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I knew it was wrong to lie. And I also was aware that my Jenga tower of fibs would eventually fall.

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When rapping with my boys from my block, my partners would be girls from school. As I got older, my lies got more subtle.

Pittsburgh History

Is that you? You on that?

Pittsburgh City Steps Perspectives: Warner Macklin III, "The Most Livable City"

Stop playing. I was so thoroughly fraudulent that even the truth felt fake. That experience left me equipped to spot a bullshitter.

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I know the tendencies, and I know the forces that compel people to alter their realities. And I know that Pittsburgh is a bullshitter, too. Our theaters are top notch. Our universities are globally renowned. Our restaurant culture is booming.

Pittsburgh Staycation Ideas - Planning Days Out With The Kids | Kennywood

Our star athletes ride helicopters to training camp. With this success, Pittsburgh has begun to tout itself as a paragon of inclusion.

Pittsburgh — still — is a city where the median income gap between white and black households is greater than the national disparity. Out of 38 students, only 14 submitted evaluations. Of those, half said they would be interested in attending a follow-up course with these instructors.

Evaluating a course on a topic on which opinions are strongly polarized is necessarily different than evaluating a course on a non-controversial subject, according to Vanyukov. They were the facts that were taken from the abundant literature, simply historical facts with no slant to that.

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If there is any perspective here, it can be simply called truth. The content of the course will also address the issues that are happening as the course is being taught. Michael Vanyukov photo provided by Michael Vanyukov.