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Writing frequently about your area of expertise is good for your readers. Using the language of your customer is good for your readers. Developing a broad network of experts and web publishers in your topic, and referencing their ideas including with links in your content, is good for your readers. Always write your copy for your ideal reader first, and optimize for search engines later. Answer his questions and make him smile. Hold an imaginary conversation together.

Have some fun. Your copy will be more engaging and seductive. Henneke Duistermaat is an irreverent copywriter and business writing coach. She's on a mission to stamp out gobbledygook and to make boring business blogs sparkle. Get her free Part Snackable Writing Course for Busy People and learn how to enchant your readers and win more business. Changing the headline and introduction few times even after publishing has given some great advantages for some of my content marketing efforts.

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Great tips. Enjoyed the book — great stuff — well written. Actually fun to read. Wow i must say all the 6 tips were very good. Novelists and playwrights go to great lengths to get to know, not so much their readers, but the characters they plan to write about. Ibsen was famous for this, going as far as to take long train journeys with non-existent people in preparation for the play he was writing. It makes sense to spend some time with your ideal customer. You can do more than imagine the language your ideal customer uses. If he follows you on Facebook, you can ask him survey questions to find out the words he uses to describe your services.

Oh yes, of course. There are also cheap web survey tools like Qualaroo and Leadconverter. Thanks for pointing out benefits versus features. Great post and comments! I think of the many blogs I read, many of them product or service-related. The ones that keep me regularly coming back are those that, yes, offer me a benefit, AND they talk about themselves.

There are always exceptions of course. People like Penelope Trunk or Seth Godin are powerful personality brands — I do think people are interested in them, just like people are interested in what celebrities wear, say, and do. Think about it, and then think about it, again. Take your time.

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As a man I know that I already won before I start a conversation with a women. I can fully focus on letting her win, on what she wants. Reading your article writing copy makes as much sense to me as seducing women. In better words, how you touch their feelings. I really enjoyed this post. Each step is sopt on and I like how actionable each one is. Practice, practice, practice and read, read, read.

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You improve by immersing yourself in web copy, by reading spot on posts like these and then by practicing your writing skills. Practice make better, and better, and better. Be a web copy junkie; in time your writing and connecting skills will improve tremendously. As a reader, I am not attracted to all blogs and newsletters. There are only a few that grab my attention. Invariably, I end up subscribing to such blogs and newsletters: they should be informative and entertaining, to be sure.

You will achieve success if you tap into the mindset of your readers.

They are a quirky lot with strong likes and dislikes and with notoriously short attention spans. If you web copy and pictorials can hold my attention, you have me there. If not, you have just lost a potential customer. And, as a reader, I can tell you from my perspective that I have gained a lot from the link sharing that Copyblogger has dished out on a regular basis. And that has been a big plus in my life.

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Have a good one. Great insight on how to create an irresistible web copy! Also my advice would be: write for people — not for Search Engines. I have seen some great posts with hundreds comments on them that we not quite SEO optimized but got an enormous amount of responses. Find your topic you are really good at it. Make a provocative title and you are the winner! But no one can resist a mystery.

Henneke is one of the best that I've ever read, and I don't make such statements lightly. But above all else, what makes Henneke a real treasure is that she writes about writing and blogging. She writes with flair and passion about writing.

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Her advice is priceless. If you plan to become a serious blogger, read this book and subscribe to her blog. I really enjoyed reading this book. Henneke thoroughly covers the basics of web writing. Quite often I find books about copywriting to be a little dry.

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This book is informative and entertaining. She has an interesting way of presenting the material. She is saucy with just a hint of smart ass. I really enjoy her humorous and sometimes irreverent "voice. A rare example of a copywriting book that actually dishes out great actionable ideas page after page. I can't remember when I've last made this many highlights in my Kindle.

Where many other copywriting books might say something vague like "find an authentic voice" and leave it at that, Henneke always gets to the meaty bits. She presents both bad and good examples, shows exactly what is wrong with the bad ones and how to improve them. Other non-fiction book writers would do well to read this book, not only for the writing tips, but as an example of how to teach a subject to your reader. I wish more web writers read this book. I wish I had found it earlier.

One of the few funny and actually useful books about writing for web. I always find that most of the web writers to be dry and way to condescending but not Henneke. She provides good solid actionable advice and sprinkles it with a touch of smart ass which I find very refreshing. You see social proof on blogs that advertise their subscriber count. It could be a lack of confidence. It could be a lack of productivity. It could be a bad marriage. It could be a gas-guzzling car. It could be a frustration with being a bad cook. Or using lame blenders. Find out the problems people are having and then write an offer that communicates to them your product can solve that problem.

Or an hour-long massage. It could be that car that makes you look like a stud and your neighbors like duds. Do you have a tough time figuring out what each offer promises? I doubt it.

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Make it simple. To make it simple you have to first understand all of the benefits the product provides. When you do that, you then need to identify the most important one. And that is usually the basis of your offer. An offer could be a day free trial or three-year warranty. Why not take it home, play with it and then see how you feel? In this economy people are more price sensitive than ever before, so you need to think creatively on how to make price concern go away. A good guarantee will help you do that. Two of the strongest motivators for getting people to buy your product are exclusivity and scarcity.

For example:. Exclusivity and scarcity work on two core emotions: pride and fear.