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Date: 26 Jun Author: Brouquier Alain. ProDeafToolkit is an innovation European project in continuing professional development. To help the public and businesses to meet the requirements of anti-discrimination laws our consortium seeks solutions to put in place the teaching and knowledge needed to adress the needs of deaf and hearing impaired people in society.

The objective of the project Intelligible City For All is the enhancement of the sense of security and self confidence of presbycusis people, whose hearing degradation increases with age. This project targets the design of embedded solutions in mass products of the larger public at reasonable cost for both populations: with pseudo-normal and presbyacoustic hearing. This web page from the European Blind Union gives a list of important dates for EBU and all the people who have visual impairments such as the anniversary of its foundation 27 August or the World Sight Day 12 October.

Date: 25 Jun Author: no author. In this publication we focus on the accessibility of printed and electronic documents intended for a broad audience including websites, books, invoices, letters, leaflets etc. Date: 25 Jun Author: Brouquier Alain. Date: 24 Jun Author: Dryden, Gordon.

Gordon Dryden. Please click at the powerpoint presentation below to view the presentation. Date: 23 Jun Author: Cankova, Stefana. Conference Chair. Date: 23 Jun Author: Dryden, Gordon. Date: 23 Jun Author: Hajjam, Jawad. Jawad Hajjam. Date: 23 Jun Author: Brouquier Alain. Date: 23 Jun Author: Frouck de Boer. Good interior lighting facilitates the performance of daily activities ADL of the visually impaired in their homes. To view the presentation, click the powerpoint presentation at the link below. Date: 23 Jun Author: Petrie, Helen.

Keynote speaker: Prof. Date: 23 Jun Author: Bilodeau, Sylvie. Keynote Speaker: Mr. Ove Vedel Anderson. Date: 23 Jun Author: Craig, Jeign. Date: 20 Jun Author: Brouquier Alain. Date: 20 Jun Author: Brouard Vincent. Date: 20 Jun Author: Lennox Adams. Booklet provides information about the psychological issues that the families and relatives of VIP visually impaired persons should be aware of.

Psychology of the relatives and the individual with visual impariment is highly important for a healthy and socially inclusive future and society. Guide "Pas cela Date: 19 Jun Author: Brouquier Alain. It shows examples of measures that can be implemented and how the environment can relate to visual and hearing impairments to improve conditions both physically and socially. Date: 18 Jun Author: Brouquier Alain. Date: 16 Jun Author: Brouquier Alain.

Date: 13 Jun Author: Brouquier Alain.

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Date: 13 Jun Author: Philippe Steinier. Date: 12 Jun Author: Brouquier Alain. Elle concerne toutes les personnes devenant malentendantes, ou sourdes. Date: 12 Jun Author: Etienne Lazzarotto. Le projet Hand'speaker a une ambition folle : faire parler les sourds et muets. Date: 11 Jun Author: Brouquier Alain. Date: 10 Jun Author: Brouquier Alain. A number of studies have shown the effectiveness of group approaches for older persons with a visual impairment VI. Contents and forms of these group approaches are briefly addressed, as well as their impact and the main barriers to participation of VI elderlies to group interventions.

Date: 06 Jun Author: Brouquier Alain. Date: 05 Jun Author: Brouquier Alain. Date: 05 Jun Author: Brouquier Aain. Compatible avec tous les appareils auditifs. Jouable avec une touche. Date: 04 Jun Author: Brouquier Alain. Date: 02 Jun Author: Brouquier Alain. Elles indiquent les heures et les minutes, disposent d'une ou de plusieurs alarmes, et permettent l'annonce automatique des heures pleines.

Date: 02 Jun Author: no auhtor. As we age, our bodies experience natural changes that can dramatically influence the safety of our own home. Often these changes occur gradually, almost undetectably, until suddenly there is a fall or a deterioration of independence. This text will tell what changes you can make at home to make it safer for elderly people who experience sensory disabilities that are acquired with age.

