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Bits and pieces from the first five years of cohabitation on Baker Street. John Watson is firm in his belief that something can- and that something is an ex army doctor with a brilliant flatmate. Hidden Motives by laurajslr reviews On waking with no memory of the previous night, Merlin finds himself accused of Arthur's attempted murder. With all evidence pointing to him and no way to disprove it, Merlin must face the possibility that he is now a threat to the Once and Future King.

Sherlock's been searching uselessly for him ever since. When John shows up on the doorstep of a different man, Sherlock makes it his mission to bring back the John everyone knows and loves. Your Cousin is Evil by Charged Lightning reviews Sir Leon can't help but notice the uncomfortable exchanges between the new visitor and Merlin.

It is time to bring this to Arthur's attention. Post season 4. Listening By Ear by StillWaters1 reviews Lestrade figured that anyone who thought John Watson wasn't important, and that Sherlock hadn't changed since meeting him, had to be completely, bloody deaf. Because it was all right there, in every sound Sherlock made. For anyone attentive enough to listen. Handcuffed by Lumoa reviews John really needed to stop helping Sherlock with his experiments. Especially if said experiment involved him and Sherlock being handcuffed together with no key to unlock them.

John is mousetrapped into a situation Sherlock has long fought against but now has to face up to or others will suffer the consequences. Six Months by dreamergirl reviews John doesn't show up to a crime scene. Lestrade wonders if John and Sherlock had a row. Molly knows it's more complicated than that. I Can't Stop The Rain by Chibi StarLyte reviews The detective is horrified when it finally hits him just how dependent he's become on John, and it destroys him to think of the possibility that he'll once again have to stand on his own two feet.

Problem is, Sherlock isn't sure he remembers how. Friendship and Brotherhood by msmhtp reviews Friendship and brotherhood are tested when the secrets come out bit by bit. Some angst and whump. Bromance, No slash. Set after S4. Past and Present Danger by laurajslr reviews Unable to match Merlin's power, Morgana tries to take her revenge by killing Arthur and Merlin as children. But when her plan goes awry, King and Warlock must find a way of correcting time before their past, and present, disappear altogether. But it isn't sex. Features asexual! Sherlock and hetero!

John in love, sharing an act of pure affection and trust. Includes nude body worship and sleepy snuggles, and happily mornings after. Rated M, despite lack of smut. He only had to use it four times after John Watson moved in with his brother to decide to throw it away. The Orchard by DancingGrimm reviews When a case takes Sherlock to a famous brothel, things don't go to plan, and he unexpectedly meets somebody rather interesting.

When a patrol goes missing under strange circumstances, Arthur is determined to find out what happened, and no one can persuade him otherwise. With nothing to go on but a foreboding story, Merlin fears that their luck might finally run out. Sherlock isn't helpful in that respect. After all, the all-knowing detective doesn't believe in monsters. On the Mercian border, Arthur is separated from his knights and trapped in a place that seems to balance between dream and reality. To regain his freedom he must put his trust in one of Lord Bayard's men - a man named Merlin.

It goes about as well as anyone could have anticipated. Which is to say, very, very poorly. Don't worry, things'll be fine in just seven days. Together by previouslysane reviews Sherlock and John. They meet earlier on in their lives and complement each other beautifully. No one could dispute this. After graduation, things turn to the sinister. They're ripped apart at the seams. What will it take for them to be together again? Breathing by Teab reviews Post Reichenbach Fall.

Usborne's Timelines and Encyclopedia of World History--CC Cycle 1-3

John still struggles to come to terms with "the incident" even years after the fact. John love. Two Days Of Hell by Xandrolar1 reviews Merlin is ill, Arthur sends him home, what follows is two days of hell for both of them. And they're not even being attacked! Soulmate by farawisa reviews In a world where everyone has a soulmate, Sherlock Holmes has lived his life, not ever finding his and not wanting to. Then he met John Watson.

For A Price by ShinkonoKokoro reviews John needs a date to the charity function now that he and Sarah are on the outs, so Mike steps in and gives John a number. He almost forgets about it until later. But decides to check it out. Spoilers for S2. Inside Sherlock's mind is a Palace. Inside the Palace are many rooms. Within the largest room is the Throne.

Upon the Throne sits the King. To save Arthur embrasement he steps in and communicates with her, and soon what starts out as a friendly gesture turns to love. Good Morrow by T. You pretty much need to have seen the episode for this to make sense. Homecoming by PeaceRoseG'ladheon reviews Sherlock always has, and always will be alone. Or so the Scotland Yard thought, until a soldier, just back from Afghanistan, appears at one of the crime scenes, looking for a Sherlock Holmes. For detectives, they're terrible at making accurate deductions.

There are Words by WinterStorrm reviews After a broken relationship Arthur escapes to Italy to write his novel. Consider Yourself Forgiven by Aoitori reviews Tag to 4x07 We never did get to see Arthur make a proper apology to Merlin at the end of that delightful episode, so here is my fluffy, banter-filled, bromance-tastic, version of how it -must- have happened. The Butterfly Incident by bleedforyou reviews Arthur stared in amazement, a soft endearing feeling coming over him as he watched. Merlin almost seemed to glow and Arthur's heart thudded with an emotion he couldn't name.

Even into insanity. Really rather dark. Not quite M, but I would discourage younger readers. Of Worth, Loyalty, and Nonexistent, Deceased Pets by Aoitori reviews When Merlin returns to work after recovering from an injury, Arthur picks a roundabout way of expressing gratitude to his most loyal of friends. Fluff, bromance, and banter, but no slash unless you squint. One More Turn by Noxialis reviews Merlin's magic is exposed and he is assumed dead. But he can't just leave Arthur alone, so he disguises himself and returns to Camelot.

Walking the Path Alone by notnecessarilyinbetween reviews Merlin is alone after everything is done on the battlefield, and tries to move forward from where he is. A Dangerous Truth by Hanijess reviews Our favourite little witches make an appearance and the truth is revealed to Arthur.

