Manual Scrapbooking 101: Scrapbooking Techniques and Scrapbooking Ideas for Beginners

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The glue needs to photo-safe and acid-free. Albums and Sheet Protectors: Albums come in a variety of sizes; the standard size that most beginners use is 12 x 12 inch. This size allows you to use many sizes of photos and still have room for other scrapbooking elements. Make sure the page protectors are Mylar, polypropylene, or polyethylene.

Any other page protector will damage and fade your pages with time. Cutting Tools: You will want large and small straight edge pairs of scissors. Other options include decorative scissors, paper trimmers, and shape cutters. For advanced scrapbooking, a digital die-cut machine is useful. Die Cuts: Die cuts are cut paper shapes that you can add to your pages. They are premade and sold in packages. Paper: You will want a variety of solid colored and patterned paper.

Paper comes in 12 x inch sheets or in 8. It's sold in individual sheets or stacks. Buy only acid-free ph neutral and lignin free paper. Acid-free paper has been treated so that the acids present in wood pulp papers are removed. Lignin free means that the paper has been processed to remove the acidic part of the wood pulp in paper. Pens: Use pens that have pigment ink. Something that is too thick, no matter how beautiful you think it will be, will only make your scrapbook bulky.

Cardstock is a heavier type of paper, typically the weight is between cardboard and regular paper. Plain, colored cardstock is typically used as the background of a scrapbook. There are a variety of cutting tools available:. Of course you need a simple and permanent way to adhere your photos and embellishments to your paper.

ConsumerCrafts is dedicated to bringing you the largest variety of craft supplies at the lowest prices. Compare our selection and prices to other online craft stores and see the difference! I went into a hobby store and was totally overwhelmed by the variety of items to buy. And I hugely overspent on stickers! I still have some that are over 15 years old! I turned out to be a lumpy-bumpy scrapbooker.

I like embellishments that have some texture and tactile differences. I like brads, and eyelets, and ribbons and page pebbles. So all those lovely flat stickers are still in the bottom of my sticker supply box. Your email address will not be published. The Scrapbook One of the first and most important supplies to purchase is the memory or scrapbook album. Some of the most popular options include: Post-Bound, which holds the pages together by using a metal post looks sort of like a long screw that is typically hidden behind a flap.

Cardstock and Scrapbooking Paper Cardstock and scrapbooking paper are areas we like to have a little bit of fun, because the options are endless. There are a variety of cutting tools available: Scissors are the most basic cutting tool every scrapbooker should have on hand. As you begin to experiment with different types of cutting techniques, you can find scissors with decorative edges. Guest host Barbara Kotsos focuses on digital scrapbooking, with a look at the "magic wand" tool, a new album system, and what you can do with just one stencil.

Stacy Julian of Simple Scrapbooks magazine hosts a show where simple is the key. Beth offers easy and quick page layouts, Laurie shows new templates, and Barbara discusses downloadable designer kits. Also, some simple rub-ons. Heidi shows her variation on the style, Julie and Beth design a collage, Barbara creates an embellishment that only looks 3D, Heather creates the grunge look the easy way, and Lynda starts with textured paper for an exotic look.

Lynn Baker, author of a new book about scrapbooking for and with kids; a baby project from Lori Pieper; and a magnetic board and related keepsake scrapbook page for kids by Heather Lancaster. Melissa Inman of Scrapbooks Etc. Lynda creates one with vellum, Ellie uses ribbon to achieve another, the computer tip covers colorizing black and white images for an Andy Warhol effect, and Julie and Beth show a feminine variation.

Guest host Stacy Croninger of Paper Crafts magazine talks with Julie and Beth, Heather creates gift cards in a unique container, Laurie Smith introduces a new "Just for Beginners" feature, and Barb shows how to create a digital book. Special project: Shaker box cards. Michele, Beth, and Julie show some stunning creations made with found objects and ephemera, and Julie shares a scrapbook page using hot new embellishments. Barb applies computer touch-ups to get the most out of old photos, Beth and Julie demonstrate the latest scrapbooking tools, and Michele adds gold and gilded looks to pages.

