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Doug speaks for Mr. At the height of their success, The Jonas Brothers' self-titled album sold 1. Appearances on Disney programs like Miley Cyrus' "Hannah Montana" significantly raised their profile. Though a follow up album titled 'Little Bit Longer" didn't move as many copies as the first, it cemented the Jonas Brothers as an act "that could sell out arenas," said Billboard writer Shirley Halperin. Nick has also returned to his first love: the stage.

Jonas is shown performing at the "Miss USA" pageant.

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It's not secret he likes beauty queens, as his current girlfriend Olivia Culpo holds a few titles. The happy -- and hot -- couple in the flesh: Jonas and Olivia Culpo sizzle on-screen in his video for "Jealous" and at various red carpet events. Always musically inclined, Jonas even moonlights for his pals -- like his side gigs playing drums for Demi Lovato.

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Jonas' "Kingdom" character Nate Kulina isn't just the youngest in a boxing dynasty, he's discovering his true sexual identity. Jonas has said numerous times how proud he is to take on a homosexual character, and treats the storyline with care and responsibility. Transformation complete: Details magazine documents the powerhouse Jonas has become, a far cry from the mop-topped drummer for the Jonas Brothers.

Island Records "Chains" already has two breakout singles: the eponymous track and "Jealous," a certified Billboard Top 10 hit. Sam's met someone who can grant her three wishes. For real. Too bad Sam wasn't careful what she wished for. Because her wishes are coming true. And they're turning her life into a living nightmare!

Samantha "Sam" Byrd is both tall and clumsy. For these reasons, Sam is the subject of teasing from her peers, especially Judith Bellwood. During math class, Judith trips Samantha.

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During Home Ec class, Judith spills tapioca pudding onto Samantha's shoes, initiating a fight between the two girls. Since Sam is a part of the girls' basketball team, she takes part in a scrimmage later in the day, but she is kneed by Judith during the game. As Samantha begins biking home, but she is stopped by a mysterious woman.

The woman says that she is lost.

Careful What You Wish For

Samantha agrees to give the woman guidance to find her destination. The woman introduces herself as Clarissa , the Crystal Woman. When the two make it to their destination, the woman insists that Samantha deserves some repayment for her good deeds. The woman offers Samantha three wishes. Samantha is skeptical, but she feels that she needs to play along with the woman.

Sam wishes to be the strongest player on her basketball team, and the strange woman leaves. Samantha goes home, and she plays basketball with her brother, Ron. Much to her disappointment, Sam finds that her basketball skills had not improved. The next day, Samantha's middle school has a basketball match against another middle school. During the game, Sam finds that all of her teammates are playing horribly.

Her wish had come true but not in the way she intended. The following day, Judith and Anna are absent from school. Sam blames herself, worrying that she may be the one who caused the girls to become sickly. Later in the day, Sam decides to call Judith. Judith accuses Sam of casting a spell on the basketball team. Sam goes in search of Clarissa the next day. Judith chants accusations at Sam, so Sam runs out of Judith's house. When she get's outside, she wishes Judith would disappear.

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Clarissa, who happens to be standing nearby, says that Samantha's first wish will be cancelled and her second wish granted. Before Sam can protest, Clarissa leaves.

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When Sam wakes up the next day, she quickly realizes that she's late for school. Sam looks around her house, but all of her family members seem to have left. Sam goes to get her bike, and she sees that her father's car is still in the garage.

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She tries to call his workplace, but nobody answers. Sam bikes to school and runs to her class. However, the classroom is empty. As Sam learns, there is no one else in the entire school.