Date: 27 May Author: Brouquier Alain. Date: 26 May Author: Brouquier Alain. Le journal audio Vocale Presse est un service de lecture de la presse et des magazines, accessible pour les aveugles et les malvoyants. Date: 22 May Author: Brouquier Alain. Date: 21 May Author: Brouquier Alain. Date: 20 May Author: Brouquier Alain. Date: 19 May Author: Brouquier Alain. Il est fourni avec une valise de transport. Date: 16 May Author: Brouquier Alain. This short document gives many useful informations on blindness and sight loss.

People with no previous knowledge can read this article without difficulty. Date: 13 May Author: Brouquier Alain. La boucle d'induction NL de chez Amplicomms est un appareil pour vos aides auditives. Vous entendrez donc plus fort votre interlocuteur. Date: 02 May Author: Brouquier Alain. Date: 17 Apr Author: Uzun Tajana.

In a very straightforward way it gives all necesary information on deafblindness and shows how different types of vision and hearing loss ask for different communication methods. Date: 28 Mar Author: European Commission. This document contains guidance on accessibility in the form of Frequently Asked Questions regarding practical aspects of web content creation.

Each question provides comments and clarifications about typical accessibility issue that webmasters and internet editors face in their daily work. Report on two big projects BIOVI took on in order to secure access to information for visually impaired people in Iceland, with special attention to the needs of senior citizens with visual impairments. La transmission est sans fil et peut se faire par infra rouge ou par onde radio.

This publication presents the outcomes of a small qualitative study that took place in the frame of the European Union-funded Home Sweet Home project. It aims at shedding the light to barriers and enablers for the acceptance of new technologies that are introduced to help older persons live autonomously and manage better their health. Abstract Background. There is an increase in dual sensory impairment DSI hearing and visual with increase in elderly population. Most causes of DSI among elderly are treatable.

This study determines the prevalence and characteristics of dual sensory impairment among elderly of a rural community. Date: 01 Jan Author: Jack L. As individuals age, it is common to experience changes in sensory perceptions—vision, hearing, smell, etc. First, it is important to understand how the environment is perceived and negotiated by the older person.

Date: 01 Jan Author: AgingCare. This webpage provides a list of assistive devices to allow elderly people to have an as independent life as they can, including vision and hearing assistive devices among many others. Date: 01 Jan Author: Vicki L. The efficiency of the sensory organs—vision, hearing, taste, smell, and touch—declines with age, but the age of onset and rate of decline differ markedly among people.

This publication explains the sensory changes older people experience and suggests what you can do to help. Date: 01 Jan Author: no author. This information was developed by the National Eye Institute to help patients and their families search for general information about age-related macular degeneration. An eye care professional who has examined the patient's eyes and is familiar with his or her medical history is the best person to answer specific questions.

This webpage provides a list of different vision and hearing assistive devices to allow elderly people to have an as independent life as they can. Date: 01 Jan Author: David Byrne. This paper launches a reflection process to help define the future EU Health strategy. The EU is committed to bringing together all health players and building partnerships for health. This aim is inbuilt into EU action to complement national efforts to promote good health, minimise health inequalities and to tackle the factors that determine health.

This article explains what are the different conditions and diseases that affect vision as we get older. It also provides tips to drive safely and describes the different devices that can be used to deal with visual impairment. The vast majority of patients with low vision can be helped to function at a higher level with the use of low vision devices. Low vision specialists recommend appropriate low vision devices and counsel patients on how better to deal with their reduced vision in general.

Many government and private organizations exist to aid the visually impaired. This document contains links to different addresses on the internet.

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The braille producers out of the document have their own web pages. The list contains braille producers from all over the world, from the United Kingdom, France, Austria and Australia. Date: 02 Dec Author: Carol Thomas. The purpose of the Report is the provision of an Information Record of models of specialist accommodation and care for older people, and related standards, in use across the countries of the European Union, the acceding and candidate countries, and the EFTA countries: Norway, Switzerland, Iceland and Liechtenstein in total 38 countries.