Tips for adding glossy finishes, ideas for boys' scrapbooks, and a review of some basics. Also, Barb shows how to "repair" torn or creased photos with image-correction software, and Julie and Beth take a creative look at border punches. Julie, Beth, and Michele look at monochromatic color schemes for scrapbook pages. Lyn Krucke shows a beautiful page using bright-colored clay embellishments, paper punches, and a variety of mounting techniques.

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Barb shows how to make quick layouts with digital scrapbook kits, and Julie makes color changes to photos with a computer. Adding interest and creativity to pages with circles and other simple geometric elements, achieving a "vintage" look, getting the most from old photos, unique shapes for die cuts, and some favorite scrapbooking papers. After a look at parchimore effects for scrapbook pages, Wendy Hudnall shows off an inspirational page using a monochromatic color scheme.

Beth and Julie offer tips and techniques for using colorful papers, and Michele and guest Lyn Krucke share a project using clay, chalks, and border punches. Out-of-the-ordinary page backgrounds, from watermark stamping to faux finishes to computer-generated designs; new card-making techniques; advice on using wide-format printers; and a creative tip using hand punches and ribbon. Michele, Beth, and Julie discuss the "weighty" issue of adding metal embellishments to pages. Guest Lyn Krucke shows colorful clay embellishments, and Barb demonstrates a quick way to share photos without creating layouts on the computer.

Michele takes a look at die-cut borders and hot new decorative metal clips. Tips for borders, eyelets, document preservation, adding texture and dimension, and coordinating color schemes; quick and easy scrapbook pages that use five products or fewer; and a demonstration of quick computer photo-cropping techniques. Embellishing scrapbook pages with paint and covering albums with adhesive-backed coordinated fabric designs. Michele offers ideas for designing pages for girls, Karen Neuberger shares a fun new scrapbooking project, and Barb explains how to print on vellum.

So You Want to Start Scrapbooking (Yay!) Here's How to Get Going

Beth shows how to transfer photos with packing tape. Michele and Julie present Beth with pages they've created of her new baby. Michele spotlights creative alphabets, Beth and Julie open a "window" on scrapbook pages with a unique shape-cutting tool, Barb shares tips on digital photos, and Wendy Hudnall shows some adorable page embellishments. Guest Karen Neuberger joins in on a pajama party with the hosts and shows uses for fabric and sewing notions on scrapbook pages.

Natasha shares die-cut shapes used as titles, and Barb adds white text to pages. Beth and Julie demonstrate how to use slide mounts and create a textured look with iron-on threads. Creative uses for transparencies show why it's "the new vellum. Barb explains the hows and whys of contact sheets, and Michele shows mini-frames in all shapes and sizes. Beth, Julie, and Michele shows how to transfer the art of altered books to scrapbook pages. Michele talks about finding inspiration for page designs, Barb offers advice on storing photo paper, and guest Wendy Hudnall shares "homey" page embellishments.

Paula Hallinan demonstrates techniques for achieving a variety of colorful effects using just one stencil and layering adhesive. Michele shares tips for digital storage, Barb shows how to scan negatives and slides, and Beth looks at embellishments that are in step with the latest scrapbook fashions. In an episode built around designing pages for men, guest Stacy Panassidi creates a colorful "boys to men" page, Michele shares a technique for using fabric, Barb makes instant pages for heritage photos, and Julie uses a variety of paper punches to create pretty cards and a baby-boy page layout.

Creative ways to embellish with wire, tips for achieving dimension on layouts without adding bulk, mini-book projects, ideas for scanning and using kids' artwork, a look at vintage designs, and a special Valentine card. Using leaves and natural papers to add a touch of nature to scrapbook pages. Lyn Krucke shares a page with an autumn motif.

Michele shows how to get organized, and Barb helps her give a digital page a traditional look. Julie looks at some fun embellishments for the red-hat ladies. Michele, Julie, and Beth share ideas for quick and easy pages with coordinated embellishments and papers. Julie makes a decorative window card; Barb explains the importance of print life; and Lynda Musante shows simple, colorful baby pages and cards.

Amy Barickman gives a vintage look to pages, and Michele demonstrates some uses for epoxy resin stickers. Beth shows a mini-journal, Lynn Krucke shares a project using clay and chalk, Barb offers tips for hand-tinting color to black and white, Nancy Hill shares some quotes that are quick and easy to use on pages, and Beth displays a "fragrant" selection of stickers. Adding texture to pages, tips for scrapbooking on a budget, and paper ink techniques from Paulette Jarvey.