Merlin Hits The Net by QueenAllan reviews Merlin and Arthur are trying to keep their relationship secret, but Morgana pushes at every corner and Uther is an internet troll. Merthur on Facebook. The Last Dichotomy by finn reviews Set after the end of S3. Merlin is overwhelmed by the demands of his destiny, and doubts his abilities will prevail as the time prophesised draws near. Destinies change. When Nightmares are Real by ElectricInferno reviews Merlin's powers are growing faster than he can handle and as his friends find out about his magic they react the way Merlin had always thought they would-they hate him.

A Question of Motives by Alaia Skyhawk reviews As he lay there bearing witness to the battle before him, he could scarce believe what he saw.

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court - Wikipedia

What was he to believe? What to do? How are you supposed to react when the man you saw as your closest friend turns out to be a sorcerer? Fire by WingedWolf reviews The winters of Camelot are cold indeed, and those who gather round the fire are given to contemplations. As a convoy of warriors arrive in Camelot; requesting free reign to continue to hunt a terrible beast, secrets will be revealed in the most shocking of ways. They say that the beast came to Camelot for a reason. And why is Merlin acting so nervous?

Hostage Situation by Kiva Taliana reviews Arthur and Merlin are captured by bandits, and negotiating for their safety leaves them depending on each other. It doesn't take long for the majority of the Yard to get involved. Faerie Touched by Blind Author reviews Complete. In a world of sorcerers and magic, Sherlock is a Faerie-born and John, lacking any kind of magical talent, often seems a bit out of place.

But he has a gift all his own Forbidden Feelings by littleshyangel reviews With a secret to keep and a reputation to uphold, it's going to be difficult to live under the same roof for Arthur and Merlin. They will soon realise that not everything is black and white. That in the end, they'll need each other to survive. Strangers in a Strange Land by prettybirdy reviews When a marine with a father in high places dies in London, the team from NCIS is sent to investiagte. There they meet a strange man who seems to know everything about everyone Call it 'Destiny' by mrsgeorgeweasley48 reviews Modern AU.

Merlin is roped into doing a talk show with none-other than Arthur Pendragon, son of famous businessman Uther. Of course, they despise each other and argue non-stop until they realise that they're just a little bit in love with each other. Normal day in Camelot; Merlin's been accused of sorcery. Uther reflects on every other time Merlin has been arrested and resists the urge to pull his hair out. Do you think the king's an idiot? Pandemonium by X-parrot reviews Today's lessons for the Yorozuya trio: Beware of Greeks bearing gifts, don't count your chickens before they're hatched, and be careful when life seems too good to be true, because it might be a sign that everything is soon going to go very, very badly.

Drunken Knights by Kiva Taliana reviews Silly one-shot story. Leon talks too much, Arthur can't hold his drink, Merlin's ears are assaulted, Gwaine learns more about being a knight and Lancelot gets stuck in the middle. Fever by seanbiggerstaffrox reviews Merlin becomes Uther's servant for a day. Warning: Definitely rated M, it's a Lemon, and it's kind of smutty. The Invisible Servant by jaqtkd reviews When Arthur goes looking for his absent servant he overhears a conversation which hints at a rift between Morgana and Guinevere.

As he attempts to get to the bottom of this mystery, numerous uncomfortable secrets are revealled. Starts after 3.

Set 25 or so years in the future. Rated "T" for subject matter. Death of a Ghost by sarahandthegraveyardshift reviews Things have been set right. But Dastan and his brothers will soon learn that the dagger does not give without taking in return. Dastan's very soul may be at stake. Bucket up, all for Luck by Imperial Mint reviews Merlin didn't really expect it to take five Knights, two old men, a woman and a horseshoe for his plan to work, but then again it wasn't technically a very good plan.

Merlin x Arthur. From the moment they encounter each other Arthur seems destined to become Merlin's knight in shining armour. Sherlock doesn't. Yeah right. The only problem is, no matter what method Uther tries, Merlin just won't die! Will Merlin ever escape Uther's wrath? Merthur if you squint really, really hard. Lying to the police? Clearly, I've been a bad influence on you, John. Follow them through some of their cases as they become even closer than intended.

Hope for Heroes by Richefic reviews In the final moments of "The Great Game" Holmes hopes he will have the chance to tell his flatmate that he was wrong. Heroes do exist after all and the one in front of him is called Dr John Watson. Wrong Order by Dayja reviews Donovan is annoyed with Sherlock, and Anderson offers a chance at revenge. Their little practical joke turns out to be a bit more deadly than they intended. Donavan - Complete. Deceptions by SilverEyesWolf reviews Sherlock gets an idea to put his brother off of his trail.

He and Watson are going to pretend to be a couple. First fic in this section! Honestly, he wasn't knowledgeable enough to keep himself alive. Rating is only as high because characters sometimes have a slip of the tongue. Do I Belong Here? In part 12, Sharaman's POV of happens and then the big reunion in Dastan's room where new friendships are cemented.

For those who keep asking, I assure you this is NOT a death fic. Feel the angst, and just ride the story out. Consequences by bookowl reviews The best intentions can lead to the most devastating of consequences. Sadalsuud by Enchantable reviews Moviefic! The day before his wedding to Tamina, Dastan finally tells her the truth about what transpired between them in the alternate time.

Morgana's the senior curator. Lance is the armour specialist, Gwen works with tapestries and textiles. Merlin is a new employee with a reputation for quirky brilliance. My first AU, please review.

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They must travel together, with different agendas, across the continent in order to find it. Merlin Titanium Cyclocross. Tape only has 2 rides on it Seatpost Bontrager xxx carbon Size 59cm, excellent condition. For used skis. These are in very good shape and worth every dollar for training your next carver before spending the big bucks for the top of the line equipment. The skis have minor scuffs and scratches as expected with junior skis and the bases are good and ready for the slopes.