Date: 07 Nov Author: Liliya Plastunova. This YouTube video and creative tree give the opportunity to introduce elderly people with sensory disabilities to the wonders of today's assistive technology and show them that Assistive Technology products are user-friendly and multifaceted. Date: 04 Nov Author: no auther.

Contents What is a cochlear implant? How does a cochlear implant work? Who gets cochlear implants? How does someone receive a cochlear implant? What does the future hold for cochlear implants? Where can I get additional information? Date: 03 Nov An assistive technology device, as defined by the United States Assistive Technology Act of , is any "product, device, or equipment, whether acquired commercially, modified or customized, that is used to maintain, increase, or improve the functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities. We want to use the opportunity of this European Year to highlight our work to promote a participative and inclusive democracy in Europe, and voice our recommendations for a stronger participation of older persons in society.

In the following pages we will stress why and how AGE is working to strengthen civil dialogue on ageing and the involvement of older users in the production of solutions that suit their needs. Date: 31 Oct Author: Tarczay Sanja. The qualitative research described in this paper was focused on deafblind women, in order to reveal their own perspective on the status of deafblind women in Croatia. Without understanding of their real needs, interests and rights, the development of aproppriate support services is impossible, which was another motive to start this research. As elderly people increase in number, this estimated percentage is likely to increase.

The prognosis is that up to 30 percent of EU-residents will suffer from some kind of functional disorder in the future related to the eye. The burden of visual impairment is not distributed uniformly throughout the world: the least developed regions have the largest share in visual impairments. Visual impairment is not equally distributed across age groups either, being largely confined to adults 50 years of age and older. An imbalance in distribution is also found with regard to gender allacross the world: females are more at risk than males in acquiring visual impairments.

Although there is intense progress in surgical interventions that have been used in many countries in the past few decades, cataract remains the most important cause of visual impairment in all regions of the world, except in the most developed countries. This alone shows us that visual impairments will be with us for a long time to come. Other major causes of visual impairment are, in order of importance, glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and trachoma Bull World Health Organ.

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Date: 29 Oct Author: Arnadottir Gudbjorg. Powerpoint presentation - Serving the elderly e A presentation of the NIB Iceland and its service to the ageing with visual impairment. The presentation is in English. Below you will find the text in Icelandic language. Information on material related to daily life challenges and ways to overcome obstacles by using methods that can make daily tasks easier to cope with.

Guided assistance in mobility Illustrated material on how to guide a blind or visually impaired person in various circumstances. In the text box below you will find the text in Icelandic language. Good access for all Guidelines on how everyday environment can be adjusted and modified to accommodate easy access for blind and visually impaired people.

These guidelines are helpful for the public, institutions, public places and buildings such as schools, hospitals, buses, restaurants etc. An overview of ways to communicate effectively with people with joint loss of hearing and sight. Suggestions and advice on good communication. The advice is adapted to everyday situations and environment. Gives information on various difficulties specific to this group and a guidance on how to assist. It debates ideas on how to classify the group, what to expect, risk factors in daily life, and the importance of rehabilitation.

Families and care-takers benefit from the information. Powerpoint presentation — Ageing in Iceland, Involvement, independence and participation in decision-making. The presentation is in english.

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In the text body you will find the text in Icelandic language. Date: 21 Oct Author: Arnadottir Gudbjorg. All around Iceland there are associations that provide various services for the ageing. These associations are formed and sustained by the ageing themselves. In every community, however small, the ageing enjoy their own association. Each community provides assistance to the associations e. This site gives information on the various associations all over Iceland.

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Date: 21 Oct Author: Tarczay Sanja. On the home page of the egdms website, you can find tips and advice on: How does a guide dog get trained to help you? The steps to take to get pet insurance for your guide dog What are the benefits of having a guide dog? Date: 01 Sep Author: Kierstan Boyd.