Barb makes memory bracelets, and Julie demonstrates creative tag art and sparkling faux dichroic glass jewels. Creative design ideas using game pieces, the ABCs of paper punches, tips from a "scrapbooker's survival guide," ideas for color-coordinating embellishments with print fonts, and a demonstration of adding buckles to pages. Julie, Beth, and Michele share innovative new ideas and embellishments; Amy Alfaro shows page designs honoring the armed forces; and Paulette Jarvey demonstrates creative paper techniques.

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Barb uses ink-jet transparencies on scrapbook layouts, and Beth displays some fun artwork ideas from kids. Julie designs a beautiful seasonal card using spirelli string art , guest Joe Callahan shares a tip on using adhesives, and Barb demonstrates how to use a photo as a layout background.

Julie wraps things up with a look at 3D applications. Guest Lynda Musante designs a fun page around a circles theme, Beth shares a page highlighted with iridescent chalk, and Barb Kotsos offers tips on changing color photos to black and white. Lori Pieper shows scrapbook pages and memory keepsakes made with butcher-block papers, and Michele shares some over-the-top wedding pages. Beth and Julie use distinctive border punches to make special heritage pages, Michele shares the effects of color intensity, Barb creates calendar pages on a computer, and Michele shows ideas for wedding pages.

Also, creative and unusual ideas for album covers. Guest Joe Callahan shares some valuable preservation tips, Paula creates a beautiful stained glass window page using only one stencil, Barb uses a computer to place text over photos, and Beth demonstrates an easy-to-use label maker. Also, turning everyday office supplies into creative embellishments.

New ways to add texture, from paper crimping to textured background papers.

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Guests Lyn Krucke and Paulette Jarvey share new projects, Barb discusses printing on both sides of the paper, Julie adds texture to a card-making project, and Michele wraps things up with vintage lettering techniques. Julie, Beth, and Michele share ideas for updating and remembering events and marking milestones in scrapbook pages. Also, a look at instant photos and instant albums, a technique for using ink to create vintage looks, and an instant ink-jet mosaic project from Barb. Ideas for turning scrapbooking into a business, a fun project using die-cuts, and a new wood-burner tool.

Marinda Stewart shares a page that uses fibers and gemstones. Barb talks about the importance of making test prints, and Mary Lyn Osskamp shows a paper-piercing project. Including die cuts and stickers in journals, plus a sticker collage page; rescuing and restoring old photo albums; and lettering with stencils. Sculpting with clay and paper to add dimension to pages, ideas for coordinated looks from Lori Pieper, and a beautiful project using string art by Mary Lyn Osskamp.

Barb offers tips for free downloads, Julie shares projects that incorporate quilling and hot-stamping techniques, and Beth shows a quick idea for fast and fun page layouts. The hosts show how to turn special events into theme albums and how to add balance to page designs. Paulette Jarvey explores "altered" art, Barb explains how to choose the right printer paper, Julie shares a creative new border design, and Michael Assile offers tips for paper glue. Beth wraps things up with a look at creative album covers. Michele colors a scrapbook with punch art, Lyn Krucke shows a pretty-in-pink dress-up page, Barb shares more tips on getting the best use out of an inkjet photo printer, and Julie adds sentimental items to albums.

Also, a project to commemorate a 3rd birthday using a stencil and an embossing tool. The hosts share a crop caddy, backpacks, and other ways to store and transport supplies. Michele creates a colorful collage, and Barb shows how to get and use great fonts from the Internet. Julie completes a patriotic project with a little red, white, and blue, and everyone takes a "tag" challenge to create their own unique tags. Barb demonstrates how to use a scanner to create your own portable embellishments library, and Julie looks at creative uses for leftover scrapbooking supplies.

The hosts share some of the trendiest add-ons available. It's a day at the "beach" as guest Lyn Krucke brings new dimension to a fun page using oven-bake clay, and then Marinda Stewart shares a fabulous technique utilizing metallic threads. Julie takes the "puzzle" out of designing unique scrapbook pages while Barb Kotsos shows how to create the illusion of dimension while eliminating bulk from your album.

