different to running a team-building session per se. How to become a great team builder. Becoming an expert in team building is a wonderful career speciality to pursue. The growing popularity of team building, and the recognition of structured, organized team building as a significant factor in the performance and well-being of individuals, teams and organizations, will fuel growth in demand for, and provision of, specialist team building training.

Team building potentially includes a very wide variety of methodologies, techniques, theories and tools. And also values and philosophy. This is what sustains and fuels people in organizations. It follows then that to become a great team builder you should open yourself to philosophical ideas and values, as well as learn and experience as many methodologies and related techniques as you can, which together will combine to give you the character, skills and breadth for becoming an inspirational leader in team building - and in the training of team building to others, be they trainers, managers, facilitators or team leaders.

Here are some examples of useful methodologies, concepts, etc. Team building variables. When planning and running team building activities, exercises, games, etc. It also adds a bit of hard theory to the inevitable other soft content. Ongoing competitions are excellent for team building, but If you are training the trainers don't run a competition through the whole day - mix up the teams from time to time to show how team dynamics can be changed and the effect of doing so.

Use a mixture of games to cover different logistical and environmental constraints - small room, large room, syndicate rooms, outdoors. Include a mixture of games to develop different skills and aspects within team building - leadership, cooperation, communication, breaking down barriers, planning, time-management, etc. Ask the delegates in syndicates to design their own games to meet specific scenarios. As well as the ideas, look at all the variables: clarity of instructions, timings, team numbers and mix, logistics, venue requirements, etc.

Outdoors, use traditional games like rounders, cricket, touch rugby, relay races, to demonstrate the big team dynamics, and the physical exercise effect - stress reduction, endorphins and neuro-transmitters, etc. Also cover 'workshops' and how to plan and run them - practical sessions dealing with real business issues, with real content and real action-based outcomes, including the team-building effect - use a real business issue as an example.

This would also require some pre-session preparation and coached and measurable follow-up, which are also extremely useful and under-used mechanisms. Buy a big basket. Buy lots of sweets or candy, lollipops too, wrapped preferably for hygiene and maintenance reasons and put them into the big basket. Put the big basket of sweets and lollipops on the table before people arrive for work, or the meeting, or the training session.

And then watch people smile. Sweets and lollipops break down barriers. They are a universal language for feeling good and being happy. After a week or two of different sweets throw in some bubblegum. Also some bubblegum with collectible cards. This gesture is not restricted to the training room; you can put baskets of sweets all over the place.

Even in the reception and the board room; and even in the finance director's office. You can ask the receptionist if she or he would be so kind as to make sure that the sweet basket is always filled to the brim at the company's cost of course , and to make sure she or he always invites every single visitor to dip their hand in and take a big handful for their kids. And you'll see how wonderfully well people react to being treated in this way.

When you've firmly established the practice of having baskets of sweets everywhere, you can move on to fresh cut flowers Next of course you'll need to appoint a flower monitor, which every right-minded person will want to be, so you can have one per floor, or one per day of the week, or one per department, whatever Before you decide to use any team building games with a group of people, think about whether the activities are appropriate for the team members and the situation.

Think beyond providing traditional work skills development. Explore everything, and show your people that you have a broader view about development - they'll have lots of ideas of their own if you let them see it's okay to think that way. Team building games are just a part of a very wide mix of learning and and development experiences that you can explore and facilitate for your people - try anything.

If it helps your people to feel good and be good, then it will help your organisation be good too. Ensure that team-building activities comply with equality policy and law in respect of gender, race, disability, age, etc. For example, a demanding physical activity might be great fun for fit young people, but if any of the team members are old or in any way disabled, then think again, because it wouldn't be fair, and it might even be unlawful.

The same applies to any activities that discriminate against people on grounds of gender, race, etc. Team-building games and activities have to agreeable and acceptable to team members, and the exercises have to be fair. These free team building games and exercises generally last less than one hour, and can be adjusted to create longer team building activities, depending on the sort of team building, ice-breakers, training development activities required. Review and discussion are often useful and helpful after exercises which have raised relationship issues, or changed people's perceptions.

Plan and practise all unknown aspects of the activities before using them. Logistics, facilitation and especially how you split the group into the numbers of team members per team are factors which have a big effect on how the exercises work and the experience for all. This simple exercise format is adaptable for a wide variety of training and development situations. Before moving to the next question, the group should discuss, refine and agree the correct answer. You can expand the exercise by splitting the group into teams and giving points and offering incorrect answers as bonus questions.

These questions are just examples. Create your own, and ensure you clarify questions where ambiguity could exist. The exercise is especially relevant for a group after a break, for example after holidays, or when a boost or intervention is required to help people shift habits or assumptions. The task suggested is 'how to tie a shoelace', but you can substitute any other easy instinctive skill e. Ideally something that people can actually do for real in the review. The purpose of the activity is to start people thinking and working, and particularly to assist thinking and learning about:.

