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What happened? Some of the previous character development in Mayhem seem to be contradictory in Murder. I don't know if developments were rushed or not fully fleshed out but the way Dr Bond and his detective friends handled things just seemed to be farther off than in Mayhem. Bottom Line: This is the continuation of life with the Upir, which was a rather interesting connection of historic murders and supernatural creatures in Mayhem.

But the story told was somewhat dull and flat with a very similar formula to the previous book. I can say that I don't think I'll be reading anymore books in this series if they turn up. Nov 10, Lacer rated it liked it. Murder is the sequel to Mayhem and it is very much a sequel, so much so, if you haven't read Mayhem yet, I very much recommend that you plan on reading one book after the other if you plan to at all because with a long gap, as I had, it can take a good chunk of the beginning of Murder until you finally remember who is who.

Murder very much continues the story of Mayhem more or less where it left off with just a few years of people being miserable in between. Anyway, whereas Mayhem is about t Murder is the sequel to Mayhem and it is very much a sequel, so much so, if you haven't read Mayhem yet, I very much recommend that you plan on reading one book after the other if you plan to at all because with a long gap, as I had, it can take a good chunk of the beginning of Murder until you finally remember who is who.

Anyway, whereas Mayhem is about the Jack the Ripper murders and another group of murders that happen at the same time 'The Torso Murders', Murder is about what happens to the survivors in the aftermath. I'm desperately trying not to give away spoilers, particularly for people who haven't read Mayhem either but there is a supernatural element to the story but I like how you're always left wondering, as the story is told from different character viewpoints, whether the supernatural things they fear they are undergoing isn't actually the result of drug addiction and bad mental health.

There was not a drop of redemption or hope in it at all. View all 3 comments. Dec 19, Becky rated it it was ok Shelves: mystery , fiction , adult , historical. This book was a huge disappointment. I loved the first one but this one had so many errors in printing wrong dates - at the end it says and it should say The writing seemed scattered and confusing.

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I almost put it down several times but I loved the first book and I thought it might get better. It didn't. With a heavy heart, I would not recommend this book series again. View 1 comment. Jul 28, Lynn Williams rated it it was amazing. Let the gushing commence! Murder is the second book in a series by Sarah Pinborough, a series that started with a creepy and dark first instalment called Mayhem. I think this could be read as a standalone to be honest although I would recommend reading the first in order to get the full measure of the characters involved. The story starts a few years after the conclusion of Mayhem.

Dr Bond is finally beginning to recover from the events that saw the death of Harrington and has managed to convince himself that the strange monster that he thought he saw at the time was nothing more than a drug induced fantasy. He has a bundle of letters that seem almost crazy, written to him by Harrington, and he wants somebody to look them over and see what they make of the whole thing. Once again Pinborough manages to write a work of fiction bringing to life real people and events from a period of the past that was particularly scary and once again she provides us with what appears to be two murderers.

What did I really like about this book. The writing. Every time I opened the pages I sunk into them and became unaware of everything around me. I was literally like the fly on the wall watching everything happen — and some of it was damned scary enough for me to want to fly away. SP paints the scene expertly. You are definitely going to feel for these characters and Pinborough will put you through the emotional wringer along with them.

On top of that the characters. His journey into madness and despair is perfectly riveting. The other characters are equally good and written in a way that builds them up slowly. Kane for example, I started off mistrusting him and his thoughts in general and in fact finding him a little offensive at first and I think this was really clever because at the back of your mind you start to assign the character other secrets or see something more sinister about them.

In fact, for me personally, it surpassed Mayhem. A totally gripping, horrible, nasty, dark and grimy, chill inducing book with twists and turns aplenty and an excellent finish — which even gives me a tiny hope for something more. Pretty please.

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Read it. That is all. Jan 24, Angelica rated it it was ok Shelves: fa. I definitely didn't enjoy this as much as the first book. This is a sequel, and as such, there is no new mystery. There is very little suspense as well; it's more like an extended epilogue to the first book. It did drag on at times, making me feel that there was nothing new to tell and what I was reading was just stalling.

On the positive side, the time-setting is quite well done, and Dr. Bond's descent into madness is subtle and well-written. However, the whole romantic triangle with Juliana was, I definitely didn't enjoy this as much as the first book. However, the whole romantic triangle with Juliana was, quite frankly, disgusting. That is one trope I hate with a passion, and this one was particularly distasteful.

I had already thought, in the first book, that Bond's crush on his friend's daughter was creepy, especially considering how the book ended. In this one, a rival to his affections is introduced, and they proceed to compete for her. Edward is younger, handsome, rich, and presented as a much better option, but I found his attitude towards Juliana enraging: he is forceful, talks over her, tells her how she should feel, ignores her wishes, and stalks her. But, of course, that's exactly what she wants, and turns out she becomes a happy little wife to him.