Per your request. I will include a pair of ski poles to th e winning bidder. Good luck Please Check out my! Seven stem for Merlin and Serotta road bike. Used Seven Aluminium stem in a very nice condition! Lenght is mm and is for Selling my Steadicam Merlin 2. This is the new-and-improved version of the Merlin with a bunch of parts redesigned for higher durability. With minor wear on the unit. Once you balance it right, it gives you amazing, smooth shots, just like the big rigs.

This is designed for smaller cameras 5lbs or lower. Perfect for DSLRs. Auciton Includes everything you see in the pictures. Plus the original box, manual and getting started DVD. Up for sale is a used 1" AMP F1 suspension fork. These are a favorite of many due to their good suspension action and precise steering. These are chromed and they have a little surface rust in places that seems to come off easy with some light steel wool.

Springs and pivots all seem to work well. Ctr-ctr Please mail me! Classic style in a modern package: The Merlin Newsboy is a pure race bike ready to mix up with the rabble on the muddiest singletrack. Can the voluptuous style of the classic American cantilever frame coexist with the gritty demands of modern off-road racing? It can and does in the Merlin Newsboy. Lovingly crafted from Merlin's MTS seamless titanium tubing.

On the trail. It is a quick handling, agile bike that floats up hills and accelerates with ethereal ease. The Newsboy seems build for those sections of hard, middle-ring single trail where the rider has to get down and dirty and muscle the bike where it's supposed to go. In this type of terrain, the Merlin can be flicked around and pointed where needed with almost arrogant impunity. Power along the straights, weight outside pedal, a. This frame and fork is in very good condition and is pretty clean. It is so small but I feel it is worth mentioning. It includes a Shimano XT headset that is in very nice shape and is very smooth.

The frame measures from the center of the bottom bracket to the top of the top tube 54cm and to the top of the seat tube 57cm and the top tube center to center is 54cm. This is a very nice package and is going to build into a very sweet bike. Free shipping. You just need to supply your own bolts. Do I have an oldie but goodie today! The bike has been sitting in my garage for a number of years, and the wife is forcing me part ways with it. The bike does show normal wear for a bike its age, but it's titanium.

Bury the frame in the backyard for years and it will still be good. The frame measures to a 57cm center to top and the top tube is 57cm. Thanks for visiting Grapefruit Moon Gallery on ebay. We are honored to be your one-stop, 5 star source for vintage pin-up, Hollywood glamour and erotic photography, pulp magazines, original illustration art, decorative collectibles and ephemera with a wide and always changing assortment of antique and vintage items from the Victorian, art nouveau, art deco, mid-century modern eras.

Please feel free to contact us with any and all questions about the items and our policies and please take a moment to peruse our other great ebay listings. All sell no reserve. This calendar features a World War II era cheesecake bombshell beauty nude in classic pin up This calendar has a January- December date pad. The pin up print is adhered to the calendar pad so there is a slight ripple to the top margin with some scattered surface wear. Merlin Works 4. If you're not familiar with this bike. Ellsworth also released a Ti Truth during the same time frame. You are bidding on a really sweet Merlin Extralight c 58cm titanium road bike.

Handmade in Tennessee with frame design by legendary frame builder Tom Kellogg. Full Campy Chorus 10 speed group set with Record hubs and Reynolds carbon fork. Don't miss the opportunity to own a classic American frame ridden by the likes of Lance Armstrong and Greg Lemond. Low low Prices. Pulled from a working environment. No cords included. I have to charge Sales Tax in the following States: Texas. TH E Payment. PayPal is our preferred method of payment. Please message us to make payment. We Accept Payment by In most cases we ship the same day we receive payment excluding holidays and weekends All others are shipped the next business day after payment received.

Unless otherwise specified. If any special arrangements need to be made just let us know and we will try to accommodate you. A shipping address located in the US is required on all purchases. We do not ship internationally. All items are carefully packed with brand new packaging materials to ensure your delivery arrives on time and without damage. All items come with 1-Year warranty for"End-Users" who purchased the product directly from ElectraTech. Items listed"As Is" carry no warranty. Warranty will be best effort replacement or money back. Warranty does not cover damage incurred after the item was received.

We offer a day return policy. Of course. Any time an item pur. In millimeters it measures 37 mm long x 11mm wide x 6mm thick. It weighs 36 carats. These stones are extremely rare. And there is a very limited supply available! They come directly from Stonehenge. And they are the same stone that was used in the massive pillars of Stonehenge!

Legend has it that these stones were magically transported to Stonehenge by the wizard Merlin! These stones have the ability to activate and enhance your powers of dowsing. Scrying, remote This stone has been cleansed and charged in the recent Full-Moon. Which is known to dramatically increase a stones' power! The energy of this Stonehenge Bluestone is quite intense and is extremely potent! This is the same stone used to create the pillars of the ancient monuments of Stonehenge. In fact. This material is gathered at the same quarrying site as were the Stonehenge pillars.

Over years ago. The Bluestones used in Stonehenge were brought from over miles away from the Preseli Hills in Pembrokeshire. West Wales. Legend has it that the stones were magically transported to the Stonehenge megalith site by the wizard Merlin! No one knows why the builders insisted on using these particular stones.

Which presented huge transportation challenges, although the energetic quality of these stones may provide a clue. Stonehenge Bluestone harkens back to the land of its origin and the prehistoric mysticism of the people of the days of Britai. Seat tube 58cm Center to Center. Please note fr ame has been rewelded. Fast and Well Packaged Shipping. I'm really kind of surprised that I'm doing this. But I just have way too many bikes and insufficient time to truly do this frame the justice it deserves.

This is my one and only Merlin Tom Kellogg Road bike frame. Simple as that. It's not minty. But it is nearly a quarter of a century old. Vintage example of the quintessential titanium frame builder, Merlin Metalworks. I've tried to illustrate with photos as best I can the true identity of this steed. It has no dents and only light marks from brake cables and such. The original decals are there but not all quite intact. The down tube cracked at one time and was rewelded. But now the down tube is slightly tweaked.