Obviously avoid arrangements that will be unnecessarily time-consuming and tedious, for example do not ask a group of twenty people to do the task individually and to present their results individually, or the exercise will take til lunchtime.. Ideally review the group's work so that at least some of the resulting instructions can be viewed by the whole group.

You should also encourage people to try to follow - in practice - at least some of the resulting instructions which is often overlooked by writers of manuals and instructions. The activity offers a very neat association with the concept and principles of empathy, and the metaphor of 'putting yourself in the other person's shoes' when communicating to others. This is a very simple and amusing introductions activity, and a super icebreaker and energizer, for groups of people, any age and level, or bigger groups subject to splitting people into smaller sub-groups and giving guidance to self-facilitate as required.

Then, after everyone has taken their sheets do not issue these instructions until everyone has taken their sheets :. Aside from the obvious values of the activity energizing, ice-breaking, quickly introducing people to each other in an interesting way , the exercise cleverly makes the points that:. Tuckman's Forming Storming model. Presentation skills. Christmas Quizballs Instruct delegates to individually consider and describe the personality of a well known admired person which you can suggest, or assist the group in deciding who to describe. A common cause of differences between delegates' views - and a fascinating aspect of the exercise - is that delegates' descriptions of a greatly admired person commonly match their own self-image.

For obvious reasons it can be preferable to omit 'self-image' from the name of the activity before you run it with a group. Select a well known admired person. Involve the group in this if you wish but avoid being distracted by other discussions about the selection, unless you welcome such discussion. You may select more than one well known person to repeat the exercise, but of course the point of the exercise is for the group to describe the same person at one time.

If the group has expertise in personality theories and psychometric systems, then for extra focus on the technical aspects of personality theories you may select more than one theory for delegates to work with which means delegates give more than one view - i. Importantly you must be able to explain the basic workings of the chosen personality theory to the group, or the group must already understand the chosen theory to a very basic level. If working with young people or others who have no appreciation of personality theory then begin the activity by helping the group to establish and agree key describing words of personality, which can then be used for the exercise.

Encourage delegates to use only words to describe the dominant features of the personality. You and the group will perhaps think of more appropriate examples for your local situation and the group's interests. Personality theories.

Mark Tjia (Author of Loving the Battle - Tips to Improve Your Tennis Performance)

Johari Window theory. Interviewing and selection. Multiple Intelligences theory. Commonly staff social events, especially at Christmas time, involve eating and drinking in a pub or restaurant somewhere. The format tends to be: drink, eat, more drink, maybe dance a bit, maybe fall over in the car-park, and for many, have a hangover the next day.

The organization, and more likely these days the staff too, spend a lot of money and have little to show for it, let alone a sense of fulfilment or spiritual uplift. Many organizations now seek more wholesome and responsible ways for team members to socialize, celebrate and bond at Christmas parties and other social events. Instead of spending or asking people to spend a big amount per head on a meal out - instead do it yourselves 'in-house'. Perhaps ask every staff member of staff to bring in some interesting food.

This can be especially rewarding for groups of varying ethnicity. Food reflects culture, and so offers a helpful basis for improving mutual awareness. If you have a kitchen most workplaces do , then you can handle a certain amount of hot food.

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If you don't have a kitchen, then be creative with some camping stoves or an outside barbecue. That's assuming you want to serve hot food. Otherwise keep it to a cold buffet, which depending on the weather and time of year, can be perfectly acceptable. When you feed people in-house, on a biggish scale, it is very cost-effective and can produce excellent quality and quantities of food, for a fraction of eating-out costs. Many groups will expect an alcoholic drink of some sort.

Often alcohol is appropriate. Again be creative and imaginative. Again seek help and involvement from staff members with experience and skills in making and providing drinks for large groups. Recipes are available on the web. Consider the strength of drinks that you provide and consider implications of people's health, proper behaviour, transport, driving, etc.

Most offices have a big space somewhere which can be quickly reorganized to produce a good-sized area for setting up a buffet and eating. Maybe offer starters, mains, and deserts in different departmental rooms, so people circulate and get to know each other better.

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If you don't have a room or rooms then go out and find the space you need. Again be imaginative and creative. There are interesting spaces everywhere. Find some space and make it work. Decorate the venue. Appoint a team to do this - and to dismantle and tidy up too. A consistent problem affecting traditional workplace parties and social events is that people tend to drink a lot when nothing else entertains them. People engage relatively little, with the event, and with each other.

Organized activities instead get people involved and mixing and having fun together, which develops mutual understanding, builds relationships and teams, and diffuses tensions. So think of some activities on which to build your event - to give people some entertainment apart from eating and drinking. Think about activities which will be different and participative, so that people will be active and entertained, rather than sat down drinking and chatting about work and office politics, etc.