Murder and Mayhem (Murder and Mayhem, #1) by Rhys Ford

On top of that, we're constantly being treated to detailed descriptions of Edward's arousal at the thought of her, and some sex scenes. I'm not a prude, or adverse to sex scenes, but, really, this book isn't supposed to be smut, and those scenes don't add anything at all to the story. That, combined with his behavior towards Juliana, made my skin crawl. The treatment of Juliana in this book is deplorable. It's extremely objectifying. She's nothing but a prop in the story, for men to fight over. I understand that the time being portrayed in the text was different, women didn't have much agency back then, blah, blah, blah; that doesn't excuse putting the only female character of the story as the prize to be fought over, the maiden to be protected, and the victim to be abused, and nothing more than those stereotypes.

She's never given a voice: almost every character that has any importance to the story gets at least one chapter from their point of view, except for her; Juliana is talked about all the time, but she never gets to say anything for herself. Overall, I'd stick with the first book and skip this one. Apr 02, Liz Barnsley rated it it was amazing. Thank you SO much to all concerned for the advance reading copy. It meant I didnt have to commit murder myself… Dr.

Thomas Bond, Police Surgeon, is still recovering from the event of the previous year when Jack the Ripper haunted the streets of London — and a more malign enemy hid in his shadow. But now the bodies of children are being pulled from the Thames… and Bond is about to become inextricably linked with an uncanny, undying enemy. So after Mayhem there was Murder and as Ms Pinborough wove her unique brand of literary magic around me again I was immediately transported back to Victorian London and the weird and wonderful world of Dr Thomas Bond. But the darkness has not been completely banished and life is about to take an unexpected turn.

I was engrossed, addicted, often sitting WAY too close to the edge of my seat and the sheer genius of the tale was absolutely compelling. And frankly, often scaring the bejesus out of me. Which is not easy to achieve. The writing is sublime. The storytelling is intelligent and engaging. Yep that was intentional. Sarah Pinborough is absolutely one of my favourite authors. Definitely the best lady on the block.


And coming close to kicking the ass of Stephen King who has had my No 1 spot forever. What else is there to say? Live it. Love it. Apr 21, Jasper rated it it was amazing Shelves: thriller , alt-history , read-in , supernatural , detective , jo-fletcher. Before this I had read a few detectives, most of them Sherlock Holmes, I find the detective books set in victorian London a real treat to read.

But when I picked up Mayhem I was in for quite a surprise meaning it in a very positive way! This along with the elegant and engaging writing really made this one true horror. At the back of Mayhem it was already mentioned that the second book was to be released in ! It has finally arrived and Sarah Pinborough again managed to on one part freak me out with her vision of dark horror but also keeping me glued to the pages dying to find out what would happen next! In Mayhem, you were introduced to the protagonist of the story, Dr.

Thomas worked the case of the Whitechapel murders, during his investigation Thomas stumbled upon a much grander and darker plot than he had dared to imagine. Being a man of science he tried to relate as much to facts as possible, but the thing that actually caused the murders, the parasite known as the Upir was something that Thomas had a hard to time to accept. I have to say that this supernatural theme, the Upir, was introduced seemlessly in the plot and really created a certain horrific sense surrounding the story. When the Upir hungers there is only one thing it can do The ending of Mayhem was a done deal as Thomas solved the case Murder picks up a while after the events of Mayhem and shows Thomas steadily enjoying more and more of the returned peace on the London streets.

But this peace and quite isn't of a long last as Thomas is soon confronted with another set of murder cases. The bodies of children are being pulled out of the river Thames. Besides the new murder, there is also a continuation with several characters to whom you were introduced to in Mayhem: James Harrington, Aaron Kosminski, the wife of James Harrington; Juliana who has caught the heart of our Thomas Bond. Thomas discovers that all the evidence that pointed to James Harrington might have been falsely processed and that he perhaps wasn't the Whitechapel Murder As Thomas dives into a several leads, he uncovers much more than he wanted to have found, as he becomes a victim himself.

I really have to give a hand to Sarah Pinborough to the inventive story that she has produced in Murder, it again was utterly absorbing and riddled with a lot of twists and turns along the way keeping you glued to the pages. Though it is based on real world events, she cleverly gives it her own delicate twist, especially the return of the Upir was done in a superb way. I do think the flow and great pacing of the story are owed to how Sarah Pinborough used the layout of the book. To begin with her writing style, its clear and to the point, she doesn't drone on and on with words to describe something but also doesn't haste scenes to exclude details.

