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In all the forms even human form, they are able to shoot balls or streams of the color of their tail. When Singing the microphone in the center has the color pearl of the chosen tail. The Pearl Voice form is the second form and shows them like a pop star and is based on the color that they choose when they enter the water or choosing the color then transforming. For girls they either have long frilled skirts or dresses with bows on the back. For boys they have pants or shorts, which have short frills with smaller bows on their backs.

In this form they use a microphone which they use songs that are fueled through their magic. This magic can only be gained, by being taught by one of the users which is rare, they only teach those who enjoy the sea and wish to give up their lives to live their and then they are given the magic and they are then reborn from pearls in a clam and the pearl allows them to take their Pearl idol forms. When becoming a pearl mermaid and being given the magic they are given a shell necklace which contains their pearl they are reborn from and their microphone which is transformed from their pearls.

Into the sea Hold you close to me Slide 'neath the waves Down into the caves Kiss me, my love. Come rest in my arms Dream your dreams with me Slide beneath the sea Come to me, my love Forget the land above. Definitely I can return to it, but right now all it"s been is a chain surrounding me that I will shake off.

Engulfs everything with kindness and love, and gives seven lives birth and dreams to gaze at. A miracle of love that it causes is what I love most, and as we want to gaze at each other.

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