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I have been to Pearl Harbor 3 times and it never fails to move me when you are in such a beautiful, tropical place. The expanding aviation museum on Ford island really is interesting to see for aviation lovers. I would definitely visit again if given the chance. My dad would love that aviation museum.

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My family went to the Museum of Flight in Seattle lsat year, and he was like a kid in a candy store. We would like to fly into Oahu from Kauai for a day trip in three weeks. Flights arrive very early in the morning and return after 5. What is the best way to get to Pearl Harbor from the airport?

Are there any no frills tours or shuttles from the airport that would assure us of an Arizona ticket but allow us to spend most of the day browsing at Pearl Harbor? Although, make sure you double check before your visit that the Arizona is even open to visitors. Currently, with the heightened security in the U.

But I have no clue how long that will last. Hopefully not long! I would like to offer them this tour as a gift. Any suggestions as to how to book the tour ahead of time? Any tour companies to suggest? Will the fact that they are on a cruise be a problem? Also, my mother is somewhat limited in her walking capabilities can walk without assistance but for short distances only.

Can this also be a problem? So many questions… Your help is greatly appreciated. Hi there! If you are going on a cruise and want Pearl Harbor to be as easy as possible, my advice would be to book it as a shore excursion through your cruise line. As long as you are having a port call in Honolulu, I guarantee that there will be shore excursion options to Pearl Harbor.

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This will make it the easiest for you. We just returned home from our Hawaiian trip—8 days on Kauai. We took a day trip to Oahu, arriving via Hawaiian Air around 7 in the morning. We decided that since we had a full day on Oahu, with our return flight not leaving until in the evening, we would rent a car.

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Everything worked really well—picked up the car at the airport around and were in the Pearl Harbor parking lot recently reopened after construction closures before 8. There appeared to be plenty of parking We encountered no lines and our Arizona tour was scheduled for We also bought the all inclusive tickets for the submarine tour, the Missouri tour, and the air museum tour.

Following our Arizona visit we had lunch in the area between the submarine and its museum—very reasonably priced and quite tasty hot dogs with the works. A Navel retirement ceremony was in progress nearby and we enjoyed listening to the Navy band preform for the ceremony. After lunch we rode the shuttle to the Missouri and then the air museum. Enjoyed all of it thoroughly. We left the Pearl Harbor area around three and drove to the east coast I bellieve it was on route 61 —beautiful drive! We then drove down the coast towards Diamond Head, making numerous stops to view the gorgeous and dramatic coastline.

Sounds like you had a great day on Oahu!

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And you definitely made the right decision by going to Pearl Harbor as early as possible to avoid the crowds. Thank you for your post, it was really well put together. Thank you so much, Suzy. We are headed to Pearl Harbor in a couple of weeks and the information from your blog has really helped — Thanks! Thanks so much for your info, most detailed explanation of the whole experience Ive found. Your post has certainly layed it out a lot clearer for us and now have the confidence to rise early and take on the crowds at our own pace — thank you!

You are very welcome, Pam! I was surprised when I started researching visiting Pearl Harbor at the lack of succinct info out there, too. Which is exactly why I wrote this post! If you do have a rental car, consider also adding a visit to the Punchbowl Cemetery the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific. It makes a nice addition to a day of remembrance in Honolulu.

We are planning on visiting the Arizona memorial, the Missouri and the aviation museum. Would you recommend renting a car from the airport or take a cab? We arrive on Oahu at am and fly out at pm. Hi Kevin. Will you have any luggage with you? A cab would also work, but would be more expensive than the bus. Hi Kevin, It sounds like you are planning to do exactly what we did last May—flying from Kauai to Oahu for the day. Scroll up to my comments on June 7th about how our trip worked out. Renting a car was very easy and inexpensive. We were done at Pearl Harbor by mid afternoon with plenty of time to see everything and then had time to drive across the middle of the island and down the coast.

Scenery was quite dramatic. Have a great trip!

Travel Guide: Tips for Visiting Pearl Harbor in Hawaii

I am flying into HNL with a connection to Maui. Is this enough time to even consider going to Pearl Harbor? If you think it could be done, how would you plan out the limited time that I have. Thank you! Hi Kathy. Which would leave you with only about 2 hours at Pearl Harbor.