At this price you can't go wrong. Specs: 58cm c-to-c 61 cm c-to-top 1" headset size vintage goodness there! Keep in mind I ship promptly upon payment and package very well. I will strive to make ebay a fun and rewarding experience. Feel free to contact me with any questions. If you are in the market for bmx bike parts like SSquared.

I have quite a few items that are listed and are going to be listed here on ebay, so put me on your watch page. Auction Terms High bidder to make payment by certified funds or paypal with in five days of auction end. You are welcome to pick up the item at auction end. Local pick up is free. One Owner! Up for auction is a lightly used. This Merlin is a size small.

Deraill eurs, brakes. An d cassette S hi mano Triple ch ainring up front. Reynolds Ouzo Pro Carbon fork! Hidden Cane Cre Salsa bars. Bon trager stem and NEW Specialized tires! Condition of bike: Bike has less than miles! No dings or deep scratches on frame or fork. Both front shifters have marks from transporting bike and resting bike on various walls throughout it's life. N o issues whil e riding.

Braking or shifting. Crank arms have no shoe rub marks. Chainstays are both very clean no pit or chain marks the Tom Kellog decal is a bit scratched on the non-drive side. If you really want a clean. Low mileage Merlin"Agilis" bike designed by Tom Kellog then this could be your next ride!

There is minor use evident to the serrations. But no major damage. No abnormal wobble. The clip is not included. Please review the photos carefully- this is the exact item you will be receiving. The aesthetic condition will not be fully described in the above written description and is yours to judge from the photos.

Please refer to the Item Condition Guide below for more information on our grading scale. Why buy from Texas Tool Crafters? Cheap shipping. Your purchases go out within one business day of your payment. We charge you actual postage rates with no markup for supplies or handling.

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Please let us know what we can do to make it right. Shipping to US Addresses Shipping rates are automatically calculated by eBay based on the weight of the item s being mailed. Please click on the"Shipping and Payments" tab at the top of the page for the available services and delivery times to your location. International Shipping We love our international customers! You're looking at a 57cm Merlin Cielo frame and fork.

Unique to itself, and beautiful created! If you're the type of rider that wants the bike no one else has, this is the one for you. A beautiful ride. Take a look around eBay. Consider the purchase with confidence. Please ask any questions you and I'll do my best to get you answers very quickly!

I don't look to make money on shipping. It runs lovely with no play. Bumps or wobble on the drum. Both handles turn as should and the reel is fitted with new chrome line guard and new screws so will change easily from left or right hand. It has been stripped of its old rubbishy paint and re-coated with 1 coat etch primer and 2 coats of semi gloss black which as can be seen in photo's gives a very nice overall appearance.

The reel will last a further 25years or more given a drop of light oil and a clean now and again The buyer should not be disappointed. Thanks for looking. Text in the original Latin. Edited by Ivo Cavellatus.


Professor of the College of Quimper in Paris, from four manuscripts available in Paris. Includes Prophetiae Merlini. The Prophecies of Merlin" Second Edition first printed by Badius in of one of the most important documents of Anglo-Norman literature. The fact that thereafter the Arthurian cycle was mediated primarily through the mid-fifteenth-century Morte d'Arthur of Sir Thomas Malory should not detract from the position of Geoffrey of Monmouth as its great originator.

The figure of King Leir[Lear] seems to have been Geoffrey's original creation. And arguably the most successful. Indeed, Tatlock described the Leir story along with the vogue of Arthur as Geoffrey's greatest contribution to the world. Shakespeare's play is based on various accounts of the semi-legendary Celtic figure. King Leir of Britain. Shakespeare's most immediate source was probably Raphael Holinshed's Chronicles. Holinshed himself found the story in the much earlier Historia Regum Britanniae by Geoffrey of Monmouth. Geoffrey's Historia makes Britain's foundation contiguous with classical myth.

It proceeds to an account of a series of royal dynasties, some of whose members enjoyed later fame, to the last glorious British kings, notably Uth. Shimano Dura-ace components This is a Merlin Titanium road bike. Kitted out with Shimano Dura-ace and a bunch of other nice components. Serial number , designed by Rob Vandermark later of Seven fame The fork has been upgraded from the original threaded carbon model to a threadless carbon Easton EC This frame measures 56cm center to center, and the top tube also measures 56cm. The standover height is 81cm. It's from But it's titanium, The 38 is an aftermarket ring.

This is an older Dura-ace model than the rest of the components. Flightdeck compatible. Shimano CS cassette. But they look it! There are no functional issues with this bike- everything operates as it should. Wheels are true. The only things you. Steadicam Merlin arm and vest for Merlin stabilizer. Untitled Document Up for auction is this Steadicam Merlin stabilizing vest. It is in good condition and seems to be like new. We only have what is in the picture. Please look at the enlarged pictures closely and determine the condition of this item for yourself.

If you have any questions please ask before you purchase this item and I will answer them promptly. It is up to the buyer to examine the pictures and read the item description completely. Please contact me before bidding if you have any questions. If for some reason the item is damaged during transit. Please notify me within 48 hours of receipt of the item and ship it back within 7 days. I will refund what you paid for the item, but it is your responsibility for the All items will be carefully packed and you will get a delivery conformation number.

I will post the tracking number once the item is shipped. Large items are usually shipped via Fedex unless indicated otherwise. If you have any concerns or requests regarding shipping or packaging please contact me right away. I try to ship items within two business days. If special shipping is requested there may be an extra charge to cover packaging.

Postage, or handling based on the nature of your request. I will be happy to combine shipping on multiple items for a lesser charge if requested. The frame was designed by Tom Kellogg and Rob Vandermark. This is made from MTS double butted extralight tubing. This tubing is lighter and stiffer than strait gauge tubing. The fit has been excellent for me. FSA OS stem— mm— 6 degree rise— I purchased this frame from Jeff Devlin in and It has a comfortable ride and responsive handling.

The bike has never been crashed and the frame is perfectly straight. I am selling it because I no longer race triathlons and I have a similar road frame. The 75 degree seat tube angle is about midway between conventional road bike geometry 73 degrees and full on triathlon bike geometry 77 degrees This is a comfortable ride for extended periods down on the aerobars as well as riding in the more conventional road position.

