Guide Minus 148 Degrees, Anniversary Edition: First Winter Ascent of Mount McKinley (Legends and Lore)

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It syncs automatically with your account and allows you to read online or offline wherever you are. Please follow the detailed Help center instructions to transfer the files to supported eReaders. More related to mountaineering. See more. Bill Sherwonit.

First Winter Ascent of Mount McKinley

In this revised and updated third edition, Bill Sherwonit brings to life the adventure, heroism, triumph, and tragedy of climbing North America's highest peak, Denali. He offers great insight and tales of daring adventure for both experienced climbers and armchair explorers who wonder why people climb mountains. The book contains stores about some of the best known personalities associated with the mountain from Bradford Washburn to Vern Tejas.

Sherwonit has added new records and climbing data along with some stories of new faces who have attempted the climb. He also updated the Park Service rules regarding climbing Denali. Fiva: An Adventure that Went Wrong. Gordon Stainforth. Cathryn Prince.

Fanny Bullock Workman was a complicated and restless woman who defied the rigid Victorian morals she found as restrictive as a corset. With her frizzy brown hair tucked under a topee, Workman was a force on the mountain and off. Instrumental in breaking the British stranglehold on Himalayan mountain climbing, this American woman climbed more peaks than any of her peers, became the first woman to map the far reaches of the Himalayas, the first woman to lecture at the Sorbonne and the second to address the Royal Geographic Society of London, whose members included Charles Darwin, Richard Francis Burton, and David Livingstone.

Her books, replete with photographs, illustrations and descriptions of meteorological conditions, glaciology and the effect of high altitudes on humans, remained useful decades after their publication.

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Paving the way for a legion of female climbers, her legacy lives on in scholarship prizes at Wellesley, Smith, Radcliffe and Bryn Mawr. Author and journalist Cathryn J.

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Prince brings Fanny Bullock Workman to life and deftly shows how she negotiated the male-dominated world of alpine clubs and adventure societies as nimbly as she negotiated the deep crevasses and icy granite walls of the Himalayas. It's the story of the role one woman played in science and exploration, in breaking boundaries and frontiers for women everywhere.

Tom Walker. All but forgotten by history, a young Karstens arrived in the Yukon during the Gold Rush, gained fame as a dog musher hauling U.

Minus 148 Degrees the First Winter Ascent of Mount Mckinley by Davidson Art

Aided by Karstens's own journals, longtime Denali writer and photographer Tom Walker uncovered archival information about the Stuck climb, and reveals that the Stuck "triumph" was an expedition marred by significant conflict. Without Karstens's wilderness skills and Alaska-honed tenacity, it is quite possible Hudson Stuck would never have climbed anywhere near the summit of McKinley.

Yet the two men had a falling out shortly after the climb and never spoke again. In this book, Walker attempts to set the record straight about the historic first ascent itself, as well as other pioneer attempts by Frederick Cook and Judge Wickersham. Fans of Alaska literature, American history, and mountaineering lore will love this adventurous biography of the largerthan-life "sourdough" Karstens, in which Alaska—its wilderness, its iconic mountain, and its pioneer spirit—looms large. James M. Similar ebooks.

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The Climb: Tragic Ambitions on Everest. Anatoli Boukreev. Everest, the major motion picture from Universal Pictures, is set for wide release on September 18, Hudson Stuck. Charles Houston. When eleven climbers died on K2 on August 1, , it was a stark reminder that the world's second-highest mountain has, for more than a century, been regarded as the most difficult and dangerous of all—for every four people who reach the top, one dies in the attempt.

Houston, when a combination of terrible storms and illness stopped the team short of the 28,foot summit. Then on the descent, tragedy struck, and how the climbers made it back to safety is renowned in the annals of climbing. McKinley's Classic Route. Colby Coombs. Seasoned guide Colby Coombs and legendary mountaineering photographer Bradford Washburn teamed up to provide climbers with information devoted solely to this challenging route. Plagued by doubts and cold, group tension and a crevasse tragedy, the expedition tackled McKinley in minimal hours of daylight and fierce storms.

Davidson retells the team's fears and frictions—and ultimate triumph—with an honesty that has made this gripping survival story a mountaineering classic for over 40 years. McKinley in the winter as a journey into an unexplored land. No one had lived on North America's highest ridges in the winter twilight. No one knew how low the temperatures would drop, or how penetrating the cold would be when the wind blew. For thousands of years McKinley's storms had raged by themselves.

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