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Age-related macular degeneration AMD is a deterioration or breakdown of the eye's macula. The macula is a small area in the retina — the light-sensitive tissue lining the back of the eye. The macula is the part of the retina that is responsible for your central vision, allowing you to see fine details clearly. Date: 25 Aug Author: no author. This short video 6 minutes from the European Commission explains what are your rights as a passenger with reduced mobility when traveling by train, bus or plane.

A Norwegian example of communication within a family where the father has lost most of his hearing. Also an example of communication between an elderly couple. Both of the people have reduced hearing. The Method Specialist Care was created to map the wishes of the inhabitants of De Vlasborch, a home for the visually impaired elderly. Next to that the method will equip the employees of Royal Dutch Visio. Date: 11 Jun Author: Dodir. Croatian impression of a deaf blind man. Link to a video of the life of a 74 years old deaf blind man in which he describes how he became deaf blind.

He also talks about his education, his problems in communication and about his mobility. Date: 07 Jun Author: Ruth van Nispen. Demographic aging will lead to an increased demand for medical care, including low vision rehabilitation. Therefore, in the near future, low vision rehabilitation centers need to make efficient decisions and choose the rehabilitation program that has the greatest likelihood of benefiting each individual.

Date: 07 Jun Author: Uzun Tajana. Croatian Association of Deafblind Persons Dodir provides support for all deafblind people in Croatia. Support systems are divided into two parts: Support service and Centre for Sign Language interpreting. Support Service includes providing intervenors support in mobility and home instructors support for eldery deafblind Centre for Sign Language Interpreting- sign language interpreters.

Due to an aging population in the more developed nations, the prevalence of visual impairment increases rapidly. A cystoid macular edema is a disease caused by fluid build-up under the macula generating a decreased vision. It may develop as a result of various other diseases which will have to be treated in order to cure the edema. Prevention of the auditory effects of noise. The hearing pain threshold decibels is higher than the danger limit 85 decibels ; consequently, it is of vital importance that a preventive behavior be put in place as soon as one finds oneself exposed to a level of more than 85 decibels.

For information, as long as the noise level allows for a normal conversation, this level is below 85 decibels. When one has to yell to communicate, the existing noise exposure may pose a risk to hearing. A new set of innovative softwares for low vision assessment and rehabilitation designed mainly for orthoptists. New developments : Compatible with touchscreens Systematic results timekeeping. This guide is specifically aimed at managers of housing projects for elderly dependents French acronym EHPAD ,medico-social and health care institutions.

It gives numerous examples, thus providing advice and recommendations on the accessibility of those institutions for sensory impaired individuals. The eyes are the organs of vision. Eyes and vision can be altered by disorders, diseases and other factors. In order to measure vision, diopter, or one-tenth, is used. Several individuals play their part in taking care of your eyes and vision health: ophthalmologists, opticians and orthoptists. Various examinations may be used in order to detect eyes disorders and diseases.


Finally, different types of solutions may be used, depending on the disorders or the diseases. This book, "When comes the time of visual impairment", should be considered as an instrument for an exchange between the people who become blind and their relatives. It touches a number of practical issues and aims at informing and supporting. It has been jointly elaborated by Inpes and la Fondation de France and is the first practical guide to type 1 acquired visual impairmen and was awarded the Prescrire price in This survey seeks to analyse the process of population ageing in depth.

It is the first study to examine the different ways in which people aged 50 and older live in 20 European countries. Date: 21 May Author: Ashutosh Kacker. This webpage explains all basic facts about cochlear implants. A cochlear implant is a small electronic device that helps people hear.

A cochlear implant is not the same thing as a hearing aid. The device is surgically implanted and works in a different way. The first section of the document contains the elements constituting the program for the elderlies at Institut Nazareth et Louis-Braille: values, framework, context, as well as the environment. The second section is related to the structure and implementation of the program. The third and final section focuses on program evaluation is a process of collecting and analyzing data, which is an aid to decision making. This study is intended to contribute to existing research on long-term psychosocial adaptation to age-related vision loss.

To examine discrepancies and similarities regarding the psychological impact of visual impairment in patients of different age.

