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By the road

It took six weeks and a lot of love but King finally started to make a turn for the better. In the meantime, Megan is going to show him what life is like when you are loved unconditionally. He now gets to enjoy the life of the average dog and we are beyond happy for him.

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Facebook Google or. Forgot password? Another might be the fact that the story is not your typical horror story despite the fact that there's a werewolf and bloody murders in it.

But I enjoyed it and it is very much worth a read for any werewolf of King fan. Pages Home About me Facebook Goodreads. Email This BlogThis! He was depressed and could barely even stand up.

“Werewolf” Stands By The Side Of Road For Months Before An Animal Hero Came

Shockingly, although he looked quite aged, King was just a year old. There, she started King on small amounts of food, gradually increasing the portions to help him regain his weight and strength at a steady pace. King would need all the strength he could get, too, because his pelvis, hip, and tail needed to be operated on.

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