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Rebbe Nachman and you

In addition to the easy friendship of Uman, another striking aspect of Rosh Hashanah there is mizug galuyot , the integration of different Jewish communities once separated by the Diaspora. But in the last 70 years there has been a dramatic exchange of customs and practices among different Jewish ethnic groups. I embody this national mizug integration. And I have cousins on both sides of my family who identify with Chabad Hasidism or with Breslov Hasidism. Ashkenazic Jews joined hundreds of Jews whose families once dwelt in Ethiopia, Morocco, Yemen or Iraq for an exuberant chanting of Sephardic selichot.

An additional feature of Rosh Hashanah in Uman is the diversity found in the types of Jews who join the pilgrimage. During services, worshippers stood inside Chazon Ovadiah and poured out into the street.

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Fortunately, I was able to find a place to stand inside Chazon Ovadiah during the first night of Rosh Hashanah. As one fellow worshipper observed, rather than being a prayer service directed by the cantor, it was spontaneously led by the crowd, which danced and clapped in the aisles. I also attended Chabad services.

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What Chabad in Uman lacks in air-conditioning it has none , it makes up for in comfortable chairs available to those who arrive early enough. For services that can span six hours, a comfortable chair is no small thing. More importantly, Chabad in Uman also exemplifies mizug galuyot.

Lubavitch Rebbe Approves of Travel to Uman to Rabbi Nachman of Breslov for Rosh Hashana

Its synagogue was full of Jews from many countries and backgrounds, including a large contingent of French Jews of North African origin, with their requisite holiday uniform of skinny jeans and black or white T-shirts. These men had come to Uman with a young French rabbi who read the Torah portion for the congregation with a thick Edot Hamizrach accent, properly pronouncing the Hebrew letters ayin and chet.

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His reading, preceded and followed in the prayer service by powerful Chabad nigunim melodies , did not feel out of place. They welcomed Rebbe Nachman into their homes, and he welcomed them into his heart.

It arouses the sleeping, awakens the slumbering, strengthens the weary, informs man of the greatness of his ability: that each person has the power to attain all of these [wondrous achievements]. Like a shofar, [Rebbe Nachman] raises his voice to turn our hearts to [God], may He be blessed, to serve Him with a single accord. This [describes] but a fraction of the ways of this poem.

So too are their perspectives many, and the differences in their [ways of] thinking. You forgot the one who raised you, fed you delicacies and clothed you in purple.

Nachman’s Thought

Now you are trampled amongst the hooves of the sheep and amongst the feet of thick and coarse desires, and you are naked and bare. The wine of your banquet has turned into a banquet of tears. Do not be like the great elephant or the camel that, even when a mouse pulls it by its nose, refrains from kicking out, all because of [its] foolishness, in that it does not know its own strength.

Rebbe Nachman & You –

Oh, my intelligent and strong spirit! And what will you reply to the One Who sent you forth? Do not be silent and still.