It just spot on. Secondly was the type of narration that was used to tell the story of Murder, this switches from first person to third person narration. The first person narration is only used when the focus is on Thomas and the third person for the rest of the characters. I haven't encountered this very often but did really help to bolster the character of Thomas along the way, especially nearing the ending when he has something watching over his shoulder.

His personal grievances and trying to woo Juliana only come over much stronger with his first person narration. And as a third, the newspaper clipping on the Thames baby murder really stand out and partly we for me a sort of interludes letting me recapture all that happened before but also helped creating that dreaded sense surround the story of Murder. As I mentioned above, in Mayhem the main protagonist, Dr. Thomas Bond was introduced. He again makes the forefront of Murder.

He is one of the most interesting detectives that I have read about. It is impossible not to relate to his character. He hasn't had an easy life and in Murder it all takes a turn for the worse again. There are a set of events that happen in Murder that made me say out loud "no way", I am not going to say what happens to Thomas but it sure was something that I hadn't dared to think about. By this plot twist I only got to feel more and more for Thomas' character.

I think it comes down to this: he only wants to be left alone and deeply wishes that it all just never happened. For the secondary characters, Sarah Pinborough, also manages to capture them in the perfect manner. Even though the focus isn't neccesarily based on them and you only read about them when Thomas has an personal opinion of them in his parts or read about them in general, they were all nicely fleshed out. Some of them you got to learn about in Mayhem, but there are also a few new introductions.

All in all the characterization was just spot on and when taken together with the dark idea of the story it comes together and forms one powerful story. With Murder, Sarah Pinborough has really stepped up her game. I thoroughly enjoyed Mayhem, and had high hopes for Murder. Sarah Pinborough went above and beyond my expectations. If I look back on the first story it was great stuff but looking over the whole duology and the twist in the plot of Murder surrounding Thomas was just perfect.

The follow-up of this twist spun another few layers of darkness over her story. The Mayhem series Mayhem and Murder is a must read for everyone who likes to read something very, very good in the genre. It's a non-stop, quite disturbing ride through one of London's darkest parts of history, with an amazing cast and brilliant storyteller! I will be keeping an eye out to what Sarah Pinborough will write next, and so should you, this is the stuff that will keep you up at night, sleeping with a light on. Shelves: mine-my-own-my-precious.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I wanted to read these books for so long, but they were both a big disappointment First it should have been only one book While the first one had a story line, this one doesn't.. It picks up a few years after the first.. And then babies start to appear dead in the Thames where's the police work on this case? Everything just seems a mess.. The love triangle really? The only thing I enjoyed in this one was the descent into madness of Dr. The Upir escapes! Who would have guessed?!

Mar 06, Melissa rated it really liked it Shelves: horror , fiction. Thomas Bond finds himself still trying to recover from the events. Though life in London continues on; Bond, as well as the other investigators on the case continue to grapple with the dark legacies left behind — those seen and unseen. While Bond tries to make some kind of sense of the events of that horrible time, he finds himself tied to a nightmare inducing enemy. It picks up slightly over a year since the original murders and shows us how the characters continue to try to pick up the pieces of their lives.

Some are successful and some…not so much. The characters in Murder are all based on real people, Dr. Bond included. He was a real gentleman who did assist with the original Ripper case. Reading his story, as well as the story of the other characters, it is quite obvious Ms. Pinborough did her research. Each one comes to life on the page, each one just one small part of a tightly woven web.

The way Ms. Pinborough writes Dr. How he justifies his actions is handles in a quite believable manner, as well as the eventual realization of what his actions have done. It is advisable that readers read the first book before digging in to this second tale. Characters and events overlap and one needs to know the back story to enjoy the eventual ending — sad as it may be. I personally enjoyed reading Murder and look forward to new stories from Ms.

Pinborough in the future. Sep 20, Vikki rated it it was ok. I was going to give this book three stars, in spite of the terrible editing, but one mistake was so egregious that I ended up going with two. I really enjoyed the first book in this series, Mayhem. It also suffered from poor editing but the story, writing and characters were good enough to overcome that and I enjoyed the book and gave it four stars.

Murder was very suspenseful, and I did like it, although not quite as much as Mayhem. The mistake that I can't seem to let go of is this: on page 95 o I was going to give this book three stars, in spite of the terrible editing, but one mistake was so egregious that I ended up going with two. The mistake that I can't seem to let go of is this: on page 95 of Mayhem, Dr. Bond says that Juliana is nearly twenty years his junior; on page 21 of Murder, he states that he is nearly thirty years older than Juliana.

