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Author of 'Tilt Diary of a Virgin Stripper' A.A. Jones wins 2013 Readers' Favorite Award

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  1. Author A.A. Jones Recognized with Readers' Favorite Award for Erotic Memoir 'Tilt Diary';
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Foyalty Email me when back in stock. Leave Review. Author Info. After much research, she finds the answer to their financial woes. It sounds simple enough. She will moonlight as a stripper to help make ends meet. As a yoga instructor and pole dance teacher she has the body and the skills to succeed and most importantly, she has her husband's blessing. Jones' journey takes her to Tilt, a fully nude gentlemen club. Per her European upbringing, the nudity is not a real challenge, and since her dance skills are phenomenal, Jones imagines this new adventure will be a no-brainer.

However her entrance into the world of club life uncovers more than just her bare skin.

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  • Tilt Diary of a Virgin Stripper.
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  • Aa Diary Of Bill Wilson Alcoholics Anonymous Book Lois W Motorcycle Two Hobos!
  • Jones brings the reader up close and personal as she goes down the rabbit hole into the maze of the underworld. In the process, not only is a new personality unleashed inside her, but the veil is removed off a marital relationship she tried hard to believe was idyllic. Jones' sexuality is ferociously ignited and she is forced to come to terms with a powerful predator that had remained dormant, lulled to sleep in a lackluster marriage. The new found magnetism she commands over men in the club is also an energy that she now has to battle within.

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    Tilt Diary of a Virgin Stripper - A. A. Jones - Google книги

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