I have been to Pearl Harbor on two occasions and I must say that one gets a very spooky feeling there. Thanks for all the excellent information! My advice would be take the wallet, and just carry it in with you in your hands — then you can put it around a neck strap once you get through security. Problem solved! Thought I would post an update. I was curious if just one person could go early and get tickets for everyone in the group. We have 6 people going. I will be visiting Pearl Harbor in November and I so appreciate your point of view.

Only questions are regarding the Audio tour. Never used one before, how does it work? Thank you, looking forward to reading more of your posts! Hi Pamela. Each attraction has its own audio tour, from what I can understand. For example, when I bought an entrance ticket for the USS Bowfin submarine, it came with an audio tour. You turned it back in when you left the submarine. Thank you for your info! We are arriving and are glad we stumbled upon your page! Thank you for your helpful info! Holiday booked for September with British Airways. So you booked a tour to Pearl Harbor, but are asking if you can go back on your own to see more of it?

Of course! You definitely can just show up on your own. You will just either need a rental car to get there, or you can take the public bus which is what I did. Thanks for helping me clear up some frustration after many hours of research. I will be arriving in Oahu on June 5th and picking up a rental car, I will be staying with friends that are locals.

I will just plan on getting to Pearl Harbor as soon as it opens and take it from there! I am also a WWII history buff, so excited to see such a historical site. Glad to be able to help! I was there the first time in November of , it happened to be the start of the 50th anniversary events. I was fortunate to get an early ticket to the Arizona memorial. Too look at the wall of names and not have the tears start would take someone more callus than I. You simply collect a transfer coupon off the driver and hand it in to the next bus driver transfers have a two-hour limit stamped on them.

All Buses are tidy, on-time, air-conditioned, and the drivers are courteous. The main bus route hub is at the Ala Moana Shopping Center. On Foot around Waikiki The entire shopping and eating area of Waikiki is fairly accessible from most hotels by foot, provided you have a moderate level of fitness.

Just make sure that you have a basic map with you. It does get quite hot, so take a backpack with bottled water. Also don't forget that ABC stores are everywhere and sell refrigerated bottled water. Well, it's here at Ala Wai Yacht Harbor. Check out some rather large pleasure craft. Nothing special, but well worth a photo! Waikiki Beach Just have a swim, paddle, snorkel, body-surf, sun bake, sleep, whatever floats your boat! Polynesian show 10 to Hula Lessons 10am Monday, Friday. Lei-making lessons 11am Monday, Wednesday. Ukulele lessons 10am Tuesday, Thursday and They are said to contain the secrets and healing powers of four sorcerers.

Hawaii's most decorated athlete, who brought surfing to the world. Hula shows predominantly. Oceanarium Restaurant From the hotel lobby of the Pacific Beach Hotel you can easily see a massive aquarium that divides two restaurants very expensive food. Divers feed the fish at noon, 1pm, 6. The Wall and Groin Built on top of a storm water outlet, this is a great little walk out to the end, to get a different view of Waikiki beach.

You can watch surfers and boogie boarders at very close quarters. Queen's Surf Beach. Hawaiian bands perform from 4pm to sunset, then when darkness falls, a huge screen is set-up to watch a feature movie! Tables and chairs are set up. Friday 5. Kapiolani Park and Beach Park Gorgeous, well manicured place for relaxing.

On weekends, the locals relax, swim, and grill on the barbeque. Waikiki Historic Trail Look out for the surfboard markers with historical information about a particular area. Definitely print out the text and map from www. Walk along Waikiki beach at sunset Sample the outdoor Hawaiian shows at the beachfront hotels.

Kalakaua at night Street Performers and buskers abound. Also enjoy the antics of the mentally deranged homeless I know that's not PC but it is free and entertaining. Just be aware that it closes at 4. Occasionally they have a jazz night after hours.