Julie explores fun die cuts and Michele has some great ideas for creative photo corners. Michele and co-hosts share the latest in stamping techniques, from watermark to heat-emboss. Beth and guest Lyn Krucke show a page where ink colors are blended on mosaic squares, and Barb uses a computer program called Word Art to add creative titles to photos.

Also, hints for beginners, a bride's page, and a clever new embellishment. Ideas for imaginative trading cards, a tip on making an album cover from already created pages, an iris paper-folding technique, advice on using a paper trimmer and on adding photos as a design element, and a discussion on scrapbooks vs. Beth, Michele, and Julie share interactive scrapbook pages; Michele offers creative journaling tips; and guest Lynelle Harlow shows some stencil designs.

Barb Kotsos returns with tips on using a computer word processor to create page titles. Lori Pieper shares coordinated papers, and Michele wraps things up with a look at unique ways to adorn photo mats. Julie, Beth, and Michele share ideas for making time in your schedule for scrapbooking, and Julie shares time-saving tips on using decorative-edge scissors and paper punches for cards and envelopes.

Barb Kotsos shows a spectacular floral display made with a computer.

Scrapbooking 101: Scrapbooking Supplies for Starters

Patti Behan and Jackie McLaughlin discuss paper weaving, and Sandy Laipply shares a twist on trading pages as well as a wonderful new album. Michele shares bordering techniques that help set the mood for scrapbook pages, Julie and Beth show tags and bookmarks made with scraps of paper, Beth answers a viewer's question about protecting pages, and Julie enhances her rubber stamping. Using the same set of baby pictures, Barb, Michele, and Beth create three totally different looks and designs.

Also: scrapbook ideas using the computer, mixing it up with stickers, and a heart-warming project using texture plates. Adding dimension and sound to pages with "shakers" and a look at theme pages. Julie answers a viewer's question about photos and shares fun ways to display them. Sandra Kay shares some easy-to-make frames, Barb Kotsos demonstrates a new way to restore color to old photos, Beth answers viewers' questions about stickers, and Michele offers a tip on illuminating pages with stickers.

A look at scrapbook pages "then and now," some fabulous heritage pages, and Paulette Jarvey's colorful papers. Julie shares journaling techniques, Beth looks for organizing tools that would make great gifts for scrapbookers, and Michele answers questions about tearing paper.

The hosts share ideas for getting more pictures on a page, guest Sandra Kay shares frames that can be easily changed or altered to give a whole new look to photos, and Beth answers frequently asked questions about using stickers. Miniature tools for embossing and for cutting shapes, a mini album for a special person, a tutorial on how to reproduce 12X12 pages when all you have is a letter-size scanner, and a great tip for attaching brads with wire.

Incorporating different crafts into scrapbook pages, sewing on pages using a sewing machine, quilling, and how louvers and bargello fit into scrapbooking. Paulette Jarvey introduces some artsy collage.

Various types of lettering that bring truly creative touches to journaling; paper piercing, an old technique now enjoying a revival; script pattern pages; altered books; and a shape-cutting tool that will add to the fun of making them. A single-layer cutting technique, tips on organizing and keeping track of digital photos, and dry embossing on a beautiful thank-you card. Kathryn combines color and black-and-white versions of the same photo for a striking effect, and Barbara creates a panoramic print from three photos.

Julie shares an adorable scrapbook page made with numerous embellishing tools, Sandy captures wedding-day memories using binding tools, and Julie and Michele make photo magnets. Barbara adds artistic headlines to scrapbook pages using basic computer software, Sandra Joseph of Memories Expo discusses the latest consumer scrapbooking trends, Paulette Jarvey demonstrates a fabulous folding technique, and Julie and Beth show a fun and colorful alphabet page.

Julie, Michele, and Beth take a "Host Challenge" that puts their creativity to the test. Also, creating scrapbook pages completely by computer, using mini-punches for a card project, fun pop-up pages, and a class session from Memories Expo. Using templates to add shapes and patterns to scrapbook pages, creating one-of-a-kind backgrounds with a scanner, and creating reprints and enlargements of pictures.