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Sight loss in later life can be devastating as it touches every aspect of a person's identity and social role. Various forms and degrees of visual impairment and functional deficits may occur in patients with age related macular degeneration ARMD. This lecture addresses the meaning of age related vision impairment to older people, stepping into their shoes so to speak and considering their perspective. Date: 18 Apr Author: Manna A. Alma, Sijrike F. Van der Mei [et al. This cross-sectional study included visually impaired persons who were referred to a low-vision rehabilitation center.

Determinants were identified in different domains of participation. In: Quality of Life Research 21 1 : How can these results be interpreted in terms of vision rehabilitation? Which proportion of patients improve their vision following these treatments? Do they actually regain normal vision? What is the impact of these treatments when the vision impairment is already severe?

The prevalence of falls among seniors is high and represents a public health problem. Falls result from an interaction of multiple intrinsic individual condition and behaviour and extrinsic environment risk factors, among which are vision disorders. This brought us to ascertain the extent of knowledge and current evidence on the effectiveness of prevention measures from a visual point of view, and on the impact of rehabilitation on reducing falls among older adults with visual impairments.

Date: 11 Jan Author: Marc Green. The present article focusses on the driving ability of older people and its link to visual problems. Date: 09 Jan Author: Manna A. Alma, Johan W. Groothoff [et al. The pilot study reported here determined the effectiveness of a multidisciplinary group rehabilitation program, Visually Impaired Elderly Persons Participating VIPP , on psychosocial functioning. This European study of long-term care expenditure investigates the key factors that are likely to affect the future expenditure on long-term care services in Germany, Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom.

The approach involves investigating how sensitive long-term care projections are to assumptions made about future trends in different factors, using comparable projection models. Date: 01 Jan Author: B. It is well documented that decrements in sensory function increase sharply with age. Across an array of studies, age has been implicated as a major predictor of declines to both visual and auditory sensory function. Date: 01 Jan Author: Kathleen Demers.

Date: 24 Dec Author: Centich. The ophthalmologist is the health professional concerned with the eyes and their associated parts. He may diagnose visual problems and diseases. He works alongside other professionals such as a general practitioner or an optician. Date: 24 Dec Author: Robert Waquet. The optician is a healthcare professional and salesperson that makes glasses and contact lenses on the ophthalmologist's prescription.

He advises his clients on their choice of frame and lenses. Importance, characteristics, functional disabilities and social difficulties. Each stage in life has visual problems that require regular examinations. The sun provides light. Light permits vision. However, too much sun entails health hazards for the eyelids, the cornea, the crystalline and the retina which we shall describe here in order to understand how to protect oneself — and more specifically the retina with protective lenses — against these hazards.

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This brochure seeks to explain what can be done to create an age-friendly EU by fostering solidarity between generations and enabling the active participation and involvement of all age groups in society while providing them with adequate support and protection. It was led by a steering group composed of 18 partners from 12 European Union EU Member States interested in working together to improve the quality of life of older people in need of care and assistance. Document published by AGE Platform on the impact of the financial crisis on the life of elderly people. The purpose of this brochure is to help senior citizens across the Union understand better what the Treaty of Lisbon and the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU bring to older people in terms of citizenship, non-discrimination and equality between women and men, fundamental rights, employment, social protection, health safety and economic interest of consumers, human health protection and protection against violence and elder abuse.

Orthoptists are qualified health practitioners responsible for measuring eye-vision distortions and for assuming binocular vision rehabilitation. In order to do so, they carry out an orthoptic check-up highlighting oculomotor muscles and nerves weaknesses.

They are consulted after a visit to an ophthalmologist, a GP or a pediatrician. Eyes traumas do affect the eyes, but they can also involve eyelids and eye socket lesions. Eye traumas can be simple bruises such as blood effusions but also piercing wounds due to foreign bodies within the eyes. Finally, they can be burns, for instance caused by chemical products. Some pieces of information should be registered when faced with the traumas in order to cope with possible complications.