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Attractions near Waikiki Diamond Head This is a must visit, as it is so close to Waikiki, and it stares down at you every day! It explains which buses and how to get to the entry booth. It is a tough but fair walk, which is rewarded with some exceptional views. Take water. The return trip from the entry booth is about 1hr. Make sure you haven't overeaten, as vomit puddles are often evident during your walk! If you can't get the brochure, it is Bus 58 or 22 to the base of the access road Diamond Head Crater Sign , walk up a tough little hill, through the tunnel and across to the entry booth.

Reverse the process home. If you're feeling exceptionally fit you can walk back to Waikiki, but it'll be quite hot by that stage! Check out my home-made version instructable of the Waikiki 'ahi Sandwich Waikiki 'ahi Sandwich. Pearl Harbor A must see. The No. Free entry, but get there relatively early so that you're session time for the video presentation to start the tour is close to your arrival time. If you arrive at noon you may not be starting the tour until 3pm if there are any tickets left. These tickets cannot be pre-booked and must be collected in person so as to stop tour companies snapping up all of the good ones.

You are limited in what you can take on the tour with you, but lockers can be hired. I basically took my camera without it's bag. Your admission ticket is a nice memento. Whilst waiting for your session, you can fill in time in the gift shop or adjoining museum excellent artifacts , or for a longer time-filler walk across the car park to the USS Bowfin Submarine Museum and Park, and enjoy the free displays in the park Missile, torpedoes etc.

It costs extra to go into the museum or board the submarine, so enjoy the surrounds, and you can still get quite close to the sub. Attractions around Oahu The Lost campsite Warning: Apparently all of the props from this campsite were removed in Summer ! Now it's just a beach with some history! On Bus No. Then walk down Papailoa Rd. A few houses before the massive No Entry sign at end of the road, turn right through a dirt track to the beach. Walk m South and there is the campsite and Mr. Eko's church, from the TV Series Lost.

Hawaii Island Hopping: Guide to Hawaii Inter-island Flights or Ferry

There are security guards so don't enter it, just go up to the nylon fencing and take your photos. By all means have a chat with the guards who knows, they might take you through! As I was leaving the beach a huge turtle was swimming in the shallows! North Shore May to October is calm, so it's a snorkeler's paradise. November to April is Big Surf. Not for the faint-hearted. Death-wish required.

Waimea Bay and Sunset Beach are here. Tip: Watch out for Da Hui, fiercely-defensive locals. The trip takes about 4 hours minimum. Hiking There are plenty of hikes to do not too far from Waikiki. For detailed trail maps go to www. Always take plenty of water!! The 10km hike that I completed was tough, but fair.

I went in an Easterly direction, but due to the splintered tracks initially, I would suggest a Westerly walk, to avoid any confusion. Catch the No. The walk to the waterfall is relatively easy and enjoyable. The waterfall itself is quite spectacular. Just prior to the waterfall, on the left is the Aihualama Trail, so take this after having a nice rest at the falls. Head west along the Aihualama Trail for 1km, then it stops at a junction Panoa Flats Trail , turn right, and after m uphill, you will come to an awesome lookout across the Nu'uanu valley.

On your way out of town, stop by the calm, blue-green waters of Haleiwa Beach Park and put your toes in the sand. For those looking ahead to next year, the center is also known for the World Fireknife Competition, an annual spring celebration that was held earlier this month and involves flaming knives and crowd-pleasing, daring athletic dance. Instructors know the spots for every condition on the North Shore, from sheltered Kawela Bay on a big swell day to more exposed breaks along the coast. O n a recent wintertime visit, to foot waves drew surfers from around the world for the legendary Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau, a tournament held only when open ocean swells reach a minimum of 20 feet to create ideal to foot wave conditions in Waimea Bay before this year, the last event was held in For more than seven centuries, the steep rain forest terrain of the Waimea Valley was the spiritual headquarters of the native Hawaiian kahuna nui, or high priests.

Today, its 1, acres include botanical gardens, waterfalls, hiking trails and some of the most sacred native Hawaiian archaeological sites: temples, burial caves, fishing shrines. Hikes for all abilities are possible, from a relaxed 1. Hula, music and craft demonstrations are included with admission.