How does a mistake like that happen? Did editing change it accidentally and no one noticed? Did the author forget how old her characters were? Did she decide the readers weren't supposed to want the doctor and Juliana to get together, and that adding another decade between them would help? Maybe I am being incredibly nit-picky, but that really impacted my enjoyment of the book. May 06, Debby Kean rated it it was ok. I am terribly disappointed. A sure sign of a bad book in an historic setting is when characters have ridiculously 21st century attitudes - the lovely Juliana gaily indulges in an absurd amount of pre and extra marital sex for the s.

Even pure practicality argues against behaving like that. Then there's the dashing American hero, the fact that the lovely Juliana is the only named woman in the book I am so disappointed. Overall, very disappointing.

Mystery & Mayhem

It was mildly entertaining however. Apr 27, Simone Pelizza rated it really liked it. The sequel of Mayhem is more a horror story than a murder mystery. The difference between the two novels is visible since the first chapters but Pinborough skilfully weaves them into a single and intense story.

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London, Police surgeon Thomas Bond has left behind the traumatic experience of the Torso Murders and he's starting to dream of a happy future with Juliana, the daughter of his old friend Charles Hebbert. But the sudden arrival of Edward Kane, an old friend of Juliana's dead husband, The sequel of Mayhem is more a horror story than a murder mystery. But the sudden arrival of Edward Kane, an old friend of Juliana's dead husband, puts in jeopardy the doctor's quiet life: Kane becomes in fact a dangerous rival for Juliana's affection and he carries with him a bundle of chilling letters that reopens old wounds in Bond's mind.

Moreover, an unexpected revelation on Hebbert's involvement in the Jack the Ripper case tears apart the relationship of Bond with his old friend, nurturing fears and suspicions. Soon things spiral out of control and Bond will have to face alone the bloody ghosts of his past and the return of an ancient evil he thought gone forever But is it really so? After all, Pinborough uses the old technique of the unreliable narrator and disseminates doubts throughout the story, questioning the reality presented on the page.

Is Bond's written confession really believable? Or is the delirious product of a man gone insane by the horrors of his profession and the cruel shattering of his private dreams? Should we believe the visions of the psychologically disturbed Aaron Kosminsky? Or are they also the product of a madman's imagination?

In the end, it's hard to tell and the reader can't entirely dismiss the sceptic conclusion of policeman Henry Moore, Bond's old friend and a key character of the first novel. Or maybe Moore is just a fool and the monstrous tale narrated by Bond is true. You can't really be sure and that's Pinborough's great achievement as a storyteller. A final note of warning: if you're expecting a happy ending, maybe after some dramatic tribulations of the main characters, you're badly mistaken. Murder is a cruel and twisted story of crime, desperation, and psychological horror.

It's a story of old detectives tormented by their past cases and their bad deeds. It's a story of young folks looking for new opportunities but constantly tied down by the cruelty of life. There are few happy moments and the shadow of evil is never too far away from them. It's great entertainment but gut-wrenching and emotionally disturbing. Hence be prepared for a wild and thrilling run from the first to the last page. Jan 07, PrettyFlamingo rated it really liked it.

I read Mayhem a few years ago — I have been searching for my review but it must have been the one that got away — and so I was excited to start catching up on what had happened to police surgeon Thomas Bond since the dreadful events of I liked the multiple points of view, the illumination provided by extracts from letters and newspaper articles and the thought of a different kind of evil which operated alongside but eclipsed Jack the Ripper stalking Whitechapel.

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Sarah Pinborough expertly c I read Mayhem a few years ago — I have been searching for my review but it must have been the one that got away — and so I was excited to start catching up on what had happened to police surgeon Thomas Bond since the dreadful events of Sarah Pinborough expertly captures the atmosphere of cold, dark and foggy London and manages to make even bright and sunny days oppressive and laden with fear. The literary yet straightforward writing style draws you in making you not want to put the book down.

In Mayhem, though, she created one of my storybook heroes in Thomas Bond and this is what makes it challenging for me to review Murder objectively. That is, until a woman is found battered to death on a train and the past comes back to haunt him, bringing fresh ambiguity about the identity of Jack and leaving Thomas to question his own decisions and views about his closest friend.

Book Trailer: Murder & Mayhem

As much as a murder and supernatural mystery, this is a character study of one man. Horror at its core is embodied in this tale with the most disturbing aspect being the contents of the Bond journals. There were four pages I refused to read because of the content. But it still remains immensely readable. I would have liked to have had a first person point of view from Juliana, though I think the story was still effectively told. It is one of those stories that stays with you and is impossible to continue with a sequel — and impossible to end, as the 21st century newspaper clippings tell us, and I was sorry to have to say goodbye to Thomas in this way.

May 29, Becky rated it it was amazing. Another fantastic story.

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