I used this bike primarily for half and full ironman events. This frame was built by Merlin when it was still a small independent company; this is your chance to own a small piece of cycling history. Strong, reliable, stiff, comfortable titanium frameset for road bike: 54cm Planet X titanium frameset-Chris King headset! Made by and signed by Lynskey-Used. No damage other than some very minor scratches on the fork-Accepts a If you have any questions feel free to ask FS b5d6fb. THE B. No crash. No race- check the pictures to get an idea! This is as beautiful as they get, we don't get often bikes in such awesome condition.

This is not the average grandpa bike. This is top of the line titanium! Look at the welds, it doesn't get any better than this. Dimensions: Top tube 53cm. Seat tube 52cm center-center, 73deg seat tube angle, head tube Note that this is listed as'worldwide shipping' But due to size limitations we are unable to ship to a few countries. As you can see from the feedback. We always ship fast. Send us a message if you have questions. Its Used but read below. Frame Number: See the pictures of the rear dropout where they put their frame numbers.

This was the first Extralight Cyclocross frame that the Original Merlin Metalworks in Cambridge Massachusetts made and it was custom made for me personally They built my road bike too Merlin Metalworks had a fit engineering the chain stays for this frame and had to make the frame twice before they finally got it right and shipped it. It was built in the late fall of and I raced it at less then 24 events during the cyclocross season.

After the cyclocross season I retired from racing and put the complete bike in a box and haven't ridden it since. The frame is obviously in pristine condition. But I've priced it fairly for what it is. There's no way this frame could ever be reproduced and for everyone who knows the history of Merlin Metalworks, the frames were never the same after the company was sold off and eventually disappeared. The original Merlin Metalworks had the reputation for building the best titanium frames in the industry hands down. See All The Pictures and if you want more pictures.

Just ask. The Geometry. The Extralight Seat Angle: Estado: Funciona perfectamente. No se aceptan reembolsos. International buyers: Ask me for shipping costs to your country before bidding. If at the time of purchase It is not available to sell or ship. The pickup modules can be moved to make macro sound adjustments.

The frame is machined from T aircraft grade aluminum billet. Condition: There quite a few scratches and wear marks all over the instrument. If you buy the Bike at the buy it now price of shipping is free if not shipping is dollars. This is a Merlin Cielo that was custom built. Check pictures for condition. I will only ship to the address related to the paypal and ebay account and the account must be registered in the lower 48 U. Item includes everything pictured.

If you don't see it, it is not included, unless otherwise noted. You must have If not. Please contact me prior to bidding or your bid will be canceled. Please contact me prior to your bid if you have any questions. Please contact me through the ebay message system after your purchase with any questions. I will respond here much quicker than email. I do not check the email on paypal often. If you have a problem after you get the item, please contact me and I will make my best effort to fix it.

Thank you. Already we're seeing a surge in the amount of children's fantasy being published, with bigger advertising budgets and expectations. We have not only J. The most interesting article on the Potter phenomenon I read this past year, by the way, is "Harry Potter's Girl Trouble," about the dubious role of female characters in Rowling's series. This insightful piece by Christine Schoefer can be found in the archives of Salon magazine, www.

John Joseph Merlin

In our country, One Hundred Years of Solitude is a book that, more than any other, gives young writers the permission and the courage to stray from the path of strict realism and Gordon Lish-style minimalism to which creative writing graduate programs all over the country seem so determined to steer them. The year , it must be noted, only brought us a very few good novels of the type, but this spike downward seems to be temporary, as I've already received several good Tolkienesque novels to review for the year On the whole, the lines drawn by publishers, bookstore managers, and critics between mainstream fiction and genre fiction continue to get blurrier every year, and I long for a day when all these books sit side by side on a shelf marked Fiction.

Modern bookselling being what it is, however, books are still organized and sold by category labels, leading a group of writers from the fantasy and science fiction genres to come up with a label of their own: interstitial fiction. Here's a brief excerpt from the somewhat but not entirely tongue-in-cheek Interstitial Arts Manifesto : Perhaps you've had this experience. You read a book, go to a gallery opening, attend a concert. You come out exhilarated, excited, enthralled. Pressed, you can find analogies. A book is a "magic realist Victorian biography in the guise of a mystery novel.

It is art that is hard to pigeonhole, hard to describe in one simple sentence, art that lies in the interstices, between the cracks of recognized genres. It is Interstitial Art. Our society likes to divide its arts into tidy categories. When we walk into a bookstore, we rarely see all the newly written novels sitting side-by-side. Instead, they are divided into categories, subcategories, and genres.

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There's a special section for novels containing crimes and mysteries; a special section for books by women, by gay and by black authors Of course, labels can be useful. Such labels enable merchants and marketers to treat creation as Product, to be sold and marketed in mass quantities. For consumers, labels mean we have to spend less of our precious time distinguishing one created work from another. Genre label equals recognizable product, with clearly defined parameters and narrowly allowable variations within each one.

For artists working in forms that fall between the genre cracks, too often these labels are arbitrary and ill-fitting. As Interstitial Artists, we believe that fine art can be made within any genre, and from even the most unlikely of materials and their combinations , provided it is done with skill and style. A Mexican-American woman writes her autobiography as a magic realist tale that includes both poems and recipes House of Houses by Pat Mora.

An American jazz composer finds classical Indian musicians who will play his tunes and improvise their own Antigravity by Warren Senders. Carlos Nakai. A British-Portuguesepainter draws on traditional fairy-tale images to create a perverse, sensual, feminist dialogue Paula Rego. A comic book weaves together myth and gender, history, literature, and complex illustration Neil Gaiman's The Sandman. A "folksinger" incorporates Sufi prayer and Scottish pipes in a meditation on mortality Loreena McKennitt.