Beth and Michele jazz up a photo with copper and a stencil, and Julie creates a border using a new tool for making embossed shapes. Ideas for memorializing a family vacation or special trip on scrapbook pages; beyond-the-basics journaling ideas; a demonstration of how to restore the color of a scenic picture; and techniques and tools for creating a mini-album, including an ingenious new binding tool. Julie, Beth, and Michele highlight the importance of photos with helpful hints and techniques, a look at what to do with digital pictures, and the latest in photo kiosk techniques.

Michele shares a stamping project. Also, stitching on paper, embellishing with ribbon and embroidery floss, and a tip using a scanner and "photo stitching.

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Julie adds a creative touch to pages with decorative edge scissors and an embellishment technique using handmade clay tiles, Paulette Jarvey shows a cutout project, and Beth visits Memories Expo with Sandra Joseph. Also, the latest in photo cropping tips and techniques.

Kathryn Chambers shares a fun technique for colorizing favorite photos, and Barbara Kotsos uses computer scanning techniques to give a page a 3-D look. Also, colorful autumn leaves made with a shape cutter, news from Memories Expo, and tips from Patti Swoboda on protecting pages. Beth, Julie, and Michele spotlight techniques to make each project unique and share tag art, computer tips for emphasizing photos by changing their sizes, a floral display using wire, and paper-piecing.

Beth, Julie, and Michele share creative ways to bring humor to scrapbooking pages. Julie uses wire to add a whimsical flair to her pages, while guest Barbara Kotsos returns with a clever use of "thought bubbles" to add captions and fun sayings. Also, using "bradlets," fun captions, photo enlargements, and a stop at Memories Expo. Julie and Michele spotlight mini albums, guest Barbara Kotsos offers tips on choosing the right paper, and Lori shows a selection of beautiful floral papers.

Beth shares a baby page and a simple use for eyelets, and Julie uses chalk to enhance a border design.

‎Scrapbooking Scrapbooking Techniques and Scrapbooking Ideas for Beginners on Apple Books

Beth, Julie, and Michele show ways to incorporate flowers into album pages, then Michele shares a great new idea for those leftover school pictures. Sandy Laipply returns with a new way to use chalk, Pam Hammons reports from the Chicago Scrapbooking Show with an inventive new use of brads, Eric Ludwig shows how specialty papers are made, and Kathryn Chambliss demonstrates how to restore old photos.

Michele, Julie, and Beth explore the many kinds of albums and how to use them; Ellie Joos shares a new embellishment for pages; and Michael Munroe reports from the Chicago Scrapbooking show with a new template. Also, techniques for jazzing up pages with foil and creative uses for fabric. Michele, Julie, and Beth share new ideas for "off-the-page" memory crafting fun. Sandy Laipply displays a camouflage page that's perfect for military pictures. Beth and Julie demonstrate a project using brads, and Dave Gordon of Memories Expo interviews Rebecca Hensley for a retailer's view of a scrapbook show.

Then Beth and Jennifer Obyrne wrap things up with a chalking technique for creating a cloud background. A look at the latest in adhesives includes a "lumpy page" project from Paulette Jarvey. Kathryn Chambliss shares a page with borders right on the picture, and Beth and Julie show how to use a laminating and adhesive machine.

Michele and Sandy Laipply create backgrounds with a brayer and inkpad. Beth, Julie, and Michele swap helpful hints for keeping scrapbook supplies organized. Then Beth welcomes Andi Rothenberg, who takes scrapbooking ideas off the page for a project using vellum and grommets for tags. Sandra Joseph talks about the community of scrapbookers across the country, the wire expert shows a fun page using wire, and Lynelle Harlow demonstrates a chalking technique. Intriguing and ingenious ways of using scraps of paper and even extra photos, time-saving ideas for using your computer from Barbara Kotsos, and Sandy Laipply's tips on using intricate border punches and leftover confetti.

A splash of yellow, a dash of blue, or a stroke of red can help capture the emotions of memories. In this exploration of the importance of color, Michele and Julie share red, white, and blue ideas, and Andi Rothenberg shows a colorful new diamond-weave technique. Julie, Beth, and Michele share creative journaling ideas. Desiree Tanner shows some fun die-cutting ideas, and Sandy Laipply stops by to demonstrate an intriguing new weaving technique with paper.