Myopia is the result of errors of refraction causing a poor distant vision without affecting near vision. It is measured in negative diopters. Symptoms vary according to myopia's severity and its onset age; and whether it affects one eye or both eyes. Myopia is detected at an ophthalmological check-up carried out by the ophthalmologist Treating myopia consists in correcting it through 3 main approaches: spectacles, lens and surgery.

Myopia complications may occur; they will remain whatever the means used to correct it. Presbyopia is the loss of the ability of the eye to focus or accommodate close-up vision in order to see clearly. Without any optical correction, the presbyopic sees objects in the distance well but those which are close up poorly. Presbyopia is detected during an ophthalmologic examination. Facturen worden automatisch, snel herkend en direct geboekt in uw boekhoudpakket. Daarnaast zijn er ook talrijke mogelijkheden aangaande goedkeuringflows, waardoor u uw proces niet hoeft aan te passen. Elke factuur kan u ook terugvinden in het archief.

FUROO is een ERP-softwarepakket voor kleine en middelgrote ondernemingen om de administratieve processen te stroomlijnen en vereenvoudigen. Als accountant kunt u de documenten van uw klanten uit FUROO exporteren en deze rechtstreeks in uw vertrouwde boekhoudsysteem importeren. Zo wordt dubbele input vermeden en verkleint u aanzienlijk de kans op fouten. Doordat u de gegevens rechtstreeks uit het systeem van uw klant kunt halen, kunt u ook tussentijds de aan- en verkoopfacturen van uw klant verwerken.

Hierdoor kunt u piekmomenten beter spreiden. Kortom, FUROO is de tool die de samenwerking met uw klant optimaliseert terwijl u uw vertrouwde boekhoudsoftware kunt blijven gebruiken. En tant que partenaire RH, Group S soutient les employeurs dans leur administration sociale quotidienne. De Ondernemingsradar van Intellifin is een innovatieve cloud software voor bedrijfsadvies.

Maar de Ondernemingsradar doet meer: het helpt u om een toekomstplan op te stellen dat de waarde van de zaak verhoogt: De hele boekhouding kan u meteen laten herrekenen om elk idee te testen. Bovendien berekent de Ondernemingsradar de evolutie van de waarde van een onderneming. De Ondernemingsradar van Intellifin neemt de complexiteit van gegevens verwerken weg en laat u als raadgever focussen op datgene waar u goed in bent: een meerwaarde zijn voor de ondernemer. Samen met zoon Jan, dochter Kristel en medewerkers heeft hij de Ondernemingsradar ontwikkeld.

Venez nous rencontrer sur le stand de Larcier Business! En tant que centre de formation, Liberform est le partenaire par excellence pour tous les acteurs de ce secteur. Comment ne pas rater la transformation digitale? Odoo se donne pour mission de booster le potentiel de chaque entreprise en donnant aux utilisateurs les outils dont ils ont besoin pour exceller. Hoe: Alle facturen makkelijk inscannen of doorsturen - one tap betaling met je vingerprint of pincode - archiveren - doorsturen naar boekouder.

Elle propose des appartements de standing en locations de. Mon ob Services IT Delivery Manager Jean-Jacques Benattar est avocat au Barreau de Paris. You will have a key position, responsible for the Accounts Payable function of all divisions of the French subsidiary. Nous recherchons un e Gestionnaire Administrati. J'accompagne les dirigeants d'entreprise et les managers vers plus d'efficience et de plaisir dans leurs relations professionnelles Je suis avocat de profession, travaille dans un cabinet en droit des affaires, pour des client Notre cabinet intervient sur tous les domaines RH de l'entreprise.

Nous vous apportons des solutions innovantes Interlocuteur unique sans plateforme CyclaMelle, c'est ma nouvelle aventure professionnelle. Depuis , j'exerce dans le secteur web. J'interviens en conseil et en conte Membre du club du Rotary Paris Notre Dame. La missio. Cadre dirigeante en Informatique et Digital pour des groupes internationaux. Apero business meeting le 4 juillet A mon d Rotary Digital Meeting le 3 mai J'ai l'envie de