How do you label it all? What do you call it? We call it Interstitial Art: a label for art that can't be labeled, a definition for work that can't be defined. For more on this topic and the related Young Trollopes movement look on the Web at www. For other good discussions and observations on the state of the contemporary fantasy and horror fields, I recommend the archives of the Event Horizon web site, www.

Brown in Locus magazine. Having taken a general look at the state of fantasy publishing in , let's turn to the books that were published last year and some recommended titles broken down by type those pesky labels again. As usual, I won't claim to have read every magical, mythical, or surrealist work published in this country and abroad in , but I made a darn good stab at it.

Here are the best books I found among the five-hundred-odd books we received for review gathered by my hard-working assistant editors, Richard and Mardelle Kunz. We think there were some real gems among them, and we hope that you'll agree. In the strongest area of fantasy fiction was, hands down, in Young Adult books. In recognition of the strong contribution made by YA writers to our field in , you'll find seven of the best YA fantasy titles listed among this year's Top Twenty, recommended to readers of all ages.

It's the story of a boy who finds a broken man with tattered wings huddled in the garden shed. Michael shares this strange and troubling secret only with his new friend, Mina, while his sister lies in the hospital and life crumbles around his family. Skellig , which won England's Whitbread Award, is a rare and beautiful book, full of art, owls, natural history, and the poetry of William Blake.

Tamsin by Peter S. Beagle Roc : One of our field's best writers turns his hand to YA fiction in this suspenseful tale of ghosts, faeries, and medieval history, set on a ramshackle English farm. Beagle does a fine job of bringing modern and Jacobean characters together, mixed with large dollops of British folklore, in a tale that hinges on the bloody history of the Monmouth rebellion in Dorset, in the time of King James II. The Folk Keeper by Franny Billingsley Atheneum : This atmospheric YA novel is told through the voice of young Corin Stonewall, a fiercely independent orphan who has cut off her long, uncanny silver hair and disguised herself as a boy in order to become a keeper of the "Folk" dangerous subterranean creatures who will despoil the land and livestock if not kept regularly appeased.

A dying man's bequest takes Corin away from her underground world to the halls of a vast seaside estate. Here she comes face to face with a past full of secrets, tragedy, and magic. The narrative voice here is an uncommon one, and the imaginary world convincing, even though we see only a corner of it. Billingsley uses standard folklore ingredients, including a wealth of selkie seal-people legends, but she cooks them up into a highly original, memorable story.

The Rainy Season by James P. Blaylock Ace : Blaylock's chilling ghost tale is set in the author's usual territory of southern California, combining modern and nineteenth-century characters in a taut psychological drama. Phil Ainsworth, photographer and widower, is the sole guardian of a young orphaned niece, who comes to live with him in the rambling old house he inherited from his mother.

Unlike so many supernatural stories, which get bogged down by their special effects, Blaylock uses the magical elements to explore characters and their relationships. The Rainy Season is yet another gem from the man Library Journal correctly called "one of the most distinctive contributors to American magic realism.

This reckless, destructive part of himself dominated his troubled youth hustling on the streets of Boston and his subsequent years in New York City addicted to drugs, drink, power, anything that would bring another rush. Kevin's Shadow isn't just a metaphor, however, it's a doppelganger with a life of its own.

In order to confront it, he must also confront the dark years of the past and his brutal life story. This is a novel about coming of age the hard way, and the things we do to survive. Minions of the Moon shows this World Fantasy Award-winning author at the top of his form, recommended for fans of dark fantasy of the Neil Gaiman or Jonathan Carroll sort. Enchantment by Orson Scott Card Del Rey : The latest novel from this multi-award-winning author is a unique adult retelling of the Sleeping Beauty legend, set in a Carpathian forest and linking the ninth and twentieth centuries.

Now a grown man, he is haunted by vivid memories of the old country, particularly one from his last days there, when he stumbled into a clearing in a forest where a woman lay fast asleep. Ivan returns to Russiaeventually and finds the clearing once more. This time he kisses his princess awake and follows her back into time. Enchantment is a bewitching book from a writer who can spin even lesser materials into gold. Here he has all of Russian folklore and history to work with, and the result is pure magic.

For some Carroll fans, it's the best one yet; for others and I'm among them , the ending disappoints. Nonetheless, Carroll is one of the most consistently original authors in the dark fantasy field. His skill at character study alone makes this a Top Twenty book not to mention his habit of tossing off breathtakingly insightful metaphors every other page , whatever your opinion of the plot.

Then Carroll pulls out all the stops. The King of Shadows is a smaller tale, a beautifully crafted YA time-travel novel about a young American actor who travels to England with a boys' theater troupe and finds himself transported back to Shakespeare's time. This book works on three levels at once: as a fantasy tale, as an impeccably researched historical novel about life at the old Globe Theater, and as a deeply moving psychological story exploring the nature of death, loss, eternity, and art.

If you can finish the last page with a dry eye, you're a better man than I. The Birchbark House by Louise Erdrich Hyperion Press : The winner of last year's World Fantasy Award for The Antelope Wife is back with another warm-hearted tale infused with Native American myth and history, this time written for young readers, but ageless in its appeal.

Little Frog is the sole survivor of her tribe's disastrous first contact with Europeans. Taken in by an Ojibway family on Madeline Island in Lake Superior, Little Frog and the reader are gently drawn into Ojibway culture over the course of four seasons. The book is illustrated with delicate black and white drawings by the author. The protagonist is Cley, the physiognomist of the previous book, who has turned his back on his former calling. The Well-Built City has fallen. Cley's allies are building a new society in the ruins. But the tyrannical Drachton Below has unleashed a plague of never-ending sleep, and Cley must find the antidote, journeying into the landscape and "memory palace" of Drachton Below's mind.

Ford's story the middle volume of a trilogy is toldin hypnotically beautiful prose, making fascinating use of Renaissance ideas about the nature of memory. It's the story of an elephant named Young Mud, adopted into the She-S clan when her own is decimated by ivory hunters and drought in the sub-Sahara.

