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Himself - ICA Judge. I'm Only 3! Please refresh the page and retry. He has spent most of the show being dragged across an icy wasteland, hugging old trees. Sometimes, though, these mystical old roots have born fruitful visions that may well determine the outcome of the show. Armed with a handful of groundbreaking revelations, Bran played by Isaac Hempstead Wright has reunited with his siblings at Winterfell.

According to Stark family legend, an ancestor called Bran the Builder raised the Wall years ago to protect the realm from the White Walkers. Could this Bran actually be the same as our Three-Eyed Raven? I n the very first book, Old Nan offers to tell Bran the story of Bran the Builder and the construction of the wall. She is always insisting that this tale was his favourite. Except it never was. Bran wonders if he is confusing her with another Bran — perhaps his uncle and namesake, Brandon. The stories are before me and after me, before you too. Some choose to take this theory one step further, and think that the current-day Bran Stark might be every single Brandon Stark throughout history, including his uncle.

This would mean Bran could make sure events pan out exactly in an order to help in the Great War against the White Walkers. Bran the Builder, can he fix it? Known for his erratic and cruel behaviour in his old age, Aerys descended into paranoid obsession with wildfire. We also saw Jaime approaching with a sword, indicating this was just before the assassination of Aerys. A erys's madness played a huge role in Bran's family history.

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Bran's grandfather Rickard was then summoned to King's Landing, and Aerys sentenced both Brandon and Rickard to death. They chose trial by combat, but Aerys chose fire as his champion and burned Rickard in a suit of armour while Brandon was strangled attempting to rescue his father. This prompted Ned Stark and his friend Robert Baratheon who was engaged to Lyanna to go to war and overthrow the ruling Targaryens. G ame of Thrones is rife with antagonists, but the Night King is, well, king of them all. One theory goes that the Night King is actually good-guy Bran. The intention was to use this super-soldier in their war against the invading First Men, but, as we know, things went badly wrong.

T he theory goes that Bran warged into the man who would become the Night King just like he did to Hodor , in the hope of preventing him from ever being transformed by the Children of the Forest, but failed. The supporting evidence for this theory is that the Night King could see Bran during one his visions, and then touch and mark him. In every other vision, he has been invisible to all other characters. Other fans also say that Bran and the Night King dress similarly, and have similar face shapes.

This last one seems more like chance than anything.