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In the Law to dissolve the Star Chamber , also known as ' Habeas Corpus act', was passed and effectively took judicial power out of the King's hands.

What's Wrong with the British Constitution?

His successor James II made another attempt to supersede parliament and in reaction the population dismissed him with the help of William III. King William III thoroughly understood and probably even intended that his powers would be limited. The declaration of rights and the Bill of Rights were mainly presented as once again listing the constitutional relations in the kingdom.

They were followed by the Act of Settlement. All this was presented as a restoration of the rights of parliament and free Englishmen, but in fact established parliamentary sovereignty. The essence of any modern constitution, like the English constitution is that lawmaking, executive and judicial powers are rather separated. In individual cases the proper execution of the law is checked by the judiciary.

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In the theory of the separation of powers the budget law it the biggest law of them all. While the theory of the separation of powers kind of fits the situation in , this is also a bit of a coincidence. Montesquieu himself described the three powers as: the legislative, the judiciary, and the executive. But he described the executive as: the power that made war and peace, handled foreign affairs, provided internal security and prevented invasions.

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He suggests that the idea the people are sovereign dates back to the seventeenth century may be fourteenth century in Scotland , but has gone underground in English constitutional writing. He goes on to show that devolution and the United Kingdom's relationship with the rest of Europe have taken the United Kingdom along a constitutionalist road since , and perhaps since He concludes that no intellectually defensible case can be made for retaining an unelected house of Parliament, an unelected head of state, or an established church.

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This book will be an essential reading for political scientists, constitutional lawyers, historians, politicians, and the like. Keywords: British Constitution , Dicey, A. V , parliamentary sovereignty , Act of Union , Budget , Ulster Revolt , UK devolution , European Union , human rights , church and state , head of state , republicanism.

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More In this provocative new study, Iain McLean argues that the traditional story of the British constitution does not make sense. Authors Affiliations are at time of print publication.