When this clan, too, is nearly wiped out, the survivors set off on a cross-continental quest to find the legendary White Bone, in hope that this will lead them to the Safe Place away from us humans. Much more than just "the Watership Down of elephants," this is a mystical tale of epic proportions that brings the African landscape vividly to life. The White Bone is a remarkable achievement, a rousing good read, and a painful one. The book's nomination for several major awards comes as no surprise.

Black Light by Elizabeth Hand HarperCollins : Hand's sixth novel is related to Waking the Moon and other "Kamensic" stories , a modern mythic tale that falls in the shadow realm between fantasy and horror. Seventeen-year-old Charlotte Moylan is the precocious daughter of actors who were once involved with the film director Axel Kern, a Warhol-like figure who lords it over the seedier side of the New York art world. Charlotte has been raised in Kamensic Village, an upstate town with more than its share of dark pagan mysteries.

Kern maintains a mansion there but hasn't set foot in it for years. Now he's coming back to throw the mother of all Halloween parties, to which the Moylans are invited. Thus the stage is set for a sensual, diabolical novel chock full of Hand's usual preoccupations: old gods in this case, Dionysis and Ariadne , pagan rites in the contemporary world, artists and their acolytes, sinister secret societies, witches, warlocks, and mystics.

Black Light is ingeniously plotted, suspenseful, and skillfully written. When the two pair up to seek Edmund's missing past, adventure and peril are in store. If Nina Hoffman isn't yet as well known as Alice Hoffman or de Lint, novels like this one indicate that it's only a matter of time. It's a clever resetting of the Cinderella story in a market town in seventeenth-century Holland. Maguire tells most of the tale through the eyes of Iris, a plain, intelligent child whose mother marries a tulip merchant possessed of a strange and beautiful daughter.

The other stepsister is the oxlike, gentle Ruth, apparently retarded. Maguire beautifully evokes the world of Dutch burghers, painters, and tulipspeculators as he explores the nature of beauty, art, and the stories we tell about our lives. One day a coffin washes ashore, with a perfectly preserved dead sailor inside. This sets off a long chain of events involving a mysterious shape-shifting spirit, an elf in amber, a lighthouse keeper, a mute girl, a parlor maid and her false lover, an Inuit child, and an old woman in a tower by the sea.

Part fairy tale, part historical novel of the Louis de Bernieres variety, it's a splendid book, laced with wit, compassion, and Rilke's poetry. Her latest is a collaboration with Richard Tchen, focusing on "Rumplestiltskin" this time. It's the story of Tommaso Arista, son of two famous chefs in a magical Florence in which cooking is inextricably bound with politics and sorcery.

This one's a delight, pure fun, and comes complete with recipes. The Orpheus myth is at the center of this extravagant book about the undying love between a supernaturally gifted Indian musician and a strong-willed half-Indian diva as seen through the eyes of another one of her lovers, a world-renowned photographer. Set in a universe parallel to our own, Rushdie plays fast and loose with history, celebrity iconography, and popular culture in a book in which the language is as intoxicating as the breathless, globe-trotting plot. Rushdie has become a writer so good that it's almost frightening.

It tells an unhappy tale about three very unlucky children. Even though they are charming and clever, the Baudelaire siblings lead lives filled with misery and woe. In this short bookalone, the three youngsters encounter a greedy and repulsive villain, itchy clothing, a disastrous fire, a plot to steal their fortune, and cold porridge for breakfast. It is an exceedingly unpleasant book, and wickedly funny. The Intuitionist by Colson Whitehead Anchor : Whitehead's interstitial novel could be called mystery, science fiction, fantasy, alternate history, or all of the above.

It takes place in an unnamed, high-rise city much like Manhattan with nineteenth century, twentieth century, and near-future elements , and is the story of Lila Mae Watson, the city's first black, female elevator inspector. When an elevator comes crashing down soon after Watson inspected and certified it, she smells a rat somewhere in the old boys' network of the Department of Elevator Inspectors. In the guise of a stylish noir thriller, Whitehead skewers race and gender issues, riffs on history past and the future, and all the while tells a damn good tale. Highly recommended. The Shadow of Ararat by Thomas Harlan Tor is a sweeping, epic-length novel set in an alternate version of the seventh-century, in which the Roman Empire still stands.

Brimming with myth, magic, well-researched historical speculation, cleverly plotted military strategies, and a far-flung cast of vivid characters, this is Must Reading for anyone who likes muscular adventure fantasy written with intelligence and panache. Rhapsody by Elizabeth Haydon Tor is a superior quest-type fantasy about an excourtesan and her companions on the run from magical forces. There are flourishes reminiscent of Angela Carter and Isaac Bashevis Singer in this unusual magic realist tale, which follows four generations of women from Eastern Europe to America.

Other noteworthy debuts: The Angle Quickest for Flight by Steven Kotler Four Walls Eight Windows Press is a contemporary quest novel about the search for an ancient manuscript believed to contain Jesus's own words by a runaway boy in Santa Fe, a semi-retired smuggler, a sinister Catholic mystic, and an albino Rastafarian rock climber. It's an uneven book with distinct first-novel flaws, but also erudite and uncommon. This murder mystery is set in an alternate version of our own world where pagan magic is real and its practitioners are in conflict with Christian and other religious groups.

The book is fast-paced and enjoyable, if not particularly original, and most notable for the well-advertised fact that the author is fourteen years old. James P. Here are four more books that I strongly recommend, by three of the fantasy field's best authors and one talented newcomer: Dark Cities Underground by Lisa Goldstein Tor is an intriguing book that ought to be longer, packed so full of characters human and inhuman , ideas, and convoluted plot twists that at pages it whizzes by with the speed of the subway trains at its heart.

Jeremy Jones is running from disturbing memories of his childhood, as well as from the fame of his mother's children's books set in a land called Neverwas , tales secretly drawn from young Jeremy's own experiences in a magical world below his childhood home. An ancient spirit the diarist's "dark sister" is subsequently released in a deft and highly suspenseful tale in which the magical elements are used to chronicle the breakdown of a marriage. It's the story of fifteen-year-old Kaspian Aaby, the embittered son of a religious zealot, who strays away from a camp for troubled teens into a strange Otherworld full of sinister leprechauns and then reappears, inexplicably, four days later and sixty miles away.

The magical elements here are stranger, and not as well integrated, as in the previous novel, but the portrait of adolescent Kaspian and his battle with the whole exasperating adult world is truly first rate. This year, by comparison, it has been slim pickings. In addition, here are three reprints that should be on every fantasy lover's shelf, two by an early master of the field and one by a modern master: The King of Elfland's Daughter and The Charwoman's Shadow by Lord Dunsany Del Rey have been released in handsome trade paperback editions with new introductions by Neil Gaiman and Peter Beagle.

These Irish novels date from the s and yet remain utterly fresh, demonstrating why Dunsany has strongly influenced generations of fantasists ever since. Patricia A. I highly recommend this lyrical tale of riddles, harpists, wizards, and wolves if you've somehow missed it. If you're looking for adventure fantasy that won't insult your intelligence, I can recommend the following: Dragonshadow by Barbara Hambly Del Rey is the sequel to Dragonsbane , one of Hambly's early books, but can easily be read alone.

This talented author subverts the usual fantasy plot by giving us a heroine who is married, middle-aged, and still fighting to save the Winterlands from dragons and worse. Hambly's in top form here in a book combining skillful character studies with a rousing good plot. It's a well-crafted series about sentient ships, intrigue, and magic on the high seas, aptly dubbed "Patrick O'Brian for fantasy readers. It's the second book in Bishop's lush, unusual "Black Jewels" trilogy. Traitor's Moon by Lynn Flewelling Bantam is the third book in the "Nightrunner" series, a page-turner distinguished by Flewelling's careful world-building and well-drawn characters.

Aramaya by Jane Routley Avon follows her previous books, Mage Heart and Fire Angels, in an engaging series about the struggles of a young mage in a magical world. There's nothing startlingly new here, but Routley brings fresh life to her tale with vivid descriptions and a gift for well-structured plots. Company of Glass by Valery Leith Bantam is the first book of the "Everien" trilogy, set in an intriguing landscape where reality slips and shifts underfoot.

Though in many ways a standard swords-and-sorcery tale, the book is vigorous and well written. Lynn Ace , a groundbreaking novel that won the World Fantasy Award. Historical Fantasy and Alternate History was a good year for magical books based on real or alternate history, including the Beagle, Cooper, Erdrich, Roessner, and Whitehead novels in the Top Twenty list. In , a bomb exploded in a Cuban opera house while the great Enrico Caruso was performing in Aida ; fearing a plot by the Sicilian Mafia, Caruso fled into the streets of Havana and disappeared.

Montero takes these true historical facts and weaves them into a magical novel speculating on what may have occurred during the period of Caruso's disappearance, creating a darkly atmospheric tale of love and adventure involving opera, Chinese folklore, and the mystical, secretive Afro-Caribbean religion of Santeria. At pages, Montero's novel is a short one but packs a punch. Benjamin's Gift by Michael Golding Warner is a winsome novel about an obscenely wealthy man in early twentieth-century Manhattan, the orphan boy he adopts born with the ability to teleport , and the jazz-playing housekeeper they both love.

The tale follows its three protagonists from the s to the s, watching them change, and the world change around them, as Benjamin comes to terms with his strange gift. Ahab's Wife by Sena Jeter Naslund Morrow is a beautiful novel looking at the mores of early nineteenth-century America through the eyes of the wife of the seafaring hero of Melville's Moby-Dick. Naslund has created an extraordinary tale, adventurous, vigorous, and thought-provoking. Nevermore by Harold Schechter Pocket is an odd but engaging alternate history novel in which Davy Crockett and Edgar Allan Poe team up to fight crime, a fantasy spun on the slim fact that these two American heroes did indeed once meet.

A Calculus of Angels by J. Gregory Keyes Del Rey , the sequel to Newton's Cannon , is an entertaining alternate history tale about Sir Isaac Newton and his young apprentice Ben Franklin, set in a version of the eighteenth century after an asteroid has destroyed much of Europe where alchemy works. Saint Fire by Tanith Lee Overlook , book two in the "Secret Books of Venus" quartet, is set in a lush, darkly sensuous version of eighteenth-century Venice. Each book in the quartet is inspired by one of the four elements of alchemy.

Here, Lee conjures fire with a magical version of the Joan of Arc legend. Against the Tide of Years by S. Stirling Penguin is the sequel to Island in the Sea of Time , an inventive time-travel story about contemporary folk from Nantucket Island who are stranded in the Bronze Age past. Also of note: Del Rey has just reprinted one of the best alternate history novels of the past twenty years: The Drawing of the Dark by Tim Powers, about the Fisher King, an Irish mercenary, and the art of brewing beer in sixteenth-century Vienna.

Mythic Fiction This category includes novels inspired by myths, ancient epics, fairy tales, folklore, and folk ballads. Divakaruni's second novel contains no overt magic or fantasy unlike her first, The Mistress of Spices but it's saturated with the Indian fairy tales beloved by its two protagonists, who are cousins, "sisters of the heart," growing up in a strict traditional household in modern Bombay.

There's deep magic at the core of this book, and I can't recommend it too strongly. Other recommendations: Enchanted Night by Steven Millhauser Crown is a page novella published in a slim hardcover edition. Kafka's Curse by Achmat Dangor Pantheon is a poetic, passionate book about life in post-apartheid South Africa, mixing magic realism and fairy-tale imagery with the gripping story of an extended, mixed-race family as they deal with lives, and a country, in the process of transformation.

This heartrending novel begins in a small Mexican village during the Mexican Revolution, intertwining a multigeneration saga with the legend of Amacuepantle. Madame Fate by Marcia Douglas Soho Press tells the story of Jamaica from God's creation of the island to the present, as seen through the eyes of generations of women with a magical connection to the land and its spirits.